Chapter 252 - Kill anybody who puts up resistance!

    Chapter 252: Kill anybody who puts up resistance!

    At the same time of his horse galloping forward, Gu Mo reached and pulled the giant sword behind.


    The sword flashed out of the sheath and everyone shut their eyes momentarily at the brightness.


    The fine horse let out a long neigh and leaped.

    Sitting atop his horse, Gu Mo slashed his huge sword at Li Shinian who was in an almost frozen state.


    The long sword split the air, the green sharp edge crackled and exploded, a length of several feet.

    If this sword really struck her, then the thin delicate Li Shinian would have been cut into two halves.

    Even if she was just struck by the green aura, she would most likely breath her last breath.


    The clang of metal resonated through the air.

    Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu had already disappeared from his original place. His soft whip again hardened into an incomparably tough long spear.

    With his whip as a spear, he tried to block the huge sword slashing down from the sky.

    Because of the heavy qi of the sword, Gu Mo's sword was too powerful.

    Luo Xu's body was propelled out, stumbling backwards madly, kicking up dust and forming deep pits on the limestone flooring.

    "Seeking death." Gu Mo did not think that his sword could be blocked, cursed out loud as he exerted force into his right hand once again.

    The broad sword lashed down at the spear, the spear shaft gradually bending.


    Luo Xu brought his spear horizontally above his head, desperately clenching his teeth and pushing with force, his body sank straight into the stone floor below.

    In an instant, half of his body had been submerged in soil.

    Seeing that he could still defend himself, Gu Mo gritted his teeth in fury.

    He drew his giant sword back, lifting it high up into the air and slashed down again with greater power.


    Luo Xu's entire body was pushed down, only his head poked above the ground surface.

    Even so, his hands were still held high, desperately supporting it in a defensive guard against Gu Mo's sword.

    Soul Haunting Whip was usually nimble and unpredictable, but in order to protect Lu Tianyu and Li Shinian, Luo Xu could only go head-on with Gu Mo.

    The 'breaking willow incantation' that he cultivates was a soft and gentle method, while 'raging inferno incantation' that Gu Mo cultivates was overbearing. If the two collided head-on, 'breaking willow incantation' is naturally at a disadvantage.

    "You overestimate your ability." Gu Mo smiled coldly, still pouring strength into his sword. "Soul haunting whip Luo Xu, do you really want to destroy the prestige and fame that you had painstakingly built up these tens of years?"

    "While working for master, we have to perform our duties. The little Master is in danger. Luo Xu must save him even if I die" Luo Xu stated in a very abstruse voice. Before he had finished his sentence, he spurted a jet of blood from his mouth.

    "Then I'll give you a ride to your grave."

    Gu Mo was about to administer another strike, to directly end Luo Xu's life, when he felt a sudden attack.

    Gu Mo rose into the air, his toes still on the horse's back, and then flew into the distance.


    A feather arrow pierced right into the horse's back, the horse reared up and dropped back down again.


    The horse squealed out loud and collapsed to the ground without any more movement.

    On a faraway roof, a man in a white shirt carrying a case of arrow was looking over.

    His eyes piercing cold and the tiger bow in his hand could launch a fatal blow at Gu Mo at any time.

    Standing high on a wall, Gu Mo looked at the archer in white and then back at Li Shinian, before he said in a hoarse voice: "The last time when I tried to kill Li Muyang someone came to disturb me; this time, regardless of who, don't think of snatching from my hands again--today, you must die."

    When she heard Li Muyang's name, Li Shinian's eyes welled with tears.

    She missed her brother too much and wanted to know too much about the news of her brother.

    However, it seemed as though her big brother had disappeared from the world. Ever since the farewell at Maple Ferry Crossing, there had been no more news about him.

    If not for the inexplicable deadly pursuit, if not for the revenge of the Cui family, if she had not knew about her brother's situation from him, they would have suspected that her big brother was dead--Otherwise, why does he not write a letter back? Why did he not contact anyone at home?

    "Does he know that everyone misses him? Does he know that everyone is worried about him?"

    Now, this stranger had mentioned her brother's name the moment he opened his mouth, and also said that he almost killed her big brother at the foot of Starry Sky --although this was bad news about her brother, but nonetheless still news about her brother.

    Li Shinian glared fiercely at Gu Mo. "My brother angered you? Why would you kill him?"

    Gu Mo said with a mocking smile. "Your brother did not anger me, but he angered people that he should not anger. Therefore, do not blame my sword for being ruthless."

    Gu Mo did not like Li Muyang and even did not like Li Muyang's sister, Li Shinian.

    He was ordered to go after Li Muyang, and the result was that he failed repeatedly.

    His ambush at the foot of the Starry Sky was destroyed by Starry Sky student Xie Wuyou and they were also berated by him, demanding them to get lost.

    When he came back the Cui family was furious with him, criticising him for his incompetence that he could not even handle a boy.

    This humiliation remained deep in his heart and was impossible to eliminate.

    Now seeing the sister of Li Muyang, that sense of shame rushed forth again. There was a strong desire for revenge.

    Hearing that Gu Mo wanted to retaliate against Li Shinian, Lu Tianyu looked worried, his short and small body rushed in front of Li Shinian and he opened his arms to protect Li Shinian. "Who dare touch the people of my Lu family?"

    Gu Mo stood on a high wall, peering down at Lu Tianyu's short and small figure. The little boy had the courage to stand in front of her and shout out 'who dare touch the people of my Lu family' such threatening words.

    "Lu Tianyu--" Gu Mo smiled coldly, staring at Lu Tianyu. "Your Lu family dares to attack the people of the Cui family, it's only right the Cui family kills you two--Your little life can be more valuable than Li Shinian. Now that you have the courage to stand in front, let me avenge young master."

    As he spoke, Gu Mo leapt down from the high wall, slashing down with with his sword.

    Lu Tianyu looked up at the giant fellow, his lower legs trembling, forehead dripping with sweat and his clothes soaked. However, he still gritted his teeth, stood in front of Li Shinian and did not budge an inch.

    "The territory of the City Patrol Division, who dares to hurt people?" A loud voice roared.

    Before the voice died away, a large number of troops of the City Patrol Division wearing armour and colorful feather helmet were assembling over this side.

    They spread out in a linear defense along the alley, one after another, surrounding the remote and narrow alley and everyone inside.

    Bows drawn and arrows set, and spears at the ready.

    The General in charge sat astride a muscular brown-red horse, staring at Gu Mo who was standing on a wall glaring coldly at the many skilled masters. He yelled: "Kill anyone that dares to put up resistance."
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