Chapter 255 - Offer humble apology!

    Chapter 255: Offer humble apology!

    Cui family's chess room.

    The old grandfather of the Cui family, Cui Xichen, and the third son Cui Xinzai had not finished their game of chess when housekeeper Cui Gang urgently interrupted, "Head of the house, third Master--Gu Mo and some family generals have been arrested by the City Patrol Division."

    Cui Xichen gently set down a black piece on the board, and looked at his son sitting opposite him. He said, "You've lost."

    Cui Xinzai seriously studied the chessboard, sighing: "Father calculates three steps ahead, it is amazing. Son is ashamed."

    Cui Xichen did not accept his son's flattery. "There are many people that calculates three steps ahead, you can only stand in an invincible position when you're one step ahead of your opponent. By doing so all your enemies' reactions will be like the back of your hand. Then you can smash them in one go."

    "Father is right" Cui Xinzai bowed, accepting his teaching.

    Cui Xichen took a sip of the cup of fragrant tea, then finally turned to housekeeper Cui Gang and asked, "Have the two sides fought?"

    "No." Cui Gang answered. "At the critical moment, Gu Mo chose to give up."

    "Hm. I see." Cui Xichen set down the cup. "Prepare the carriage, I'm going to enter the palace. When my servants are rude, I should offer a humble apology."

    "Master." Cui Gang anxiously said. "The Lu family has gone too far. It was just a couple of kids, but they had to dispatch the City Patrol Division to arrest people. Where are the laws of justice? The City Patrol Division is the City Patrol Division of West Wind, is the Emperor's City Patrol Division, but it seems like they have became the Lu family's personal weapon. Why should Master go into the palace to apologise? If there has to be an apology, then it must be from the Lu family."

    Cui Xichen darted a glance at Cui Gang. "What you said is right."

    Cui Gang smiled. "Master, theb we don't need to prepare the carriage?"

    "Then I need to go even more." Cui Xichen said.


    Cui Xinzai interrupted, "Uncle Cui, Father has considered it carefully, you don't need to persuade him. Get the carriage ready."

    Cui Xichen knew that his son had understood his mind. He nodded to him and said, "I leave the house to you."

    Once he finished talking, he walked toward the outside with Cui Gang.

    Chu Xianda was disappointed that the story had not developed in the direction that he hoped, when a chamberlain came to report that Noble Minister Cui Xichen had requested to see the emperor.

    Chu Xianda looked startled, asking, "Why would he be here at this time?"

    "The noble minister said--he came to apologise." The little palace eunuch mumbled.

    "Apologise?" Chu Xianda turned to look at Li Fu. "Shouldn't the one apologise be Lu Xingkong? Why is it Cui Xichen?"

    "This--" Since this matter involved important ministers of the country, Li Fu felt inappropriate to add anything to the conversation. He said with a smile. "Your Majesty will know when you see him."

    Chu Xianda nodded. "You're right. I'd like to see how these two old foxes are fighting. Please come in, Noble Minister."

    Cui Xichen entered the Palace Hall of Thought and immediately sank to his knees and kowtowed, saying in a heavy voice, "my servants wounded people and I failed to discipline them. Your Majesty please punish me."

    "Noble Minister, get up." Chu Xianda shouted.

    "Minister is guilty, I don't dare to get up." Cui Xichen explained loudly.

    Chu Xianda gave Li Fu a glance and he immediately understood. Two palace eunuchs dashed over to support Cui Xichen up.

    "Your majesty is asking Noble Minister to get up, please get up Noble Minister. Don't make it difficult for us." Li Fu whispered.

    "Thank you." Cui Xichen said, cupping his hands.

    Chu Xianda looked at Cui Xichen. "What has Noble Minister done wrong? What is this matter about your servants wounding people?"

    "The children in my family was bullied outside, so family servant Gu Mo was furious and led some family generals to help out. They have caused trouble and injured people. They even clashed with your Majesty's City Patrol Division--Old minister feels deeply guilty so especially came to apologise."

    Chu Xianda hesitated, then said with a smile: "Just an incident among a few children, was it necessary to bring it up at the Palace Hall of Thought? Also did Noble Minister need to come apologise yourself?"

    "Matters should be dealt with no matter big or small; crimes should be punished no matter the degree of seriousness. I let down Your Majesty, so old minister came to ask Your Majesty to punish me." Cui Xichen said, looking ashamed. "Gu Mo and others have been arrested by the City Patrol Division, they are guilty and should be punished. They should be punished by the law."

    "Huh? Such a trivial matter, and the City Patrol Division went to arrest people?"

    "Your Majesty's City Patrol Division has the responsibility of guarding the Imperial Palace, be diligent and fair, and also loyal and devoted to your Majesty. The reason old Minister came here is not to request your Majesty to release my people, and I also do not have any complaints about The City Patrol Division. Gu Mo and the others brought trouble to themselves, so I can't put the blame on others."

    "I understand." Chu Xianda smiled at Cui Xichen. "Noble Minister relax, I will not take this matter to heart and won't blame you for such a trivial matter. You're my minister, you understand me and I also understand you. Go back, this matter has been settled."

    "Thank you, your Majesty." Cui Xichen bowed, respectfully turned around and left.

    Chu Xianda waited until Cui Xichen had gone far away, before he turned around to say to Li Fu, "Li Fu, this old fox Cui Xichen came over to apologise--what is he playing at?""

    "Your Majesty, I think--he is giving your Majesty a reminder."

    "What reminder?"

    "A reminder regarding the City Patrol Division--who does the City Patrol Division belongs to?" Li Fu whispered, keeping his head low.

    "Yes." Chu Xianda sighed. "The City Patrol Division has the important responsibility of patrolling the imperial city. Together with the nine governor generals, the Monitoring Department and the palace guards, they are one of the key departments that guard the palace and my security. Such key divisions, but become some people's servants or personal weapon. My heart--feels enraged."

    "Why is your majesty so worried? The world under the heavens, all lands belong to the Emperor. If Your Majesty wants to take back the City Patrol Division, you only need to say a word. Would anyone dare to object?"

    "Even if I know that Cui Xichen that old dog has bad intentions, my heart still feels somewhat--Li Fu, who do you think is suitable to take over the City Patrol Division?"

    "Your Majesty, this is not something servant can comment on. Servant can only pour tea for your Majesty and say some witty remarks--"

    "Ha Ha Ha--" Chu Xianda laughed. "You are growing more and more cunning."

    Lu Mansion. Peach Garden.

    Lu Xingkong stood in centre of the courtyard, gazing at the courtyard full of Tiandu's peach trees in full bloom.

    "In a few days of time, will these flowers wither and fall?" Lu Xingkong said.

    "Yes." The old butler nodded. "No flowers can bloom for a hundred days, who would be satisfied with everything?"

    "It may be a good thing to hand over the City Patrol Division. With one less power in my hands, others would become less apprehensive of us. We also have more time to prepare--" Lu Xingkong muttered to himself and then asked: "The children are back safely?"

    "Young master Tianyu and Miss Shinian are both safely back."

    "As long as the children are safe." Lu Xingkong said with a smile. "I've been busy my entire life for what?Is it not just namely for to ensure the safety of the children?"
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