Chapter 257 - Young master of peach blossom!

    Chapter 257: Young master of peach blossom!

    "You idiot." Li Shinian pinched Lu Tianyu's chubby little cheeks and said through clenched teeth. "You make me so mad."

    "Big sister--big sister--" Lu Tianyu was badly battered, and before his old injury had healed he was pulled and dragged by Li Shinian, grimacing in pain and repeatedly begging for forgiveness.

    "Li Shinian--" Even if Luo Qi was an idiot she would still understood what was happening. She received the box from Lu Tianyu, took a quick look inside and asked, "What happened?"

    Li Shinian cast a sideways glare at Lu Tianyu. "Come in and talk."

    As she listened to Li Shinian's story, Luo Qi's heart pounded with fear and worry.

    Ever since her son, Li Muyang, had encountered an unforeseen event on his way to his new school, she would tremble with fear when she heard this story.

    Before Li Muyang had escaped danger, her daughter had met with an accident, how could she live her days happily?

    "Are you wounded anywhere?" Luo Qi asked, looking worried at Li Shinian.

    "No." Li Shinian forced a wry smile. "You saw me just eating a bowl of rice. Do I look injured?"

    "Don't hide anything."

    "I'm not hiding anything. Is this something that can be easily hidden?"

    Luo Qi finally breathed a sigh of relieve and looked appreciatively at Lu Tianyu. "Thank you for your concern young master, you--all right?"

    "I'm fine." Lu Tianyu finally recovered from his surprise, then made a furtive glance at Li Shinian and said laughingly: "Luckily big sister Shinian saved me or I would have been bullied to death."

    "Oh, yes--" Lu Tianyu picked up the box of food that he brought with him, opened the lid and took out the desserts inside. "I know Big sister Shinian misses the cakes of Jiangnan, so I ordered people to go to Spring Restaurant to buy some. They make the most authentic Southern desserts there--It's more delicious than the ones our family's pastry master make."

    Li Shinian could feel Lu Tianyu's kindness, swept a glance at him and said, "Thank you."

    "Talk nicely to Young master Tianyu--" Luo Qi was dissatisfied with Li Shinian's lazy attitude.

    Li Shinian shot Lu Tianyu a glance and the little fatty repeatedly said: "It's fine, it's fine--I like Big sister Shinian acting like this--not talking to me nicely."


    When Li Muyang arrived at the Walls of Peach Blossom, he became a famous person of the Institute of Art. The students that arrived early crowded around Li Muyang, asking him about painting skills and some students shoved their own peach blossom painting in front of Li Muyang and asked for his comment.

    "This 'admiring flower under the moonlight' painting has a good creative concept, warms the heart and delights the eye. But the moon is too beautiful, making the peach blossoms appear dull, it might as well be called "Admiring the Moon--"

    "This painting uses the technique of leaving some empty space, and the brush strokes are natural and unforced, it seems senior has a strong foundation in painting--but there are too much empty space, so the composition of the entire picture is out of balance--"

    "Although the peach blossoms are colourful, but the honey lost its innocence, it's a small flaw--"

    Li Muyang was very generous and commented on the painting of each student.

    Ever since the last time he stunned the world with his amazing feat, he deliberately searched for related painting techniques in his sea of memories. This search resulted in innumerable number of painting-related books and books researched on painting techniques such as 'Appreciating fine painting', "Twelve ancient techniques', 'New ideas', 'Spring flower bud', 'The Divine Dragon's crucial brush' and so on. Like a small library of the Institute of Art.

    Li Muyang gasped in amazement, thinking that no wonder people say that the old without morality is hateful; the older people are the more frightening they are. They have seen and experienced many things, almost nothing can baffle them--Adding to this, the old dragon had lived for tens of thousands of years, the amount of reading he had done was obvious.

    Li Muyang dared not to be greedy, only chose a few that interested him to read and study.

    Because he had already fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, so his memory already contained these knowledge. He was now just like an ordinary student, 'reviewing' his learning, reading it again, and 'waking up' to this knowledge.

    Therefore, his learning speed was astonishing. In just a few days of time, the young student who just began to learn painting had already exhibited the demeanour of a master.

    While everyone crowded around Li Muyang, like stars clustering around the moon, asking for advice, Chu Ning and Song Tinyun were standing inside a gazebo.

    The corners of Song Tinyun's mouth twisted into a sarcastic smile. "How much solid learning and real ability would a beginner of painting have? He has only been reading some books in the library these past days and is now showing off. He only has knowledge that is useless in practice."

    With her eyes were fixed on Li Muyang who was standing in the middle of the crowd, Chu Ning replied:  "The way of painting, relies on solid foundation, but even more on talent. Some people understands overnight, while some takes over 10 years of painstaking practice--Li Muyang drew a vivid painting of peach blossom, borrowed a spring breeze and made the walls of peach blossom bloom. Only a painting master could achieve this. He is a person with true experience."

    Song Tinyun cast a rather surprised look at Chu Ning, thinking about why did this unruly West Wind princess suddenly has such a good impression of Li Muyang? A few days ago she went to be Li Muyang's slave for the day, embarrassing herself and making the royal family lose face; did she not harbour a grudge against him?

    Song Tinyun smiled and nodded. "I heard that this person has become famous in the divine continent, even the Emperor was shocked--When he returns to Tiandu, it would be even more lively and crowded than before. All the people of the town would turn up to fight to see the young master of peach blossom."

    Because Li Muyang's brush had brought the walls of peach blossom alive, so someone gave him the nickname 'Young master of Peach Blossom'.

    Chu Ning's face took on a ghastly expression thinking of her father writing her a letter rebuking her and with the intention of summoning her back to Tiandu.
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