Chapter 258 - The youngster with the dog!

    Chapter 258: The youngster with the dog!

    Chu Ning, as a Princess of West Wind Kingdom, has learnt to paint from a young age, but had lost to Li Muyang in a painting contest. She became a laughingstock of West Wind, which made the prideful and sensitive father who was always concerned about his reputation furious, and wrote a letter reprimanding her, his words filled with the intent of summoning Chu Ning back to Tiandu.

    Even though Chu Ning could pretend that she had not seen the letter, but hearing Song Tinyun mention 'the emperor was shocked', her heart still felt very uncomfortable.

    How was the emperor shocked? The emperor was outraged.

    In his letter, her father made no secret of his dislike of Li Muyang, calling him a 'murderer criminal'. If Li Muyang went to Tiandu, then greeting him would not be cheers of the people, but most likely swords, spears, arrows and the palace guards?

    However, Li Muyang's parents and sisters were all at Tiandu, does that mean he can't go back and meet them?

    With this thought, Chu Ning looked even more downcast. Like a layer of black clouds had blanketed the moon, she became irate.

    Chu Ning coldly looked at Song Tinyun, saying: "is it because of Cui Xiaoxin?"

    Song Tinyun was taken aback. "What?"

    "Cousin is doing this because of that Bright Moon of the Cui family?" Chu Ning's gaze was on Li Muyang and her words were bitingly cold.

    "I don't understand what you mean."

    "Cui Xiaoxin was friends with Li Muyang in Jiangnan, they were very close. Cousin must have felt very uncomfortable when you heard such news. After all, that is the woman that is betrothed to you." Chu Ning's lips curled into a mocking smile, for some reason after she returned these words, her heart instantly felt much better.

    When others hurt you, then you also make them feel pain-this was also a way of venting, right?

    "Because of the fight for the position of the left minister, that matter has been temporarily put aside. However, if Lu Xingkong of the Lu family won the position of minister, then the Song family and the Cui family will have more of a reason to unite through marriage, right?"

    Song Tinyun's pupils narrowed, his face void of expression. "Li Muyang? A toad wants to eat swan meat?"

    "As I thought." Chu Ning chuckled. "You have hatred for him, so you want to use me to get rid of him. You've been stirring up trouble time and time again, was it not to deepen my hostility towards him?"

    Song Tinyun gave a surprised look at Chu Ning. "Don't you dislike him? I thought we were the same kind of people."

    "I did dislike him." Chu Ning said. "I really hated him before. Whether it was the fact that he achieved the first place in the imperial exams or wounded people of my Chu clan. But women change. You see, which woman does not like good-looking and talented men? I now think he is more and more pleasing to the eye, more handsome and excellent."


    Chu Ning walked toward the direction of Li Muyang as she said, "As his defeated opponent, I also have some questions to ask for his advice--cousin must not be willing to lower your status, right?"


    Song Tinyun gazed at Chu Ning's distant receding figure, thinking that this unruly and extremely vain cousin was not as stupid as he thought.

    Chu Ning did not lie, she really brought her recently drawn painting 'The boy racing in spring' over to Li Muyang to comment on.

    "Teacher Gu said that I did not observe carefully, so the boy's eyes lacked innocence. These past days I've searched for countless paintings of boys to study and understand, and I also went to ask the boss of the restaurant outside to see his three-year-old son--Could you take a look at the painting for me, are the boy's eyes more lively?"

    Li Muyang carefully studied the painting, then smiled and said, "You've improved a lot, Princess Chu Ning really put in a lot of effort."

    Chu Ning was very happy hearing Li Muyang's compliment. "Are there other problems?"

    Li Muyang carefully studied the painting once again, then explained: "Princess has solid basic skills and knowledge, and your Iron Line Drawing Method is also very skilled, you need to take one step at a time, some things can't be rushed."

    Chu Ning earnestly nodded. "In the way of painting, the most important thing is a deep foundation. You must carry out training in the coldest and the hottest times of the year. By diligently practicing everyday, one would definitely perfect their skills, and draw with divine powers. The second most important is talent, talent is inherited, but also based on observation and understanding. If one observes the growth of bamboo, day and evening, one would have the images of bamboo ready in one's bosom[1]. The bamboo drawn would naturally be vivid and lifelike, and people would be amazed at it."

    [1] Chinese saying that means having plans ready in one's mind.

    Li Muyang cast an admiring glance at Chu Ning. "Princess Chu Ning has the foundation and the talent, your achievements in painting will be enormous and you will have boundless prospects."

    "You have to teach me." Chu Ning said sincerely, smiling at Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang became wary, thinking why was this West Wind Princess suddenly so nice to him? She's not trying to murder him, is she?

    Or could it be, she wants to trick him back to Tiandu and become the Emperor's son in law-Li Muyang was not willing to become the Emperor's son in law. He had heard that men that marry princess have no status in the family, being constantly hit and scolded by the princess. And if they want to get intimate with their wife they have to write an application form and only after having the wife's consent, could they sleep together.

    "Dear wife, today the breeze is mild, the sky is clear, and the moon and stars are bright, I want to sleep with you you-"

    "My dear wife, from the night stars, tonight I fear there will be a bloody disaster, corpses everywhere, I especially came to see how to solve it-"

    "Dear wife, counting on my fingers, your period did not come-"

    What sort of days would living such a life be?

    "The Institute of painting has Teacher Gu, who is skilled in both painting and calligraphy, how would it be my turn to teach the princess-do your best." Li Muyang originally wanted to say 'never', but worried that this would offend Chu Ning, he had to leave a little explanation.

    "Thank you, peach blossom young master." Chu Ning slightly bowed her head, thanking Li Muyang.

    "Thank you young master Peach Blossom." Chu Ning expressed her thanks towards Li Muyang.

    "Peach blossom young master?" A look of shock crossed Li Muyang's face.

    "You don't know?" Chu Ning said rhetorically, a teasing smile on her face.

    "Shower of spring sunshine, led the peach blossoms to bloom--The name Peach Blossom Young Master name matches you." The double wall of painting and calligraphy, Starry Sky teacher Gu Huangwu slowly walked in with two little children in green outfits. He stopped in front of Li Muyang, saying, "The name peach Blossom, it does not insult your talent in painting-"

    Li Muyang was dumbstruck on hearing what was going on. "Teacher Gu thank you for lending student a wisp of spring breeze, otherwise I wouldn't have influenced the peach blossoms to bloom in the wrong season. I'm afraid my ability is inferior and my knowledge is limited, and I would bring disgrace to the name peach blossom."

    Li Muyang was inwardly worried, why did he draw a huge dog in the 'Shower of spring sunshine' painting, if the people with ulterior motives gave a name to him-

    Yellow dog young master?

    The youngster with the dog?

    Would he still have the face to go out to meet people if so?
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