Chapter 262 - You better watch yourself!

    Chapter 262: You better watch yourself!

    He thought that the West Wind Princess, who he gave a bad first impression to, came to find him to discussion something important, but he did not expect that the instant she opened her mouth it made him stood dumbstruck like a foolish sheep.

    "Li Muyang, do you have any clothes need to be wash?"

    If an ordinary person said this, Li Muyang would not be so confounded.

    However, when this sentence came out of the mouth of West Wind Princess Chu Ning, it really was unimaginably strange.

    She was a high and mighty Royal Princess, a supreme presence of the West Wind Kingdom.

    Li Muyang warily stared at Chu Ning. "What do you want?"


    Chu Ning chuckled out loud, looking at Li Muyang's cautious expression. "Li Muyang, what are you scared of? Do you think I will eat you?"

    "Don't think of fooling me." Li Muyang took two steps back, keeping a distance from Chu Ning. "I read that some women deliberately rip their clothes and scream, so that the man would take responsibility--my mother said that I am too young, I must not fall in love while I'm still studying."

    Chu Ning swung her leg up and kicked out, yelling: "Li Muyang, what kind of person do you think I am? I am a princess of West Wind--you think I am that kind of shameless woman?"

    Li Muyang stumbled back several steps, evading Chu Ning's attack. "Not all woman that does that are shameless, sometimes the man hopes that the woman they like would do something like that. But I just don't think we're right for each other, you're too good for me--"

    "Li Muyang, you bastard." Chu Ning glared at Li Muyang for a good while, before stomping away in a huff.

    Li Muyang watched the back of her head recede into the distance at a daze, sighing gently. "I like my former self, being darker is indeed safer--"

    Li Muyang pushed opened the courtyard gate, returned to his room and lay in bed thinking about what had happened today.

    "Another master." Li Muyang mumbled. "Hope that they would not quarrel from jealously because of me, I hope that they can get on with each other--"

    Youngster Li Muyang was troubled by something that an ordinary person would never understand.

    Perhaps because he was too tired from learning to paint, Li Muyang very quickly drifted off to sleep. He even forgot to open the book 'Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra' that he would read every night.

    The members of the royal family lived in a different area, which was separated from the ordinary students of the school. This was the reason that the students did not see the members of the royal family often.

    They have privileges everywhere, and even at Starry Sky Academy was no exception.

    Chu Ning was in a bad mood. She just saw Li Muyang at the Walls of Peach Blossom, but for some reason she went and waited at his courtyard for him to come back--She was a Princess of West Wind, if her Father, the Emperor, knew about this, he would most likely write to scold her again.

    The previous letters were directly sent to her oldest brother, and in the letters, she and her several brothers were just mentioned a little in those letters. The last time she lost to Li Muyang, her father especially wrote a letter to her, although the whole letter was reprimanding her and threatening to summon her back, but it was still a separate letter to her--

    Thinking of this, Chu Ning was inexplicably happy.

    She pushed open the courtyard door to find her eldest brother Chu Kai, third brother Chu Tuo, younger cousin Chu Xun and a crowd of West Wind aristocratic youngster waiting for her in the courtyard.

    When they saw that she had returned, no one spoke and every one of them had a gloomy, darkened face that was somewhat terrifying.

    Chu Ning was taken aback for a moment, and then forced a smile. "Oldest brother, third oldest brother, why did you come? You should have told me in advance--"

    Chu Kai swept a piercing glance over, asking loudly: "Where have you been?"

    "The Institute of Art." Chu Ning answered. "Today was Teacher Gu Huangwu's lecture--"

    "Gu Huangwu's class has ended ages ago, Tingyun has returned for some time now--where did you go by yourself?" Chu Kai questioned loudly, his manner worse than before.

    It was only now that Chu Ning saw, in the corner of the courtyard, Song Tinyun standing there with a calm look on his face.

    The usually refined and gentle big brother used this manner to talk to her, Chu Ning found it difficult to adapt to.

    She forcibly suppressed her unhappiness and grievance, responding coldly: "What? Am I not allowed to have a little personal freedom? As a student of Starry Sky Academy, I was strolling around the school, is this not allowed?"

    Chu Kai stared at his little sister for a good while, his concerned expression finally eased a little and said in a gentle tone: "Chu Ning, we are doing this for your own good. Think about it, father just wrote to reprimand you, and even wanted to call you back to Tiandu--why do you have to upset father?"

    "If you returned to Tiandu at this time, what would be waiting for you? Maybe he would arrange a marriage for you, and then you would get married and have children--is this the life you want?"

    Chu Ning was silent.

    She knew that her brother's words were not words to scare her. If she really was called back to Tiandu now, the cold and paranoid father really would hastily arrange a marriage for her, marry her off to one of the major merchants of Tiandu, a rich and powerful family or even to other countries--

    Seeing the expression on Chu Ning's face, Chu Kai knew that she had realised her own mistake. "You understand our intention, you also understand what father wants. Don't have any contact with Li Muyang anymore--"

    "Big Brother--" Chu Ning tried to explain for Li Muyang, change his image in their minds. "He's not as obnoxious as we thought--"

    "Not as obnoxious?" Chu Tuo came over, fanning himself with a folding fan. "He killed Cui Zhaoren of the Cui family and wounded Chu Xun--A person like him is not obnoxious enough? If you get too close with Li Muyang, what would the Cui family think about us? Wouldn't they think that Cui Zhaoren's death was related to the royal family?"

    Chu Ning's unruly temper was rising, replying in a mocking tone: "We are the Chu clan, the royal family, we do and say whatever we want, do we need to pay close attention to the mood of a minister?"

    Hearing Chu Ning's words, the expression of the many people present changed greatly.

    Chu Kai fixed Chu Ning with a cold stare. "What happened today, we will pretend that it didn't happen. If you refuse to listen to us, I will personally write to father and he will bring you back to Tiandu--"

    "Brother, you--"

    "You better watch yourself."  Chu Kai left some ruthless words before turning around and heading outside.

    There was no reason for the other people to stay behind after the First Prince left.

    In a split second, the courtyard was cleared of the crowd.

    Chu Ning glanced around at the absolutely empty courtyard and looked at the courtyard gate that no one helped her close. All sorts of emotions crowded upon her mind.

    For the first time in her life, she found that the status of princess was not a glory, but restriction.
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