Chapter 263 - Enter the eye of the formation!

    Chapter 263: Enter the eye of the formation!

    When goose feather cherry blossoms bloom all over Broken Mountain, the time to enter the weak water illusion had finally arrived.

    Goose Feather cherry blossom is a variety of cherry blossom that has slender stamen and snow-white petals. It looks like goose feather floating across clear water, and the saying 'goose feather snow' [1] was derived from goose feather.

    [1] big heavy snowfall

    Students of Starry Sky had the opportunity of entering the four illusions for training and every student that enters the illusion would more or less gain something. Even though on there way in the illusion they run into many adventures, once they come out they would become a starry sky strong person that the world would focus their attention on.

    In this world, there is no shortage of miracles at any time.

    Of course, there were people that have died in the land of illusions, or have been left behind once the eye of the formation had closed.

    However, the event of new students entering into the illusion of weak water was still something that the whole Starry Sky Academy paid close attention to.

    The students assembled at the public square, ready to enter into the cave in the order in which they had been arranged.

    Not sure whether it was because Yang Xiaohu has bad luck that when they cast lots he was the one who lost, or because the Dragon Slayer course was too weak that the academy did not cared much about them, in any case Li Muyang and the others were the team that was last in the line.

    In other words, they were the last ones to enter the illusion.

    At the front was obviously the strong and many Buddhism and Taoism students. These two courses both have nearly one hundred students, and dressed in the drifting cloud uniform standing in the front, they looked magnificent, which drew envious looks and others could not help but want to become one of them.

    Because the groups to enter the illusion together have been arranged beforehand, Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai stood together.

    Qiandu did not look at the front of the crowd, but was interestedly gazing at the surrounding cherry blossoms.

    "It is said that when goose feather cherry blossoms at the top of the mountain bloom, it will snow at the bottom of the mountain." Qiandu muttered.

    Li Muyang's mind was momentarily wandered off in another world, a feeling that a day on the mountain was a year on earth.

    When he left Jiangnan, flowers were flourishing, the grasses were tall and lush, and orioles were in the air.

    Ever since he entered Starry Sky Academy, because of a heavy sense of pressure and strong ambition, Li Muyang's schedule was packed everyday.

    Early in the morning, he would get up to practice the 'Art of the breaking body', and then improve his writing and drawing skills. After breakfast he would go to class and learn dragon slayer skills from Yang Xioahu. If he has classes in the afternoon, he would always go. If there was no class, he would go over to Master Xiaohou to learn Taoist techniques or over to Master Kong to learn Buddhist mantra. In the evening he would always find time to review what he had learn in the day. During bath time he would practice 'The art of traveling through clouds and summoning rain' and before bedtime read 'Language of Dragons' or 'Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra'--

    Oh, Li Muyang was also the assistant teacher of Gu Huangwu. Whenever Teacher Gu did not have the time to teach, Li Muyang would come to the Walls of peach blossom to lecture and comment on the students' works.

    Li Muyang was really busy, too busy that he forgot what time it was.

    He suddenly thought of his father, mother and his little sister; are they well in Tiandu?

    There shouldn't be anyone mistreating hem, right?

    Li Shinian liked snow a lot, whenever it snowed in Jiangnan, she would drag Li Muyang over with her to appreciate the snow in the plum garden. She would also have a snowball fight with her sisters and Li Muyang--Li Shinian has many friends, hundreds respond to her call. Every time she organised an activity, everyone was actively involved.

    To tell the truth, at that time Li Muyang was only able to talk to young and beautiful girls when he was with his sister. During the other times, people did not care about him very much.

    A dark, thin, and sickly person that would be blown away by a breeze of wind, what girl would like him?

    "Li Muyang--"

    Li Muyang suddenly woke up from his trance, only to find Qiandu staring at him worriedly.

    "What did you say?" Realising that his mind has wandered off for too long, Li Muyang apologised to Qiandu. "Sorry, I was thinking about something."

    "What were you thinking about?" Qiandu asked curiously. Like other students, dressed in a starry cloud outfit, Qiandu was beautiful and pure, like the blooming goose feather cherry blossom.

    "I was thinking of my family, I miss my little sister--" Speaking of Li Shinian, Li Muyang could not help a smile curving her lips. "She likes snow a lot, every time it snowed and I haven't gotten up, I would hear her yelling in her room, sometimes she would secretly shove a snowball down my neck and I would jump out of bed from the cold--"

    "What a cute girl." Qiandu's eyes glowed brightly. "She must be very beautiful?"

    "En." Li Muyang nodded firmly. "The prettiest girl I've ever seen."

    Thinking that complimenting his little sister as the most beautiful girl in front of another girl may not be that appropriate, Li Muyang hastened to add, "As beautiful as you."

    Qiandu's lip curved into a smile. "Lies, in your heart, I am definitely not as pretty. What's her name?"

    "Li Shinian."

    "Li Shinian. I will remember this name." Qiandu said.

    She lifted her arm, pointing to the cherry blossoms around. "Do you know that they have another name?"

    "Another name?"

    "It also has the name of 'Broken Cherry'. It is said that this cherry blossom was a fiery red, it is only a white colour when it starts to bloom and further into the flowering season, its colour will gradually deepen, becoming as colourful as the other cherry blossom. But because of a war, it is said that a immortal slash the mountain with his sword--The mountain of cherry blossom, affected by the battle or threatened by the sword qi did not grow anymore, the colour of the flowers were also not as intense as before, and since then,they maintained this snow white appearance." "

    Li Muyang eyes lit up. "What person would have such remarkable powers? I wish I could meet a strong person like that--it would be great if we could learn from each other."

    Qiandu looked at Li Muyang. "Other people may not have the chance, but you would definitely be able to."

    Lin Canghai interrupted in a dissatisfied tone, "why do other people won't have the chance but Li Muyang does? I also want to exchange sword techniques with a Starry Sky expert like that--When I graduate, I will also cut Broken Mountain in half. Watch me slash the mountain."

    Qiandu chuckled aloud. "If you do, then Starry Sky Academy will be flattened. Would the teachers and students of the school let you?"

    Lin Canghai agreed after some thought. When the immortal cut the mountain with his sword, Broken Mountain, which is also called Nameless Mountain, was a wild mountain, where only ancient trees and beasts live. If he now wanted to imitate the immortal and slash the mountain in half, the old monsters of Starry Sky Academy would peel off his skin and pull out his tendons.

    "I will break other mountains." Lin Canghai said stubbornly.

    Standing behind Tie Muxin, Lu Qiji's eyes from time to time fell on Li Muyang who was laughing with Qiandu and Lin Canghai.

    As Chu Xun caught sight of Lu Qiji's action, his heart felt as painful as a knife plunging into his heart.

    The deeper the love, the deeper the pain.

    Chu Xun's face darken as he said in a gloomy cold voice "If you don't want to be in a group with me, you can join them--as long as they let you."

    Lu Qiji pretended that he did not hear Chu Xun, there were some things that she could not explain to Chu Xun and also did not want to explain.

    "What? You don't even want to say a word to me?"

    Lu Qiji's attitude, the deepest indifference, was driving Chu Xun crazy.

    He did not expect that after coming to Starry Sky Academy, Lu Qiji would go further and further away from him, like an enemy.

    Was it because of that Li Muyang? He has that much attraction?

    "I don't know what to say." Lu Qiji was very frank.

    She had always been an honest person who speaks bluntly. Nothing was worth her hiding the truth.

    Of course, except the problem of Li Muyang and her own identity.

    However, these words in the ears of Chu Xun, was particularly harsh.

    "Hahaha, don't know what to say--you don't know what to say. I know, me shamelessly following you around is bringing disgrace to myself. If you don't want to, then I can enter the illusion by myself."

    Lu Qiji replied after a while. "Okay. I don't want to."


    The pupils of Chu Xun's eyes shrank to pinpoints and the muscles in his face tightened like they were dancing.

    After a long while, the anger in his eyes disappeared and the displeasure on his face receded.

    He looked calmly at the cherry blossoms in the distance, there was no more blazing emotions in his eyes.

    Because they were far behind the front line, they did not know how the groups in front entered the illusion.

    But the line moved very fast, without waiting for too long, the people in front were all gone, and Li Muyang and others were standing at the entrance of Water Moon Cave Heaven.

    Under Yang Xiaohu's leadership, a number of people entered into the deep and long cave, and then stood before a tremendous water curtain.

    The source of the waterfall could not be seen, nor where it flows. Even the sounds and power of pounding water were not heard.

    Without the spray from the waterfall and the rising mist, no one would realise that the waterfall was flowing.

    Like a piece of white silk, and also like the rays of the bright moonlight, it hung silently, waiting for the world to appreciate and admire.

    Inside of Water Moon Cave Heaven stood a group of Starry Sky teachers standing at the side watching over. Including Li Muyang's master Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li. They completely ignored Li Muyang who was standing among the crowd as though they were unfamiliar with him.

    "This is where the eye of the Water Moon illusion is, you will enter from here." Standing in front of the waterfall, Yang Xiaohu said loud and clear. "Enter when the moon rises, return when the sun rises. You must not stay inside for too long, if the eye of the formation closes, you will have to wait until the next time the door reopens--do you understand?"

    "Understood." All students answered.

    "Good. Now enter the illusion according to the groups allocated. The members of each group should hold hands when they enter to ensure that you will not be teleported to other places." Yang Xiaohu explained. "The first group, Chu Xun and Lu Qiji--hold hands and walk through the waterfall."

    Chu Xun grasped the sword firmly in his hand, walking towards the illusion in large strides.

    "Chu Xun--" Yang Xiaohu cried out.

    However, he was one step too late. Once Chu Xun stepped under the waterfall, his figure instantly disappeared without a trace.
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