Chapter 264 - Red moon ghost shadows!

    Chapter 264: Red moon ghost shadows!

    Chu Xun walked away, abandoning his teammate to enter the illusion alone.

    Everyone was a bit confused.

    Yang Xiaohu was blank for a moment, before he looked to Lu Qiji and said, "Student Qiji, since Chu Xun went in himself, you can join Cai Pa's and Tie Muxin's group. With the three of you in a group, after entering the illusion, you could take care of each other."

    "No need." Lu Qiji cast a glance at Li Muyang and walked straight into the water moon illusion mirror.

    Her figure grew fainter behind the water curtain and very quickly vanished.

    Everyone looked more confused.

    What is wrong with these two people?

    Because the students of the Dragon Slayer course were the last to enter the illusion, the Starry Sky teachers that had already led their students through the illusion mirror had their eyes fixed on the following students. There were more Teachers than students.

    Watching the response of Chu Xun and Lu Qiji, the other famous teachers started to ridicule and attack new teacher Yang Xiaohu.

    "Bookworm, it seems your students are not listening to your command? Is it because you're not qualified enough so your students won't listen to you?" The first one to fire was Li Muyang's Taoism master, Xiahou Qianbai. For some reason, he had always disliked Yang Xiaohu. He looked like the bad student bullying the good and honest student--Li Muyang's heart was standing on Yang Xiaohu's side.

    "If you're not worthy of a place, there will be disaster. I hope Bookworm's students will be fine--" It was only when Kong Li was attacking Yang Xiaohu that he would stand in line with his 'old enemy' Xiahou Qianbai.

    "Brother Xiaohu also wants to teach your student well? Right? If not for Brother Xiaohu's persistent, the dragon slayer course would have been cancelled--Although in our view, it doesn't matter whether the dragon slayer course is cancelled or not, but what if a real dragon appears? All of a sudden, where do we find dragon slayer warriors to slay the dragons?" --

    Yang Xiaohu's face looked extremely embarrassed, but he did not want to argue with his seniors. He muttered to himself: 'when a dragon appears, you would know how small and ignorant you are'--

    Yang Xiaohu blinked his triangular eyes, shouting: "Cai Pa and Tie Muxin, you two hold hands and enter--"

    "Fellow classmates, we will go in first." Tie Muxin shouted over to Li Muyang and the others.

    Cai Pa and Tie Muxin were very respectful to Yang Xiaohu, holding hands as they entered into the illusion.

    Yang Xiaohu looked over at Li Muyang's group. "Remember, enter when the moon rises, return when the sun rises. Be sure to come back before sunrise."

    "Teacher Yang, we know." Lin Canghai said, rather impatiently. "You have already instructed us many times before."

    "Enter the illusion." Yang Xiaohu waved his hand. "I hope you will come back with fruitful results."

    "Yes Teacher Yang." Li Muyang bowed deeply to Yang Xiaohu.

    Then he turned around and bowed respectfully in the direction where Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li stood.

    Even though students were sent into the illusion every year, but each year there would be students that die inside the illusion and not return.

    Li Muyang had confidence in himself, but what if--?

    Therefore, the use of the words 'separations in life or parting at death' to describe this adventure experience was not too far off.

    Before parting, Li Muyang said goodbye to his two masters in this way.

    "The boy is well-mannered--"

    "Yes, he is also a man of striking appearance, its obvious he is a lucky person--"

    "Such a clever and lovely student has gone to learn how to slay a dragon? If he majored in my subject, I would have taught him well, and made him become a dazzling strong person of starry sky--"

    Li Muyang's action has won him a lot of praise from the teachers.

    Lin Canghai, inwardly jealous, copied him, turning around and bowing to the many Starry Sky teachers.

    He used the standard aristocratic etiquette, and looked like a charming noble young master.

    "Why does this guy look like a little girl?"

    "Right, it really is hard to distinguish whether he is a girl or boy at one glance--"

    "I heard that the young girls these days like this type, strong feminine qualities--"

    Lin Canghai felt the impulse to sever them with his sword.

    Unfortunately, for the time being, he was no match for them.

    Qiandu stretched out her hands and took hold of Li Muyang's and Lin Canghai's hands. The three of them made their way through the water curtain.

    Qiandu's hand was warm and soft, and had a slight aroma--

    Of course, Li Muyang could not smell the aroma of her hands, but this was a kind of feeling he got.

    In his opinion, a hand like that must give off a fragrance.

    "Good luck to you all." Yang Xiaohu shouted behind them. "You must come back safely."

    But their figures begun to fade, and then with a 'swoosh' they suddenly disappeared.

    They probably couldn't hear what he said.

    Yang Xiaohu stood before the water curtain, sighing softly, "I really want to go on this adventure with them."

    "Who doesn't want to go?' A Starry Sky teacher said loudly. "However, if we all followed them in, we will become their servants and bodyguards. They would not encounter any danger and would not be tested. How would it provide the opportunity to the students to enhance their abilities?

    "Yes. We must let them grow themselves--"

    "The illusion is a mirror, whether they are a dragon or a tiger, good or evil, would be clearly revealed--inside there is no law, and there is no rule. All they need to do is make a choice when faced with deciding between the surroundings and their heart. When the moment comes, a comrade or a backstabbing murderer--it really makes one expectant." --

    Black wind whistling, red moon like blood.

    It was only now that Li Muyang understood what 'enter when moon rises' means. It turns out that every time the water moon illusion mirror sends them in it will be night time, the time of the red moon rising.

    They only have one night of exploration time, when the sun rises again the next day they will have to find a way back.

    "It's so cold." Lin Canghai was shivering as he glanced around at the surroundings.

    "It's so cold." Li Muyang clasped Qiandu's hand tightly, as though this would bring him some warmth and a sense of security.

    They were in the midst of wilderness, and under the red moonlight, everything around had a feeling of evil and weirdness.

    Li Muyang was unwilling to let go of Qiandu's hand, which made Qiandu feel strange.

    She gave a strange glance at Li Muyang, but did not break away her hand--perhaps he was really cold? His health has always not been very good.

    "Teacher Yang said that the water moon illusion mirror transports you to a random place, we have no way to know where we are--" Qiandu looked around. "We should choose a direction and go with it. Whether it is a blessing or a curse, the heaven will decide."

    "I have no objection." Lin Canghai was Qiandu's dedicated fan. Even if Qiandu suggested to sit here and eat hot pot he would not have any opinion and even immediately go gather firewood. As to where the pot is, would not be a question that he will consider.

    "I have no objection." Li Muyang said. It was hard to see what was ahead in the poor visibility environment. "Since this proposal was made by Qiandu classmate, then you should choose the direction."

    Qiandu casually pointed directly ahead. "Head straight."

    Just then, in front sand and dust were swirling into the air, and it looked like a few dark shadows were charging toward them.

    Swift and silent, like ghosts.


    Lin Canghai drew his sword, ready to strike at anytime.
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