Chapter 267 - Kill the wolf king!

    Chapter 267: Kill the wolf king!

    No, it was not the moon that shook, but the ground beneath them.

    Under the watchful gaze of Li Muyang and the others, a red wolf tall like a mountain headed their way.

    If the ordinary red wolves were newborn calves, then this red wolf is a giant elephant.

    It had piercing sharp fangs, a pointy mouth and blood red eyes.

    Covered with red hair, it looked like a blazing red flame.

    Every step it took, left a huge deep pit on the gravel land.

    In its opinion, Li Muyang and the other people were just a few small dots surrounded by countless wolves.

    But Li Muyang, Qiandu, Lin Canghai and the others could clearly feel the red wolf's eyes were looking at them, staring at each of them in turn.

    It slowly headed in the direction of Li Muyang and the others.

    The wolves were like some kind of organisation. As the wolf king passed through, a straight line was automatically separated down the middle.

    "It's the wolf king." Someone screamed. "It is the king of the red wolves. The legendary moonlight wolf."

    "It is said that it does not eat food, but absorb moonlight everyday to survive, so it grew to this height--"

    "It's a female wolf, only responsible for giving birth to cubs and cultivation-"

    Li Muyang and Qiandu exchanged a glance when Qiandu said: "Be careful."

    "You too." Li Muyang replied.

    The wolf king slowly advanced forward, although it looked very slow very soon it was standing right in front of Li Muyang and the others. It was like it knew the Taoist technique 'shrinking to inches'.

    At this moment, everyone could more feel the wolf king's tallness. In the presence of the wolf king, Li Muyang felt as though he was a little gnome from the Gnome country.

    Adding to this, the feeling of oppression that it exhibited at close range was difficult to bear. It sent shivers through the body, as though each strand of hair was standing on its root.

    "Awoooo--" The wolf suddenly opened its huge mouth and howled.

    Its mouth was puffing out strong air, sending sand flying and pebbles rolling. If one's inner strength was not strong enough and cultivation not steady, they would easily be blown away.

    Li Muyang and the others stood in their original place and only the starry cloud robe on them was flapping in the wind.


    The tens of thousands of wolves responded with an earth-shattering roar.

    Lin Canghai came over, standing behind Li Muyang and Qiandu. "I'll go up and try first?"

    "Be careful." Qiandu nodded.

    So, Lin Canghai clasped his sword firmly and flew out.

    His body turned into a streak of light in the air, the sword in his hand flashing a blue colour as it swung down at the wolf king's huge skull.


    The wolf king looked up, howling madly, and soared into the sky to where Lin Canghai was.


    Lin Canghai's sword struck again.

    A blue light exploded again and a huge long pit appeared on the ground.

    The flames in the pit were blooming and swelling, and the black soil burned by the intense heat was producing black miasma.

    But the wolf king had disappeared from sight.

    Lin Canghai was glancing around when there was a tremendous pressure pressing down above his head.

    He lifted his head only to see a huge red figure descending from the sky. Like it had merged with the moonlight, the moonlight was red and it was also red.

    Its two huge paws was aiming the top of Lin Canghai's head, the sharp claws flickering with a mysterious black light like a crow under the moonlight.

    Lin Canghai swung his sword up and thrusted at the wolf king's foot.


    The sword could not pierce through, but produced a loud striking clang of metal.

    "Bad." Lin Canghai's voice was filled with great uneasiness.

    When he twisted around to escape, the huge paws were already crushing down with an overpowering force.


    A huge cloud of dust swirled in the air.

    The pit caved in.

    The wolf king's body heavily slammed against the black soil, leading to the subsiding of the area.

    Lin Canghai had disappeared without a trace.

    "Lin Canghai--" Li Muyang shouted, wanting to rescue Lin Canghai.

    "Wait." Qiandu held onto Li Muyang's arm. "Believe in Canghai."

    "Too powerful, the wolf king is too powerful--"

    "I've heard that no one has ever seen moonlight wolf before and that everyone who has seen the moonlight wolf is dead--"

    "It is said that there was a talented senior who had seen the moonlight wolf but he had never returned to the academy--"

    The wolf king's power astonished everyone present, and seeing its invincible and fierce look the several Starry Sky Academy students shuddered all over.

    "Awooo--" Like a premonition of its victory, the wolf king howled proudly.

    What a howl!

    With the king's howling, the little red wolves naturally had to follow howling purposely.

    In the official circle, when the higher official laughs, do you dare not smile?

    It's not easy being an animal!

    The wolves were stirred, but the human side was silent.

    Lin Canghai had disappeared, and until now there was still no movement.

    Moreover, Li Muyang saw very clearly that when Lin Canghai could not pierce his sword into the wolf, he was about to turn and run away.

    But the wolf king was too cunning; he was able to suddenly accelerate at that time.

    First its front paws slammed down, and then its huge body was pressing down.

    Lin Canghai could not evade in time and was squashed by its body.

    With the wolf king's weight, if Lin Canghai was really crushed by him, how could he still be alive?

    Just as everyone was filled with worries, suddenly a pile of black soil was pushed up from the deep hole.

    A young man in a white robe sprang up from the soil, soaring into the sky, as if he was heading for the red moon above.

    He flew higher and higher, until his silhouette was no longer seen.

    Just as Li Muyang was suspecting that he was going to ascend to the moon with Chang'e, the sky suddenly emerged tremendous red lights.

    [TN Note: A Chinese tale about a woman that lives in the moon]

    Each red light was a blazing shooting star, and countless shooting star streaked toward the earth.

    Falling stars!

    Among the countless stars, a sword was headed straight for the ground.

    This moment Lin Canghai's appearance was grim and stern, like the god of death was descending to earth.

    The wolf king looked up and a tinge of fear flashed in his eyes.

    The other red wolves also looked up, staring at the scene that had appeared in the sky.

    "Go to hell." Lin Canghai roared, as the sword in his hand was lunging toward the wolf king's head.

    Before he had arrived, his sword and sword qi had cut off a chunk of the wolf king's hair.

    The wolf king jumped up from the pit and wrenched its body downward, wanting to meet Lin Canghai head-on with its strong sturdy body.

    "Stars return to position." Lin Canghai bellowed, the countless stars that were scattered across the horizon abruptly began to flash toward the sword in his hand, and then fused into one with the sword.

    With the integration of each shooting star, the sword emitted red sparks and it expanded a little.

    When the last shooting star entered into the sword body, Lin Canghai's sword had grown to a purple-red tremendous pillar.

    "Die." Lin Canghai lunged the giant sword into the body of the wolf king mercilessly.
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