Chapter 272 - Kowtow three times!

    Chapter 272: Kowtow three times!

    Before encountering any ferocious beasts, a classmate had died on the spot, which made the atmosphere a little heavy and grim.

    "Idiot." Someone said coldly. "This is the weak water, where goose feather does not float, and immortals find it difficult to cross, do you think a mortal can casually pass by?"

    "If you knew that this is the weak water, then why didn't you remind Wu Chou earlier? We're all students of Starry Sky Academy, how could you watch a classmate die tragically?"

    "He brought about his own death, who could he blame?" The person said scornfully. "Before, I also didn't know it was the weak water. However, someone was willing to take the lead, I have no reason to stop him, right? Isn't that what you guys thought too?"

    "We do not have such a evil heart--""

    "Yes, we should always remind our classmates first--"

    In the land of illusions, a person's heart would begin to reveal itself.

    Whether good or evil, could be changed by a sudden thought.

    Everyone wanted to stand out, everyone wants to be first. Getting rid of others and protecting yourself, are the best ways to do so.

    If there is a divergence of interest, or the emergence of a magical object or remarkable skill, then brothers slaughtering one another, and same sect disciples massacring one another, are sights that were commonly seen.

    Chu Xun stood at the back of the crowd, ignoring the quarrel between the people, gazing at the vast water in front with a deep frown etched across his face.

    Just now what that Wu Chou said was right. Since they were in the water illusion, it meany that the seawater in front of them was the real core of this assessment.

    Without getting into the water, how could one obtain the treasures in the water or the magical weapons in the illusion?

    Without getting into the water, what is the significance of this survival training?

    Chu Xun walked over to the edge of the water, placing one hand into the water.

    Dipping his finger in first, then his palm, and finally his arm.

    It didn't seem any different from normal water, just a little colder. Of course, the level of coldness was completely negligible for people that have been practicing martial arts.

    Even so, Chu Xun did not dare to try.

    What if, like Wu Chou, he disappeared immediately once he touched the water? No one could bear such a loss.

    Adding to this, Chu Xun saw very clearly the frightened expression on Wu Chou's face when he entered the water, his body losing balance, and his [Nine heaven dividing water technique] of the Nine heaven sword sect could not control the waters, or protect his body--

    People are always afraid of the unknown.

    No one knows what will happen in the future.

    "Fellow senior and junior brothers, since we have come to this illusion, we must gain something in return." A man with big eyes and bushy thick eyebrows shouted. "No matter what water is in front of us, we must go in. Otherwise this trip would be wasted, and we would become a laughingstock of Starry Sky Academy--"

    "It's easy to say. To not be laughed at, we have to risk our lives? After what happened to brother Wu Chou, who dares enter this weak water now? Why don't brother you go in the water first?"

    "I, Zhang Song will obviously go down. Are there friends who want to come with me?"

    "Brother Zhang Song, I want to come with you--but do you have any techniques to cross the water? Weak water is dangerous, even goose feather does not float there, if we go down to the bottom, we might never come out again--We can't exactly exchange our life in order to explore this bottomless abyss, right?"

    "Obviously I do--" Although Zhang Song said that he has a technique to cross the water, but did not say what kind of method. After all, he could not trust the people in front of him, or any one of them. He was just trying to find some people to accompany him into the water. In the face of danger, sometimes having a travelling companion can help look after each other--At least, you can leave your companions behind to fight and buy some time for your own escape.

    "The heavens is playing a joke on us, we finally come to this water illusion after one year, but are now trapped on an isolated island by a pool of water-"

    "This training is going to be the worst record in the history of Starry Sky Academy--"

    "You dare to go down?" A voice suddenly sounded behind.

    Chu Xun turned his head, to see that his classmates Tie Muxin and Cai Pa were standing right behind him.

    "What does it have to do with you?" The relationship between Chu Xun and Tie Muxin was not good, and they had almost fought several times before. Adding to this, Tie Muxin and Li Muyang were quite close, which made Chu Xun resent him even more.

    The enemy's friend is his enemy, the enemy's enemy is his friend. Tie Muxin was obviously under the category of the enemy's friend.

    The fact that he entered the illusion alone this time, must have been a huge joke to those people. Chu Xun was full of resentment for everyone in the class.

    "I just asked casually." Tie Muxin said, laughing. "If you don't enter the water, you would gain nothing from this training."

    "Tie Muxin classmate seems full of confidence, you have prepared the method to enter the water?" Chu Xun sneered. He pointed to the water in front, deliberately saying loudly, "why don't you show us first, the brothers present will owe you a favour, don't you guys agree?"

    When the crowd heard Chu Xun's words, a chorus of shouts broke out. Only an idiot would not use this fool as a guinea pig, there needs to be someone to jump down to clear the road first.

    "Yes. Since this classmate has a method of crossing the water, don't hide it. Go down there and show us.""

    "What is brother's name? I will definitely remember your favour--"

    "I would like offer three Heart protecting pills as thanks--"

    "I obviously do not know any water techniques." Tie Muxin said, grinning. "However, seeing that brother Chu Xun not able to enter the water, for some reason, I feel really happy--"

    Chu Xun responded coldly: "I can't enter, others also can't enter. What are you so happy about? Does your good friend Li Muyang know of a way of getting into the water? If he can't enter the water, are you going to celebrate for him?"

    In fact, this matter had nothing to do with Li Muyang, but Li Muyang was a venomous sting in Chu Xun's heart, that made him feel like he was in a living hell.

    As long as there was an opportunity to belittle him and attack him, Chu Xun would never let it slip by.

    "Li Muyang obviously could enter the water. He's not like you." Tie Muxin seemed to have confidence in Li Muyang.

    "Do you dare to make a bet with me?"

    "Bet what?"

    "I bet that Li Muyang cannot enter the water." Chu Xun said. "If I win, you kneel and apologise to me and kowtow three times."

    "What if Li Muyang could enter the water?"

    "Then I will kneel, apologise and kowtow three times to you.""

    Tie Muxin stared at the water, hesitating.

    He knew that the Weak water was a dangerous place, and many elites of Starry Sky could not enter the water. Can Li Muyang succeed? What he said just now was to deliberately anger Chu Xun.

    "What? Afraid?" Seeing Tie Muxin's expression, Chu Xun sneered, "or do you not have confidence in your friend?"

    "What is there to be afraid of?" Tie Muxin said in an agitated voice. "Not only kowtow three times, I Tie Muxin will bet anything with you--since I believe that Li Muyang can enter the water."

    "Do you really mean it?"

    "A man keeps to his words, us men of the grasslands will never go back on our words." Tie Muxin stated, loudly patting his chest.
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