Chapter 279 - Secret exposed!

    Chapter 279: Secret exposed!

    The sky was originally dark and gloomy, and the fiery red lava decorated the sky into a bright and colourful sky.

    It was like rain of flowers floating in the wind. Of course, this floral rain was fatal, with one touch it would harvest the life of people.

    The lava covered a wide area, like a hanging waterfall in the sky was crushing straight down at Li Muyang and Qiandu who were halfway up the mountain.

    "Ga Ga Ga--"

    The sounds of a baby crying were coming from the Chong Diao's mouth.

    It was still speeding up.

    The Chong Diao hated the bastards that dare to despise its majesty and break into its territory. It was about to tear them to pieces and devour them.

    Of course, he had just eaten a person, and was not hungry at all.

    So, it decided to play with them and drown them with lava. This is a good way to kill, which was invented by itself. It had not had the chance to use it before.


    While flying, its body suddenly disappeared from sight right in front of them.

    It could change colour, and integrate with the surrounding colours.

    It could become the colour of the air or the colour of the rock--

    Li Muyang felt danger.

    There was no place to hide, no time to escape.

    More importantly, with his current level of cultivation it was not enough to release a cloak of strong qi or exert a supreme technique to resist such a powerful force.

    Li Muyang's eyes turned to blood red, pieces of dragon scales began to emerge across his arms.

    Yes, Li Muyang displayed the symptoms of dragon transformation.

    Only the divine dragon's power could withstand the tremendous lava attack, only the power of the dragon could help him escape from danger.

    This time, it was not his own choice, but was the natural response of his body that had fused with the Tear of the Dragon King--

    The Dragon King's Tears did not allow him to die. The old dragon did not allow him to die either.

    The heat wave was getting closer and hotter.

    The choking gas, which smelled of sulfur, erupted towards his face, making his face grey, looking battered and exhausted.

    As the lava approached, the scales on Li Muyang's body spread more rapidly.

    From the palms to his arms, as well as spreading to the rest of his body.


    The lava came pouring over his head, and instantly flooded the position where he stood.

    The lava waterfall, which was swept up by the Chong Diao, was like a rainbow, landing at the foot of the Mountain of Flames at an incomparably swift speed.


    Engulfing all obstacles in the way, the rocks and forests at the foot of the mountain were utterly destroyed.

    In this water world, there were forests, lava, but also the freedom to speak and breathe. This was a wonderful and bizarre place, enough to make every intruder to reflect on their life.


    A deathly silence.

    Besides the lava tributaries that were still trying to charge forward, Mountain of Flames had once again returned to peace.

    The upper cave mouth of the Mountain of flames was still spraying up white smoke, the smoke was flashing with red sparks.

    Maybe it was because the lava was just swept up by the Chong Diao, now the smoke and sparks spurted out from the volcano's mouth was much smaller than it was before.

    Li Muyang opened his eyes, to see the thick clouds of white smoke at the mountain top.

    He could not help grinning, thinking that he was not dead.

    In that critical moment, when he was about to be submerged by the boiling lava and his body was about to transform into the dragon, Qiandu suddenly leapt over to him.

    She held tight onto him, and the two tumbled down the mountainside. Luckily, they were protected by the glass mirror, or they would have been killed.

    Stumbling down, they were still caught up by the lava.

    The lava crashed down on Qiandu and him, and there was a moment that Li Muyang felt a feeling of suffocation.

    But he was still alive--

    The lava slid over them, but he was safe, and he could hardly feel any pain or injury except for some charred hair and skin--

    The glass mirror is indeed a mysterious object worthy of being ranked in the top of the list of treasures and weapons. Without it protecting their body, what the result would be, was really an unknown.

    Suddenly he sprang up from the ground, shouting: "Qiandu--Qiandu--"

    Qiandu was sitting in the distance between some huge stones, staring strangely at Li Muyang.

    "Qiandu, are you all right?" Li Muyang crawled over to Qiandu.

    Qiandu's eyes were flickering with fear, the Magic Flute in her hand was flashing green and red, like it was containing a tremendous amount of energy.

    The glass mirror, having suffered a giant force. In order to defend against the heat of the lava, it had desperately absorbed the energy from Qiandu's body that was normaly used to support its normal functioning.

    The more advanced the user's cultivation level, the more powerful the strength the glass mirror can exert.

    If it was a strong person of Starry Sky, it would mostly likely be unscathed if hit by lightning, and no traces when struck by fire.

    Qiandu's strength was limited, after taken on the lavafall, the transparent light cloak had become faint and weak, and would very soon disappear.

    "Qiandu, are you all right?" Li Muyang looked at Qiandu happily and smiled, "I'm glad you're fine, I'm glad you're fine--"


    "What's wrong?" Li Muyang was a little worried, looking up and down at Qiandu. "Are you wounded? Did your head hit against something? Otherwise, why are you looking at me like that?"

    "Li Muyang--" Qiandu cried. Her mouth was dry and her lips were cracked and blood was seeping out. Probably because she was knock against the mountain or because after the glass mirror had disappeared she was affected by the searing heat of the Mountain of flames, resulting in a rapid loss of water from her body.

    Now Qiandu's face was ashen pale, her forehead dripping with sweat. The gorgeous beautiful starry cloud robe was dirty and tattered, like a beggar's outfit.

    "Ah?" Li Muyang stared puzzledly at Qiandu, asking: "What do you want to say?"

    He could see that Qiandu had a hesitant look.

    Qiandu pointed to Li Muyang's arm.

    Li Muyang raised his hand and noticed that there were several scales on his arm that had not dissipated immediately.

    Li Muyang's mind instantly went blank.

    Qiandu had noticed the scales on his hands. She had discovered the secret that he was a dragon.

    What was worse was that, Li Muyang could not remember exactly which stage of dragon transformation had he entered--

    Li Muyang's eyes suddenly turned to blood red, vicious tendency rising rapidly inside.

    A strong voice in the bottom of his heart was booming non-stop, telling him over and over again: kill her, kill her, kill her--

    He knew that it was the voice of a dragon.

    Perhaps, it was his own voice.

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