Chapter 281 - The gate of hell!

    Chapter 281: The gate of hell!

    When the lava was pouring down, it was clearly Qiandu who had leapt over and held onto him, and then they rolled down the mountain together, why did it turned out that he saved her life?

    Li Muyang classmate knew that although his IQ was not very high, he was not blind.

    He saw everything with his eyes, okay?

    "You saved my life just now." Li Muyang said. "If it wasn't for the protection of the glass mirror, I'm afraid we would have been swallowed by the high-temperature lava. Not even our bones would have remained."

    "I really did try to protect you at that time. I tried to pull you into the light cloak of the glass mirror. But when I leapt over to you, I noticed that your body had begun to transform into a dragon, your eyes were blood red, your arms were full of scales--"

    Thinking of that scene, Qiandu felt her heart thudding once again.

    "When I found out that your body was changing, you were already pushed down and were rolling down the mountain. At that time my energy was exhausted, and because I was too nervous, unable to understand why you have changed, the glass mirror could not exert its protective power-"

    As Qiandu explained, the extremely dangerous and extremely strange scene before emerged on her mind once again.

    "At that moment, suddenly there was a power coming out of your body. The glass mirror was activated once again, the light was blazing, the silver light was dazzling, and the glass mirror became unprecedentedly tough. Otherwise, with my physical strength and mentality, how could I support the pressure and heat of the lava falling from above the sky?" Qiandu asked in reply. "So it was you who saved me."

    Li Muyang seriously pondered for a moment, and still could not put things in perspective.

    At that time, Li Muyang's body had already begin transforming into the dragon, his heart was full of hostility, his eyes were blood red, his arms were growing scales, and the scales were spreading to the rest of his body--Li Muyang could not look in a mirror while transforming into a dragon, so he did not know to what extent had his scales grown to.

    At that time, he was no longer Li Muyang, rather like the old dragon that had already disappeared. Li Muyang could not guarantee that, in that state, he would not do any crazy things.

    "I provided the power, you provided the tool. We're even." Li Muyang stated.

    Qiandu's lips finally curved into a faint smile, the majority her wariness of Li Muyang also instantly vanished. She felt that he was still the Li Muyang she was familiar with, and was still the person that she views as a good friend. He hasn't changed much.

    In this barren land, this was something that should be celebrated.

    "All right. We're even." Qiandu agreed.

    For some reason, the scales on Li Muyang's arms still had not fell off, as though they were to stay on him forever.

    This was extremely unsightly to Li Muyang, like a huge ugly piece of psoriasis in the most eye-catching place.

    Li Muyang subconsciously wanted to hide it with his robe, when Qiandu whispered: "It doesn't matter--it will be better."

    "It doesn't look good." Li Muyang said in an embarrassed tone of voice.

    "But, you cannot let others see it--" Qiandu reminded with a grave expression.

    She could keep a secret for Li Muyang, but she could not guarantee that others will do the same for him.

    If the other Starry Sky students saw that Li Muyang's body could grow dragon scales, they will most likely have doubts about his identity.

    Once someone has doubts about a matter, then things would soon get out of hand, and the exposure of Li Muyang's identity was only a matter of time.

    "I understand." Li Muyang said with a heavy nod, "Although I don't want to, but if anyone knows then, I can only--"

    Li Muyang did not finish his sentence, but he knew Qiandu would understand.

    This sort of thing is too cruel and it also made him seem like a bad person.

    But, he wanted to live.




    The noise of a baby screaming came again.

    On the top of the mountain of flames, in the midst of smoke and sparks, the incomparably huge but ugly looking Chong Diao appeared once again.

    Its blood-red eyes were like two red lanterns looking down, its mouth was producing mournful cries as though it was weeping and complaining.

    It found out the targets that he attacked, the two small animals, were still alive--In the eyes of a beast, humans are the real animals?

    The Chong Diao was boiling with rage. The fact that these two guys were still alive was an insult to his remarkable ability and shows how bad his lava rainbow was.

    I kill you, you die.

    That's what a good animal should do.

    The sharp beak of the Chong Diao was producing loud shrieks, while its huge wings were lifted high up and waving back and forth.

    With each beat of its wings, there was countless little Chong Diao flying out from its wings.

    Ga Ga Ga--

    Their stature was more than 10 times smaller than the Chong Diao, around the size of a male eagle. But their appearance was the same as the Chong Diao. They look like a bird, with a long horn on the head, and spikes growing on their back.

    They were frantic, elated and vicious, as they dived down to where Li Muyang and Qiandu were at the mountainside.

    Hiding the sky and covering the earth!

    "What the hell are these things?" Li Muyang asked aloud. These birds are really shameless, if they cannot win they call reinforcements. There are more than thousands of them. Do they have any sense of shame? Do they have the dignity of the ten most ferocious beasts of the Divine continent?

    "The illusions of little flying Chong Diao." Qiandu's expression face grew grave.

    Flying little Chong Diao is a skill of the Chong Diao, which is equally as famous as the ancient golden silkworm. It uses its own hair as a guiding drug and essential qi to transform the hair to look like itself, creating millions of birds to harm and attack the enemy.

    If these little Chong Diao tear its target up into shreds and swallow it, they could enhance the Chong Diao's cultivation level, and had huge benefit to the Chong Diao.

    The Chong Diao's speed was very fast; in an instant it flew from the high altitude to before them.

    "Li Muyang, come over quickly--" Qiandu was already barely able to support the glass mirror, the light was growing weaker and fainter, and the area of the light was reduced to an extremely small area.

    The Glass Mirror was listed in the 'Precious weapons', and has great and magical power. It is said that when the human emperor won against the Snow Eagle, the light cloak could protect his tens of thousands of troops from an avalanche.

    The power that it can exert has an extremely close relationship with the cultivation level of the user.

    So when Lin Canghai saw Qiandu walked out from the glass mirror in the cold lake, he was greatly surprised. He never thought that man would hand over this treasured divine weapon to his daughter of his own volition.

    Li Muyang shook his head. "This wastes too much time. We don't know about Canghai's safety, we have no time to waste."

    While talking, Li Muyang's body had soared into the sky, directly darting towards the Chong Diao.

    His white robe was black and tattered. But he radiated elegance, his expression was gentle, but with a trace of indignation and pity.

    He was murmuring [Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra] like water was flowing out his mouth.

    Gold ripples were forming in the air, and an illusionary golden Arhat came into being, covering the sky.

    The arhat was glaring with fierce piercing eyes, and the monk's staff in his hand was exuding a dazzling golden light.

    With the wave of his staff, several little Chong Diao were shot down to the ground.




    Halfway up the mountainside, below Li Muyang, there were non-stop miserable shrieks from the little Chong Diao before they died.

    The Chong Diao saw the huge demon-subduing Arhat and the dazzling golden light emitting from the arhat's body, when his eyes filled with fear.

    But such thoughts only occurred for a fleeting moment, before its rage increased a hundred-fold.

    These tiny human beings, these troublesome ones, dared to fight against it, and produced a helper to kill its 'illusions'--and the helper was wearing its least favourite colour, gold.

    The Chong Diao, burning with rage, was beating its wings much more rapidly.

    Countless little flying Chong Diao fluttered out from its wings, letting out a loud screech as they swooped down. They were about to evade the Arhat and devour the two little pieces of fresh meat on the ground and in the sky.

    Unfortunately, the Arhat's power was really strong, with every wave of its staff, there were several birds falling to the ground.

    Gold represented light and justice, it represented majesty, while the Chong Diao is a black creature, a dark fierce beast that lives in this mountain all year round. When the two sides fought, the Chong Diao possessed a natural disadvantage.

    Li Muyang's recitation of the mantra sounded more and more anxious, and on his forehead were large beads of sweat forming.

    Qiandu's body soared into the sky, shrouding Li Muyang with the glass mirror, worried that some birds could escape and attack Li Muyang who was concentrating on reciting the mantra.

    Because the number of the Chong Diao was growing at a terrifying rate, the attack was too fierce, and every one of them was unafraid of death. It was almost like a suicidal attack.

    Li Muyang felt more and more pressure. After all, he had only started learning the 'Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra', and for him to be able to master it to this degree was because of his talent and intelligence and the help of the old dragon.

    Li Muyang looked at the innumerable birds above his head and then at the Arhat's strenuous movement of the staff and it gradually becoming fainter and weaker, he could not help feeling anxious.

    If the birds shattered the golden body of the Arhat, they could rush over and devour him and Qiandu.

    Glass mirror does have the magical ability of protecting the user's body, but that requires a strong energy. Considering their current level of cultivation, how long could they support it for?

    Within Li Muyang's eyes, the colour of blood started appearing. A much stronger killing intent began to form.

    He pinched his fingers together, and the mantra became more difficult to understand and more rapid.

    "Practice kindness and accumulate virtue, vow to save sentient beings. The gold in one's hands opens the gate of hell."

    Accompanying Li Muyang's loud bellow was a big black hole forming in the sky.

    Black mist was rising in spirals, a dense and thick ghostly atmosphere.

    A black tornado sprang out of the black hole, swept across and engulfed the birds with the whistling and the rushing of a mighty thunderstorm.
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