Chapter 283 - Canghai is killed!

    Chapter 283: Canghai is killed!


    The spine of the Chong Diao was knocked against a rock on the mountain.


    The head of the Chong Diao was smashed into a huge tree.


    The body of the Chong Diao was moving up and down, dashing left and right, in order to toss away the nuisance on its back.

    Li Muyang's hands were tightly grasping the spikes on the Chong Diao's back, when its back struck the mountain wall, Li Muyang leaped onto its head. When its head hit against the tree, Li

    For Li Muyang, the Chong Diao's body was too big, there was enough space for him to shift up and down.

    He was like a little flea on the Chong Diao's back, mercilessly biting the Chong Diao again and again, bringing it pain and causing it deadly injuries.




    The Chong Diao screamed miserably again and again, and the crying voice of a baby resounded through the valley of the Mountain of flames.

    Li Muyang hated this fierce beast, hated it for taking away Lin Canghai, hated it for forcing him to transform into a dragon in front of Qiandu--who would want to show his ugly side to a beautiful girl?

    Li Muyang was firmly holding onto the spikes, treating them as the weapon of his attack, repeatedly piercing it into the Chong Diao's back.




    The attack was vicious, the little spikes used was sharp.

    At last, the Chong Diao, unable to bear the pain that felt like it was being ripped apart, while making a high-pitched piercing cry brought Li Muyang to the top of the Mountain of flames.

    On the top of the mountain, the huge irregular cave mouth was spewing out thick smoke and sparks.

    The body of the Chong Diao was hovering above the mouth of the cave, allowing the plume of thick smoke and sparks to erupt into its back and abdomen.

    It wanted to use the smoke and sparks to scorch Li Muyang.

    However, its plan failed once again.

    Its skin that was coarse and thick was unafraid of fire and the heat of the smoke.

    But Li Muyang, who had grown scales and magical claws, was much stronger.

    When the Chong Diao's black smooth belly was scalded by the gushing of lava, it's body was uncontrollably shaking but it could only desperately clenched its teeth and endure the pain, while Li Muyang was still on its back stabbing it with a spike.

    The Chong Diao was heartbroken!

    Is this guy a man or a monster? How could he be more difficult to deal with than itself?

    There was no other way.

    The Chong Diao made a leap for the cave and then keeping its head low, dived down fast.

    Beneath them was the bottomless abyss and red lava flying about in all directions.

    It planned to take him down with it!

    You die, I die!

    If you make it difficult for me then I will make you suffer!

    The Chong Diao desperately speeded up and accelerated.

    It planned to carry Li Muyang and charge into the boiling lava, let it and Li Muyang melt into eternal--gas.


    Infinitely near.

    Thick smoke was rolling out and the smell of sulfur was more and more stifling.

    Blasts of scorching heat were blowing over, and some molten iron was splashing directly onto them.

    The Chong Diao was charging straight down, a sinister smile emerging on one side of its face.

    "Run, stupid human being--"

    "Run, you won't want to jump in here with me---"

    "You coward, coward--"

    While it was saying these words to itself, Li Muyang was piercing the little sharp blade and into its back.

    When the Chong Diao's ugly head was about to plunge into the lava, and the lava was about to engulf Li Muyang, Li Muyang still displayed a fearless expression on his face.

    He was still stabbing its back again and again.

    "He's not afraid of death?" The Chong Diao thought. "Stupid."

    Its threat had no effect on him.

    Li Muyang was not afraid of dying, and the Chong Diao itself does not want to die.

    When the sharp horn on the Chong Diao's head was about to touch the lava, its body suddenly glided forward at a 90 degrees angle.

    Its belly stuck close to the hot lava, flying past the valley floor of boiling red water and making its way into a narrow cavern.


    Li Muyang was unable to pass through the narrow hole, fell to the ground, and tumbled over to a lava pool not far away.

    Li Muyang all of a sudden firmly plunged his sharp claws into a raised cliff, stabilizing the sliding of his body, and avoid falling into the fire pit that was capable of melting everything.

    "Li Muyang--" At the mouth of the cave, a pretty little face appeared. The little face was tense and pale from worry, screaming: "Li Muyang, are you okay? Li Muyang? Where are you?"

    "I'm here--" The scales on Li Muyang's body subsided, the blood in his eyes vanished, as he gradually restored to human form, shouting: "I'm all right."

    After Li Muyang took several deep breaths, and his body regained some strength, he stepped on the cliff wall and pulled himself up.

    As Li Muyang came out of the cave along with a plume of smoke, Qiandu ran over with her eyes glistening and her brows drawn together in worry, and pulling Li Muyang's arm, crying: "Are you wounded? What about the Chong Diao? Did it hurt you--"

    "I'm all right." Li Muyang looked at her panic expression, very enjoying the feeling of being cared for. When he was in Jiangnan, there was a girl who cared about him. Later, the girl became his first love. Unfortunately, very soon they lived on other sides of the world and would most likely never meet again.

    Even if they see each other again, she would not treat him like the way before right?

    Thinking of this, Li Muyang felt heartbroken.

    The most painful thing is first love, the most unforgettable is also first love.

    Li Muyang knew that he no longer has any chance with Cui Xiaoxin, he also has been thinking of forgetting her. But how could it be so easy?

    Qiandu seriously examined Li Muyang's body, making sure that he was safe and in good health before breathing a sigh of relief, "Just now you turned into--"

    Li Muyang interrupted her, "Forget that scene just now."

    "No." Qiandu shook her head.

    "What do you want?" There was a cold and fierce gleam in Li Muyang's eyes. The vicious tendencies in his heart had not yet dissipated completely, and he may do something ruthless for his own safety at any moment.

    "I will not forget it." Qiandu said solemnly. "I know you just turned that way for me. If it was not because of me, you could have had many kinds of choices--you wanted to protect me so you transformed into a dragon. Therefore, I will always remember this kindness."

    "--" A strange way of thinking; a strange woman.

    Without conducting a deliberate search, the two people easily found the cave of the Chong Diao.

    Without the obstruction of the Chong Diao, they very easily squeezed through the deep hole that was also reeking of a gunpowder smell.

    "Lin Canghai--" Qiandu screamed sharply.

    In front, was a half-eaten carcass presented plainly before their eyes. The white of the starry cloud robe was still as dazzling as before.
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