Chapter 286 - Become meat on somebodys chopping board!

    Chapter 286: Become meat on somebody's chopping board!

    The book 'Reflection of the heart' stated: when people successfully completed a certain task, their body and mental state would relax momentarily.

    When Li Muyang handed over the fire rockfruit to Zhong Yu, Zhong Yu let go his grip to receive it and Li Muyang let go of the fruit--that is, he fulfilled the task of sending the fruit, and his body and heart naturally relaxed his vigilance and defensiveness.

    Because at that moment he saw Zhong Yu stretching out his hand to receive the fruit.

    The fruit represents his goodwill, the other side had accepted his goodwill, they should also return the goodwill.

    He didn't expect Zhong Yu to draw his sword.

    None of them had thought of it.

    While his right hand was receiving the fire rock fruit from Li Muyang, his left hand was simultaneously administering a sword attack.

    Left-handed sword.

    Left-handed sword masters were geniuses.

    Most people are right handed, because the right hand was more flexible and powerful than the left hand. As long as people have a common sense they would feel a clear difference between the two when clenching both hands into fists.

    But some people are different to ordinary people; they have a more flexible and powerful left hand compared to their right hand. These are what people of the divine continent often call 'left-handers'. Left-handed sword masters generally walk a tricky, paradoxical route.

    Fast, accurate, ruthless, and taking advantage of others unpreparedness to strike a deadly blow.

    Zhong Yu was not left-handed. He also was not an expert in left-handed sword.

    He was a right-handed sword master, and was no different to the majority of sword masters.

    It was only that he had some hidden intentions, and he had spent enough work in training in his right arms. After tens of years of effort, his left handed swordsmanship was already refined.

    Although the elders of the sect had repeatedly reminded him that doing two things at once would not end with a beautiful result, and instead affect the right hand's sensitivity and understanding to a sword.

    But he had persevered in this practice. And he found that left-handed sword usage has a lot of advantages in many cases, such as suddenly stabbing a person.

    For example, now.

    Zhong Yu stretched out his empty right hand to receive the fruit, to paralyze the mind of Li Muyang and make him relax his vigilance.

    At the same time, his right-handed dagger was lunging forward at lightning speed.

    Like an evil monster at the foot of Mountain of flames, the sword blade streaked across in a silver glorious arc.

    Li Muyang was caught completely off guard, a sword piercing right into his stomach.

    With Li Muyang dead, Qiandu would be no match for the seven opponents. At that time, whether it was the woman's seductive body or the treasures and rare books that were on her, it would be all theirs.

    When Qiandu was heading down the mountain she was cloaked by a sphere of transparent white light. Although he did not know what sort of magical object protection it was, it must be extremely extraordinary. He still had a good eye for treasure.

    In this barren world with no sign of human habitation, they could vent their inner evil without a second thought.

    Indeed, as he had expected, the sword had pierced unobstructed through Li Muyang, because he heard a familiar flesh piercing noise.

    His eyes were still fixed on Li Muyang, and accompanied by a smile of gratitude for the fire rock fruit that Li Muyang brought over.

    The smile was infinitely magnified, like a blooming flower.

    There was a glint of mockery in his eyes, and said in a very scornful tone to appreciate Li Muyang's surprised expression, asking: "Did not expect it?"

    "I didn't expect it." Li Muyang said in a low voice, his brow tightened, annoyed at himself for making such a low-level mistake.

    He should not believe these people, they have long lost their human nature.

    "I also didn't expect it." Zhong Yu shrugged his shoulders. Clearly he felt that his action was very dashing.

    "I didn't expect that I'd be able to block it." Li Muyang said loudly.

    "--" Zhong Yu was astonished.

    His sight shifted, only to find that his dagger was tightly in Li Muyang's hand.

    That sword that appeared unpredictably, that sword that was like lightning, that sword that he entrusted his hopes on was, blocked by Li Muyang--

    He seized the blade with his palm, so that the blade could not pierce his stomach.

    "He was already on guard?"

    However, even if he was prepared, with his ability, how could he be able to keep pace with his sword?

    A cunning person was scheming against someone that was unprepared. The fact that Li Muyang was able to seize his blade, was rather humiliating for Zhong Yu.

    The blade drew a deep cut across Li Muyang's palm, the skin and flesh were opened, and the bones were visible. Fresh blood was pouring outward.

    The blood trickled onto the blade, dripping down upon the ground. When it was mixed with the black soil in the ground, it disappeared without a trace.

    "Muyang--" Qiandu hastily ran over, the magic flute in her hand flashing jade-green in her hand, said in a fierce voice: "You despicable people, you used such a lowly method--Are you not afraid of disgracing the Changbai Sword Sect?"

    The air around whistled and roared like the sound of thunder.

    She was going to fight these people.

    Even the other six people of the Changbai seven sons did not think Zhong Yu would suddenly draw his sword and wound Li Muyang. Zhong Feng's brow tightened into a frown, yelling: "Zhong Yu, what are you doing?"

    "Since a feud has been started, then killing him would solve all problems." Zhong Yu cast a look at Li Muyang and Qiandu, when the smile faded from his face and said in a cold voice: "These two people are not easy to bully, especially that woman--she even knew about Shark elder's injury. It proves that her background is not that simple. Perhaps Shark elder's injury is closely related to her. If we let them go now, when they have a chance later would they do the same to us?"

    "Besides, is big brother not curious about that treasure on her? An ordinary starry sky student would not have that kind of weapon to protect themselves--we also don't have such an item."

    Zhong Yu was tempted.

    Earlier, the Changbai seven sons had noticed the transparent light cloak that enveloped Qiandu as she headed down the mountain. Under the protection of the light cloak, the wind could not enter and the fire could not invade. Enveloped by the light shield, her elegant and calm appearance was like a beautiful celestial being.

    For martial artists that fight and kill all day long, a magical weapon that may protect their lives from harm countless of times, and repeatedly pull themselves out of the gates of hell, who wouldn't want a treasured object like that?

    A person's wealth will arouse the envy of others.

    Moreover, the price that they have to pay is just killing these two people.

    Killing was the speciality of these brothers, with their combined strength, who could escape?

    With this thought in mind, he knew that Zhong Yu had already made careful considerations.

    Zhong Feng clenched the hilt of his sword tight, looked to Qiandu and said: "Give us your protective weapon, then perhaps we can let you live."

    "Idiot." Qiandu remarked. The magic flute in her hand had gathered enough strength.

    Who would believe that they were going to let her go?

    A flash of lightning stretched across the sky, striking Zhong Shan who was the nearest to her.

    Qiandu could tell that, although these seven people see Zhong Feng as the leader, according to the positions of the Big Dipper, the youngest Zhong Shan was the eye of the seven star formation.

    To break a formation, one must first destroy the eye of the formation.

    -- Kacha--

    An unbearably loud clap of thunder resounded directly overhead, as six sword light were flashing at the same time.

    Sword qi was moving unhindered.


    The power of thunder and the qi of the sword collided, a hurricane ripped through, stones and sand swirling in the air, and huge trees were chopped in half at the waist.

    As the six swords were about to strike the transparent light shield, they were all rebounded away by the protective force.

    Zhong Feng and the others were at first standing in great surprise, then their eyes began flickering with excitement.

    "Glass mirror." Zhong Feng shouted. "She has the glass mirror on her."

    Glass Mirror was a divine weapon listed in the 'precious treasure', that was rumored to be obtained by a supreme master of the divine continent. Later there was no news whatsoever, and no one knew whose hand the weapon had fell into.

    They did not think that they would have this opportunity, to come across the Glass mirror in this barren land, and its owner was such a weak girl.

    "Kill her." Zhong Lei roared. No matter what, this little girl was not allowed to escape this time.

    "The glass mirror is ours." Zhong Chang cackled.

    Besides, Zhong Yu, who was standing opposite Li Muyang, the other six people all went into a state of madness.

    Their joint attack had failed, and the six swords attempted to coordinate another attack.

    The six people were constantly switching positions, and then at the same time a one meter long blue sword qi shot out from each of their swords.

    The blue rainbow struck one another, until fusing six into one in the air.

    The six groups of sword qi had formed into a slender giant sword, as though the hand of a giant was ruthlessly swinging down a gigantic light sword at the transparent light shield in front of Qiandu.

    Qiandu gritted her teeth and endured the pain. While expending a great deal of effort to support the glass mirror's sphere of protection, the Magic Flute was launching a bell-shaped lightning at the giant sword.

    The giant bell and the giant sword collided once again and a sharp clang of gold against metal resonated.


    The huge shock wave was deafening.

    The giant bell disappeared, the giant sword also vanished

    The formation of the Changbai six sons was thrown into chaos. Besides Zhong Shan who had been guarding the formation eye was still standing in his original position, the other five people were sent propelling elsewhere by the powerful qi.

    Qiandu soared high into the air, before knocking heavily against the stone tablet of the Mountain of flames.

    With the protection of the glass mirror, her body did not suffer too much damage. However, as her body slowly slipped down the stone tablet, the light around her body gradually darkened and finally disappeared with a 'swoosh'.

    At this moment, Qiandu had lost the protection of the divine weapon, and her physical strength was also completely exhausted.

    Her body laid on the feet of the stone tablet of the Mountain of flames, weak like a sick child.

    By herself, there was no way she could take on the joint attack of these six people.

    The six people, led by Zhong Shan, crowded around Qiandu and the huge stone tablet she was leaning against.

    Became meat on somebody's chopping board.

    "Give me the glass mirror." Zhong Feng said condescendingly, looking down at Qiandu and stretching out his left hand.
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