Chapter 287 - The seven disgrace of Changbai!

    Chapter 287: The seven disgrace of Changbai!

    The greatest enemy of mankind was greed and lust.

    Even if he compromised it would still not erase the greed in their hearts. Li Muyang knew that, if he had not desperately fought back, only death would be waiting for him.

    Li Muyang's wounded hand was still holding the dagger that Zhong Yu stabbed right at him, while Zhong Yu was busy thinking about killing him and snatching the treasures. If he was late the treasure would fall into the hands of his other brothers. He repeatedly attempted to take back the dagger from the palm of Li Muyang to no success.

    The dagger was still firmly in Li Muyang's hand.

    It was only after a battle broke out between Qiandu and the other six sons of Changbai, the six lowly people jointly attacked a girl in a state of extreme exhaustion, that Li Muyang began to fight back.

    Zhong Yu also began counterattacking.

    When he could not pull out his left hand dagger, his right hand drew the long sword hanging at his waist at lightning speed.

    The sword swung out a white arc and it was like the sky was stirred by ripples.

    A white glow was launched at Li Muyang's head, as though trying to split Li Muyang into two halves.

    If this sword really did strike Li Muyang, he naturally would end up in a tragic situation with his head and body lying in two different places.

    Li Muyang suddenly exerted force into the dagger, breaking it into two with a loud snap.

    It should be said that, Changbai seven sons come from the Changbai Sword Sect. They are not only are experts at sword techniques, but also good at casting swords. Changbai Seven sons were the young talents that the Changbai seven swords sent out, therefore the weapons that they possessed were obviously not ordinary goods.

    However, the dagger that Zhong Yu loved and named 'Viper', was easily broken by Li Muyang with a few of his fingers.

    The viper was snapped into two; the hilt was in the hand of Zhong Yu, and the blade of the dagger was in the hand of Li Muyang.


    At the same time of the blade snapping, Li Muyang thrust the blade forward with the help of the force of breaking.

    The blade of the dagger without obstruction plunged right into Zhong Yu's stomach.

    While administering a blade attack, Li Muyang also opened his hand.

    Before blood seeped out from the wounded area on his opened palm, there was a majestic force gushing out from his palm directly towards Zhong Yu's abdomen.


    Zhongyu's body shook, then came the pain of the heart being shot through. It was like he was stabbed in the stomach and then his wound was sprinkled with chili powder.

    What's worse was that there was an irresistible force pushing his body away.

    As Zhong Yu endured the pain, his hatred to Li Muyang intensified. The long sword in his hand swiftly fell, like a white lightning was about to struck Li Muyang's head.

    In his mind he already had a plan: when his body was in the air, the sword in his hand would also chop Li Muyang's head--

    In other words, even if he was sent flying away, Li Muyang would be severed in half.

    An ideal was beautiful, but reality was a jerk.

    The sword like a meteor streaked across, but then collided mercilessly into another meteor.


    It was the sound of gold striking metal.

    It was unknown when, but Li Muyang had drawn the Understand Heaven Sword from his waist. The two swords struck one another, nobody taking the advantage.

    Zhong Yu's body flew across the air and Li Muyang's body staggered back.


    Zhong Yu landed on the ground with a thud, hurriedly fumbled in his bosom for small medicine bottle, poured out a red pill that staunched blood and threw it into his mouth.

    The red hemostatic pill was like a small ball of fire. As it travelled down his throat, the bleeding wound was burning with flames for a few moments and then faded away. The wound also stopped bleeding.

    Li Muyang opened up his hand into an open-palm, watching the wound that was as deep as the bones beginning to heal.

    With the wipe of his hand, the bloodstain on the surface vanished and there was not the slightest scar on the palm of his hand.

    Just like nothing had happened whatsover.

    Li Muyang clenched his hand into a fist, not wanting to let outsiders see the abnormalities of his body.

    Ever since his body could transform into a dragon, this degree of injury had little significance to him. It would heal within a few minutes, and not even a small scar would remain.

    "Li Muyang--" Zhong Yu had stopped bleeding, his eyes gleamed with hostility looking at Li Muyang. He had no idea that he would suffer a defeat, and that he was wounded by Li Muyang, a trash that he had never paid any attention to before.

    And he used his own viper blade.

    Of course, there was great confusion in his mind. Viper dagger was personally made by casting sword Master Gu Jing of Changbai sword sect, and was not made from ordinary iron, but outer meteorites.

    And it was strengthened by refining it with the blood of a thousand year old viper. It was incomparably sharp, cut metal cleanly like it was mud. How could it broken by Li Muyang so easily?

    Could it be, this guy was a reclusive strong master?

    Impossible, if he was a reclusive strong master, then why would he come all the way to Starry Sky Academy to learn? The world was so vast, where could he not go?

    Moreover, at first when Qiandu wanted to fight with them, he was the first to come out to beg for mercy--Would there be such a spineless master?

    "Never go too far, in case you want to remain friendly in the future. You must have not thought carefully about the meaning of this sentence, right? Walking through Jianghu, the most important thing is the word 'give'. If you do not give others a chance everytime, one day, you would not have the chance to see them again--" Li Muyang warned in a deep voice.

    His sight shifted to where Qiandu was. Qiandu's glass mirror continuously withstood the joint force of the Changbai six sons, her body flew across the air and knocked into the stone tablet of the Mountain of flames.

    Li Muyang was darting over to Qiandu's side, when Zhong Yu's long sword once again obstructed Li Muyang's path.

    "Want to leave?"


    "Leave your head behind."

    Before Zhongyu's voice had died away, he was already charging over at Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang snorted coldly, swinging the Understand Heaven Sword upwards to greet him.

    Black clouds rolled across, sword qi streaking across like rainbows.

    The two figures seemed like neither had the upper hand.

    Qiandu was sat down on the ground, the six men were standing around her forming an airtight encirclement.

    Zhong Feng stretched out his hand and said to Qiandu, "Give me the glass mirror."

    "There are six of you but I only have one treasure, how are you going to distribute it?" Qiandu looked up, a mocking smile on her face. "If I give the glass mirror to you, your other brothers will not be satisfied, harbour resentment and then a fight would break out, leading to a terrible tragedy. The cause today will plant a fruit in the future. At that time it would be too late for regrets."

    All the brothers' face darkened, looking at Qiandu with eyes filled with killing intent.

    "Bitch, we obviously would listen to Big brother. You can give the glass mirror to big brother. As for whether there are other treasures on you, us brothers will carefully search for them." Zhong Lei shouted.

    "Exactly. She's driving a wedge between us, we won't be fooled--" Zhong Ming laughed evilly. Looking up and down at Qiandu's beautiful little face and soft body. At this moment she looked pitiful like a little white rabbit about to be trampled on, it really melts a person's heart away--

    Zhong Feng scowled and repeated in a cold voice: "Give me the glass mirror."

    Qiandu looked coldly at Zhong Feng. "If I give you the glass mirror, then you won't kill me?"

    Zhong Feng did not answer.

    They have done something so shameless, no matter what they cannot leave any survivors.

    And he could tell that, his brothers wanted that woman, even if he wanted to stop them it would most likely be impossible.

    In that case, it was impossible for this woman and that Li Muyang to come out the illusion alive. Otherwise, they, the Changbai seven sons, would become the seven disgrace of Changbai. Would they still have the face to stay at Starry Sky Academy?

    Even if others do not give them a hard time, their sect would most likely kill them all.

    "I'll be dead if I give you the glass mirror, I'll also be dead if I don't give it to you." Qiandu smiled contemptuously."Then, I might as well destroy it. If I'm dead, you're not going to get anything anyway."

    "Bitch, you're not giving us it?" Zhong Lei threw into a rage, shouting loudly: "If you won't give it willingly, then I will search for it myself."

    He had already stooped down and reached out to stroke Qiandu's face.

    It was only when Qiandu fiercely swat his hand away with her magic flute, that Zhong Lei drew back his hand.


    Zhong Feng drew his sword and pressed it against Qiandu's neck.

    "Give me the glass mirror." It was obvious that Zhong Feng had lost his patience. This kind of matter, the sooner that they could come to a conclusion, the better it would be. As soon as he took the glass mirror, he would not care about the other things.

    Once everyone are finished with their business, and Qiandu and Li Muyang were killed and their bones are thrown into a remote place, then who would know what had happened here?

    As he was thinking, he cast a glance over at Zhong Yu, who was fighting with Li Muyang.

    Feng, Yu, Lei, Ming, Chang, Bai, Shan. The youngest Zhong Shan was the strongest, then it was himself, and Zhong Yu's strength was ranked third in the Changbai seven sons.

    But the fact that he still had not take down that Li Muyang, made Zhong Feng felt a bit disappointed with Zhong Yu, and also faintly uneasy.

    "The glass mirror has already recognised me as the master." Qiandu said, proudly staring at Zhong Feng. "Once you kill me, the glass mirror will self-destruct, you people also cannot escape."

    "--" Zhong Feng and the other brothers exchanged a glance with each other, there was a feeling of being tricked.

    Divine weapons can recognise their masters, but that does not mean that every divine weapon can recognise a master.

    They knew about some of the capabilities and characteristics of glass mirror from ancient books, but whether or not it can recognise its master and self-destruct, they really did not know--They never had played with such a high-level weapon before.

    Zhong Lei said impatiently, "Big brother, this bitch is intentionally scaring our brothers. Let me kill her, I want to see if the glass mirror will explode."

    As Zhong Lei was speaking, he swung up his sword, flashed it over his head and was about to chop off Qiandu's head.

    "Wait." Zhong Ming interrupted.

    He did not want his reckless brother to kill Qiandu like that. Was that not a waste?

    He looked at Zhong Feng, smiling: "Big brother, the matter that the weapon can self-destruct can not be wholly believed, also we cannot not believe. Our brothers had worked so hard, but if the weapon explodes like that, wouldn't that be really disappointing? How about this, give her to younger brother, I. I promise I will make her obediently to give us the glass mirror. What do you think?"
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