Chapter 289 - Dragon has inverted scales!

    Chapter 289: Dragon has inverted scales!

    Black clouds rolled across, large mass of oppressive clouds came rushing over to this side.

    Lightning flashed overhead and peals of thunder roared in succession, the sky exploding in great bursts of lightning and thunder as though they were being torn apart.

    The tremendous dragon soared into the air, its enormous body seemingly endless at first glance. It revealed its fierce face in the darkness and extended the tail into the darkness that no one knew.

    The pitch-black divine dragon circled and hovered at mid-air, growing scaly magical claws, each of the scales radiating a dark shiny luster.

    It comes from the boundaries of the stars, from the wilderness of the ancient times.

    It emitted an overbearing aura as though throughout heaven and earth no one was above him.

    It has the majesty and imposingness of the king of millions of race and the body of a divine beast.

    It has the bloodthirst to kill those that dared to touch the inverted scales of a dragon.

    Its circling movement finally came to a stop, its body extended all the way across the sky.

    Its eyes that were full of blood mist were unblinkingly staring at Zhong Yu. The small as an ant Zhong Yu was completely wrapped in the colour of blood.


    He only let out a short exhalation of breath, when large clusters of sparks appeared before him. Standing on the ground and looking up, it was like seeing a meteor shower that is only seen in a century.

    Zhong Yu's eyes were wide with disbelief, staring at the black dragon like he had seen a ghost, and stammered: "Dragon--there really are dragons in this world. How can there be dragons?"

    He came from a prestigious family and famous sect, was experienced and knowledgeable, and was well informed about all kinds of magical skills and techniques.

    But he had never been so nervous in his life before, he felt that he had set foot into an illusion of horror.


    Another bolt of lightning struck down.

    He felt a cold shiver running down his spine, his ears were ringing, and the eardrum kept shaking, like it had been shattered.

    The pain struck him to let know that he was not in a dream; it was a living reality.

    Everything happening in front was real, a gigantic dragon staring at him with ruthless eyes was also real.

    Because of the loud noise and movements at the other side, the other six people of the Changbai seven sons attention were drawn over.

    Zhong Ming, who was about to drag Qiandu away, stopped abruptly, an expression of frozen terror on his face as he stared at the enormous dragon's head, mumbling: "What is that monster--what is that monster?"

    "It's a dragon--it's a dragon that had not appeared for tens of thousands of years--" Zhong Feng exclaimed, his right hand trembled on the sword hilt. Because of the shaking of the hand, the sword was producing a buzzing sound. "We met a dragon--that Li Muyang is a dragon."

    "Muyang--" Qiandu's body was still dry and hot, as painful as being burned by fire.

    Furthermore, not only was her body temperature rising, but her body was strangely very itchy, as though there was an indescribable feeling to vent.

    She desperately bit the back of her tongue, trying to stay awake. But the effect of such pain stimulation was weak, and difficult to contend with that powerful effect of the drug.

    It was only when Li Muyang transformed into a dragon, when the black clouds were tumbling across the sky, when a series of continuous roar of thunder was exploding in her ear, that her mind grew a little bit more awake.

    She tried desperately to force her eyes open, and finally saw the tremendous dragon in the sky.

    She saw overlapping images of its head, that is, there were countless heads swaying back and forth.

    However, it was also because of this, that it showed threat, grief and indignation.

    Indistinctly, she saw the eyes of Li Muyang.

    The pupils were clouded with killing intent, as if was full of hatred towards this world.

    "The inverted scales of a Dragon. Those that touch them, must die."

    Qiandu suddenly thought of this sentence. This sentence was a proverb that had spread throughout the divine continent for tens of thousands of years.

    Could it be, she was one of Li Muyang's inverted dragon scales?

    Because she was in danger, so Li Muyang, regardless of his own safety, would rather expose his identity to transform into a dragon just to protect her.

    "Muyang--" Tears ran down Qiandu's face. Tears that were like large beads slid down, each teardrop was like the colour of fresh blood.

    The youngest Zhong Shan was the most calm, flashed out his sword, the look of excitement beaming across his face, his eyes gleaming purposefully, exclaiming: "Big brothers, our time to gain fame, is now. We shall work together to slaughter this dragon, our deeds will be praised by the world, we will become the new dragon slayer heroes. "

    When he shouted, he was using the Changbai sword sect's 'sound technique', even in the midst of thunder and lightning, and under the extreme conditions of the Mountain of Flames erupting, every word that he said could still clearly spread to the minds of the other brothers. It made them restore the mind, maintain confidence, and accompany him to slaughter the dragon.

    His voice, like a bell, shook everyone awake instantly.

    Zhong Feng was flushed with shame. He was the eldest brother of Changbai seven sons, the brothers see him as the leader, but the sight of a dragon had made him lose his mind, and forget about him responsibility as the commander and to encourage the whole team, but needed the youngest brother to remind him.

    Zhong Feng waved his sword up and loudly shouted, "Brothers, Big Dipper formation, we will join forces to slaughter the dragon."

    Swoosh swoosh swoosh--

    The brothers instantly moved about, assembling into their positions according to the Big Dipper.

    Only Zhong Yu did not budge an inch.

    It wasn't that didn't want to move, rather he couldn't move at all.

    His throat wanted to shout, but he could not shout a word.

    His feet wanted to move, but he was unable to move a single step.

    He heard the words of Zhong Shan and heard the orders of Zhong Feng. But he couldn't do anything.

    His body was locked by the dragon in the sky, like a rabbit that had met the eyes of an eagle, the first thing to do was not run away, but shivering in the grass and not move.

    Because, in their view, it was safer this way. Escaping would only send themselves into the eagle's mouth.

    "You--" Zhong Yu wanted to shout something at the dragon above, but his voice was so weak that he could not even hear himself. After he realised this fact, the words that follow would not come out from his mouth.

    He even could not swivel his eyeballs, fearing that the slightest movement would trigger the dragon to bite off his head.

    "Zhong Yu, do you have any last words?" The black dragon in the sky roared.

    It was not the voice of Li Muyang, but an ancient voice that had gone through transformation of the world, like a thousand-years-old monster's voice.

    As the black dragon began to speak, Zhong Yu suddenly felt a lot more at ease.

    He knew that the black dragon had removed the body of qi locked onto him.

    He glanced over at the other brothers, wanting them to come and rescue him.

    But they were only focused on protecting their own formation, and did not want to come and face the black dragon with him.

    Zhong Yu's heart was aching with grief and indignation, and also with extreme hatred. These so-called brothers, at the moment of calamity had revealed their true self. Not one of them could be trusted.

    "Don't kill me." Zhong Yu cried to the black dragon in the sky. "I did nothing. Don't kill me."

    He clenched his teeth and pointed to his six other brothers in the distance that had formed a large battle formation. "Its them--they did everything. They want to kill you and take the treasures, they want to snatch the Glass mirror, they want to take possession of Qiandu's body. It has nothing to do with me. I didn't do anything."

    When the others heard Zhong Yu's words, they were all furious and lashed out at him.

    "Zhong Yu, you timid coward--"

    "Second younger brother, your deceitful betrayal, when we get back I will definitely report this to the sect master, tear off your skin and pull out your tendons--"

    "Everyone, no need to get upset, maintain the inner peace--" Zhong Shan reminded. "This dragon is deliberately trying to ruin our relationship, make us fight amongst ourselves, throw us into confusion--as long as we stabilize the formation, we can slaughter the dragon." --

    "Greedy and sinister, you all deserve to die." The black dragon's voice grew biting cold.

    His eyes were swirling with blood, and his body suddenly dived down towards the world of mortals.

    Terrified, Zhong Yu desperately swung his sword up at the huge dragon's head.




    Zhong Yu found himself more and more far from the ground, his body higher and higher, he was brought into the air by the dragon.

    He was still so unresponsive, frantically waving his sword towards the dragon's head.

    One sword after another.

    The black dragon dragged him to the high altitude and then suddenly loosened the claws that were gripping his body.

    Zhong Yu's body finally regained freedom, attempting to use Changbai Sword Sect's flying technique to escape far away.

    However, he found that his body was not under his control.

    He was murmuring to himself, reciting the flying incantation again and again. However, his body remained in a straight line of descent.

    Falling faster and sinking deeper.


    His body smashed heavily against the ground.

    Enduring the pain, he looked over at a place not far away where there was a half of a body gushing out blood.

    The half of a body had only two legs and half of the waist, the upper half of the body had been cut off by some monster.

    The more Zhong Yu looked at the half of a body the more and more familiar it seemed, with his forehead dripping with sweat he looked down at his body, only to find that his lower body had been snapped off by the dragon.

    He had only half his body.

    When he was brought into the air by the dragon, he was already severed in half.

    But at that time, he was so afraid, was too busy trying to resist the attack and to escape, that he never felt the pain from his body, and didn't noticed that his legs had lost all sensation.


    Zhong Yu uttered a mournful scream.

    His eyes drooped, the breath that he was holding at his chest faded, his strong will to live dissipating.

    At this very moment, he truly died.
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