Chapter 290 - Black dragon roar to the moon!

    Chapter 290: Black dragon roar to the moon!

    The second eldest of the Changbai seven sons, Zhong Yu, was severed in half by the black dragon in one instant.

    This scene to the people that witnessed with their own eyes, was sending chills up and down their spine and caused the legs of all the spectator to tremble in fear.

    Zhong Yu's sword technique was already out of the ordinary, and among the seven people he was ranked in the top three.

    But he was destroyed by the black dragon in one move and in less than one second. How powerful was the black dragon?

    In the divine continent, every youngster has the dream of slaying a dragon. Everyone wanted to become a dragon slayer hero whose name would be passed down throughout generations and their legend rewritten as poems.

    However, the critical point was that you have to slay a dragon first, and not let a dragon slay you--

    Zhong Yu have been slain by a dragon.

    Therefore, he was doomed to turn to a wisp of dust, disappearing forever in this water illusion, without leaving behind any prestige and story in the human world.

    However, there were still more youngsters embracing this dream.

    Whether they liked it or not.

    At least right now there were some people that were not too happy.

    No one cares about a dead man. Zhong Yu had died, but the other six people of the Changbai seven sons also did not care. The black dragon that snapped him into two even more would not care.

    He simply swayed and stretched his body slightly, when his tremendous body shifted over to above the formation that Changbai six sons have set up.

    Because Zhong Yu was gone, the 'Big Dipper seven star formation' could not be completed, and they had made some little changes, altering it into the 'Big Dipper six star formation'.

    The seven stars form the complete Big Dipper seven star formation, arranging in the order according to the positions of the Big Dipper, ever-changing and the most powerful.

    Six stars could also arrange into formation, three stars could too. Six stars formation is known as the 'Six stars execute immortal formation' and three stars formation as the 'three talents unite deity formation'.

    Just that compared with the power of the Seven Stars formation, it was much weaker, and during the co-ordination would give rise to more flaws.

    Bu there was nothing they could do. They could not gather the seven stars now.

    However, the Changbai six sons were extremely cunning. They knew that the black dragon was powerful and that they would not be able to overcome it.

    So they placed Qiandu in the middle of the large formation as hostage, if the black dragon gushes out dragon breath to destroy their large battle formation, it would cautiously do so in order to avoid Qiandu. If he did not make a big move, with his huge body afraid he would only be exposed to attacks.

    The black dragon hovered in the air and the hot gas he spewed out was setting the large expanse of air on fire.

    His head had been moving across for quite a while, but its tail was still in the distant darkness.

    The sky was vast but its body looked as though was filling the sky overhead.

    Changbai six sons, facing this kind of scene, the pressure they felt inside was really too enormous.

    "Brother, can we really slay the dragon?" The first person to question was Zhong Bai. He was usually the laziest one when practicing sword techniques, and the weakest of them. When the seven brothers were together, he would be the first to cause trouble, but when alone he would restrain himself and would be more polite than anyone else.

    "Of course we can." Zhong Feng gritted his teeth and answered. As the leader of this group, he must give his brother confidence.

    Just that, after saying this sentence, as he cast a look over at little brother Zhong Shan his eyes revealed his current thoughts.

    He also had no confidence.

    For tens of thousands of years, the stories of dragon slayer heroes had been widely praised.

    Dragons are evil, they are ugly, and they eat people's liver and destroy their homes.

    However, these stories also told everyone that dragons are powerful and difficult to defeat.

    Of course, most people only see the glory after slaying a dragon, but do not realise the devastation of failing to slay a dragon.

    Young people wanted to slay dragons because they do not know what dragons are.

    When a dragon was really hovering in the sky, appearing in front of everyone with the stance of a sky dragon, then they would become panicked. The swords in their hands would become clumsy, and their cultivation practice become of little use.

    When such a gargantuan figure appeared in front of you, just what methods could you use to deal with it?

    "Certainly can." Zhong Shan knew that his brothers were shaking inside, and he must give them confidence and encouragement. If they relaxed for a moment or were reluctant to advance, there was no way he could kill this big guy alone. "Those heroes in the ancient times were also ordinary people, right? They were able to accomplish the impressive feat of slaying a dragon, why can't we? Our more than 10-years of sword practice, is it not for today?"

    In order to alleviate everyone's tense and nervous mood, Zhong Shan squeezed out a smile: "If we miss the chance today, when we want to slay a dragon there might not be any dragons--we cannot miss this opportunity."

    Zhong Shan's relaxed and cheerful attitude infected everyone, the body hair that were standing on its end dropped, and their stiff tight muscles eased a lot.

    The huge head of the black dragon stretched forward, stretching until he was at a place not far away from the Changbai six disgraces.]

    His eyes were as huge as copper bell, and the blood mist inside its pupils seemed as though if people were carelessly caught in, would be unable to extricate themselves.

    No one dared to look him eye to eye, it was always only him fiercely staring at the dragon slayers.

    The black dragon was looking at Qiandu who was in the middle of the 'six stars execute immortal formation', when that ancient and arrogant voice again sounded again: "Let Qiandu go, I can leave you a full corpse with no parts missing."

    In his view, this was a great compromise.

    After all, they had made such a big mistake that they should have died without even a complete corpse.

    Just now that Zhong Yu had no such good luck, his body snapped into two parts, and he had to helplessly watch his lower half of body spraying out blood--

    The black dragon's words evidently angered Changbai six disgraces, what do you mean 'leave your dead body with no parts missing'?

    What is the difference between a complete body and a half body? Either way, you were still dead.

    The end result of both were death?

    "Big brother, let's fight him, its just a dragon--"

    "Right. If we don't fight we'll be dead. If we fight we might have the opportunity to live, let him taste our 'executing immortal formation'--"

    "Dragon Slayer, Zhong Ming is also one--"

    "A bunch of idiots." The black dragon breathed out a puff of smoke, his voice icily arrogant.

    He did not breathe out a blast of dragon breath at the 'six stars execute immortal formation' formed by the Changbai seven disgraces, and did not crushed them with his enormous body.

    Its body suddenly speeded up and swooped down, circling around the 'six stars execute immortal formation'.



    Constantly accelerating!

    Faster and faster, until only a dark shadow was seen flying around them. Then the shadow was gone, and a black wall had tightly wrapped around them.

    "Protect the formation." Zhong Feng yelled. "Stars change position."

    He understood the evil intentions of the black dragon.

    The positions that the six of them assembled at were like a chessboard or a huge tree, and the dragon was a man-made--no, dragon-made tornado.

    The power of a tornado was extremely strong, and when the wind force reaches a certain level, the eye of a tornado was the most dangerous. They are able to uproot thousand-year-old trees, flatten hills, and engulf rivers until nothing remains and then dropping a torrential rain on another city.

    If they allowed the dragon to continue to circle around them, they would soon be swept up into mid-air by the tornado. At that time the black dragon would not need to break the formation, because there was no way they could maintain a complete 'Six stars execute immortal formation'.

    If the formation was not present, the power was not obvious. The black dragon could use his superior speed and physical strength to kill them all in the air.

    Hearing eldest brother Zhong Feng issued an order, Changbai six disgraces, with Zhong Shan as the core, rapidly began to move about. Their six swords were connected together, and the green arc above their sword was like a suction, pushing their bodies to turn in circles.

    The black dragon was circling from left to right, while Changbai six disgrace's execute immortal formation was turning right to left.

    They artificially created a strong wind to contend against and offset the tornado formed by the black dragon.

    One negative and one positive, the stream of air came into a fierce collision, producing an incessant sound of explosions in the middle. Sparks flying about in all direction, and airflows that did not listen to order were crackling and booming.

    The air within dozens of mile of radius was emptied, and the water source was pushed out to a more distant place.

    The towering and seemingly endless trees were withering, the flowers that were just contending in fragrance and beauty were dying. The animals that were too late to escape were taking their last gasp, and forest birds that were taking flight in alarm very quickly dropped back down, becoming a lifeless dead body.

    Martial artist searched for the way, and the way they searched for was naturally the way of Nature.

    Determination can conquer nature, was just a saying. The power of nature is endless, and no one can contend with it.

    However, at this moment, the remarkable abilities that the black dragon and Changbai six disgraces displayed were able to destroy nature; the water illusion suffered a catastrophe.

    Hu Hu Hu--

    The black dragon's body had completely disappeared and all was visible was a cloud of black fog. The fog was wide and thick, and the scales and horn of the black dragon were not seen.

    And the figures of the Changbai seven sons also disappeared, because they were clothed in starry cloud robes. What remained was only a white light.

    Black mist enveloped the white light, and then constantly swallowed it.

    The white brilliance grew smaller and smaller and the radiance grew fainter and fainter.

    Until disappearing forever.

    Changbai Six disgraces were not weak, but compared to the black dragon that can produce a real tornado, they were barely adequate.


    As the black mist completely swallowed the white light, a bolt of lightning struck down from the sky.

    The black mist was still spinning furiously, and the black tornado brought the ball of white light that it had tightly wrapped around into the sky.

    The more it flew the faster it was, and the higher it was.

    Heading for the Red Moon.

    Black dragon stretched out his huge head from the black mist, his blood red eyes looked to the red moon, and countless rays of red moonlight rays sprinkled onto him, landing on his body and falling in his pupils.

    His red eye grew redder.


    Dragon roared to the Ninth Heaven!
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