Chapter 295 - Savage of the cave!

    Chapter 295: Savage of the cave!

    Qiandu really was burning.

    After consuming the dragon's blood, the temperature of Qiandu's body was rapidly increasing.

    When her body was releasing white smoke, Li Muyang only thought that it was a normal reaction. Because the dragon blood was hot and dry, ordinary people would be burned--that old dragon had also used the dragon blood to deal with people before. Li Muyang was just following the signs and adhering to the rules.

    But, when Qiandu suddenly burst into flames, Li Muyang knew that the situation was not right.

    When put out the fire on Qiandu, she would be without any clothes.

    Like himself.

    Li Muyang searched around, only the clothes on Zhong Yu could be stripped down to use.

    Although wearing a dead person's clothes was not very auspicious, not wearing any clothes would be too shameless.

    Li Muyang regretted the fact that he so domineeringly and directly killed the Changbai seven disgraces with a mouthful of dragon breath, perhaps he should have taken off their clothes and then killed them?

    "There was only one complete set of clothes, I gave you the outer layer, so I'm only wearing the thinner inner layer-- " Li Muyang explained. "If you don't like it, I can swap it with you."

    "No." Qiandu answered, tightly wrapping the waist belt around the starry cloud robe. "Us martial artists are not bothered by these stuff. The most important thing now is to find Canghai."

    "You're right." Li Muyang said, nodding his head. He heaved a sigh of relief, inwardly glad that she did not ask him about some difficult questions.

    It was only then that Qiandu came to notice that she was on top of the Mountain of flames.

    Gazing on top of the mountain, it was a green forest with no end in sight.

    The trees were growing densely together like a huge black tide.

    Qiandu looked along the direction indicated by Li Muyang's finger and nodded. "Let's go."

    As she was speaking, she was using her inner strength to activate the glass mirror, enveloping both Li Muyang and her inside, and then the ball of transparent light darted toward the mountain peak in the distance.

    At the bottom of the mountain, a man lies in the withered grass, watching the light that was gradually getting further away and disappearing with a full of shock, exclaiming: "Li Muyang, he really is a dragon--"



    Drip! --

    There was a seemingly endless sound of dripping water tapping against a rock.

    Lin Canghai dared not open his eyes, afraid that the moment he open his eyes he would find himself dead. That really would be quite frightening.

    He smelled a strong smell of barbecue, although he did not know what meat it was, or what spices was used, the smell was almost enough to bring people back to life. He was repeatedly swallowing his saliva as he caught the aroma of it and his stomach was producing loud rumbles.

    He was hungry, he hadn't eaten anything ever since entering the illusion.

    He had heard from the older generation that human flesh was the most fragrant meat in the world. He had also heard from the older generation that, there was a huge pot of scalding oil in hell, that human flesh was cooked in everyday, like dumplings.

    He could not help feeling more and more apprehensive and restless, could he have gone to that place?

    He could hear the sound of crackling firewood, could that be the stove under the pot of oil? It was said that it is not firewood burning, but human oil. The oil in the human body can also be burned, and a tyrant ruler had even used it to light a lamp before--so people also call it the 'heaven light'.

    He could hear loud chewing noises, and the meat was really aromatic. In his mind emerged the picture of that person with a mouthful of oil. For Lin Canghai, a person who had lived a life of luxury, he had never had such a craving for meat.

    Dong Dong Dong-

    He could hear sounds of approaching footsteps, echoing, like each step was stomping on his heart. He felt as if his heart was being crushed by a huge rock, and he was almost unable to breathe.

    "Eat?" A man's voice echoed. The man's voice was strange, like he had a short tongue, and could not be heard clearly.

    Along with that voice, there was a much more stronger smell of barbecued meat.

    Lin Canghai felt that, the barbecued meat was almost at the tip of his nose, he only needed to open his mouth and he could tear off a chunk of meat

    Lin Canghai did not open his eyes, he would not be fooled so easily. Those demons were just trying to make him open him eyes and give him a huge fright.

    "Not eating?" The strange voice sounded again.

    Then the sound was drifting away, and the smell of the barbecue meat became more and more distant.

    Lin Canghai pretended that he was dead for a while, before he finally could not help opening his eyes.

    He was not afraid of ghost scaring him, but people. Nevertheless he needed to figure out the situation first.

    Above were rugged rocks, and a number of grotesquely shaped stalactites, that looked like daggers and blades.

    There was a cave mouth in the distance, where the red moonlight was piercing in. There was a small pool in the cave, that received its water from a slowly dripping water source, which was the 'dripping' sound that Lin Canghai had just heard.

    There was a heap of firewood beside the pool, and a savage with dishevelled hair was sitting there tearing on the leg of a beast.

    Because the savage was too busy eating, and his hair was too long and too messy, like a pile of weed growing wildly, covering up his entire face, Lin Canghai could not see his face.

    Beneath Lin Canghai, there was the fur of some unknown animal that had a stench of blood that could not be removed.

    Unbearable for Lin Canghai, who had an obsession with cleanliness, he jumped up from the animal fur mat, strode in huge steps towards the fire, sat on a rock, and tore off a large piece of meat on the frame above the bonfire.

    Since it was like this already, could there any worse result than this?

    The man raised his head and glanced at Lin Canghai, and then back down at the beast's leg in his hand.

    Lin Canghai was really too hungry and the barbecued meat was too fragrant, before he finished the meat in his hand he began to tear off another piece of barbecued meat on the fire.

    As he was busy eating, he suddenly violently coughed up.


    The savage passed him a huge red gourd, Lin Canghai looked at the colour of the gourd, and then shook his head.

    Clasping the piece of meat in one hand, he dashed for the little pool in the cave, plunged half his face into the water, and began to drink to his heart's content.

    Lin Canghai again sat in front of the heap of firewood, his manners were much more elegant and polite.

    Now that he had something to eat, he cannot have such bad table manners like this savage. He would be scolded by his family for being so rude if they knew about it.

    "What is this place?" Lin Canghai asked aloud while eating.

    The savage was focused on eating and did not answer Lin Canghai's question.

    "Did you save me?" Lin Canghai asked. "Or are you saying I'm dead?"

    The savage still did not answer.

    Lin Canghai was not angry, since the savage was still eating, he also continued eating.

    As soon as he finished devouring the large piece of barbecued meat in his hands, he went back to the pool to drink a large mouthful of water to remove the greasiness, and then gave a cupped fist salute to the savage. "Thank you for saving me. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely repay your kindness."

    After that, he sprinted towards the cave mouth.

    He must hurriedly leave this ghost world, Sister Wang must be extremely worried seeing him being taken away by the Chong Diao. Li Muyang should be worried too, after all, he had worried about him before.

    Adding to this, he did not know where he was right now. Every extra second would increase the risk of danger.

    It was best for him to meet up with Sister Wang and Li Muyang as soon as possible.

    Just then a sudden gust of wind swept through the cave.

    Lin Canghai evaded in time and stood staring at a huge shadow at the cave mouth.

    "GA GA GA--"

    The sounds of a crying came from the mouth of the black shadow.

    Lin Canghai stood petrified for a moment, staring at the huge shadow flapping its wings and landed on the ground with a fearful look on his face.

    Chong Diao!

    It was the huge eagle that took him from the forest!

    Lin Canghai had never thought that the Chong Diao would chase him all the way here, and it looks like that--it was very close with that savage.

    Seeing that the Chong Diao had came in, the savage tore off a chunk of meat and tossed it over.

    The Chong Diao caught it with its mouth and gulped it down at once.

    The savage noticed the Chong's blood stained back, searched around the cave, and scooped out a handful of watery mud to smear on the wound on the Chong Diao's back.

    During this process, the Chong Diao did not move, letting the savage do what he wants. It was as though they had worked together many times before.

    Afterwards, the savage went to the pool to wash his hands, when the Chong Diao glared fiercely at Lin Canghai, like it was keeping a sharp watch of him, but also like it was longing for something tasty  and wanting to swallow him.

    When the savage returned, Lin Canghai gave him a hostile look.

    "The eagle--is yours?" Lin Canghai asked loudly. He had lost the sword that was hanging at his waist, which made him lack a sense of security.

    He furtively examined his own body, he was full of essential qi and physical strength, it seems like he still had the strength and power to fight. This gave him a little reassurance.

    To his surprise, the roasted meat he had just eaten was not poisonous.

    Of course, the savage did not need to poison the barbecued meat. If he wanted to kill him, he could have killed him 1800 times over before when he was unconscious.

    The Chong Diao that he raises took him away, but then he saved him and gave him some meat. What did this man and Chong Diao want?

    "I don't own it." The savage cast a glance at Lin Canghai and stated, his words difficult to understand.

    His every word was slow, like a sloth was speaking.

    "Then why is it here? And you two look very close." Lin Canghai said in a sharp voice. He pointed at the Chong Diao. "It took me here, and almost killed me."

    The savage eyed him thoughtfully, replying: "That is the matter between you two. It has nothing to do with me."
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