Chapter 296 - Abandoned student of Starry Sky!

    Chapter 296: Abandoned student of Starry Sky!

    Your bird bit me and now you said that it's between us two and has nothing to do with you, what excuse is that?

    If his own bird made a girl pregnant and he said that it is the business between them and has nothing to do with him, all the women in the world would call him a scumbag?

    Lin Canghai himself was good-looking, so he was appearance-obsessed.

    Appearance was everything, appearance was justice.

    He saw the appearance of the savage, in fact, without clearly seeing his looks, he knew he must not be a good person--because he raised a not a bird but a huge eagle.

    Before you beat a dog, you have to find out who's its master, if you're beaten by a bird, you also have to look at who's its owner. If a bird threatens based on its master's power and break the law and commit crimes, what kind of citizen is the owner?

    In Jianghu, when you could not beat your opponent, the best thing to do is to reason with them. But what if the opponent is an idiot?

    Lin Canghai decided to reason with the savage, he pointed to the Chong Diao that was glaring at him intently and looked as though would pounce onto him and tear him into pieces at anytime. "That's not your bird?"

    Savage cast a look over at the Chong Diao, replying: "We are friends."

    "Friends?" Lin Canghai sneered. "Your friend brought me here and almost ate me--you could still say that this matter has nothing to do with you?"

    "What does it have to do with me?" Savage stared blankly at Lin Canghai, asking in a rhetorical tone.

    "You must have ordered it."

    "Order it to take you here, and let you sleep comfortably on my bed and wake up to eat the roasted venison?"

    "--" Lin Canghai unexpectedly was left speechless by the strong point that the this savage had made. The most important point was that he found that the savage spoke more and more fluently. That strange pronunciation was gradually disappearing, each word was pronounced faster and faster. His learning ability was very strong, perhaps because of the fact that he had not spoken in a long time, it was only when he met him that his verbal ability was rapidly being recovered.

    Savage pointed to the back of the Chong Diao that was smeared with volcanic lava. "From what you just said, it has been wounded this badly, as its friend, I also have to kill all those people?"

    "It did wrong, who could it blame?"

    Savage shook his head lightly. "All things and all living things have a destiny. I am destined to be here, you were destined to be taken here by the Chong Diao. Hunting is its destiny, being wounded by the human or killed by a more formidable beast is its destiny--I do not affect it, it does not affect me. This is the land of the wilderness."

    Savage patted the Chong Diao's head. "If it comes, I welcome it. When it goes, I don't send it away. It disappears, I don't miss it. I think it feels the same."

    The Chong Diao that was known as one of the ten most vicious beast of the Divine Continent was as docile as a lamb in front of him, lowing its head and letting him stroke it, and rubbing its body against the savage.

    Savage and beast, this scene was very harmonious.

    Lin Canghai thought that what he said made a lot of sense, but at this moment the most important thing for him was to escape.

    He stared warily at the savage. "I don't care what the relationship between you two is. Since you said it was its idea to take me here, then it proves that you didn't mean to hurt me--Am I free to go now?"

    "Of course." Savage said aloud. "I don't eat people. Human flesh does not taste good at all."

    Lin Canghai was inwardly startled, the savage had just indifferently said that human flesh does not taste good which must meant that he had eaten human flesh before--Who is he exactly? Why would he stay in this nameless cave of the water illusion?

    Looking around at the decor and arrangements around the cave, it seems that the savage had been living in the illusion for a long time. Why won't he go out?

    With a lot of confusion in his mind, Lin Canghai cautiously crept toward the mouth of the cave.

    He dared not to loosen his guard, fearing that the savage and the savage bird would give himself a deadly attack.

    The savage also didn't say anything, just silently watched Lin Canghai shifting over to the cave mouth.

    Seeing the prey that it caught was about to leave, the Chong Diao spread its wings, producing loud 'GA GA GA' cries again.

    "Quiet." Savage said aloud.

    The Chong Diao folded its wings back, stopped its crying, and restrained its attack, obediently standing by the savage's side.

    Lin Canghai had reached the mouth of the cave, when he found that the cave was on a mountain. The mountain peak was very high, cold wind was whistling, clouds and mist were curling up, and below was a bottomless abyss.

    Lin Canghai did not know how high the mountain was, and did not know what was below. He was hesitant, he did not know whether to jump down or not.

    He was finally able to escape with great difficulty, but what if he jumped down and fell to his death. Lin Canghai did not want to risk this.

    As though he saw that Lin Canghai was hesitating, Savage said aloud: "To be able to wound Chong Diao that badly, and stabbed its back one knife after another, proves that this person was riding on the Chong Diao when he was attacking--this person's strength is extraordinary, this student of Starry Sky makes people look forward to meeting him."

    Lin Canghai stared at the savage in surprise, asking: "You know about Starry Sky Academy?"

    "The name is well known across the divine continent, of course I know about it."

    "Who the hell are you?" Lin Canghai finally could not help asking this question.

    Savage turned toward the open fire, his voice sounding somewhat upset when he said: "An abandoned student of Starry Sky."--


    Under the protection of the glass mirror, Li Muyang and Qiandu no longer encountered any danger.

    But there were some unknown large birds that came flying over when they saw this transparent light cloak but was struck to the ground as they touched the light shield. Later, afraid of the light, most of them kept a distance and did not disturb them anymore.

    Not sure whether it was because of adequate rest or because she drank dragon's blood, Qiandu's mental state was very good, and there was an endless supply of essential qi within her body. The glass mirror could also display a huge protection field, and Qiandu was not a bit tired at all.

    Li Muyang was more relaxed, he was completely led by Qiandu and did not need to consume a shred of strength.

    But Li Muyang did not dare to lower his guard, he seized the time to restore his physical strength, using an internal cultivation technique of 'The Art of Breaking Body' and operated his essential qi, letting it rapidly circulate around his body for 18 large cycles and 18 small cycles. In the land of illusion, there is great danger with every step. No one knew what kind of danger and opponent they would encounter.

    However, along the way, Li Muyang and Qiandu did not say a word.

    They occasionally looked at each other in the eye, but then quickly looked away.

    Li Muyang clearly felt that the relationship between them had changed.

    Before Qiandu was extremely calm, perfectly composed in everything she did, as if everything was under control.

    Now she--obviously couldn't control her emotions.

    Li Muyang also felt a little awkward, after all, they had been open and honest with each other, and he took off Zhong Yu clothes, washed it and helped her change into--Except for Li Shinian, he had never been so close to a girl before.

    Li Muyang could only pretend that nothing had happened.

    Of course, Qiandu was a clever girl, she must have knew what had happened. It would not be easy to hide at all?


    Above the light shield, there was a slight movement.

    Li Muyang looked up to see a little white beast crawling around the light shield.

    It had a red nose and huge eyes, and looked extremely cute, like a puppy the size of a palm.

    Because the light shield was too smooth, the puppy was constantly sliding down. The puppy was obviously unwilling to accept such a fate, so he was struggling to climb to the top of the shield with its four little paws.

    Li Muyang was amused by its naïve and innocent look, and could not help smiling.

    The little beast stared at Li Muyang's smile with its huge eyes, smiled like Li Muyang and giggled out loud.

    It simply could melt a human's heart with its cuteness

    Li Muyang excitedly looked at Qiandu and asked: "Can you let it in?"

    Although Qiandu liked this little beast, but there was a wary expression on her face. "The Glass mirror is a divine weapon of the world, wind and rain cannot penetrate, and swords and spears cannot enter. All living things cannot come near, even a single goose feather would bounce back upon contact--Those big birds were struck dizzy when they collided into the glass mirror. The larger the external force, the stronger the rebound of the glass mirror. But why is it that this little beast is safe and sound?"

    Li Muyang also had a puzzled look, replying: "Yes. Why does it have no reaction at all? When its body touches the glass mirror, it would create pressure on the glass mirror. The pressure is enough to propel its body away--not only is it not bounced away, but it's still climbing up the glass mirror. It really strange."

    Li Muyang looked up at the little white beast and asked" "What kind of monster are you? What is your intention?"

    The small beast started unblinkingly at Li Muyang with its big blue innocent eyes, and seeing that Li Muyang was also staring wide-eyed at it, its mouth curved into a smile again.

    Li Muyang gave a wry smile, before he turned to Qiandu and said: "It just acts cute. There's no way to interrogate it."

    Qiandu looked at the small beast and said: "Then ignore it. It must have been attracted by the brilliance of the glass mirror. When we reach the bottom of the mountain and put away the glass mirror, itwill leave by itself."

    Li Muyang sighed: "Too bad I can't bring it back with me, Shinian would definitely like it. She had always wanted to have a pet dog."

    Qiandu did not speak, thinking to herself that Li Muyang really cared about his little sister, and always could not help mentioning her.

    The glass mirror swiftly advanced forward, and in a place that Li Muyang and Qiandu, who were inside the light cloak, could not see, there was a stream of water trailing behind them, as though it had life and was spying on their movements.
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