Chapter 298 - Eerie valley!

    Chapter 298: Eerie valley!


    Lin Canghai was very amused by this senior who was still so naive and innocent, but when he caught sight of the Chong Diao staring fiercely at himself, his smile was instantly gone. "Since brother said the heart of the weak water is near us, everyone can reach it. Then why don't you just take it and go back?"

    Lin Canghai reached out his hand to grab a water element in front, saying: "Isn't it here? If so, we can go home."

    Savage looked at Lin Canghai from the corner of his eyes, and did not feel that what he said was ridiculous. "It is around us, it is everywhere. Look for it with your heart."

    "So, senior has been looking for it for so many years?"

    "As long as I can obtain the heart of the weak water, wasting a little time and energy is nothing." Savage said firmly, there was a slight trace of stubbornness and--stupidity.

    Lin Canghai, after listening, began to grow upset, he felt a kind of unspeakable grief and indignation.

    Cultivating martial arts and breaking into the next realm, were the goals that countless people chase after. Becoming a strong person of Starry Sky, was also the ultimate achievement that everyone is eager to achieve.

    But, the divine continent was so vast, and there are billions of people, how many people would be remembered and admired?

    Some people remain poor for a lifetime, some stop progressing at the High Mountain realm, while many people could not get started in cultivation.

    Risking their talent, their background, opportunity, and risking everything.

    Everyone may do their best and everyone may disregard their safety and risk their life, but you may not get the corresponding return.

    Just like the imperial exam results that were released every year, or an army of troops and horses crossing a bridge made of a log, the success rate is one in a thousand. Does it mean that most of the people who failed the imperial exams did not work hard?

    This senior was like that, its not that he had not tried hard, its not that he had not risked his life. He was even willing to live in an incredibly sinister land of illusion for years--but what did he get in the end?


    Lin Canghai looked at the savage with a sincere look. "Senior, let's go back together? There isn't just one way in breaking into the next realm. Moreover, the divine continent is so vast, there are countless weapons and objects that are not well-known. Why do you only fix your attention on the heart of the weak water that doesn't exist?"

    "You don't understand." Senior savage said.

    "--" Lin Canghai felt the impulse to draw his sword and slash people. I have good intentions, okay? I'm sincerely trying to help you? Do you need to slap me in the face?

    "Without the heart of the weak water, would I have the face to go back?"

    "As you say, those that do not have the heart of the weak water or gained nothing from the illusion of water should not return to the school?" Lin Canghai said in an angry tone. He did not obtain anything good from this visit, does that mean he has to follow this senior savage to stay here for a few years? Lin Canghai would never do such a foolish thing.

    Relocation make a tree dead but a person alive. There are countless treasures in his house. He did not want to die in this illusion.

    "You don't understand." The savage repeated.

    "--" To tell the truth, if it were not for his bird, Lin Canghai would had jumped up and fought him.

    "I came in with an important mission, my friends and classmates that came with me all died tragically. If I return alone, how do I explain to them. Savage face was contorted with anguish. "How do I explain to the school? How do I explain to the teachers who had high hopes for us? And how do I explain to the families of those students?"

    Lin Canghai cried out sharply in surprise, "You had an important mission of entering the illusion? Your mission was to find the heart of the weak water?"

    "That's right." The savage nodded.

    "Did the Academy let you in?"

    "That is correct."

    "Then you--" Lin Canghai somewhat understand why senior savage persevered, and was full of respect for him. "The college sent some students in, to find the heart of the weak water. In the end for some reason, the companions that came into the illusion with you were sacrificed, only you--survived?"

    "I wish it was me that died, it would be a relief."

    "Why did the academy ask you to do such a thing?" Lin Canghai asked. "Since they want the heart of the weak water, then they could directly send a few teachers or masters to come in? Why did you guys come in here to look for it?"

    "Do you know why the academy only let the freshmen enter the illusion every year?"

    "I don't know." Lin Canghai shook his head.

    "Water is the source of all souls. They are indeed existence with life. If you are not hostile to water, the water will not be hostile to you. But if you come with hostility, the water would be hostile to you. The lower your cultivation level, the weaker the water's repulsive force. If the one that entered was a strong person of Starry Sky, the aggressiveness of the water element would become extremely strong, will enter a crazy engulfing stage. At that time, the strong person of Starry Sky can fight back, but those weak cultivation level students may all be killed by the water elements--This is the reason why the Academy is extremely cautious in the selection of student that enter the illusion. So the overall balance of the water illusion is not destroyed. In an unbalanced state, no one knows what horrors will happen."

    "I see." Lin Canghai exclaimed. "Then how can we get the heart of weak water? If we resort to our skills and ability, the water element will become more aggressive to us. If we do not exert any remarkable powers, we cannot gain possession of the heart of the weak water. Isn't that contradictory?"

    Savage glanced at Lin Canghai. "Talents and treasure, are reserved for the fated. Do you think anyone can get it?"


    Having listened to senior savage explain for half a day, Lin Canghai only felt that the distance between him and the heart of the weak water had grown further and further away--


    The white little beast was still lying on the light shield refusing to leave, but also because it was unable to gain a foothold on the smooth light shield its fat body was constantly slipping. It was not willing to let itself slide down, so its four little short legs were desperately struggling to climb up.

    Li Muyang and Qiandu sped along without stopping, watching the little silly snowball slipping down and more stupidly climbing back up again.

    Li Muyang felt that his heart was being melted, and once again said to Qiandu, "It looks so small and doesn't have much intelligence--it shouldn't pose any danger, right? Why don't we let it in? Look at it climbing up after much difficulty and sliding down again, it looks so pitiful."

    Qiandu was also subdued by the adorable appearance of this little beast, even though she was worried about Lin Canghai's situation, she had been amused several times by the silly look of the little beast.

    When Qiandu heard Li Muyang's words, she hesitated for a moment and explained: "We are going to a dangerous place and have important things to do. Why bring it with us?"

    Li Muyang thought for a moment and then agreed. They were here to save Lin Canghai. You may have to fight the Chong Diao again, and perhaps other dangerous enemies. If they brought this little beast that did not have the ability to protect itself with them, what if it gets hurt or eaten by the Chong Diao?

    Li Muyang stretched out a finger, lightly stroking its snow-white little paw. "Snow ball, hurry go. Don't follow us. We're going to do some dangerous things and we can't take you with us--If we see each other again then I'll take you out of the illusion."

    The little beast saw Li Muyang stretch out his finger to scratch its little paw, and giggled out loud again.

    Perhaps in its mind, Li Muyang was playing a game with it. And it also liked this game.

    So, it extended out its front paw to touch Li Muyang's finger that was separated by the transparent light cloak.


    Li Muyang could not help opening his mouth wide and giggling non-stop.

    Extreme joy was followed by sorrow, it was already difficult for it to stand firm on the light shield and now it was stretching out its paw to play games. Its snow white body lost balance, immediately tumbling down.

    "Ah--" Li Muyang cried, hurrying over.

    They were flying at an extremely fast speed, if the little snowball fell off the light cloak at that speed he would surely get hurt.

    Li Muyang's eyes were darting around, but he could not see the snow-white figure.

    Just as he was dreadfully worried, the little beast suddenly appeared above their heads, giggling and pointing at Li Muyang with its paw. It was laughing happily and rolling around on top of the light shield.

    "Careful." Li Muyang shouted.

    Before his voice died away, the little beast vanished once again.

    Li Muyang gently sighed, turned to Qiandu and said, "Your worry is right. With its IQ, and without any ability to protect itself, if we take it with us we would only bring danger to it--"

    Li Muyang waited for a long while, but the little white beast never climbed onto the light shield. Perhaps, this time it really couldn't keep up?

    Li Muyang was somewhat disappointed, like he had lost a good companion.

    Under the protection of the glass mirror, the two people successfully arrived at the bottom of the target mountain peak.

    There was no stone tablet at the foot of the mountain, but there was a huge black valley ahead.

    The valley was shrouded in dark mist, and looked terribly eerie.

    Li Muyang and Qiandu did not care about the valley, instead looked up at the towering mountain in front, almost reaching the red moon. When they were at the top of the Mountain of flames, this mountain did not look as high as the Mountain of flames. But once they reached the foot of the mountain, they found that the mountain was much taller than the mountain of flames.

    Perhaps this was what ancient great poet Jia Dao meant by 'only in the mountain, the depths of cloud is not known'.

    "Is this it?" Li Muyang said aloud.

    "Hopefully." Qiandu answered in a low voice

    When they were about to climb up, a shadow suddenly ran out from the eerie valley, shouting miserably: "Help--"
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