Chapter 300 - Despicable wretch!

    Chapter 300: Despicable wretch!

    "You were the one that saved him." Huang huang yelled out.

    "--" The answer left Li Muyang speechless.

    Indeed, if Li Muyang had not rescued Zhang An-an, Huang Huang would had hacked him to death. The question that why Zhang An-an was still alive, in the final analysis, the responsibility was on himself.

    "I was just asking. Do you have to answer?" Li Muyang said irritably. People hate men that talk a lot.

    "Let go of me." Zhang An-an was desperately struggling, clenching his fist and was about to smash it in Li Muyang's calf, when Li Muyang suddenly exerted force, he suddenly lost all strength, his fist went numb and weak. "Let go of me. You're with them, you're all trying to snatch my Illuminating dragon wall--You despicable little wretch, let go off me--"

    As Zhang An-an was struggling to get away, Li Muyang was constantly exerting force,

    He stared at Zhang An-an with a biting cold gaze, uttering, "If I hadn't pulled you away, you'd have been chopped to death by them. Is that how you repay your saviour?"

    "What saviour. Like them, you are a despicable wretch that is eyeing on my treasure. You saved me to steal my Illuminating dragon wall from my hands--you're no different than them, what is the difference between dying in their hands and dying in your hands, it's still death--"

    "A fly's eyes only see dog poop." Li Muyang felt deeply hurt, the world has a lot of misconceptions about him. "If I want your Illuminating dragon wall, I'll just reach out my hand and snatch it. Do I need to say so much nonsense? Besides, if I wanted your Illuminating dragon wall, would I let you smash it?"

    In this world, no one wanted to destroy the Illuminating dragon wall more than Li Muyang did.

    What if someone shined the Illuminating dragon wall at him?

    "The truth has come out." Qiandu looked down at Zhang An-an with disgust, saying to Li Muyang. "For a weapon, you would kill your classmate and friend. Despicable, you deserve to die."

    Before entering the water illusions, the students formed the teams themselves. In other words, only those that were close with each other made a team.

    The fact that Zhang An-an and Li Mi were grouped together to enter the illusion, meant that they were on pretty good terms and trusted each other.

    And the result?

    With the appearance of the Illuminating Dragon Wall, their evil intention surfaced and they drew their swords on each other. This was absurd and upsetting to hear.

    Li Muyang moved his foot away from Zhang An-an. "We won't get involved."

    Huang Huang, with a complacent and satisfied smile, said: "Let us kill a wretch like him. He would only go back to the school and continue to harm others."

    Li Muyang looked at him coldly. "In order to take the Illuminating dragon wall he killed his classmate, and you're also killing a classmate for the Illuminating dragon wall. What is the difference between the two of you?"

    "Of course we're different." Huang Huang said irritably. "We are enforcing justice on behalf of the heaven."

    Huang Huang was extremely dissatisfied with Li Muyang. "Boy, if you want to interfere, or is thinking of taking the Illuminating Dragon Wall, then let's have a real fight. If you win, you're right. The loser will stay here forever. If you don't want to bring trouble to yourself, don't want to get involved in this matter, then I suggest you to quickly leave with the beautiful girl. If I had such a beautiful female classmate, I would not do such a dangerous thing. How nice to be alive, don't you agree?"

    "Yes, if you want to fight, then fight. Don't waste our time--"

    "He wanted to protect a wretch like him, it seems that this boy is not a person of good character--"

    "Don't waste time talking to him, let's do it--"

    Li Muyang nodded. "You're right."

    Li Muyang took Qiandu's hand, and the two turned toward the mountain peak.

    "Smart choice." Huang Huang smiled.

    Zhang An-an grabbed the sword that Qiandu kicked out his hand, quickly climbed up from the ground, looked at Huang Huang and the others with a determined expression, pulled out the spotlessly white like jade wall from his bosom and yelled: "You said you don't want this Illuminating dragon wall? Come on, come here--if you dare step forward, I will split the Illuminating dragon wall into two halves. If I can't have it, you also won't get it."

    Huang Huang sneered: "You think you could protect your own life? Today even if we destroy the Illuminating dragon wall, we will enforce justice on behalf of the heaven and help Starry Sky get rid of a vicious student."

    "Is that right?" Zhang An-an began laughing wildly, clenching his teeth: as he said "Then come on. Are you not going to enforce justice on behalf of the heaven? Then come and kill me. Why don't you do it? Or do you want the Illuminating dragon wall? The Illuminating dragon wall is the stonewall that the dragon clan trains martial arts, which hides a set of cultivation method of the dragon clan. If I slash across the stone wall or cut off a corner, the set of cultivation method would disappear--aren't you going to kill me? Come on. Come on."

    No one moved forward.

    The group of starry sky students that had gathered around was all looking at Huang Huang, waiting for him to make the final decision.

    Huang Huang was put in a difficult situation.

    Still gripping his sword, he scowled at Zhang An-an who was howling with laughter.

    "He's so arrogant, but no one is going over to 'enforce justice on behalf on the heavens'." Holding hands with Qiandu, Li Muyang whispered: "They just want the Illuminating dragon wall."

    "Why should we go?" Qiandu looked at Li Muyang puzzled. "If the Illuminating dragon wall is real, no matter what, we have to take it or destroy it. Why are we leaving?"

    "Not nice." Li Muyang said.


    "Not nice for our reputation." Li Muyang said: "Although Zhang An-an is a bastard that deserves to die. However, if we killed him, other people would think that we killed him to take the treasure, we would be the same as that Huang Huang. What's the difference between us and the people we despise?"


    "Don't look back." Li Muyang reminded. "We have to seem like we have no interest in the Illuminating dragon wall."


    Huang Huang found the chance.

    As Zhang An-an was drawing back slowly, retreating step by step with the Illuminating dragon wall in his arms, he tripped over a rock.

    As he was stumbling, a man in white attacked from the left, swinging down his sword at his hand that was clasped around the dragon wall.

    Zhang An-an hastily turned to dodge the attack, and then felt a cold sensation at his throat, when a fine red line appeared across his neck.

    Zhang An-an's eyes were bulging, wide-open, staring at Huang Huang in disbelief.

    "You brought about your own death" Huang Huang sneered.

    He inserted the sword into the sheath, and was about to take the dragon wall in Zhang An-an's hand, when there was a white figure appearing in front.

    Huang Huang was stunned for a moment, before he could he ask: "Why did you come back?"

    Li Muyang was standing in front, glaring at him and saying coldly, "You despicable dretch, you don't care about friendship, disregard the laws and rules, killed your classmate to steal the treasure. This kind of evil doing I really cannot stand, today I will enforce justice on behalf of the heavens, and bring about a peaceful and orderly world--"

    "You bastard--" In fury, Huang Huang could not think of the right words to insult Li Muyang. To think there are such despicable and shameless bastards in the world.

    "This boy is picking a fight, he wants to snatch our treasure--

    "You won't take the road to heaven, but push yourself to hell where there is not a door. Everybody, kill this guy--"

    "Killing one is killing, killing two is killing--"

    Before his voice died away, another white figure appeared at the side of Li Muyang.

    They're going to have to kill three.

    Just as Qiandu was accompanying Li Muyang up the mountain, in the blink of an eye Li Muyang had suddenly disappeared.

    By the time she reacted, Li Muyang had already shamelessly returned to the battlefield.

    Seeing Li Muyang so righteously criticise Huang Huang, Qiandu did not know whether to laugh

    Although Qiandu felt embarrassed, she still activated the glass mirror and protected herself and Li Muyang inside. This was to prevent Li Muyang from being suddenly attacked by the several others.

    Qiandu could tell that, these people were not weak, adding to this their attacks were cunning and strange. If Li Muyang was not on guard, he might be at a disadvantage.

    "What a dirty mouth. To think that person is also a Starry Sky student, I am really humiliated to be associated with you--" Li Muyang said angrily.


    Huang Huang felt like he was on the verge of tears.

    This was their line. They were ashamed to be associated with someone like him.


    Huang Huang again pulled out his sword.

    "I don't care who you are, I don't care what you say" He hissed, pointing the blade of the sword at Li Muyang's chest. Get out of my way and give me back the Illuminating dragon wall--or else you'll end up like that bastard."

    "I'd rather smash it than put it in your hand." When Li Muyang spoke, he turned and tried to fetch the Illuminating dragon wall.

    The Illuminating dragon wall was gone.

    Li Muyang blinked again, realising that it really had disappeared.

    Zhang An-an was tightly gripping onto it, even till death, Zhang An-an had not let go.

    "What happened?" Li Muyang asked loudly.

    Huang Huang was more anxious.

    They wasted so much time, and had chased Zhang An-an all the way to here to kill him. Now was the time for them to harvest the results, but the Illuminating dragon wall had disappeared.

    His first reaction was that Li Muyang and Qiandu had secretly taken the treasure away, and with a wide sweep of his sword he roared, "Brothers, surround these two. If they do not give the Illuminating Dragon wall back, today is the day of their death."
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