Chapter 301 - Want it? Want!

    Chapter 301: Want it? Want!

    Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai had set an example to the others, 'fearlessly' jumping into the weak water.

    Tie Muxin blindly believed in Li Muyang, once Li Muyang leapt into the water, he also dragged Cai Pa to jump in with him.

    Lu Qiji encountered a pack of moon wolf on her way, so was a little later. When she learned that Li Muyang and others had entered, without any delay she jumped into the lake. She did not even take a glance at the people around, which made the boys that were amazed at her beauty and were still thinking about how to approach her was extremely disappointed.

    After a brief silence, someone started to follow into the water. Later, there were more and more people entering the water, everyone was more and more brave.

    When no one went in, nobody dared to be the first one to go in.

    But as more people went in, these people were worried that they would lag behind. So they scrambled over each other to jump into the weak water.

    Of course, Lu Qiji was not aware of what happened after, and also did not care.

    For her, an old monster who had been living for tens of thousands of years, there was only one thing that was worth her paying attention to: the reincarnation of the black dragon.

    Her eyes were only for Li Muyang. Or, the Li Muyang who had fused with the tear of the Dragon King.

    She was not excited by the wonders of the water illusion, nor frightened by the various vipers and fierce beasts that pounced over from time to time.

    She killed whatever that came at her. Whether it was a huge creature or a little creature, she baked it with fire.

    She didn't care about it anyway.

    She passed through the Mountain of flames and through the forest of thistles and thorns. She went past the valley of beasts, and even through the cave of man-eating ants.

    Her footsteps never stopped, nothing was worth her staying for even a moment for.

    As for items that people constantly fought over such as the immortal thorn bird of the forest of thistles and thorns, the gall bladder of the Saliva beast of the Beast Valley, and the crown of the Ant King, as well as the various treasures in the dragon palace including the Illuminating dragon wall, which she was the first to discover--

    None of those appealed to her.

    If she wanted, she would have better.

    Those are already rare, irreplaceable treasured objects of the world.

    It was not until she saw a snow-white beast floating in the air that her eyes gave off a strange glow.

    She didn't expect to meet it.

    Does it mean that this was fate?

    Lu Qiji slowly moved closer to the little white beast, the small beast also noticed her, stared at her with its huge eyes like a curious baby.

    Lu Qiji felt that she should smile, because a smile will make her look not as aggressive.

    So, her lips were curved upwards, into a charming smile that was enough to make all living things go crazy.

    The snow white beast, as though was attracted by Lu Qiji's beauty, blinked several times and suddenly turned upside down.


    The sound of crashing thunder--

    Lu Qiji heard a voice that could melt frost, and her cold heart unexpectedly became warm.

    With just one glance, she developed a fondness for the little white beast.

    Her footsteps became lighter, worried that any sudden movement would make it run away.

    Maybe it was because the look on her face was too funny when she was walking quietly on tiptoe, the little beast was grinning and giggling.

    The voice was crisp and sweet, like that of a newborn baby.

    Lu Qiji did not want to wait, reached out to grab it.

    She caught it and touched its skin.

    Smooth and soft, the feel was beautiful.

    However, when Lu Qiji unfolded her hands to reveal her palm, there were only water stains on her palm. The snow-white beast was still floating across the air, chuckling at Lu Qiji.

    Lu Qiji knew that, there was no way the palm could capture such a divine beast.

    So, a red ball of light emerged on her palm. The red ball was rolling up and down, producing sizzling noises.

    Lu Qiji flicked her fingers, when the red light ball darted towards the snow-white beast.

    The light ball exploded, forming into a huge red net, and curled around in the direction of the little white beast.

    The white beast sensed danger, and suddenly flashed away into the distance.

    Lu Qiji did not stop for a moment, immediately began to chase after the snow beast beast.

    She had tried tens of thousands of years ago, but never had the chance make it hers.

    This was a rare chance, she obviously did not want to lose it again.


    The snow-white beast was giggling while fleeing, and looked really stupid and adorable.

    Lu Qiji although was anxious to capture it, she was not at all angry. She almost laughed out loud.

    The snow-white beast was fluttering in the air, while Lu Qiji was wildly chasing after it.

    Such a scene was so strange that it naturally attracted the attention of others.

    "Strange, why are they running?"

    "It seems like she's chasing something, that woman is that beauty we saw at the edge of the weak water--"

    "So beautiful, let's follow and see, maybe she's in danger and we can help her, that would bring us closer."

    Tie Muxin and Cai Pa were investigating the surroundings, when they noticed a little white beast running past them.

    Then Lu Qiji shot past them, and before they had time to open their mouths to shout, they saw a number of figures chasing after her.

    "Let's follow." As Tie Muxin spoke, he had broke into a run.

    Cai Pa quickly followed, saying: "What are we chasing?"

    "I don't know." Tie Muxin said. "Everybody is running, there must be some treasure ahead. Maybe us two would get it?"


    "Childish." Li Muyang thought to himself.

    Since I dared come back, do you think I would be afraid of you. Although you have the upper hand in numbers, I have Qiandu. Qiandu herself can win against all of you.

    These people's movements were very strange and fast, before Huang Huang's voice fell, they had quickly formed an encirclement.

    Li Muyang and Qiandu were surrounded in the middle, Li Muyang was not afraid of fighting, but he was feeling very gloomy.

    Where is the Illuminating dragon wall?

    If someone had took it and shone it at him, wouldn't that be a huge problem?


    Suddenly there was the laughter of a little child.

    Li Muyang twisted around and saw the white beast fluttering in the air and giggling non-stop, its two small paws were holding onto a snow-white jade wall. It was the Illuminating dragon wall that they were looking for.

    Li Muyang had thought that the little beast had disappeared, and was upset for a good while.

    Now that the little beast reappeared in front of him, he felt surprised like he was reunited with something precious that he had lost a long time ago.

    He waved to the little beast and said happily, "Snowball, come, come to me--"

    Snowball was the name that Li Muyang gave the little beast, because it looked like a little snowball to him at first sight.

    The little beast did not go, and giggled at Li Muyang.

    It lifted the Illuminating dragon wall and shone it at Li Muyang, when it saw what the mirror of the Illuminating dragon wall revealed, its eyes grew wide with fear, panic etched on its face, and the jade wall was suddenly dropped to the ground.

    Chen Jun was the most agile, he was already carefully watching the beast the moment it appeared. Seeing the Illuminating dragon wall was suddenly dropped, his body immediately flashed away, rushing over to catch it at lightning speed.

    He was the person nearest to the jade wall and the fastest-reacting person.

    The jade wall was within reach, and his middle finger was touching the corner of the jade wall.

    He stretched open his hand, wrapping his fingers around the jade wall.

    His face lit up with joy.

    "It's mine. This jade wall is finally mine." Chen Jun's face was full of excitement.


    A white glow flashed across.

    He felt a strange sensation in his body.

    He had difficulty in controlling his arm, and he found that his hand was getting farther away from himself.


    The arm fell into a beautiful hand, which was white and soft, smoother and more beautiful than the jade wall.

    The beautiful hand forced his hand open and took away the jade wall that belonged to him.

    It was not until this moment that Chen Jun felt a violent sensation of pain.

    His arm, which went to snatch the jade wall, was cut off from his body.

    The pain spread to the brain, then all over the body. Several areas of his body were beginning to twitch.

    The severed arm was spraying out blood like red rain.

    Chen Jun stared at the beautiful woman, shouting angrily: "What gives you the right--"

    He couldn't continue his sentence.

    What gives you the right?

    This land of illusion is a world where the weak are prey to the strong, just like how he could kill other people without the slightest hesitation, why can't others do the same to him?

    When Lu Qiji chopped off Chen Jun's arm, the people that were following her began to arrive one after another.

    There were more and more people, the foot of the mountain became the gathering place for students of Starry Sky Academy.

    Li Muyang looked at Lu Qiji, the line of sight of Lu Qiji was also on him.

    "Want it?" Lu Qiji lifted up the jade wall and said to Li Muyang.

    "Want." Li Muyang said aloud.

    So, Lu Qiji threw the jade wall towards Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang caught it at once, and hid it into his pocket.

    The crowd was speechless and staring in bewilderment.

    This incredibly beautiful purple hair woman, in order to snatch the Illuminating dragon wall, cut off someone's arm.

    In the end, that man just said the word 'want' and she threw it over to him without the slightest hesitation.

    That was the Illuminating Dragon Wall, the Illuminating dragon wall that has a set of dragon clan cultivation method on it. Those that acquire this cultivation method would possibly become famous across the Starry Sky--what is the relationship between that woman and that boy?

    Chen Jun felt like weeping but failed to shed a tear.

    She chopped off his arm and snatched away his item, then with one sentence from another man, no two words and he took it away.

    Did they need to be so affectionate?

    Qiandu looked at Li Muyang, then at Lu Qiji, seemingly deep in thought.

    She finally turned to Li Muyang and said in a low tone: "I thought I was the only one who knew the secret."

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