Chapter 302 - There is no justice!

    Chapter 302: There is no justice!

    In the eyes of the students of the Dragon Slayer major, the relationship between Li Muyang and Lu Qiji was very bad. Several times in class, even the other students and teachers were involved in the dispute between the two. Why was the relationship between Chu Xun and Lin Canghai so tense, because they were the supporters of these two people?

    Now Lu Qiji unhesitatingly chopped off someone's arm and snatched the Illuminating Dragon Wall, and because Li Muyang said the word 'want' she threw it over to him. Even with Qiandu's family background, the Illuminating dragon wall that contained a set of cultivation method of the Dragon Clan was a piece of rare treasure. Her family would find ways to take possession of it no matter the cost.

    But Lu Qiji gifted away such a magical object, was there something fishy?

    An ordinary people, would just had thought that Li Muyang and Lu Qiji had became close. But Qiandu was not an ordinary person, she is attentive and observant, and think deeply and long term. From Lu Qiji's abnormal reaction she knew what it meant.

    Lu Qiji knew that Li Muyang was a dragon.

    And she knew that Li Muyang was a dragon before her.

    Then, Lu Qiji was a person worth investigating.

    Li Muyang and her had never gotten along, and were always in conflict with each other. But when she knew that Li Muyang was a dragon, she did not expose his secret or threaten him, but tried to help him keep it a secret.

    So, who is Lu Qiji? What was her purpose of doing so?

    "I thought I was the only one who knew the secret." Qiandu softly said, jealousy in her tone.

    A woman like Qiandu would also be jealous? Li Muyang couldn't believe his ears.

    Of course, there was no way Li Muyang could answer this question.

    He couldn't expose Lu Qiji's identity, this was their agreement.

    He didn't even want to talk about the fact that he was a dragon, and he thought that as long as hid it deep inside he could pretend that nothing had happened.

    Li Muyang caught the Illuminating dragon wall, and immediately placed it in his bosom.

    Although he was also very curious whether this thing was effective, whether it could really determine he is a dragon or not--He should secretly investigate himself. After all, before when he was dark and ugly, he also liked to look in the mirror in public but was afraid that Li Shinian would make fun of him.

    "Thank you." Li Muyang smiled.

    Lu Qiji did not say a word, just expectantly looked at the little white beat that was hovering in the air and staring in shock at Li Muyang.

    Lu Qiji really like this little thing, wanted to hold it in her own arms. But it was too mischievous, slippery, and fast as lightning. It was hard to catch it.

    "Bastard, give me the Illuminating Dragon wall. Otherwise, don't blame me." "

    "That belong to us, don't think of taking it."

    "Give the Illuminating dragon wall back to us, and we are still schoolmates. If not, then the friendship between schoolmates will be shattered."--

    Watching Li Muyang take the Illuminating Dragon wall and put into his pockets, Huang Huang and the others were obviously extremely dissatisfied.

    When the other students that just arrived heard that a rare treasure like the Illuminating dragon wall had appeared, they stared at Li Muyang's pockets with their eyes gleaming.

    A set of cultivation method of the dragon clan, may not be tempting to the immortal Phoenix a dragon. But this kind of treasure, if put in the outside world, would cause everyone to fight to death over it.

    At this moment, murderous intent was gleaming in Huang Huang's eyes. In order to acquire the Illuminating dragon wall they chased and killed Zhang An-an, but now a Li Muyang came out. One could imagine the indignation and frustration they were feeling.

    His eyes were crimson red, when he held out his hand and almost roared out in anger, "Give it to me."

    "Want it?" Li Muyang asked.

    "Give it."

    "No." Li Muyang said.

    "You want to die?"

    Li Muyang shook his head and sighed. "I am doing this for your sake. You should all know about the saying 'A man's wealth is his own ruin by causing other's greed'. There are six of you, but there is only one dragon wall. If the jade wall is in your hands, how do you distribute it? If the distribution is uneven, wouldn't you kill one another?"

    Huang Huang smiled grimly, "You can't divide our brothers with this kind of preposterous argument. The jade wall contain a set of Dragon Clan cultivation skill, we only need to have the jade wall and then come together to examine it. As to how much is understood, it depends on the individual talent. No one can be blamed."

    "Exactly. We can examine it together, one jade wall is enough."

    "If brothers unite as one, their strength is powerful enough to cut metal. We understand this. "--

    Li Muyang was taken aback for a brief moment, then said: "That's a good plan. I didn't think of it before."

    He thought to himself, in ancient times there was a story of  two peaches killing three scholars. The three people could not divide two peaches, so they slaughtered each other and died.

    Unfortunately, the jade wall was not a peach, these guys won't be able divide it, and have to kill each other.

    Obviously, those three scholars were gluttons.

    Huang hand pointed the blade of his sword at Li Muyang's chest, "Give us the Illuminating dragon wall. We go our own way, and never intersect. Otherwise, leave your life here today."

    "I won't give you it." Li Muyang stated. You broke into my house, stole the treasure of my Dragon Clan, and so arrogantly tell me to hand it back. Isn't that going too far? "Talents and treasure, are reserved for the capable. Now that the Illuminating dragon wall is in my hand, that proves that I am a talented man. Why do you say it's yours?"

    "We took it from Zhang An-an."

    "I know, I know. You stole the Illuminating Dragon wall, so you killed your fellow schoolmates." Li Muyang shouted loudly, letting people know about the evil deeds of Huang Huang and others. "As a result, the Illuminating dragon wall was taken away by an animal, then my friend Lu Qiji took it, and now she gave it to me--if I give it to you, it that not disrespectful?"

    "Brother Huang, don't waste time with him? Come on, guys."

    "Let's get rid of him, with his life gone, let's see how he can protect the Illuminating dragon wall."--

    Che che che--

    Huang Huang and the others drew their sword, one after another, preparing to kill him.

    The magic flute in Qiandu's hands was turning into a dark green colour, gathering boundless strong qi.

    Lu Qiji did not say a word, clasped her sword and stood at the other side of Li Muyang.

    The woman just now chopped off one of Chen Jun's arms, even before Chen Jun could react. She was only standing to one side, but her presence sent chills down everyone's spine. As though if they were careless for a moment she would chop off something of theirs.

    Tie Muxin forced his way through the crowd and said chuckling: "Fighting is so fun, how can I Tie Muxin not be here? Someone is bullying my brother, I will not allow it."

    When the tall and mighty-looking Tie Muxin stood next to Li Muyang, he brought a very strong oppressive feeling.

    Tie Muxin stepped out, Cai Pa naturally followed.

    These two were like two towers, one left and one right, surrounding and protecting Li Muyang.

    With Qiandu, Lu Qiji, Tie Muxin and Cai Pa joining his side, the situation suddenly changed greatly.

    Five against six, the advantage in numbers that the other side had was gone all of a sudden.

    Moreover, based on character, appearance, elegance, aura and the ratio of men and women, Li Muyang's side occupied the upper hand.

    If Tie Muxin had not lowered the average score of the whole team, Li Muyang's Dragon Slayer team could have been the first idol group of the divine continent.

    Li Muyang was staring at Huang Huang like he had nothing to fear. "Anyway, I do not want to fight. Of course, if you want to fight, I am willing to entertain you."

    Huang Huang clenched his teeth, the muscles on his face were constantly twitching.

    However, he could not thrust out his sword.

    In a battle, the most important thing was the confidence of victory.

    Before the two sides had yet to fight, he felt that he might not have any advantage.

    Moreover, he noticed that there were anger and fear in the eyes of his teammates. While their enemies over there, each one of them was full confidence.

    Was it necessary to fight this battle?

    However, if he did not fight, then the Illuminating dragon wall would belong to Li Muyang. He had wasted so much time and so much energy. And he now had to bear the infamy of killing his schoolmates.

    What did Li Muyang do?

    He did nothing but hid the Illuminating dragon wall in his pocket.

    Constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.


    Huang Huang inserted his sword back into its sheath, scowling at Li Muyang, as he grumbled: "Obstructing someone get rich and snatching a person's treasure, is like killing their parents. I will remember this, and you will repay this. If I cannot take this revenge, then I do not deserve to be called a man."

    Once Huang Huang finished speaking, turned, and flew toward the tall forest in the distance.

    Huang Huang's little friends didn't expect him to leave so abruptly.

    The person in charge had ran away, even if they wanted to get the Illuminating dragon wall back, they were incapable of doing so.

    They glanced at one another, then like Huang Huang, abruptly turned around and darted off, chasing after Huang Huang at lightning speed.

    "He ran away after saying those words?" Li Muyang angrily said. Do these people have no sense of shame? You spat so much saliva at someone else's face, but when others are trying to return a mouthful of saliva, you had already fled, and that person who wanted to fight back was almost choked to death by the thick phlegm in their mouth. "Is there any justice in this world?"
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