Chapter 305 - Higher stages of Withered Glory!

    Chapter 305: Higher stages of Withered Glory!

    The Savage amazed the world with a single move.

    There was only a white triangular ball in his hand, and before they had started the real battle, a natural extraordinary scene was appearing across the sky. Black clouds were rolling across, and the surrounding water elements were expelled away. As long as was within the range affected by the spiritual qi, the vegetation wilted, and flowers and leaves also withered. The lives of the small animals with weak vitality were instantly taken away, dying a sudden death.

    Able to decide life and death with one thought, was the power of the Withered Glory realm.

    Martial artists were divided into seven realms based on their strength: Empty Valley, High mountain, Free clouds, Withered Glory, Starry Sky, Astral Projection and Dragon Slayer.

    Empty Valley is the foundation, and the High Mountains is the stairs. Those that were able to reach the Free Clouds were already very talented. It was very rare to see people in the Withered Glory realm, these people were either an important general that protects a region, the master of an influential family or the backbone of an important family. For example, Lu family's Lu Xingkong. With the strength of the Withered Glory realm he had supported the riches and honour of a tremendous family. Any enemies of the Lu Family, whenever they think of the Withered Glory master, they could not help hesitating and start to feel fearful.

    And the reason that the Song Family of the West Wind Kingdom had been standing for tens of thousands of years and not fall, was because in each generation there would be a strong person of the Starry Sky emerging. It was for this reason that even the Kingdom's royal family wanted to be connected to the Song family through marriage and tie them firmly to their own chariot of benefit.

    Martial artists of the Withered Glory were highly respected throughout the Kingdom. Even the Royal family would try to convince them to work for them, and the big influential families would not give up such a talent and try to recruit them.

    But, a savage of the wilderness, was also a master of the Withered Glory realm?

    Li Muyang stared at the savage in astonishment, before turning around to ask Lin Canghai, "Who is he? How can he be so powerful?"

    "I don't know." Lin Canghai said dumbfounded. He was very clear what the strength of Withered Glory represents. "I know he is a senior of Starry Sky Academy, he entered the illusion of water before us--before I had naively thought I'd knock him out and run away."

    "Luckily you didn't do such a stupid thing. Otherwise we seriously would not see you again." Li Muyang said in a shaky voice

    Seeing that Savage revealed the strength of Withered Glory, Qiandu immediately flew over to Li Muyang and Lin Canghai. "Weak water spirit is a rare treasure, do we want to fight for it?"

    "Naturally." Lin Canghai said unhesitatingly. "It's a treasured object lost for tens of thousands of years. I had always hoped to catch a glimpse of it, but we happened to run into on this trip. If we don't fight it would fall into other people's hands. Are you willing to watch that happen?"

    "If we gather all us strength, we might have a chance." Li Muyang whispered. He looked at the triangular ball of light the Savage's hand. "However, this savage is ultimately a big enemy. I have no idea how strong a Withered Glory master could be, do you know?"

    As a trash that had never made any progress from the lower stages of the Empty Valley, in the face of a Withered Glory expert there was no chance for him to fight back. Unless he publicly transform into the dragon, but in that case--even if he obtained the heart of the weak water, it would only lead him to the path of death.

    But Lu Qiji still had a cold, indifferent look on her face, not at all concerned about the appearance of the Heart of weak water or a Savage of the Withered Glory realm.

    This older sister was a person who had seen and been through a lot, the scene in front had nothing worthy of being amazed about.

    With her strength during her peak period, one fireball of hers could have extinguished a person of the Withered Glory realm and could kill more than 100 a day. And she would still have the time to soak in the hot spring up at Heavenly lake, and eat some golden scale sashimi at the Ice mountain......

    The whip in Cai Pa's hands was blazing fiercely, restless and itching for some action.

    Tie Muxin grabbed her arm, looking earnestly into Cai Pa's eyes and said: "Do you believe me?"


    "Don't fight." Tie Muxin urged. "If it was other treasured object, I wouldn't stop you. I'd like to fight with you. But a treasured object like the heart of weak water heart, we must not fight for. Also we can't fight. Let alone whether we can obtain it, even if we do, we do not have the luck to enjoy it. We would very soon be killed by others. We can't defend a treasure like that."

    Cai Pa was silent for a moment then replied, "You have a point.""

    Tie Muxin was glancing over at the direction of Li Muyang, saying: "I have a hunch that Li Muyang may have a chance."

    "He's not as strong as you or me." Cai Pa said in an unconvinced tone.

    "That's right but--" Tie Muxin grinned, "But he was able to swim in the weak water. Have you forgetten what happened in the weak water?"


    Cai Pa could not understand Tie Muxin's blind adoration of Li Muyang, such a man was not cute at all.

    The triangular ball of light was still growing in size in the Savage's hand, and then slowly rose into the air, like a silvery triangular door had emerged in mid-air.

    As the light ball was expanding, the aura of destruction was incessantly spreading.

    Wherever it went, like a storm had swept past, everything was destroyed into pieces.

    Savage calmly looked at the panic expression on the Starry Sky students' face, uttering in a low voice: "Everyone should be responsible for their choice. Whatever that choice is."

    As he spoke, he suddenly clenched his fingers into a tight fist.

    The triangular gate overhead was suddenly squeezed inward, then a loud noise shook the sky.


    The triangular gate had exploded, turning into innumerable beams of white light that wildly spread across.

    The Starry Sky students that crowded around ready to get rid of the Savage were unable to counterattack at all, and were swept into the high altitude, before dropped into a very remote place.

    Qiandu promptly activated the glass mirror, protecting Li Muyang and Lin Canghai within, and was not affected by the attack of the strong wind.

    Lu Qiji stood motionless in her original place. There was nothing strange except the violet glow in her eyes.

    The martial arts that Tie Muxin cultivates emphasises on strength, and adding to this the savage's attack was not aimed at them, so Cai Pa and him were only blasted a little distance away. They lost balanced and fell to the ground.

    Li Muyang could tell that the savage did not exert all his strength. Otherwise, the strong qi would have torn those people into pieces.

    After this blow, those Starry Sky students that were yelling that they would get rid of the savage and the Chong Diao were suddenly all cleared away.

    Even the gravel and flowers on the ground had vanished without a trace, and the giant rock that the Chong Diao was standing on just now was also flattened completely.

    The water elements were gone and the air had also disappeared.

    Standing in the center, Savage had formed a vacuum zone with a radius of several miles.

    "Too powerful." Li Muyang exclaimed in astonishment. "Is this the power of the Withered Glory realm?"

    "Withered Glory is the most tyrannical state that can be cultivated by a master of the human race. If one enters the Starry sky realm, they have entered into a half deity state." Qiandu whispered to Li Muyang. "This person has reached the higher stages of the Withered Glory realm, he can be considered one of the top masters in the entire West Wind Kingdom. I didn't think there would be such a strange person in the illusion."

    "Higher stages of the Withered Glory." Lin Canghai cried. "The Starry Sky realm is the next step. That is the extremely rare strong person of the Starry Sky in the divine continent--do we really want to fight with such person over the weak water spirit?"

    "Must try." Li Muyang said in a low voiced. He wanted the weak water and even more wanted Snowball. Deep in his heart there was a strong desire to possess this little snowball.

    Savage had displayed his power with one move, even those Starry Sky students that were able to remain at the scene dared not rashly clash with him.

    The transparent little beast was also impacted, its body tumbling upside down several times in the air.

    But, like there was some sort of attractive force here, it did not run away immediately. Instead it looked at the Savage with an upset and fearful look. It did not understand why it was treated like that.

    Also, the snowball's was constantly spitting out bubbles. Everytime a bubble appeared, a great amount of water element was separated out from that bubble. One bubble became 10 bubbles, and 10 bubbles separated into 100 bubbles.

    And the water elements that were pushed out were coming this way again. Very soon the water elements filled this vacuum zone once again.

    The transparent little beast was living in a world full of water elements again, immediately becoming joyful and lively like before.

    It then stared at Savage, and looked at Li Muyang, distinctly sensing the pressure.

    Once there was pressure, it began to blow out bubbles again.


    There were more and more bubbles in the area, and the number of water elements was more and more concentrated. It almost sealed off everyone.

    Lin Canghai could evidently feel that it was much more difficult to breathe than before. "Senior Savage had mentioned that, when the heart of weak water sense danger, it would release more water elements. When one exerts strength on the water, the water would use the same amount of strength to fight against you. Too much water elements would cause the space to burst and the entire water illusion would disappear. There is a possibility that we may disappear with the water elements and never get back out."

    "I see." Li Muyang was pale with shock. "If we fight with the Savage, we would release more qi and cause great destructive to the illusion. In that case, the water elements would become more and more concentrated, and it would become more and more dangerous for us--Do we have to fight?"

    "Fight." Qiandu and Lin Canghai responded in a resolute tone.

    "This is its territory, it's best not to use force. We must outsmart it." Li Muyang shouted to the savage. "With love, and with care."

    Savage stared blankly at Li Muyang, what is this guy talking about?

    He lightly patted the Chong Diao on the back.


    The Chong Diao shrieked, suddenly shot toward Little Snowball that was cheerfully spitting out bubble in mid-air.

    The moment it notice the Chong Diao's attack, it blew out several bubbles at once, its four little legs fluttering at lightning speed, disorderly turned around and escaped into a distant place.

    While fleeing there was still bubbles foaming at its mouth.

    Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai exchanged glances with one another, before shouting aloud, "Chase."

    A group of people sped over to the place where the snow-white beast had fled off.
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