Chapter 306 - True love is invincible!

    Chapter 306: True love is invincible!

    Water has no form, Snowball could also change into any shape.

    Under the savage's relentless chasing and attacks, it was sometimes squashed, flattened, and elongated, and accidentally knocked into a tree trunk or mountain wall, turning into splashes of water sliding downward.

    When the droplets of water gathered back together on the ground, a new Snowball jumped back up in a daze, shook the crystal water droplets from its head, and began a new round of escaping.




    While fleeing, Snowball did not stop the blowing, spitting out colourful crystal bubbles after another.

    Those bubbles were jellyfish that could rapidly split to create more sources of water elements.

    In its efforts to counterattack, there were more and more water elements in the illusion, more and more concentrated. Everyone's breathing and action were beginning to be affected, breathing was much more difficult, and their running speed was slower than before.

    As a master of the higher stages of the Withered Glory, and had the help of Chong Diao, whose speed was fast as lightning and an expert in concealing, Savage still had not succeeded and even until now, had made no progress. 。

    There were countless times that Snowball was within reach, and several times he had held Snowball in his arms. But the little thing was too mischievous and too powerful, able to break free from his fingers or squeezing between the gaps.

    Even though he had failure again and again, the savage still would not give up until he captured it and commanded the Chong Diao to follow Snowball.

    Snowball was small and adorable, like a baby that had shrunk.

    The Chong Diao was as large as a cow, moving like a big black monster.

    The little one was running away in front, while the larger one was chasing closely behind. Anyone who sees Snowball would feel pity for it.

    However, during the long chase, Snowball was not the slightest bit tired, but was stronger as the battle prolonged.

    While the Chong Diao was getting more and more tired, its flying speed was slower than before. Its mouth was wide open panting, as if would soon be physically worn out.

    The course of the battle between Snowball and the savage, was the course of events that Li Muyang and the others were watching.

    Li Muyang and Lin Canghai, under the protection of Qiandu's glass mirror, were not at all affected by the concentrated water elements outside. Keeping a distance not too far or near from the savage, they were waiting for a chance to catch the savage off guard.

    No one wanted the savage to succeed, not even Lin Canghai, who had received kindness from the savage. He did not want Savage to steal the heart of weak water.

    They do not want anyone but themselves to have the heart of the weak water.

    This was their reward.

    The people of the Divine continent often say that: there is loyalty because the 'bargaining chips' for betrayal was not enough.

    Obviously, the heart of weak water was enough. And there was not a treasure comparable to this bargaining chip on this divine continent.

    Li Muyang did not want to provoke the savage, did not want to anger a strong person of the Withered Glory realm. If the savage gave up on chasing Snowball and instead concentrated his attention to deal with them, the consequences would be terrifying. Didn't he blast away more than 10 Starry Sky students with one of his palm attacks before?

    A person who had lived alone for such a long time, who knows whether he had become a psycho or not?

    Lu Qiji, not the slightest afraid of the power of a strong person of the Withered Glory realm, was running in front of Li Muyang and the other people. It was almost like she was running side by side with the savage. When the savage shifted left, she followed. When the savage moved to the right, she also followed to the right. When the Savage cut through mountains and passed through forests, she followed cutting through mountains and passing through the forests.

    The Starry-Sky robe on her was clean and tidy, and without a speck of dust. She was not as unrestrained as Qiandu to only wear a piece of undergarment, and not as indecent as Li Muyang who was only wearing an outer robe and nothing inside.

    While moving swiftly, her robe was fluttering and her purple hair was blowing in the wind. Her face was absolutely beautiful and her appearance was cold and serious, like a goddess of the Ninth Heaven.

    Lin Canghai was gazing infatuated, muttering: "I didn't know that Lu Qiji was this beautiful."

    When he recovered from his surprise, remembering that his sister did not like Lu Qiji, and Li Muyang and Lu Qiji also have had several conflicts before, he hurriedly explained: "Of course, not even one percent as beautiful as classmate Qiandu."

    Lu Qiji cast a glance at Lin Canghai and chuckled: "The harder one tries to conceal a thing, the more it attracts attention."

    Qiandu was also very beautiful, but her beauty was not like that of Lu Qiji, which would hurt other people's eyes.

    Her beauty was a kind of graceful beauty, calm beauty, magnanimous beauty, and also the beauty of wisdom.

    Lin Canghai laughed foolishly, deliberately changing the topic: "Do you think senior Savage will catch the weak water spirit?"

    "We need to ask you that." Li Muyang said aloud. "You've been with him the longest, and you two had a barbecue together--"

    "How do you know I've had a barbecue?" Lin Canghai asked in surprise.

    "There's a smell of barbecue when you talk, how would I not know?" Li Muyang shot a bitter glance at Qiandu: "In order to search for this person, us two had suffered and were tortured so much, for what? This kid has been hiding in a cave having a barbecue."

    "Do not drink the water of a fountain when thirsty. I originally didn't want to eat either." Lin Canghai's face was red with shame. 'But when I woke up I found myself really hungry, and the aroma of barbecued meat was too good. I thought I would have the strength to fight with people after eating, so I reluctantly ate some."

    "All right, all right, you don't have to explain. It's not a big deal. You had talked to him, you should know the most about him. Who is he? How did he become a student of Starry Sky? There haven't been students left behind in the illusion these two years, right? Teacher Yang had said that there were students that did not want to leave the illusion many years ago, because they want to use the spiritual aura in the illusion to rapidly improve their cultivation level. But they ran into danger and disappeared. After that no one dared to do such a thing."

    After a brief pause, Li Muyang said with a pensive look: "Could he be a student that entered the illusion in these past few years? The return of a student of the Withered Glory realm would cause an uproar, and any other nations would accept him. Why would he want to hide in this wilderness and suffer?"

    "He is here for the heart of weak water." Lin Canghai explained. "He said that he has been waiting for the heart of weak water for years and must take it back. He also said that he is an abandoned student of Starry Sky, and came to the illusion with an important mission. I was more and more puzzled as I listened."

    "Abandoned child of Starry Sky?" Li Muyang said thoughtfully. "It's a strange thing that the school would ask students to come in for the heart of weak water."

    "Indeed." Lin Canghai said. "I've been trying to figure this out."

    Just then, the savage suddenly separated himself from the Chong Diao, soaring into the sky.

    His figure vanished under the eyes of the crowd, darted ahead of Snowball and searched around with a puzzled look on his face. Why he did not chase anymore?

    Savage didn't chase after it, Snowball also stopped fleeing.

    Its white figure was running around in circles in the air, scanning for the silhouette of the savage.

    Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai came to a stop. Lu Qiji and Tie Muxin and Cai Pa who were trying to catch up also stopped.

    Everyone stared at Snowball who was circling around, but no one made any reckless movements.

    Because they knew that the savage must had another plan. He had been searching for Snowball all these years, would he so easily give up?

    However, after a long while, it was still soundless and motionless.

    It was as though the savage really was gone.

    The Chong Diao sat perched in a huge tree, staring ferociously at Li Muyang and the others.

    It remembered Li Muyang pulling out the spikes on its back and ruthlessly stabbing it.

    Li Muyang smiled coldly, thinking to himself: I haven't come to find you yet. Why is a wild bird holding a grudge? If the savage wasn't protecting you, I'd have turned you into a roast bird.

    I'm curious how does one of the ten most vicious beasts of the Divine Continent tastes like.

    However, whether it tastes good or not, I would gain face, right?

    Snowball's body tightened, suddenly feeling danger.

    It scanned around, but did not know where the source of the danger was.

    Just then, there was a drop of water in the air.

    When Snowball saw the bead of water, it worked all its four legs frantically and shrieked, attempting to escape.

    Unfortunately, it was still one step behind.

    Above the sky, there was a huge net emerging.

    The big silver net was spreading across the sky, completely shrouding the area where Snowball was.

    Snowball was frantically fleeing and making evasive leaps, but the silver net was also shrinking fast.


    Snowball's head was slammed into the silver wall of net.

    The savage appeared again, holding a silver porcelain bottle in his hand.

    The silver porcelain, which was transformed from the savage's essential yuan qi, was indestructible and invulnerable, that not even a drop of water could penetrate.

    Return to the yuan bottle at once!

    Snowball was helplessly drawn into the silver porcelain bottle. Through the silver transparent bottle, Snowball could be seen jumping up and down, making pitiful chirping sounds.

    The savage flicked his finger, and there was a silver ball fell on the bottle top. The  exit was completely sealed.

    The Savage joyfully gazed at Snowball, saying in a soft voice: "I have waited for 60 years, you will follow me back to Starry Sky. From then on, you and I are companions. I will not treat you badly."

    Everyone's jaw dropped upon hearing his words.

    This savage, has been in this illusion for 60 years?

    "That is true love." Li Muyang sighed. His heart was aching seeing Snowball struggling and crying in the bottle. But he did not expect the savage to remain in the illusion for 60 years just for Snowball, and was finally able to capture it with his own hands today.

    But why did he feel a pain in his heart?

    Talents and treasure are reserved for the capable. He was also very gifted, right?


    A cold and fierce blade of qi struck the yuan bottle in the savage's hand.
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