Chapter 307 - Natural fire bird!

    Chapter 307: Natural fire bird!

    Someone was attempting a robbery!

    Robbing a Withered Glory Master of the treasured object that he had been waiting 60 years for!

    Anyone who saw this, would think that the robber doesn't have a brain.

    Of course, if that person was Lu Qiji, everything could be explained.

    The moment Li Muyang saw the blade of qi whizzing past, he knew that it was Lu Qiji, and also it must be Lu Qiji.

    Before when Li Muyang did not know about the identity of Lu Qiji, he had once mistakenly disturbed Lu Qiji while she was training by the cliff. At that time, Lu Qiji, without saying a single work, threw out a qi blade at him.

    Fortunately, Li Muyang was handsome, smart, resourceful, skilful and agile, and was able to evade the attack with one calm and graceful movement, his face did not redden, did not gasp for breath and his hair was not messed up at all.

    Now that he saw this blade of qi again, unexpectedly there was a feeling of a pleasant surprise like a reunion.

    "How good would it be if it hits." Li Muyang thought to himself.

    Moreover, the people that were present who had the courage and strength to do this sort of thing, there was only Lu Qiji.

    Li Muyang could, but he needed to transform into a dragon--

    The blade of qi was swift, fierce and silent, like a lightning, striking the silver porcelain bottle in the savage's hand.

    Lu Qiji's goal was very simple: to use a strong method to break the Savage's yuan bottle', so that the heart of weak water has an opportunity to escape.

    As for the ownership of Snowball, everyone who had the ability could fight over it.

    In any case she couldn't let the savage take Snowball away so easily.

    Snowball did not want it, they also did not agree.

    The savage was a master of Withered Glory realm after all, so when the heart of the weak water was finally in his hands, he was much more vigilant against the surrounding people. Noticing the sudden attack of the qi blade, he simply snapped his fingers, and the qi blade that seemed as though had a tangible, solid presence landed in between his two fingers.


    The blade of qi shrieked aloud.

    A surge of energy brought it upwards, trying to break free of his fingers to the place where it should be.

    However, like a small fish caught in a net, no matter how hard the small fish struggled, there was no way of escaping from inside the net.

    Savage had one hand holding the yuan bottle containing the heart of weak water, while the other hand was clamping the blade of qi that was constantly screeching and trying to break free, as he scowled at Lu Qiji who was standing not far away and saying in a deep and low voice: "Since you all are students of Starry Sky, from the same roots, and cultivation is not easy, so I have been tolerating you guys, let you tail behind, and create obstruction for me again and again. I cannot bear to injure your lives, nor destroy your actions. As a result, it got worse, and you even want to snatch the heart of the weak water off me."

    Savage stared intently at Snowball inside the yuan bottle, a murderous look in his eyes, and his voice turned frosty cold.

    "If you break my yuan bottle, the heart of the weak water would be set free, my 60 years of waiting would come to nothing, my time would be wasted. Do you know what this means to me? Can I wait another 60 years? If I waited another 60 years, would it appear? Can I trap it in the bottle? Without the heart of weak water, what is the meaning of my 60 years of waiting?"

    The blade of qi in the savage's hand was rumbling incessantly, not only did it not disappear, but constantly growing larger.

    It was just a willow leaf flying dagger, but in the hands of the savage it soon grew into a ghost faced machete of several feet long.

    It was no longer clamped between his two fingers, but he needed five fingers to hold it tightly.

    The ghost faced machete was similarly not a solid real substance, but formed from essential qi.

    "You guys kill without spilling blood." The savage said in a cold voice. "In that case, don't blame me for being heartless."

    As he spoke, he swung the huge ghost faced machete up and slashed down in the direction of Lu Qiji.


    There was a crack appearing in the sky.

    There was a deep ditch above the ground, continuing for several miles, and it looked like a long, pitch-black snake.

    The water elements were destroyed, the air was destroyed, the space was destroyed, the trees on the ground and the mountain flowers as well as the deep and immeasurable ground were also destroyed.

    After this attack, the ghost faced machete had disappeared from sight.

    But the power of the huge sword attack still remained, the air was set into flames by the strong qi, spreading like a wildfire.

    Lu Qiji was gone.

    As though the machete had chopped her into fragments.

    "Lu Qiji--" Lin Canghai cried. Such a beautiful girl, if would be a shame if she had died. He likes good-looking people and he hasn't seen enough.

    Of course, Li Muyang knew she wouldn't die so easily.

    Because she is Lu Qiji.

    The water elements began to ripple, another ripple appeared and then another.

    The figure of Lu Qiji gradually showed up, staring indifferently at the savage.

    Savage evidently was somewhat amazed, looking at Lu Qiji he said: "The standard of the students of Starry Sky is getting better, a freshman of Starry Sky could endure the force of a blow from a master of Withered Glory realm. You will have boundless achievements in the future."

    Lu Qiji did not feel that he was praising her, she certainly knew that she would have boundless achievements in the future, wait until the heart of Phoenix turns purple, let alone receiving a full force attack from a master of the Withered Glory, even if those Dragon Slayer masters of the human race come over, they would just be delivering food to her?

    "Give me Snowball." Lu Qiji commanded, glaring at the Savage. Influenced by Li Muyang, she began to call the heart of the weak water Snowball. She felt the name was apt for the heart of weak water, and more humane than the names 'heart of the weak water' or the 'spirit of water'.

    The manner in which she said these words were forceful and unhesitating, as though Snowball was her pet that accidentally ran out and was captured by people.

    "Is this woman crazy?" Tie Muxin looked astonished. "Does she know who she's talking to? That Savage is a strong person of the Withered Glory realm. If he gets angry, he can move mountains and drain seas. Would you still live?"

    Cai Pa was watching intently, replying: "Only such a talented person can become a strong person of the Starry Sky. Because she has a strong heart."

    "She has to protect her life first." Tie Muxin retorted.

    Cai Pa shot a disdainful glance at Tie Muxin. "She obviously needs to protect her life first, but the heart of weak water that is seen once only in tens of thousands of years has nothing to do with you--Is this the life you want?  One must live as a hero in this world. And remain a hero after death."

    Tie Muxin stared at her blankly.

    He felt that what Cai Pa said made a lot of sense, but vaguely there was something incorrect somewhere.

    Savage's brows drew together in a frown, he had always felt that he was a strange person.

    But obviously, the girl in front of him was more bizarre than him.

    She stretched out her hand and asked for his heart of weak water, and did so in such a blatant way.

    "Aren't you afraid of death?" Savage asked aloud.

    Lu Qiji's mouth was curving upwards at the corners in a mocking smile, uttering: "You cannot kill me."


    The savage was evidently enraged.

    They were both martial experts, and the most important thing for them was face. They care most about their own unique knowledge being recognised, their strength being respected by others.

    When a woman says to a man, 'you cannot kill me', it hurts their self-esteem as much as saying 'you can't'.

    "This woman does not respect me." Savage said to himself.

    A savage is also a person; savage needed to prove himself, to revive the power of a man.

    So, in his hand, a triangular ball of transparent light was forming once again.

    It was the same triangular shape as before, but several times larger and brighter than the previous transparent ball of light that blasted away a dozens of Starry Sky students.

    Savage had lost his patience with Lu Qiji, he no longer cared that they were from the same school.。

    The ball of light once again rose into the air, looming over Lu Qiji like a triangular frame.

    On Lu Qiji's palm was a flame emerging, a blazing purple-red flame.

    If examined closely, the shape of the flame was like that of a little bird flapping its wings.

    "Fire Phoenix starts a prairie fire." Li Muyang thought to himself. Phoenix is the form of Lu Qiji, but also her primordial spirit. Just like how he has to transform into a dragon if he wants to display his fighting strength. "

    However, because those characteristics and features were too obvious, it was easy to reveal his identity.  If Li Muyang was to transform into a dragon and fight, everyone would know that he was a dragon--this is nonsense.

    In order to have the heart of weak water, Lu Qiji would unhesitatingly risked exposing her identity to fight. It must be said that, her love to Snowball was also true love.

    As expected, seeing the increasingly fierce flame in Lu Qiji's hand, Qiandu's eyes grew puzzled, muttering: "A fire bird? An natural fire bird?"

    Some essential qi or essential yuan can turn into various shapes through acquired transformation. For example, Qiandu's magic flute. The tune that she plays was based on her mood and fighting needs, it could transform into lightning, spears, or a formation of swords. But the fire that was born in Lu Qiji's hand was the shape of a little bird, and adding to this the little bird could also grow freely. It had the appearance and movement of a bird. This was very shocking.

    This was a natural fire bird, which was much more advanced than the acquired ability of transformation, and the power was also a lot stronger.

    The fact that a freshman of Starry Sky had reached this level, was astonishing beyond words.

    Even though the savage was a master of the Withered Glory realm, the triangular ball of light that he casted out was also transformed through acquired transformation. The moves were not the same level as that of Lu Qiji.

    "An natural fire bird." Lin Canghai was very sensitive to the outside world, and also knowledgeable and experienced. His knowledge of martial arts was very abundant. "I can feel the burning aura of the fire bird."

    He looked around the environment, and calmly said, "These two people might blow up the illusion and we'll never get out of here."
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