Chapter 309 - Let me try!

    Chapter 309: Let me try!

    The return to the Yuan bottle was casted from the yuan qi of a master of the Withered Glory realm, and said to be invulnerable to attacks of swords and knives.

    Even if a top master of the higher stages of the High Mountain attacked with full strength, it would not leave a trace on the bottle, and the attacker would instead would be wounded by the rebound force. Even a master of the same level would find it difficult to break other's return to the yuan bottle.

    But the sturdy bottle was crushed by the seemingly insignificant, tiny, powerless water elements.

    Savage was shocked for a moment, and then hurriedly released the essential yuan within his body to repair the bottle.

    The cracks in the bottle were instantly smoothed, and the bottle again returned to its perfect silver transparent state.

    The little snowball, as if unconscious, was still sitting down at the bottom of the bottle spitting out bubbles.

    Pfff pfff--

    Concentrating its energy, it looked silly and cute.

    Seeing that Savage had mended the yuan bottle that was almost bursting open in such a shot time, Lu Qiji's eyes grew fiercer, thinking of rushing forward to fight the savage again.

    "Let him mend it." Li Muyang whispered, holding her back.

    The repairing of the bottle consumes yuan qi, and as long as Snowball continues to spit out bubbles inside the bottle, cracks would constantly appear across the bottle. If Savage wanted to trap Snowball, he would have to constantly waste his essential yuan qi to repair the bottle.

    The savage and Snowball had went into battle mode; Snowball wanted to come out, Savage didn't want to let snowball out--In the end either Snowball would be exhausted to death or Savage would expend his essential qi and die.

    Li Muyang betted on a Snowball victory!

    After all, Snowball has an extremely cool name: Heart of the weak water.

    So, there was no need for him to go up there and interfere.

    Lu Qiji also agreed. They patiently waited for the outcome of the battle between savage and Snowball.

    As long as the savage did not take Snowball away, she could wait and not attack for now.

    Even if the savage wins in the end, his yuan qi would be mostly used up and they could easily win against him.

    Savage saw through Li Muyang and Lu Qiji's plan, sneered: "You think you can succeed if my essential qi is exhausted?"

    Li Muyang said smilingly: "We were not thinking of that. Because Snowball and you are fighting so we do not want to intervene.  You would think that we're bullying you, and it would be unfair."

    Savage obviously knew that Li Muyang was not speaking the truth, but there was nothing he could do.

    After all, the heart of the weak water was in his hands now, and he would not, no matter what, give it to others.

    Snowball would escape the moment the yuan bottle bursts open, if he did not want Snowball to leave, he could only continue pouring out essential qi to repair the cracks on the bottle--

    It seemed like a stupid choice, but was the only way.

    Savage did not want to waste time talking with Li Muyang, hand gave a short sharp whistle.

    The Chong Diao heard his call, its huge wing stretched opened, flying over to the savage's direction.

    "He wants to leave." Lu Qiji was furious, struck a blade of qi over at the Chong Diao.


    The Chong Diao was only thinking of collecting the savage that he was unable to dodge the attack, causing half of its wings to be cut off.

    Unable to maintain balance with one wing, Chong Diao dropped to the ground.

    At the same time, Li Muyang and Lu Qiji launched an attack, charging over to where the savage was with one on the right and the other on the left.


    The ground shook once again.

    Red light was filling the sky once again.

    The dust had settled, and the savage was standing motionless in the air, along with Lu Qiji and Li Muyang.

    Their fist and palms were making contact, having a battle of internal strength.

    Savage was a master of the Withered Glory, his empty valley had been filled fully long ago, and has an abundant and inexhaustible amount of essential qi.

    Li Muyang and Lu Qiji were young geniuses, come from a noble background, have a mysterious past history, and possess a variety of magical techniques to help them.

    The two sides were so well matched that it was hard to tell who was better.

    Savage's palm was taking on both Li Muyang and Lu Qiji's fists. The Savage's qi was turning to a white transparent state, Li Muyang's was a faint red and Lu Qiji's was crimson.

    The three currents of qi were colliding against one another, producing loud crackling and whizzing.

    From time to time the white current exploded, blasting forth a strong stream of qi to where Li Muyang and Lu Qiji were. Sometimes the red qi had the upper hand and the savage was unstable and looked shaky.

    The three sides were constantly increasing their strength, no one wanted to be blown away at this critical moment.

    Moreover, in this battle of qi one would lose if they do not fight.

    If the savage was the first one to put away his strength, he might lose the heart of weak water.

    If Li Muyang was the first to stop, Lu Qiji would not be able to fight the Savage on her own.

    If Lu Qiji wanted to have that heart of weak water, she must not stop pouring in strength.

    The three people formed a delicate balance.

    "Sister Wang, shall we go help?"  Lin Canghai whispered to Qiandu.

    "Watch a little longer." Qiandu whispered back. "Li Muyang should not be defeated."

    Lin Canghai nodded. "I did not expect Li Muyang and Lu Qiji to be so powerful. If I knew Lu Qiji was this strong, I would had practiced with her in the academy."

    "And then be humiliated by her?"

    "Sister Wang--"

    "There are white qi and red qi, the battle is so stunning." Tie Muxin exclaimed.


    Qiandu felt that she was surrounded by two dim-witted guys.

    During the battle of qi between Li Muyang and Lu Qiji and the savage, the yuan bottle again was again making snapping and breaking sounds once again.

    While withstanding the joint attacks from Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, the savage was still repairing the bottle with his essential qi. Doing two things at once, his essential qi was being consumed at a much faster rate. There was a feeling that his strength was not enough.

    Savage stared at Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, uttering in an angry tone, "If you do not stop, the bottle will break, the heart of weak water will escape. It would be even harder to get it back then. I waited 60 years for this, can you wait 60 years?"

    Li Muyang glanced at Lu Qiji, and she coldly replied, "Give me Snowball, and we will naturally stop. If you take Snowball away, I would rather it continue to live in the illusion of water--"

    "You think too highly of yourself." Savage's eyes were flashing with a fierce killing intent.

    A white gush of qi burst forth like a real entity.


    The three burst of strong qi collided with one another and exploded.

    Li Muyang and Lu Qiji were propelled away by the majestic force, while the Savage's body disappeared in the smoke.

    When the fire and smoke had dispersed, Savage's body was appearing again, there was a scene that left everyone's mouth gaping speechless.

    Savage was bound by water elements.

    The concentrated number of water elements were firmly wrapping around him. He was like a little fish trapped in a heavy fish net.

    Not sure when, the yuan bottle in the savage's hand had been broken.

    Snowball had escaped from the bottle, and was bound by the water elements with the savage.

    A tsunami of water elements in the bottle as pouring out, piling up around where Snowball was, firmly wrapping it in within. Either it was too late for the Savage too escape or he did not want to escape, along with Snowball he was trapped in the water elements.

    The water elements that were bursting out of the bottle were constantly splitting, causing more water elements gushing that way from all directions.

    It was just a small hillside, but very soon, those water elements had accumulated into a mountain, becoming a huge white transparent mountain of water elements.

    In this wilderness, a towering mountain was heaped up at the speed visible to the naked eye.

    What was more magical was that the temperature of the mountain built by the water elements was getting lower, and would very soon become an ice mountain.

    Under the faint light of the moon, it looks like there were glittering white light, as if it was the sacred city of immortals.

    Snowball was sealed by the Snow Mountain, the savage was also frozen in the snow mountain.

    Li Muyang, Lu Qiji, Qiandu and Lin Canghai and other people were standing at the foot of the ice mountain, gazing up at a huge mountain in front that looked like an illusion.

    "What just happened? Why did it become an ice mountain?" Lin Canghai asked in a puzzled tone.

    "The heart of the weak water sensed danger, so gathered a great deal of water elements, forming an ice moutain to surround it completely. To protect itself." Qiandu explained. "Perhaps the battle just now had destroyed the balance of the illusion. The water elements sensed that its source was at risk, so spontaneously accumulated at this side to protect the heart of the weak water from harm."

    Seeing that there were more and more water elements gushing over from all directions, adhering to the ice mountain, becoming the foundation of the ice mountain and forming a layer of ice to strengthen the ice mountain, Qiandu said worriedly: "It seems that all the water elements in the illusion of water would come here. The ice mountain is getting bigger, and the temperature of the illusion is dropping. We have to leave immediately. Otherwise, we will be frozen to death in the ice mountain."

    Lin Canghai who blindly worshipped and trusted Qiandu, nodded and said: "Then I'll tell Li Muyang and the others to leave quickly."

    Li Muyang was standing at the foot of the ice mountain, looking at the sparkling and translucent ice mountain. No one knew what he was thinking about.

    Lin Canghai went over, urging: "Li Muyang, we have to quickly leave. Otherwise, we can't get out. The illusion of water may turn into an illusion of ice sculpture, and we will all be frozen."

    Lu Qiji was unwilling to let go off the opportunity of possessing the heart of the weak water heart, a red fireball emerged on her palm and grew to a blazing Phoenix that mercilessly struck the ice mountain.

    The Phoenix's body was smashed into pieces, leaving only a single flame that fell down and was very soon frozen by the ice.

    There were also chunks of ice being knocked off, but in comparison to the huge mountain peak, just as people often say--it was just the tip of the ice mountain. The ice mountain did not sway in the slightest.

    Lu Qiji, unwilling to give up, again casted another fire Phoenix to collide into the ice mountain.


    Chunks of ice of various size were dropping down, but they still could not break the ice mountain and rescue Snowball out.

    "It's no use." Lin Canghai shook his head, sighed, looked at Lu Qiji and explained: "The speed that the ice are being destroyed is not as fast as the growth of the ice mountain. It's almost dawn, and if you don't leave, you'll never be able to get out."

    A purple glow was flickering within Lu Qiji's eyes, as she was hesitating whether to fully display the power of the heat of Phoenix.

    However, if she did so, her identity would no longer be a secret.

    However she was unwilling to abandon the heart of weak water.

    "Let me try." Li Muyang said loudly.
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