Chapter 311 - Muyang is missing!

    Chapter 311: Muyang is missing!

    The fact that Qiandu and Lu Qiji were not on good terms, made Li Muyang somewhat glad.

    If they were as close as sisters, it would be difficult to hide many things.

    It's hard to keep a secret between women.

    Just like Li Shinian and her best friends. What if after drinking a little wine, Lu Qiji said to Qiandu: I'll tell you a secret, you must never tell anyone else, Li Muyang is a dragon, he was possessed by the Dragon king--

    Seeing that Qiandu and Lu Qiji were unwilling to answer his question, Li Muyang helplessly said, "Then I can only take a risk."

    Li Muyang reached out his hand and the huge wolf pearl that was as large as the red sun was lowering in the sky, getting smaller as it was falling, until it fell on the palm of Li Muyang again and became a little flame.

    "What are you going to do?" Qiandu asked.

    "I'm going in." Li Muyang said loudly.


    Lu Qiji and Qiandu said in unison.

    After that, the two women looked at each other and did not say anything else.

    "You don't have to worry, I have the wolf pearl in my hands, it will be fine."

    "Can the wolf pearl protect you from being transported to another domain? Would it bring you back safely?" Qiandu dissuaded. Although the Wolf King said that someone had borrowed the wolf pearl to take the heart of the weak water, it did not say what that person used the wolf pearl for. If that person depended on the wolf pearl to get the heart of the weak water back then, then the heart of the weak water would not still remain in this illusion. What can you do if you go in with this wolf pearl?"

    "Since that man borrowed the wolf pearl and returned it to the Wolf King, that means that person safely left the illusion--" Li Muyang looked upwards. After the wolf pearl fell from the sky, it was getting darker. In contrast to the outside world, the darker the sky indicates that dawn was coming. When the red moon rises, it is when darkness falls. "That's the heart of the weak water. It is the rarely encountered heart of the weak water. That Savage waited 60 years to have a chance to meet it, how lucky are we?"

    "We finally managed to enter the illusion, after what we experienced, do we just wave goodbye to the heart of the weak water and just return to the Academy with nothing? Can you do that? I can't."

    Coming back empty-handed from the Treasure Mountain was clearly not in line with the Dragon Clan's greedy personality.

    And, compared to Qiandu and others, Li Muyang had an extraordinary desire for strength.

    The stronger he was, the greater power he had to protect his family.

    He hoped that there would be one day that he did not need to rely on the Dragon Clan's power, for his family and him to live happily in peace.

    Besides, Snowball is so cute, he definitely could pick up lots of girls with it--

    "You don't have to risk your life for it."

    "Qiandu." Li Muyang said, looking at Qiandu's beautiful eyes. "I know what I'm doing. Let me try, okay? Don't worry, I won't risk it lightly. I'm more afraid of death than anyone. I want to go back out safely with you."

    Lu Qiji was gazing at the small flame in the hands of Li Muyang, deep in thought. Evidently, she knew more secrets than anyone else knew.

    Lin Canghai felt that Qiandu's attitude was very strange. He also cared about Li Muyang's each and every move, but he could tell that Sister Wang was very curious about Li Muyang and had a strong urge to find out more about him.

    She was a cold and independent woman, but also a proud and sensitive woman. She would not easily show her position and attitude. Also she had never so strongly interfered in the matters of others.

    They had only separated for a short time, why had Sister Wang's attitude towards Li Muyang changed this much?

    Lin Canghai went over to Qiandu, saying softly, "Since Li Muyang had decided, then let him try it. If he doesn't want to do it, I want to try. We are faced with the heart of the weak water. If we miss this chance, we would most likely regret our whole life. Li Muyang is a lucky person. We also thought he was in danger last time in the cold pool, but what happened in the end? Nothing. He was not even injured in the slightest."

    Qiandu also agreed. Although Li Muyang was weak and frail, but he becomes extremely strong after transformation. He is a dragon, even if transferred to another world, he is still a dragon. His life and safety should be guaranteed, but finding a way to return to this world was the problem.

    Qiandu finally nodded. "Do not force yourself."

    As she spoke, there was a turtle-shaped silver strange object emerging on her palm.

    She placed the turtle object in front of Li Muyang. "This is the glass mirror, take it with you. It can protect you when you're in danger.""

    "--" Lin Canghai stared wide-eyed in shock, a kind of feeling of wanting to die.

    What did Qiandu just gave him?

    That is the legendary glass mirror, a divine weapon that belongs on the 'precious weapons and treasure' list along with the Heart of the weak water and the Tear of the Dragon King. Although it was not ranked in the top three like the Tear of the Dragon King and the Heart of the weak water, its ranking was still very high.

    There was only one in the entire divine continent, and only Qiandu's noble family was eligible to have such an object.

    This was something that martial artists of the entire divine continent dreamed to possess, an object that countless strong people of the Starry Sky wanted to snatch off. In a battle between the strong and the strong, the slightest difference leads to a huge error. If the glass mirror could help block a fatal blow, perhaps this would be the key to victory in the battle.

    He knew about the existence of the glass mirror, and had once begged uncle to let him take a look at it but have been mercilessly refused.

    Later, his precious daughter travelled to Starry Sky, and his uncle who loves his daughter was worried that Qiandu would run into danger, so gave it to his daughter for self-defense.

    However, his precious daughter just lent it to someone else?

    Lin Canghai classmate's inner world was in disequilibrium again. His face was overcast as he stared at Li Muyang with an uncertain look, thinking to himself: "what is so good about this person? He's not as good looking as me."

    Li Muyang declined. "You're outside, I do not know what will happen. You should keep it for self-defense, or you will disappoint the person who gave you this glass mirror."

    Li Muyang pointed to the blazing little flame in his hand. "I have the wolf pearl."

    As Li Muyang was speaking, he placed the wolf pearl into his mouth.

    Once the little flame entered the mouth of Li Muyang, Li Muyang's body was immediately radiating a red glow. The same brilliance as the Red Moon.

    Then, his body began to blur, his facial features disappearing, his body grew lighter and fainter, and soon became a human-shaped shadow.

    A red image, as though the brilliance of the Red moon had created a Li Muyang.

    "Li Muyang--" Lin Canghai cried.

    "I'm all right." Li Muyang's voice sounded from the image. "The Wolf King does not drink nor eat, only absorbs the red moonlight to survive for thousands of years. Therefore, the Wolf King's body is illusory, it is created from the light of the Red Moon."

    As Li Muyang spoke, he was taking slow steps toward the pillar of light that was trapping Snowball and the savage.

    "We have just experimented, it is very easy for a living object to be transmitted to another domain. This is the defensive formation that water elements naturally generated in order to protect their heart. But if I became an illusory form like the beam of light and water elements, I shouldn't be sent away, right?"

    Li Muyang huge red illusory hand stretched into the pillar of light, and the brilliance of the red light was completely swallowed by the pillar of light.

    Li Muyang then pulled out his hand, noticing that the suppressed red light was shining once again.

    "He's fine." Lin Canghai cried. "He really is fine."

    "Li Muyang, you succeeded." Qiandu also smiled and said. However, she quickly asked another question. "If you're just a image, even if you enter the light pillar, how can you get Snowball out?"

    "There's always a way." Li Muyang said confidently. "

    He smiled at everyone and then plunged in the light pillar.


    The light outside of the light pillar was rippling, and then instantly resumed its stillness.

    But Li Muyang was gone.

    Only Snowball and the savage were in the pillar of light, but Li Muyang was nowhere to be seen.

    In the light pillar, Snowball noticed that Li Muyang had disappeared and was taken aback for a moment, but then thought that Li Muyang was playing hide and seek, and was staring and searching the outside with its huge watery and curious eyes.

    However, after a while, there were still no signs of Li Muyang in the crowd. So, Snowball began to worry. It waved its four little claws and attempted to fly out the light pillar.


    His body crashed into the light shield and was bounced back once again.

    The people outside wanted to go in, and Snowball also wanted to come out.

    Snowball rolled around several times, looking upset, its big eyes were filled with tears.

    "Ah ah ah--"

    It was hitting out with its hands and feet, throwing a tantrum, opening its mouth wide and wailing.

    "Isn't thing too cute?" Lin Canghai looked astonished. "It's a clown."

    "It's called Snowball." Qiandu could feel her heart being melted by Snowball. Why is there such a cute little creature? If she was not worried about the safety of Li Muyang, she would have come forward to comfort it. "

    "Snowball." Lin Canghai laughed. "Good name. When Li Muyang catches it, I'll ask him to lend me to play for a few days.


    Sensing Lin Canghai's bad intention, Snowball abruptly stopped crying, spitting out saliva at Lin Canghai.

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