Chapter 312 - Swallow the wolf pearl!

    Chapter 312: Swallow the wolf pearl!

    "Where am I?" Li Muyang looked dumbfounded.

    When Li Muyang was standing outside the light beam, he saw that Snowball and him were just separated by a layer of transparent white light. He stretched forward his hand and could almost pull Snowball out.

    He thought he only needed to take another step forward to get into the beam of light and to come into close contact with Snowball.

    But it was after he came in that he found that the situation was not what he had initially imagined

    This was a huge space, there were no stones and no pillars. Only bubbles floating about and colourful, translucent water elements.

    Li Muyang ran forward, and besides bubbles there were more bubbles. He ran back a little, where there were still bubbles and bubbles.

    He ran in all four directions only to find that there were only countless bubbles and with no end in sight.

    Li Muyang came to realise that this place was a subspace.

    One flower, one world. One tree, one life. One grass, one heaven. One leaf, cause and effect. See happiness in a grain of sand, and a pure land on the other side.

    This beam of light looked small, but contained a vast expanse of space inside.

    If he couldn't find a way to deal with it, then he would most likely be stuck here forever.

    There were friends waiting for him outside, and when the red moon disappears dawn comes, time would be up. He had little time left.

    Li Muyang must find Snowball in the shortest time, find the way out, and bring them out of the illusion.

    Otherwise, they would be trapped in this illusion for a year, and have to wait for the next time the illusion opens again to go out.

    Li Muyang did not want to stay here for a year. After one year, who knows what would happen at home? Ever since he 'accidentally' killed Cui Zhaoren, he has been constantly worried about the Cui family retaliating. He has been studying and training like he was chasing the star, in order to leave early to protect his family.

    Li Muyang kept quiet and calm, sitting cross-legged on the ground and began to think about the solution.

    He had too little life experiences, there was no way he could to come up with a countermeasure.

    Therefore, he pinned his hopes on the old dragon.

    Since there have been someone from the dragon race looking for the wolf king to borrow the wolf pearl, that means that the wolf pearl must play a huge role.

    There should be another purpose it served, in addition to bringing him into the barrier of the Heart of the weak water.

    Just what this role was, because his memory was incomplete or damaged, Li Muyang still could not understand.

    Li Muyang was in deep thought, tapping the ground with his fingers.

    The ground surface was formed from the solidification of water elements, and felt as solid and hard as stepping on the ground.

    It was like a pool of clear water, and he was rippling in the currents. He was fully surrounded by sources of water. There was no end in sight and no way out.

    Li Muyang's finger tapping motion abruptly stopped.

    He paused for a moment, and dived down, his head slamming into the water elements on the ground.


    Li Muyang's body dropped, dropping straight down.


    His body knocked into something hard.

    Before he could get up, he heard a 'giggle'.

    Li Muyang looked up to where Snowball was covering its little mouth pointing and laughing at him falling to the ground.

    Li Muyang was also amused by Snowball, "Snowball, we meet again."

    Seeing that Li Muyang had appeared inside of the light pillar, Qiandu, Lin Canghai and the others all breathed a sigh of relief.

    Lin Canghai pointed at Li Muyang, exclaiming: "Qiandu, Qiandu, Li Muyang is here--"

    "Yes." Qiandu was finally relaxed and resumed her usual calm appearance.

    Lu Qiji continued to stare with the same cold and indifferent look, as though the matter had nothing to do with her and does not concern her at all.

    She was only acquainted with Li Muyang, and with Li Muyang absent, she had no interest in talking to the others.

    "Li Muyang, Li Muyang--" Lin Canghai was jumping up and down outside of the light pillar, shouting, "Can you see me in there?"

    Unexpectedly, as though Li Muyang could hear them, he came to the edge of the pillar, shaped his mouth and lips to say the words 'I see you'.

    Lin Canghai exclaimed, "Li Muyang can see us, Li Muyang can see us--"

    "He can't see us." Qiandu reminded. "That is a transport formation, but also a subspace. The fact that it took Li Muyang so long to get there means that he got lost inside. It may seem that we are very close, but in fact are more than 108,000 miles apart."

    "He can't?" Lin Canghai stared in disbelief. "When I asked Li Muyang if he could see us, he replied that he did?"

    "He was joking." Qiandu said.


    Snowball also thought Li Muyang was playing with it, and seeing him appear so suddenly in front of itself, he felt that this game was too fun.

    Its fur was vibrating as it giggled, and then threw itself into Li Muyang's arms.

    Li Muyang held it tightly, feeling extremely excited.

    He was holding the heart of the weak water, the legendary heart of the weak water.

    From today onwards, this extremely rare divine creature was his own pet.

    The name of Li Muyang would resound throughout the Divine continent--

    Forget it, forget about his name resonating across the Divine Continent. It would be best if he hid in his blanket and laugh to himself instead; if he let other people know that he had obtained the weak water heart, there was bound to be people thinking of ways to snatch it from him. A person's treasures will arouse the envy of other.

    If you want to live long, lower your head and pretend to be dead!

    "Giggle--" Snowball laughed, rubbing its small mouth against Li Muyang's face.

    "Ahhaha--" Li Muyang laughed foolishly. He felt incredibly lucky.

    Savage had his eyes closed and was standing motionless like an ice sculpture next to them.

    Li Muyang scanned the surroundings and found himself in an ice cave.

    In the middle of the light pillar was a frozen layer of ice formed by all jellyfish, which protected Snowball and the savage in the light pillar. This was also the reason why the savage was not transported to another world.

    "Savage." Li Muyang yelled reaching out his hand.

    The savage showed no movements, and there was a layer of thin ice on his face. It was like he was embedded onto the wall of the ice cave.

    "It seems hopeless." Li Muyang thought. He was also a student of Starry Sky, if possible, Li Muyang still wanted to take him out of the illusion. Although this may be particularly difficult difficult task.

    To get out they must pass through the beam of light, but the light was also a transport formation. A living object would be instantaneously transported to another domain.

    Li Muyang has the wolf pearl protecting him, his body was an image, so he would not be transported away.

    But the savage did not have the wolf pearl to protect him, how could he carry him through the beam of light?

    Snowball rubbed against Li Muyang's face, and suddenly smelled something.

    It felt fear at first, freed itself from the arms of Li Muyang, and soared high into the air, until it heavily hit its head into the ice wall above.

    It paused for a moment, staring at Li Muyang's mouth with curiosity, then landed on Li Muyang's neck, and stretched out its little paw to pull Li Muyang's lips.

    "Stop it." Li Muyang moved its little paws away.

    Snowball did not listen, and instead more enthusiastically pulled Li Muyang's mouth.

    Li Muyang shut his mouth tight, not letting Snowball's paws in.


    Snowball blew out a bubble.

    The bubble, as though it had grew eyes, was drilling into the mouth of Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang clenched his mouth tight shut to keep the bubble out.


    The bubble suddenly changed direction and sprang toward his nostrils.

    Once the bubble had entered Li Muyang's body, it then began to divide, and countless bubbles were bubbling up in his body.

    All of a sudden, Li Muyang was choking and coughing violently.

    He felt as though his body was inflating, and that if the water elements continue to replicate in his body, he would soon rupture.

    With one cough, the wolf pearl that he had contained in his mouth was spurted out.

    The little red flame suddenly grew several times bigger, like a sun blazing in the sky.

    The ice cave was melting rapidly. The ice water melted into water elements that darted towards the sun.

    As the water elements were approaching close to the sun they suddenly vanished. Then more and more water elements pounced towards the sun like moths flying to a flame.

    The red sun did not show any weakness. Instead in the face of such a strong enemy, it was burning more and more vigorously.

    The ice cave melted and the Savage's body was freed from the ice.

    He opened his eyes, looking puzzled at everything that was happening.

    Snowball saw the huge fireball, stumbled back, chirping non-stop.

    Suddenly, its eyes flashed a blue light, and its body jerked toward the red sun.

    The red sun was like blood, Snowball was like snow.

    Little Snowball, like a greedy wolf, had the wild hope of devouring the red sun.

    In the continent of Feng Lin, under the red moon.

    The Wolf King felt danger. He shrouded the sky with its huge body, and let out a loud howl.


    Above the ground, the tens of thousands of wolves followed.

    Every time the Wolf King howled, the sun's rays would explode once more.

    However, as the red sun became larger, the number of surrounding water elements are grew.

    Countless water elements crowded around the sun, wrapping around the sun in layers after layers. Snowball was braver than before, taking the lead to tear at the scorching flame.

    "What's going on?" Li Muyang looked dumbfounded. Why did Snowball suddenly become so crazy?

    "The Wolf pearl is the fiercest fire, while Snowball is the purest water. Since ancient times, water and fire are not compatible." Savage explained. "Overabundance of yin leads to weakness of yang, and the flourishing of yang causes yang deficiency. It only ends when one side disappears."

    Savage's voice had only faded when he saw Snowball's little mouth infinitely enlarging and swallowing the sun-like Wolf pearl in one mouthful.
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