Chapter 313 - The illusion collapses!

    Chapter 313: The illusion collapses!

    Snowball opened its mouth and swallowed the wolf pearl.

    Because the wolf pearl was too big and Snowball's mouth was too small, its cheeks were puffed out, like two pieces of raised dough.

    It exerted a lot of effort to swallow it, and then with a sudden 'thump', its belly was suddenly swelling up hundred times larger than before.

    Snowball's body was made from water, its body can be large and small, can be pulled and twisted into any shape. To hold the Wolf pearl was not at all difficult.

    Snowball released a loud long burp, stretched out its little paw to touch its several times bigger belly, and then covered its mouth and chuckled.

    Li Muyang felt an urge to beat up Snowball.

    That is the Wolf pearl, the soul of the Wolf King, and the essence and accumulation of its cultivation.

    It was his most precious thing, one hundred thousand times more important than its life.

    Now, however, Snowball had swallowed it--What would Li Muyang bring back to the Wolf King?

    Wolf King was deceived by the Dragon King last time, and had lost faith in the Dragon's race. This time, if he could not lend the Wolf King three years of usage of the heart of the weak water, and also lost its wolf pearl--

    Never mind, the Dragon race has disappointed the Wolf King already, so should be able to accept little more disappointment. After all, after this lesson, it should not easily trust any members of the dragon race, right?

    In that case, it would not be deceived again. It was for his own good.

    With this thought, Li Muyang felt much more at ease.

    As long as disaster did not happen to himself, people can easily forgive him.

    On the Continent of Feng Lin, Wolf King could no longer feel his own Wolf pearl. It opened its mouth wide and howled.


    The sound shook the Ninth Heaven, the whole continent of Feng Lin was trembling.

    The other red wolves heard the Wolf King's cry, and also howled out loud at the sky.


    The Wolf King uttered one roar after another, that even the red moon, whose brilliance was growing paler and almost disappearing, was also disturbed.

    The red light deepened, and the red moon shone upon the Earth one again.

    As the blood-like rays of light were shining on the Wolf King's body, and as though the Wolf King had received the power of the red moon, its entire body went blazing like a red flame.


    The Wolf King roared, spraying out balls of red flame from its mouth.

    "Despicable dragon, I will fight you to the bitter end." The Wolf King thought that Li Muyang had hidden away his wolf pearl using some secret techniques, so it shifted its hostility to Li Muyang.

    In the illusion, the Wolf pearl that Snowball swallowed into its stomach was able to sense the summoning from the Wolf King. It swelled once again, as though to rupture Snowball's belly to escape.

    Snowball naturally refused to let it escape, the bigger the Wolf pearl, the bigger its body.

    It grew in size as the wolf pearl grew, as if there was no end.

    "Bad." Savage cried out. "Wolf King is the fire of the Red Moon, the heart of weak water heart is the purest of water. But now the fire and water are not in harmony, the two sides are fighting, this illusion may not withstand for long."

    Li Muyang could also feel the danger of the situation. "Is there a solution?"

    "Immediately flee." Savage yelled

    "But Snowball--"

    "Are you willing to die for it?" Savage asked.


    "If you don't want to die for it, take this opportunity to escape."

    "How can I escape?" Li Muyang wanted to weep but could not shed a single tear. Snowball had swallowed the wolf pearl, but if Snowball was not here, how could Li Muyang break through the light pillar? He would be transported to an unknown world. Even though he may survive from being crushed to death if he transformed into a dragon, it would be impossible for him to return.

    Savage also looked upset, saying: "I once thought I will be buried here, didn't expect there would be someone accompanying me."

    "Who would accompany you?" Li Muyang snapped. He never thought he'd be buried in this place.

    Outside of the light pillar, seeing that Snowball had swallowed the wolf pearl, Qiandu, Lu Qiji, Lin Canghai and the others were also beginning to worry for Li Muyang.

    Without the wolf pearl, how could Li Muyang turn into an unreal body and come safely out?

    Snowball's body was growing larger and larger, almost filling the ice cave, and the weak water heart was fighting against the wolf pearl fire. The situation for Li Muyang was growing more bleak and worrying.

    If the ice cave shattered, both Li Muyang and Savage lose protection and get pulled into the eye of the formation, they would be transported away.

    "Bad, Li Muyang is in danger." Lin Canghai said anxiously. "Is there any way we can help him?"

    "Very difficult." Qiandu's face was full of worry. "With no wolf pearl, we can't go in. But if we don't go in there, we can't bring Muyang out."

    Lu Qiji did not say anything, her face was cold and calm, and a fiery red bird was appearing on her palm.


    The firebird stretched into its shape, waved its huge wings and charged into the beam of light.


    Struck into the beam of light, the huge body of the fire body shattered, pieces of flames falling into the seawater.

    But the beam of light did not budge an inch.

    Lu Qiji was unwilling to give up, another firebird emerging on her palm.


    Again, a firebird shattered into pieces.

    "It's no use." Qiandu explained. "This beam of light is the eye of the whole water illusion formation, and also the pillar. The light will not be destroyed unless the entire illusion collapses."

    As Qiandu's voice faded, the ice cave in the light pillar started to rattle.

    Savage's face turned ashy, murmuring, "We're going to die."

    Li Muyang sprinted to the edge of the pillar of light, loudly shouting to the outside: "Lu Qiji, help me take care of my father and mother, help me take care of my sister--Tell them, I will come back."

    At this moment, Lu Qiji was the most trusted candidate.

    Firstly, Li Muyang's parents and family were now living in Lu Qiji's home.

    Secondly, Li Muyang knew about Lu Qiji's identity. She came to prevent him from retaliating against the human race, and if he died, there would be no such thing as vengeance against the human race. Then, she would have nothing to do and she could easily protect a few people.


    Snowball blew up the ice cave with a loud bang.

    Countless chunks of ice were splashing around, and the beam of light was shaking.

    A strong light hit and Li Muyang closed his eyes. His mind went blank.

    Li Muyang was gradually fading in the light, and it looked like he was about to disappear.

    Snowball, noticing the abnormality of Li Muyang, suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed Li Muyang.

    At the same time, countless water elements, like a tide, flooded where Snowball was, and poured into Snowball's mouth.

    Snowball was on a binge, as though aiming to drink all the water of the illusion.

    The mountains in the distance were collapsing, and the ground was slowly drifting apart, causing massive cracks in the surface.

    The flowers were flooded and tens of thousands of beasts were dead.

    The illusion of water was collapsing--

    When Li Muyang opened his eyes, he found that in front of him was the bright red moon.

    Li Muyang blinked several times, thinking to himself where is this place? I'm not already dead, am I? If I am dead, how could there be a moon in hell?

    He tried to get up, but found that he was lacking strength and his whole body was weak and painful.

    "Qiandu--" Li Muyang yelled.

    No one answered.

    "Lu Qiji--"

    Still no one answered.

    "Where are you, Lin Canghai? Answer me--is there anyone? Am I dead or not?" Li Muyang was somewhat anxious.

    He clearly remembered that he had been swallowed by Snowball. He did not expect that Snowball would also eat him, which he felt deeply heart about. Of course, he had no idea what happened after. By the way, where did Snowball go?

    "You're not dead." An old voice echoed.

    Li Muyang was thrilled, thinking that he was still alive.

    But, very soon, Li Muyang could not smile.

    Because the voice sounded familiar.

    It was the voice of the Wolf King.。

    He lost the wolf pearl, and fell in the hands of the Wolf King--No, claw. Most of all, he did not have the strength to protect himself.

    "I don't believe it." Said Li Muyang, his weak voice. "I must be dead."

    "Despicable, I kindly lent you the wolf pearl, to help you capture the heart of weak water, I did not think that you would swallow my wolf pearl instead--" The Wolf King was enraged, his voice filled with undisguised killing intent. "Today I will tear you apart and give you to my citizens."

    "Pretending to be dead didn't work." Li Muyang gently sighed, and attempted to explain, "Brother Wolf, this matter is actually a misunderstanding. As part of the noble dragon race, how would I seek and lust after your wolf pearl? When my ancestor came to you to borrow the Wolf pearl, although he did not lend you the weak water heart to use in the end, but eventually returned the Wolf pearl to you. Isn't that right? This shows that the Dragon race's character is good, and also trustworthy."

    "You are more greedy and shameless than your ancestors." There was a high pitched buzzing sound in the Wolf King's throat, an urge to cut Li Muyang into million of pieces.

    "Misunderstanding. It's a misunderstanding." Li Muyang hurriedly tried to explain again. "The wolf pearl is indeed swallowed, but not by me. The heart of the weak water swallowed it. In order to fulfill the agreement between us, I overcame many difficulties and risked my life to battle against the heart of the weak water--"

    "Where's my wolf pearl?"

    "Accidentally lost."

    "Where is my Wolf pearl?"

    "The heart of the weak water swallowed it."

    "Go to hell." The Wolf King's tremendous body plunged from high above, flames blazing all around its body, crushing down at Li Muyang who was lying on the ground.

    It changed its mind.

    It was not going to tear Li Muyang into pieces and give it to its citizen to share.

    It was going to flatten Li Muyang into a patty and then burn him into charcoal.
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