Chapter 315 - It is too childish!

    Chapter 315: It is too childish!

    "You think I'm stupid?"

    Although Snowball couldn't speak, but Li Muyang knew that this was probably the meaning that it wanted to express.

    Li Muyang wiped the saliva on his face and said to Snowball, "You have to put up with it. If you really don't like it, try to escape. It can't catch you anyway."

    "Pff pff pff--"

    Snowball incessantly blew bubbles, refusing intensely.

    Li Muyang helplessly looked at Wolf King. "See, it doesn't want to, there's nothing I can do."

    "It swallowed my wolf pearl, how could it leave? It has to stay. The wolf pearl is gone, my loss has to be compensated."

    Li Muyang nodded. "That makes sense. Then you two have a good talk, I have some stuff to do so I will leave first."

    "Stop." Wolf King roared. "If the heart of the Weak water is not in my hands, you can't leave."

    "See, you bully dragons to the extreme." Li Muyang grumbled. Whatever the case, he has to keep mentioning the dragon race. Let the wolf realise the seriousness of the consequences of killing a dragon. If he said that he was just an ordinary person, he would have been destroyed dozens of times already. But in the face of the Dragon race, it will be much more cautious. After all, it had suffered a great deal from the Dragon race two times before.

    Li Muyang stopped, looked at the Wolf King and said, "What do you want?"

    The Wolf King's blood-red eyes were staring at Snowball, and its huge body suddenly leapt over to Snowball.

    Mt Tai crushing down, flames swirling.

    "Chirp chirp--"

    Snowball felt the danger, and immediately fled at lightning speed.

    Snowball was running in front, the Wolf King was chasing behind.

    One's body was as big as a cow, no, bigger than a cow.

    The other was as weak as a rabbit, no, smaller than a rabbit.

    One was scarlet red, flames blazing around its body.

    The other was completely snow-white, its body was like a little fist-sized snowball.

    The Wolf King pounced and leapt.

    Its mouth opened wide and paws extended.

    Breathing out fire, and tail thrashing around.

    However, still could not touch Snowball's fur.

    Snowball was too agile, like a small flea, circling around the Wolf King and jumping up and down. The Wolf King was exasperated and flew into a rage.

    "Damn thing." Wolf King panted, its eyes that was glaring at Snowball was seemingly about to gush fire.

    "Pff pff pff--" Snowball, floating in the air, was constantly spitting bubbles at the Wolf King.

    It felt that it was too dry here, so it wanted to spit out some water and moisten the living environment.

    Snowball's unconscious behaviour was undoubtedly a slap in the face, causing Wolf King's expression to grow more violent.

    Li Muyang made a pained, sympathetic face, as he said in a comforting tone, "Don't worry. The heart of the weak water is a famous weapon of the divine continent, all people want to have it. If you can be your personal pet, it will be of great help to your cultivation. If it was that easy to succeed, it would not have the name of Divine weapon. Don't you think so?"

    "You're right." The Wolf King's expression finally eased a little.

    "Take it slow, don't worry." Li Muyang smiled, thinking to himself: you guys fight it out, and I will sit at the side and watch. Snowball was the spirit of weak water, made up of countless jellyfish. He did not believe that the big Wolf King with such a low IQ could win against Snowball. Li Muyang was not at all worried about Snowball.

    Besides, even if the Wolf King captured Snowball, it can still find a way to escape itself.

    One must know, it was water itself.

    Water was flexible and strong,it has form but was incorporeal at the same time.  What could you do to it?

    Li Muyang wanted to delay time, so that his body could recover a little, and only then would he have the chance of escaping or fighting against the Wolf King.


    The Wolf King bellowed, pouncing over to where Li Muyang was.

    It came to realise that it was difficult to beat the weak water spirit, so it finally changed its target.

    Didn't the heart of the weak water change form to protect its master? If it attacks Li Muyang then--

    "Chirp chirp--" "

    As expected, Snowball, who was spitting out bubbles, saw that Li Muyang was in danger, and instantaneously expanded, like a giant transparent rabbit, actively slammed into the Wolf King.

    The Wolf King's evil plan had succeeded. Now it was fighting against the very ferocious and transformed Snowball.

    Li Muyang furtively breathed a sigh of relief, thinking to himself that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

    Snowball once again saved him at such a fatal moment, which proved that it is a righteous and loyal good Snowball.

    In the future, he should treat it well, and not let it be bullied by others.

    Of course, the average person probably can't bully it.


    Snowball was sent flying by the Wolf King.


    Snowball lifted and hurled the Wolf King into the air.


    Snowball pounded on the Wolf King.


    The Wolf King again trampled on Snowball's body.

    A wolf and snowball was locked in a fierce struggle, the situation of the battle was tragic and tense.

    The Wolf King had lost it's Wolf pearl, so was unable to use many major moves and even could not absorb the light of the red moon for it to use.

    Although Snowball's body was soft, but no matter how it was flattened or squashed it could quickly recover, not leaving any scars behind.


    Wolf King mercilessly flung Snowball away.

    Gasping for breath, it cast a fierce glance at Li Muyang and said: "I need to discuss with you."

    "Discuss?" Li Muyang was taken aback, then crinkled his eyes in a smile. "Good. But as you can see, the heart of the weak water does not obey my commands, and if you want me to command it to listen to your call, I'm afraid I cannot help you."

    The Wolf King glanced back at Snowball that was resuming its original form and said, "Tell it to spit out my wolf pearl, I will escort you guys out of the illusion."

    "No problem." Li Muyang readily agreed and said to Snowball, "Snowball, give back the pearl, and then I will take you out to find something delicious to eat, okay?" "

    "Pffff--" Snowball gazed blankly at Li Muyang and then spat out a bubble.

    "That big sun, that red--egg--" While Li Muyang was explaining to Snowball, he was using both hands to show the appearance of the wolf pearl when it expands.

    "Pffff--" Snowball blew out another bubble.

    Li Muyang turned to the Wolf King, moving his shoulders in a helpless shrug. "You also saw it. It's too childish, I can't communicate with it--or--why don't you talk to it?"

    Wolf King was in a dilemma.

    It could not beat Snowball, and when Snowball was told to spit out its wolf pearl it only showed a silly and cute face.

    What could be done?

    "How about this." Li Muyang suggested. "I borrowed the Wolf pearl from you, and we made an agreement. I promised you that after I have the heart of the weak water I will lend it for you for three years. I am not a person who doesn't keep to my words, as long as you are willing to accept it, my promise is still valid."

    "You have also seen, because of some unknown special relationship, the heart of the weak water and I are extremely close. If I go back, it will naturally follow me back. Therefore, this weak water heart is my personal property."

    "What are you trying to say?"

    "Come back with me." Li Muyang said earnestly.
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