Chapter 314 – Help Snowball!

    Chapter 314: Help Snowball!

    Li Muyang finally realised what was meant by cry out to the heavens for help, but the heavens don't respond. Cry out to the earth, but the earth is oblivious.

    His body was weak and powerless, and there was no friend by his side protecting him. The blazing Wolf King was crushing down from the high altitude as though going to destroy all obstacles in the way.

    The wolf pearl was lost and its thousand years of cultivation was destroyed. Wolf King's was resentful and hated Li Muyang to the bone.

    If it did not kill him the knot in his heart would not be untied, but if it killed him, it was not enough to recover its loss.

    Wolf King could only think of, to use the most overbearing and cruel way to crush him and then roast him into a meat patty.

    Of course, only if that patty of meat was not incinerated into gas and there was enough of him remaining.

    "Its over." Li Muyang thought.

    He thought of the beginning, but never thought of such an end.

    He was so close to success, the spirit of the weak water was within his reach.

    In the end the illusion collapsed, the spirit of the weak water disappeared, and he was separated from the little friends whom he entered the illusion with.

    He was going to die.

    In his eyes were a huge figure and purple-red flames, a glowing light that could almost scorch the human body's hair. His face was burning, but his body was cold as water.

    This moment Li Muyang felt oddly tranquil and at peace, the face of his parents and Li Shinian were constantly emerging in his mind. The scenes of his life were flashing across his mind, but each one was firmly fixed deep in his heart.

    "I really miss them a lot." Li Muyang murmured, closing his eyes and accepting death.

    He did not know whether it was because he missed them too much, or it was the pain of parting, there was a drop of tear rolling down his cheeks from the corner of his eye.

    The teardrop drifted away, rising slowly in the air.

    The Wolf King was getting closer, the fire was getting hotter.

    Li Muyang felt as though Mt Tai was pressing down at him, he felt his body slowly melting.

    He may have melted away already.


    The Wolf King drove the wind with fire.


    There was an earth-shattering impact.


    There was a deathly silence.

    "Dead?" Li Muyang thought to himself.

    "I must be dead." Li Muyang confirmed. "If I'm not dead, why would there be a deathly silence?"

    Because he was sure that he was dead, Li Muyang felt dispirited and would not open his eyes to see.

    For a soul, isn't this the land of wander?

    Li Muyang was still unable to snap out of his sorrow and emotion state of parting with his family and friends, and perhaps these were the only memories that would accompany him.

    Sad to death!

    No, dead and sad to death!

    "Chirp chirp--"

    There was a voice of an animal ringing in his ears.

    Li Muyang thought it was his own imagination.

    "Chirp--" When the cry rang again, Li Muyang was finally certain that the voice actually sounded at the side of his ears.

    "What is it?" Li Muyang could hardly believe his ears, opened his eyes and exclaimed with surprise, "Snowball? Is this Snowball's voice?"

    It was Snowball.

    No, wrong, it was an inflated version of Snowball.

    Snowball who was only the size of the palm had suddenly grown several times bigger, its height and size was comparable to the Wolf King. Snowball grew up like a giant white ape or a huge dog covered in snow.

    Its two white jade pillar-like arms lifted up, forcibly stopping the mountain-like Wolf King from reaching the ground.

    It was also because of its lifting the Wolf King, that Li Muyang was saved from the tragic fate of being crushed by the Wolf King.

    Li Muyang's spirit was lifted.

    He climbed up from the ground like a swift blast of lightning.

    He moved away from the huge body of Wolf King, in case that Snowball did not have enough strength or accidentally slipped from its hand.

    Most importantly, he did not like lying under the Wolf king's bottom.

    Once Li Muyang ran to a safe distance, he shouted to Snowball, "Snowball, why are you here?"


    Snowball saw Li Muyang was safe and sound, it opened its mouth and laughed.

    With this laugh, the essential qi within its body was released.


    Snowball's body instantly shrunk, resuming its original appearance.


    Snowball was trampled into the soil by the Wolf King.

    "Snowball--" cried Li Muyang. This idiot, you must be serious when fighting, why did you laugh?

    Wolf King was fuming, its face had an ominous glint, its pupils were blood red, and flames were fluttering around its body.

    It was glaring fiercely at Li Muyang, grumbling, "If you do not return my wolf pearl, today I will you tear to pieces."

    "Let's talk, don't get violent--your pearl is going to be crushed by you." Li Muyang screamed.

    A puzzled look came across the Wolf King's face as it stared at Li Muyang, "You dare lie to me again."

    "When did I lie to you?" Li Muyang snapped. "I told you that your wolf pearl was not swallowed by me. It was swallowed by the heart of the weak water. You didn't listen, and hit me."

    "The heart of the weak water is missing, you can say what you want, how can I believe you?"

    "Who says the heart of the weak water is missing?"

    "Where is it?"

    "At your feet."

    "You think I'm a three-year-old child?"

    "Why would I lie to you? All you have to do is lift your paw and look. Just now in that critical moment it was the heart of weak water that saved me, if it wasn't for the heart of weak water, who could contend with such a strong foot?"

    The Wolf King knew he should not believe him, but the temptation of the heart of the weak water was too big. It could not help but want to--verify.

    "Are you bluffing?" The Wolf King stared warily at Li Muyang. This boy was not a good dragon, every word he said and everything he did felt full of deception.

    "All you have to do is lift your foot, and you will know I didn't lie to you." Li Muyang said helplessly. Has his character fallen so far? Even an animal was unwilling to believe in him.

    The Wolf King was still hesitant.

    "If you don't lift your foot, then that has nothing to do with me." Li Muyang turned to leave. "It is the heart of the weak water that devoured your wolf pearl, and now the Wolf pearl is in its belly, I will not meddle in this matter--"

    "Stop." The Wolf King roared.

    Li Muyang was not serious, he hasn't gotten rid of the red wolf yet and his current physical condition was so bad, how could he leave?

    "What else do you want to do?"  Li Muyang said in a low voice.

    "If the heart of the weak water is not at my feet--"

    "If its not the heart of the weak water, you can do whatever you want." Li Muyang said furiously.

    Seeing that Li Muyang was so confident, it couldn't help believing him.

    It slowly rose, and there were four large pits on the ground.

    The pits were empty and nothing seemed to be there.

    "Despicable, you dare deceive me again." The Wolf King was so furious that he spat out a ball of flame at where Li Muyang was.


    The fire was burning, and Li Muyang dodged to one side in panic.

    "Take a closer look." Li Muyang yelled, avoiding the Wolf King's fire attack.

    Along the direction of Li Muyang's fingers, was a huge hole on the left, where a leaf-thin white ball was slowly standing up.

    It staggered, standing straight but unsteady.

    Suddenly, it shook his head, and then the paper-thin body slowly puffed up.

    Its nose and eyes were defined, its body was round. It turned into the silly and cute Snowball.

    "Giggle--" Little Snowball giggled at Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang was speechless.

    This idiot, who just got trampled on, don't you have a memory?

    Wolf King stared at the little one, asking aloud, "Is this the heart of weak water?"

    "Yes. This is the heart of weak water." Li Muyang assured. "It swallowed the Wolf pearl. If you want the wolf pearl, ask for it."

    Snowball saw Li Muyang finger pointing at itself and imitated him, pointing its little paw at Li Muyang and giggled.

    "--" Li Muyang thought this guy was really dim-witted.

    "You've lied to me again." The Wolf King bellowed, the flames around its body doubled in size, like it was covered with a layer of red hair. "The heart of weak water is obviously a treasured weapon, why would it be this insignificant clown?"

    "Wait a moment."  Li Muyang said.

    He waved at little Snowball, and Snowball came humming and drifting toward the direction of Li Muyang.

    Snowball circled around Li Muyang and then stopped on Li Muyang's shoulder.

    Snowball, look at my lips: "Pfff--" Li Muyang blew out a bubble.

    "Giggle--" Snowball thought the appearance of Li Muyang was really funny, covered its small mouth with its paw and giggled again.

    "--" Li Muyang had the urge to strangle it.

    As though it wanted prove that the bubbles it spit out was the cutest, once it finished laughing it blew out a bubble at Li Muyang, "Pff-"

    The bubble was floating in the air, and then separated. One divided into two, two divided into four, and very soon, there were piles of these water element bubbles constantly duplicating.

    "Did you see that?" Li Muyang said, pointing at the bubbles. "That is a jellyfish. The mother of all water. Only the heart of the weak water can make jellyfish."

    Wolf King believed him. His eyes glowing with a greedy light, staring at Snowball saying, "The heart of weak water. It really is the heart of the weak water. It swallowed up my wolf pearl, so it rightfully belongs to me."

    Li Muyang nodded and said: "No problem. If you like it, then you take it."

    Li Muyang pointed to the Wolf King. "You ate other people's things, you should apologise."

    Snowball looked at Wolf King's ugly big face, anxiously blinking its watery eyes, and then suddenly shook its little head from side to side.

    Too ugly, it was afraid.

    "It looks ugly--" Li Muyang spoke comfortingly, "but it's very gentle."

    The snowball spat at Li Muyang's face.
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