Chapter 318 - Unable to ease the pain in the heart!

    Chapter 318: Unable to ease the pain in the heart!


    The water mirror rippled, Qiandu and Lin Canghai came rushing out.

    Followed by Lu Qiji. She was always a loner. She entered the illusion by herself, and also came out by herself.

    Chu Xun was the first to run over to greet her, looking deeply concerned, asking, "Qiji, you okay? Any you injured?"

    "I'm all right." Lu Qiji said indifferently, her eyes glowing with an indescribable regret.

    Until now, they were still struggling to digest what they had seen.

    Snowball swallowed the Wolf pearl and swallowed Li Muyang, the illusion collapsed, and they were pushed to the Weak water surface by the collapsing water elements. Red moon faded, the sky went pitch-black, and they could only exit at the fastest speed.

    If they were left behind, if they could not leave the illusion, would have to stay in the illusion for a full year. A year later, when the illusion opens again, they can come out with the new students.

    Now the illusion of water had collapsed, the water elements were drained, it was most likely that it would never open again. If you don't leave, you would probably stay there for a lifetime.

    Li Muyang, would never, ever, come back.

    From Lu Qiji's standpoint, the fact that Li Muyang was not able to return was something to be joyous about.

    After all, she came for Li Muyang, and also came with the hope of stopping the black dragon's revenge.

    Li Muyang had died, she was now carefree and without worries.

    Just how happy a matter was this.

    But, why did her heart feel so uncomfortable and painful?

    "Good, good, good. Qiandu is back."

    "Cangai is back, I'm glad--"

    "Qiji has also come back--"

    Yang Xiaohu stood in front of the water mirror and greeted the students. Every student that returned, he would step forward and closely pat their shoulder to express his happiness.

    "Li Muyang?" Yang Xiaohu suddenly asked.

    "Where's Li Muyang?" Xiahou Qianbai beautiful brows were raised, his voice incomparably cold. It was as if Li Muyang had not come back because he was hidden by one of them.

    "How come Li Muyang isn't back? I have read his life fortune, he should not have died so young--" Kong Li mumbled.

    Yang Xiaohu was clutching Lin Canghai's arm, forehead beaded with sweats, asking aloud, "Where's Li Muyang? Why didn't Li Muyang come back with you?"

    "Li Muyang--is dead." Lin Canghai muttered, his eyes red.

    "Qiandu--" Yang Xiaohu did not believe Lin Canghai's words, wanted to confirm with Qiandu.

    Qiandu's eyes were dull and unfocused, walking heavily out the water moon cave.

    "Li Muyang, is dead?" Xiahou Qianbai asked with a startled face.

    "How could it be?" Kong Li's mouth was wide opened.

    "I want to go in the illusion." Yang Xiaohu said.

    This time he did not listen to anyone, darted towards the water mirror.


    His body flew into the waterfall but was knocked back very soon.

    If not for his powerful strength, his body protecting essential qi had expanded in time, he most likely would have been badly bruised.

    "The illusion has closed." Xiahou Qianbai stated, looking at the water mirror.

    "No one can go in, and no one can come out." Kong Li's face went as pale as a ghost-- "

    Lu Qiji took a last glimpse at the water mirror, turned and walked away.

    "Li Muyang, he's dead?" Chu Xun looked at the water mirror with a puzzled expression.

    If Li Muyang had died, it would benefit him the most. At least, there was no way for Lu Qiji to like a dead man.

    "Li Muyang, you're so unlucky." Chu Xun thought to himself.

    With a huge load was off his mind, Chu Xun quickly caught up with Lu Qiji in front.

    Inside the water moon cave, the crowd was gazing at each other in speechless despair

    If the gate of the illusion had fully closed, it meant that none of the students could come out again.

    They all had a very terrifying feeling in their hearts because they anticipated that things would develop in a very bad direction.

    The teacher of the War Class, Tie Zhan beckoned, shouting to the staffs, "Give me the list of students that had not escaped the illusion this time."

    A grey-robed staff acted fast, passing over the numbers that they had already counted.

    Tie Zhan took the list, and the first thing that he noticed was the name of Changbai eldest son.

    Feng, Yu, Lei, Ming, Chang, Bai, and Shan, these seven were the young geniuses that the Changbai sect had focused a lot of attention to cultivate.  They have been studying in Changbai for many years, they entered Starry Sky Academy to compete and train with other equally excellent young people in an unfamiliar place.

    Previously, Changbai sword sect would also send people to Starry Sky Academy to study, but there was never a time that they had sent seven people in one year.

    It was unbelievable that all seven of them have fallen, and not one was able to get out.

    Tie Zhan was dumbstruck. "Changbai seven sons, it's impossible that they all dead, right?"

    Another teacher took the list, and after brief glance repeatedly shook his head, uttering: "The strength of the seven sons is out of the ordinary, they seven people together could form the seven-star big dipper formation, can withstand dozens of enemies of the same level or even hundreds of experts. If they had all died in the illusion, then the other students could not had survived. Could it be--they are stuck in the illusion and can't come out?"

    "What? Not one of the Changbai seven sons is out?"

    "If they were dead in the inside, the Changbai sword sect would think our Academy did something, they would most likely not leave this matter at this."

    "Humph, an insignificant Changbai sword sect, is it worth me attaching attention to? If they don't stir up trouble, we can kindly give them an explanation. If they are rude, then don't blame me for not being sensitive to their feelings--"

    Yang Xiaohu was taken aback for a moment, before asking, "All Changbai seven sons did not come out?"

    "No." Kong Li shook his head. "There are five or six other students who have not come out. This is the biggest loss for the Academy in the last one thousand year."

    "There must be something abnormal behind this." Yang Xiaohu said firmly. "I'm going to talk to the Dean about countermeasures."

    Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li exchanged a glance and said together, "We will go with you."

    Lin Canghai tried to open Qiandu's door, when he found that the door was closed, and there was no way to push the door open.

    He hesitated for a moment before he cried out aloud, "Qiandu---"


    The door was opened from the inside.

    Qiandu appeared in the doorway with a cold look on her face. "Canghai, what's the matter?"

    "Sister Wang, are you all right?" Lin Canghai asked in a low voice, closely studying Qiandu's expression.

    "I'm all right." said Qiandu aloud.

    "I'm glad you're fine." Lin Canghai said in a comforting tone. He wanted to say some reassuring words, but hesitated for a long while, and still could not say anything. Li Muyang was both their friend. They were both very upset that Li Muyang had an accident.

    What kind of words could a sad person use to comfort a person who was equally sad?

    Seeing Lin Canghai's hesitating expression, Qiandu drew a deep sigh and said, "Come in."

    Lin Canghai stepped into the courtyard, closing the courtyard door behind him.

    The two people stared speechless at each other.

    Lin Canghai's tried hard to squeeze out a smile. "I didn't feel it before. When Li Muyang is not here, it feels like there is something missing. My heart feels empty."

    Qiandu glanced at Lin Canghai, and did not speak.

    Lin Canghai knew what his sister was thinking, carefully asked: "Big sister--you like Li Muyang?"

    Qiandu did not respond.

    "It must be." Lin Canghai said quietly. "Li Muyang this person, is not really handsome, his cultivation level is not really high, besides a little good at painting, I can not really say what he is really good at. But I still feel that he was an important person. Even when he became the focus of the crowd I still didn't mind."

    "He saved my life." Qiandu whispered.

    "What?" Lin Canghai's face stiffened.

    Qiandu set up a silencing barrier formation before she explained, "You were captured by the Chong Diao, and Muyang and I vowed to bring you back no matter what. We will bring you back no matter whether you were dead or alive, no matter how long it takes. As we were searching for you, Changbai seven sons suddenly attacked us. They arranged the Big Dipper formation, and because Muyang and I were exhausted from fighting Chong Diao, we were no match for them."

    Qiandu lightly bit her thin lips, uttering: "That seven sons have a malicious heart, they poisoned me--"

    "What?" Lin Canghai had no idea that such an incident had happened in the illusion. "Changbai seven sons went too far. I'll go and pick their brains out."

    With that, he turned around to find the Changbai seven sons for revenge.

    "They're all dead." Qiandu whispered.


    "It must be kept secret." Qiandu warned.

    "I know the how serious this matter is." Lin Canghai had not yet recovered from the shocking news. "Changbai seven sons tried to take advantage of Sister Wang, so Li Muyang killed Changbai seven sons--"

    Although he said he would pick the brains of Changbai seven sons, but this was not an easy thing to do. Because the seven sons of Changbai were all extremely powerful, would it be so easy to get rid off them?

    "If it were not for Muyang's help, my body would be defiled and my reputation tarnished. Even if I returned to Starry Sky, would I have the face to continue to stay with you to cultivate?"

    "Sister Wang--" "

    "Muyang saved me, but he was unable to come back." Qiandu's voice trembled with emotion. "How can I ever ease the pain in my heart?"

    "Sister Wang--" Lin Canghai's eyes were red. "Go, we'll go back. We'll go back together. No matter what, we must bring Li Muyang back. Just like when you two were trying to save me. We will search for him no matter how long it takes. We will bring him back no matter whether he is dead or alive. We have to bring him back no matter what. We can't leave him by himself in the illusion. Li Muyang likes lively places, he must be feeling very lonely by himself."
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