Chapter 329 - Uncle of the Lu family!

    Chapter 329: Uncle of the Lu family!

    Because of Li Muyang's sudden appearance, Lu Qingming was able to escape the devastating blow of Strange Taoist's Heavenly astral palm.

    Before the feeling of surprise of the narrow escape had yet spread to his whole body, his attention was drawn to the battle between Li Muyang and Strange Taoist in the sky.

    Although he fought against Strange Taoist in a severely injured state, but he was well aware of the power that his own spear attack contained, which he threw out with all his strength--

    The youngster was so young, but he could block Strange Taoist's fatal blow. His cultivation and strength was indeed astounding.

    "Which family is this youngster from?"

    Li Muyang's figure descended swiftly to Lu Qingming's side, whispering: "These two people are mumbling about something, I bet they plan to join forces, I'm not sure I can block them both by myself. In a moment, when I'm fighting with them, take the opportunity to escape, you must never stop--"

    Lu Qingming suppressed the discomfort of his body, and performed the standard military etiquette of West Wind Kingdom to Li Muyang, saying in a low voice: "Thank you for saving me. If you had not kindly blocked the attack, I would have died in Strange Taoist's hands. Please tell me your name, I will definitely remember it, and repay you when there is an opportunity."

    "There is no need to repay me." Li Muyang smiled, waving his hand dismissively. "I am Yan Xiangma."

    When Li Muyang answered with the name of Yan Xiangma, he deliberately raised the volume so that Unpredictable immortal and Strange Taoist heard him.

    "Yan Xiangma? The son of Jiangnan City Lord Yan Bolai?" Lu Qingming looked thoughtfully at Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang said his name was Yan Xiangma. Although he could deceive Unpredictable immortal and Strange Taoist, he could not trick Lu Qingming.

    The Lu family and Cui family are political enemies. The Yan family is the relative of the Cui family. Therefore, the Lu family had no dealings with the Yan family.

    But Tiandu is neither big nor small. The Lu family and Yan family were living on the same street. Although Yan Bolai had been living in Jiangnan for many years, and seldom returned to Tiandu to live, Lu Qingming had seen Yan Xiangma a number of times and knew how he looked like.

    This young man was definitely not Yan Xiangma.

    Of course, he saved his life. If he said he's Yan Xiangma, then Lu Qingming would not rudely expose him.

    So, he gave a cupped fist salute to Li Muyang. "Thank you Gongzi Xiangma for saving me. When I return to Tiandu, I will personally pay a visit to the Yan household to express my gratitude."

    "Tiandu?" Li Muyang's face turned red with excitement. "You're from Tiandu?"

    "That's correct."

    "Do you know Lu Qiji?"

    "Lu Qiji?" Lu Qingming's expression went slightly stiff. "Why did you suddenly mention Qiji?"

    "She's my classmate. Also my friend." Li Muyang explained.

    "Qiji is my daughter." Lu Qingming said with a smile.

    "Ah?" Li Muyang looked at Lu Qingming with his eyes wide. "It turns out to be such a coincidence? So you're the one--the extremely powerful Lu family in Tiandu?"

    "I'm from the Lu family." Lu Qingming smiled. He felt that every question that this boy asked was very strange. "Not that powerful. If it wasn't for your help, then my brothers and I would have become a pile of fertilizer in this bamboo sea."

    Li Muyang felt closer to Lu Qingming. "Uncle Lu no need to keep it in mind, in life, who would not encounter bumps in the road? They came with bad intentions so caught you off guard. If Uncle Lu and your troops were all prepared, they would have wet their pants in fright and went off hiding somewhere." He said in a reassuring tone.

    For some reason, Lu Qingming was very fond of Li Muyang at first glance.

    Not only because he saved his life, not just because he grabbed him back from the hands of the King of hell in the nick of time.

    He felt that there was something in Li Muyang that made him feel very close and comfortable. He could not understand what but there was certainly something.

    He did not want Li Muyang to get injured, and even more did not want him to get injured because of him.

    Lu Qingming looked at Li Muyang and said aloud: "You do not need to worry about Unpredictable immortal. He has sustained serious injury already. If he dares to attack, I will not spare him. The only thing to worry about now is Strange Taoist, who had made a name for himself several decades ago and is a very unfathomable man. His personality is strange, temperamental. You have offended him by saving me, he will not let you go until he kills you."

    Li Muyang reached out to stroke Snowball's little head as he said: "Uncle Lu don't worry. Just escape when there's a chance. As long as you're safe, they can't do anything to me."

    "No." Lu Qingming refused. "You came to save me. How could I escape myself? Although I--Uncle Lu is injured, but if we attacked together, I can help you block a sword or two."

    "Uncle Lu--" Li Muyang gave a wry smile. "Don't be stubborn. If you don't leave, neither of us would be able to escape. As long as you leave, I have a chance to safely escape. Listen to me and leave when you get the chance. Take your group of subordinates and leave."


    "No but. It's decided." Li Muyang said firmly.

    Lu Qingming no longer argued, shouted: "Where are the bodyguards?"


    The remaining dozens of black-clad mounted soldiers came charging over on horses, fully crowding around Lu Qingming

    Li Muyang laughed. "That's good."

    Strange Taoist had been watching the movements over at Li Muyang's side, and seeing that Lu Qingming was protected in the middle of the black-clad troops, he taunted, "Lu Qingming, you're ready to run? In order to survive, you would abandon the person that saved you, is this what your Lu family does? This is the so-called military backbone? Are you not afraid of this matter spreading out and be despised by the world?"

    Lu Qingming did not say a word.

    He knew he was indeed wrong. Abandoning brothers and friends, also does not agreed with the approach his Lu family handles matters.

    But, Li Muyang had told him to do so; he also could only do so.

    He was willing to believe in the young man.

    "Are you an idiot? If you're being hunted, you're going to run faster than anyone, right? A true gentleman does not stand on a dangerous wall, a lowly person like you certainly would not understand this reasoning. What is Uncle Lu's identity? What is your identity? He is insulting himself if he talks to you, it would dirty his eyes if he looks at you. You're just a wild dog that relies on reward to make a living. I do not understand how you got into the sect of Taoism. If my master was here, he would have split you into two, and expel unqualified members for his sect--"

    Li Muyang was not a push-over, he was not bluffing, as long as it was not a fight, he could rebuke Strange Taoist and his family--and his sect.

    After saying that, he turned around to where the black-clad soldiers were crowded around. "Isn't that right, Uncle of the Lu family?"

    Strange Taoist had made a name for himself a long time ago, a fearful name, and had been travelling unhindered throughout the divine continent for decades. There has been no one that dared to point at him and scold him.

    He looked up to the sky, howling with laughter, before he said, pointing to Li Muyang: "Ignorant child, you ignorant child--dare to speak nonsense in front of Strange Taoist. Today Strange Taoist, I, will let you have a taste of the power of Heavenly astral palm. I will peel your skin and pluck out your tendons, incinerate your bone to ashes, to settle the anger in my heart."

    "I have seen a similar story line before." Li Muyang said with a sneer on his face. "The bad guys who yell to get people dead, dies badly."

    Unpredictable immortal was also amused by Li Muyang. "You have thick skin, but is a loud mouth idiot. Those who offend Strange Taoist, will not end well."

    With these words from Unpredictable immortal, Strange Taoist simply must fight back.

    If he did not attack, is that not equal to hitting his own face, destroying his own reputation?

    Would those that offend him come to a good end?

    Strange Taoist with a loud roar, suddenly aimed an open hand strike in the direction of Li Muyang.

    They were dozens of feet apart, and were separated by large tracts of black mud and green bamboos.

    However, as soon as he stretched out his palm, the wind developed into a howling gale, there were images of palm flickering.

    The palm shrouded in blazing red flame was bursting forth with an earth-shattering force, almost covering the entire sky.

    Mass of storm clouds rolled across!

    Provoked by the fierce qi, Li Muyang took two steps back.

    Then he grinded his teeth, strode forward firmly, clenching his fists tight.

    Smashed out a punch!


    There was a thunderous sound.

    The countless shadows in the sky were shattered, vanishing without trace.

    The shadows above were gone, and the cold gale ceased.

    This was just a move to test each other's strength. At the same time of Li Muyang punching out, Strange Taoist had disappeared from where he was.

    When he reappeared, he was in the depths of the sea of clouds.

    He struck the palms of his hands together, when huge open handprints in gold, one after another, were emerging in the sky.

    The first big handprint was in front, then the second big handprint rushed forward to fuse together with the first big handprint. Then the handprint behind sped toward the big handprint that was first shot out at a much faster speed.

    Strange Taoist consecutively threw out eighty one palm strikes, and the eighty one large handprints fused as one.

    The huge prints exuded a silvery brilliance, as luminous as the Moon.

    Even from afar, one could still feel the berserk strong qi contained within.

    The 81large handprints locked Li Muyang in place and then came crashing down from above.

    Heavenly astral qi palm strike!

    Nine is a supreme number, nine divide by nine is one, and eventually forming the purest of qi of the Supreme Heavenly astral palm.

    Li Muyang did not hide nor dodge, because he knew that if he avoided the attack, the huge handprint overhead would strike Lu Qingming and the group of black-clad soldiers.

    He was the father of Lu Qiji, although Lu Qiji this woman was sometimes annoying, but she had still helped him before in a critical moment--

    The most important thing was that his parents and sister were under the protection of the Lu family. No matter what, he has to save Lu Qingming.

    So, Li Muyang balled his hands into fists, and two white flashing balls formed in his hands.

    Then his clenched fists jerked upwards, slammed into the big handprint overhead.

    Frighten Dragon Fist!
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