Chapter 330 - Kill the evil Taoist!

    Chapter 330: Kill the evil Taoist!

    Li Muyang was most skilful in Frighten Dragon Fist, and also liked Frighten Dragon Fist the most.

    As he swung out his fist, there were claps of thunder and flashes of lightning.

    Between heaven and Earth, a white dragon roared and soared high into the sky.

    This was a cool scene to even think about.

    Most importantly, Li Muyang did not need to transform into a dragon.

    Li Muyang was not able to transform into a dragon in front of people. Otherwise, he would reveal his identity as the divine dragon and become the enemy of the world. Even Lu Qiji's father Lu Qingming, who he had just saved, would try to kill him--

    Sometimes Li Muyang felt incredibly distressed.

    He clearly had not provoked anyone or done anything bad, why did those human beings must get rid of him? He had no plans to kill them.

    Besides, he has studied the memory of the black dragon. It was the human race who broke the oath first and almost wiped out the dragon clan--Is this what they say, once you tell a lie you have to tell more lies to patch up a lie told?


    A blast of violent wind blew, whipping up sand and stones.

    Several lush green bamboos were snapped in the gust of strong qi, breaking into fragments.

    The white dragon dived straight to where the huge handprint was, and a body of white and silver qi was seen clashing with one another in the sky.


    A loud blast resounded across the sky.

    The head of the white dragon slammed heavily into the large handprint that was expanding incessantly, causing the silvery ripples of the big handprint quaking and spreading toward the endless surroundings.

    Seeing that his own palm of Heavenly astral qi was on the verge of being destroyed, Strange Taoist pinched his fingers together, murmuring to himself.

    Taoist magic figures began emerging in the sky, and then countless characters darted to where the big handprint was, integrating into one.


    The huge handprint that the divine dragon had struck all of a sudden erupted in bright silvery light, countless air current hurled over to fill up the area that was weakening, and instantly that huge handprint was brought up to full strength again.

    Heavenly astral qi incantation!

    The qi palm and the qi incantation coordinated perfectly with each other, combining into one. All of a sudden there was an explosion of divine power, and the white-coloured qi dragon, which was thrown out by Li Muyang, was extinguished.

    Strange Taoist's body soared, fluttering below the big handprint.

    When he saw Li Muyang's qi dragon had disappeared, he waved his hands about in the air, projecting blue palms after palms toward the huge handprint to fuse together and becoming one.

    Li Muyang felt an endless pressure once again, but it was too late to clench his fist and punch out.


    The huge handprint slammed Li Muyang into the soil.


    The huge handprint blast the ground to ashes, and the huge shock wave spread even further than before.

    "Gongzi Xiangma--"

    Seeing that Li Muyang had vanished before his eyes, Lu Qingming couldn't help shouting.

    He gripped his silver spear, and was about to charge in to fight to death with Strange Taoist.

    "General." Dozens of black-clad mounted soldiers armed with West Wind blades tightly crowded around Lu Qingming, reluctant to let their master fight in his current wounded state.

    Strange Taoist cast a glimpse at the ground, there were no traces of life left behind where the huge palm had struck.

    "Pff pff pff--" Snowball sped across the air, spitting out in the direction of the huge pit.

    Strange Taoist gave a cold laugh, "Lu Qingming, you rely on a junior to live a little longer, you destroyed the dignity and name of the Lu family, do you regret it?"

    As he spoke, his body was darting over in the direction of Lu Qingming.

    In his eyes, the dozens of soldiers armed with West wind blades that were glaring at him with ferocious eyes as though would storm over at any time were as worthless as straw. All he had to do was flick his sleeve and they would be compressed into soil.

    Like the guy named Yan Xiangma.

    "Yan Xiangma?" The name surfaced on Strange Taoist's mind once again.

    He really could not understand why the Yan family would come to save Lu Qingming of the Lu family? Even at the expense of his life. Are the two families not sworn enemies?

    "The so-called name is just some shameless people pasting gold onto my face. During the time of life and death, who's going to wear this fake face? Of course I should throw it away as far as possible. It would be easier and quicker to run, wouldn't it?"

    Lu Qingming's heart was aching from the fact that Yan Xiangma named Li Muyang had died for him, shaking with rage he yelled pointing to Strange Taoist, "Even if I die today, I will take your head--move aside."

    He was so enraged that he pushed the black-clad mounted soldiers away.

    His body soared, the silver spear in his hand buzzing and vibrating. He was prepared to enter into a battle of life and death with Strange Taoist.

    Unpredictable immortal turned and gave a cupped fist salute to Strange Taoist. "How about this, leave this person to me? You've got rid of one anyway. Me and him haven't decided who the winner is from our previous battle, I would like to see, whether his Lu family's Heavenly emperor spear or my 'Lotus sword' is more powerful--"

    Strange Taoist did not give him any face at all, uttered scornfully: "Haven't you tried already? Your 'Lotus Sword' was broken by Heavenly emperor spear--besides, he is the target of this trip. If I leave his head to you, what do I take back for reward?"

    "I'll kill him and leave the head for you. How's that?" Unpredictable immortal said with a giggle.

    Unpredictable immortal and Strange Taoist were deciding and arguing about the ownership of his head right in front of him. To Lu Qingming, someone of noble status, this was simply an insult.

    The ministers would rather die than see his monarch humiliated. !

    Watching their General being insulted was worse than death.


    The black-clad soldiers that were knocked away couldn't bear it any longer, they cracked their whip and horses came galloping forward, West wind blades held high, ready to strike Strange Taoist.

    "You want to die."

    Strange Taoist thundered, launching a palm strike.


    More than 10 black-clad soldiers and their horse were crushed into minced meat by the palm of heavenly astral qi.


    The death of their companions did not make them fear in the slightest.

    On the contrary, the blood on the ground made them go berserk.

    Their eyes were red and on the verge of cracking.

    A dozen of black-clad soldiers left the squad, brandishing West wind blades, and storming over to Strange Taoist on horseback.


    Strange Taoist struck out another palm once again.


    The huge blue handprint reappeared.

    Before the black-clad mounted soldiers had reached half the distance they were gone, and only a tremendous pit and a pile of flesh remained.


    The final group of black-clad mounted soldiers swung up their West Wind blades, charging ahead as though unafraid of death.

    "Go back." Lu Qingming roared. "Go back."

    He dared not to move, but also could not even turn his head round.

    Because Unpredictable immortal's gaze had locked him in place, holding the flexible sword high and assuming a ready stance.

    In a battle between masters, a slight negligence could lead to fatal consequences.

    Strange Taoist burst into loud laughter, pointing to the blad-clad soldiers that threw themselves over, and said to Lu Qingming: "Lu Qingming, you see? They all died because of you. With these subordinates to accompany you, I think you won't be lonely in the underworld."

    As he spoke, he once again had his right hand raised in the air, ready to launch the huge handprint once more.

    He did not have any compassion.

    If they want to die, he dares to kill.


    A white figure suddenly rose high into the sky from the pit.

    Li Muyang body soared high, shaking off the dust from his body, and shouted in an angry voice, "Old Taoist, I have not died. Your opponent is me. Don't kill innocent people, you will receive retribution."

    Li Muyang's face was covered with dust, blood were seeping out the corner of his mouth.

    His clothes were torn badly, there were no parts that were intact, and it couldn't even cover his important body parts.

    "Retribution? I believe in strength, I do not believe in retribution." The palm that Strange Taoist was about to strike out stopped, he glowered at Li Muyang: "You're not dead--Fine. I'll send you on another ride."

    Red light flashed in his hands, ready to thrust out the huge handprint.

    "Although I do not belong in the sect of Taoism, but since I have a Taoist master, I consider myself a half Taoist. Since an evil Taoist is committing assault, then I will clean up the sect on behalf of Master Xiahou." Li Muyang roared.

    He leaped forward and darted in the direction of Strange Taoist.

    Just as Li Muyang was charging forward, a strange voice was uttering from his mouth.

    'Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra'!

    'Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra' did not get its name because it can subdue dragon and tame tiger, but because the mantra is incredibly powerful, that once mastered one can subdue dragon and tigers.

    As long as the caster was of profound cultivation levels, the divine mantra can confuse opponents, affecting both their mind and physical actions to a certain degree.

    The more powerful the caster, the more difficult it was to withstand against the mantra.

    'Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra' was a Buddhist mantra rarely seen in the world. Only high-level Buddhist disciples like Kong Li from an extraordinary background was able to possess it.

    As expected, as soon as Strange Taoist heard the mantra, his eyes grew dull, and even the hand that was high up ready to strike froze where it was.

    That was enough! !

    Li Muyang sped forward, taking advantage of the moment that 'Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra' had thrown Strange Taoist into confusion, gathered all his qi into his right fist and struck a thunderous blow.

    It was Frighten Dragon Fist!

    Pick yourself up from where you've fallen.

    Strange Taoist's cultivation was indeed profound; his eyes only went lifeless and confused for a brief moment, before restoring to its previous bright and clear colour.

    Once he noticed that Li Muyang's fist was whizzing toward himself, he quickly threw out a palm to counterattack.

    Unfortunately, he was one step too slow.

    Li Muyang's fist was like a giant hammer in the sky, commanding lightning upon lightning to hit Strange Taoist.


    Strange Taoist's counterattack was futile, as soon as the Heavenly astral palm came close to Li Muyang's Frighten Dragon Fist, it was instantly swallowed by lightning.

    The bolts of lightning passed through the palm and spread across Strange Taoist, until his entire body was fully wrapped in lightning that were growing fiercer, wilder and stronger every moment.


    Flashes of lightning exploded, ripping Strange Taoist to pieces.

    Flesh and blood splattered, creating a spell of red rain above this beautiful paradise-like bamboo sea.
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