Chapter 332 - Return to Tiandu together!

    Chapter 332: Return to Tiandu together!

    "An assassin has a backbone, too." Li Muyang stated with a smile, standing in front of Unpredictable immortal and looking condescendingly down at his face.

    Unpredictable immortal laughed grimly, looking at Li Muyang: "I did not expect that the person that understands me the most is this kid. No wonder that I thought highly of you. One good friend in life is enough."

    "Don't mention it." Li Muyang waved his hand dismissively, his sight shifted to Lu Qingming, "Uncle Lu, do we need to try break all his bones. With no bones, there should be no breathing, right?" "

    Unpredictable immortal looked up in shock, staring at Li Muyang with his eyes wide open, and hissed: "Bastard, you dare do such vicious and cruel thing at such a young age, are you not afraid of retribution?"

    "I don't believe in retribution, I believe in strength." Li Muyang threw out the words of Strange Taoist as counterattack, "Besides, I am enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens. People say that good is rewarded and evil is punished with retribution."

    "Kill me." Unpredictable immortal grunted. "Yan Xiangma, if you're a man, just kill me already. Why are you talking so much nonsense?" "

    Unpredictable immortal was unafraid of death, but he was afraid that he might still be alive when every single bone in his body had been trampled by these people.

    He had proudly wandered the Divine continent, moved unhindered in his life, and killed countless. He was a famous figure of the assassin world, the goal of countless assassins, and the idol that many worships.

    If all his bones were broken, he would be like a maggot that won't die--He would become the laughingstock of the assassin world, the fame that he had accumulated all his life would be ruined.

    Lu Qingming was evidently interested Li Muyang's suggestion. He raised his hand into the air, and several black-clad soldiers came galloping over on horses.

    He pointed to Unpredictable immortal lying on the ground. "Did you heard what Gongzi Xiangma said?"

    "General, we heard." A scar faced man gave an evil grin. His 107 brothers were attacked in Bamboo Sea when they were escorting General back to Tiandu, and now there were less than 30 of them. Their hatred for Strange Taoist and Unpredictable immortal was bone deep. Strange Taoist had turned into a rain of blood and they could only retaliate against Unpredictable immortal. Now that Unpredictable immortal was in their hands, how should they torture him first? "We promised that we would complete the task. If he has a complete bone left in his body, General can immediately chop off my head for dereliction of duty."

    The Scar faced man gritted his teeth, his eyes redden and tears well up in the lower rims of his eyes.

    Just moments ago his brothers had suffered such a tragic death in the wilderness, even if they killed Unpredictable immortal would they come back alive?

    Lu Qingming took a deep look at them, heaving a long sigh inside. He then turned to Li Muyang, "Gongzi Xiangma, can we turn around to speak? This scene will dirty Gongzi Xiangma's eyes."

    Li Muyang knew that Lu Qingming's subordinates were about to torture Unpredictable immortal. Which General did not have people to do the dirty work?

    Gladly accepting his good intention, Li Muyang followed Liu Qingming. He said with a smile. "I also wanted to talk with Uncle Lu."


    They had just turned around when loud sounds of fracture could be heard from behind.

    Li Muyang knew that the black-clad soldiers could not refrain from beating up Unpredictable immortal anymore.

    "Pff-- "

    Snowball, was seemingly very afraid. As soon as it heard the noise, buried its face in its hands. It was only when the sound stopped that it slowly moved away one paw to steal a peek through the gap.

    Li Muyang slapped Snowball on the back of its head and said snappishly: "What are you afraid of--Back then --"

    Since Lu Qingming was next to him, he could not tell of the glorious achievements of Snowball.

    Back in the land of illusion, not only did Snowball swallowed the powerful wolf pearl, but also sucked in all water elements in the illusion of water--

    Otherwise, the illusion wouldn't have collapse suddenly.

    It had done such an earth-shaking thing, yet was afraid of people breaking someone's bones?


    Snowball blew a bubble to Li Muyang's face as counterattack.

    The most real and most pure water elements immediately began to divide, becoming several hundreds of bubbles within seconds.

    Li Muyang hurriedly wiped off the water stains on his face. He could not let Lu Qingming suspect Snowball's true identity. Then with a wry smile on his face he said, "You shouldn't spit? It's not very hygienic."


    Snowball seemed very pleased with its mischief, giggling wildly covering its mouth with its hands, and its fat body shaking up and down.

    "--" This guy is becoming more and more like a person.

    The heart of the weak water was composed of the purest mother water elements, it is the spirit of the water.

    It is very difficult to give it a precise definition, it is tangible and also intangible. It has life and is lifeless. It's not an animal, it's not a plant, and it's not a species you've seen before.

    But water is the mother of all things. It can do anything, or it can change into any shape.

    Moreover, in Li Muyang's heart, Snowball was not only his pet, but his friend and family.

    Its ability to imitate was very impressive and it has a fast learning ability. If it stays with humans for a long enough time, perhaps it would also become human-like? Possess the thinking of a human and master every kind of skills of human?

    After a few hundred years, if someone scolds 'you're inferior to this dog', would you have the feeling of wanting to cry?

    Lu Qingming looked at Snowball with a smile on his face. "This pet, is so cute. I wonder what species this is? I've never seen it before."

    "Dog." Li Muyang stated. "It is said to be a very rare type of dog called a flying dog. I named it Snowball. I caught it in Flower language plains. I also have not seen an animal like it before, this is the first time I encountered one."

    "I really have never seen one before." Lu Qingming studied Snowball closer, before he looked at Li Muyang and asked, "Gongzi Xiangma, you came from the Flower language plains?"

    "Yes." Li Muyang smiled and nodded.

    The Land of illusion had collapsed, the gate to the Land of illusion had permanently closed.

    Li Muyang rode the Wolf King and searched around for some time, and couldn't find a way back.

    For a moment, Li Muyang thought that he would be stuck in the illusion forever.

    When Li Muyang heard that Senior Savage, in order to get the Heart of the weak water, waited for 60 years, he also felt sympathy for him. However, Li Muyang was about to face endless imprisonment, until his life ends.

    Perhaps Snowball understood that they wanted to leave the land of illusion, it took them to the very north of the continent of Feng Lin. They continuously flew for three days and three nights, until reaching the end of the continent of Feng Lin where they stopped for a rest.

    Fortunately, the spirit of weak water does not get tired, and the Wolf King was very good at long-distance trekking.

    There was where the water and sky meets, the end of the land of illusion.

    If they wanted to leave the land of illusion, they could only get out through this end.

    But, after going out, what would the other world be like?

    Moreover, this was the eye of a formation, the same as the beam of light that protected Snowball in the water illusion. Any life form would be instantaneously transported to an unknown area--Who knows where they would be transported to?

    The only one who could freely enter the eye of the formation was Snowball. Wolf King and Li Muyang were both solid body forms and would disappear straight away once stepped into the beam of light. And most likely would never come back.

    Finally, Li Muyang thought of a way.

    Li Muyang suggested the Wolf King to fuse with the Wolf pearl. The Wolf pearl was formed from the brilliance of the red moon, back then the Dragon Clan also wanted to borrow the Wolf pearl in order to enter the eye of this sort of formation.

    According to this reasoning, once the Wolf King swallowed the Wolf pearl, it would become an inanimate body.

    Although he suggested the Wolf King to fuse into one with the Wolf pearl, it was in fact, the Wolf pearl swallowing Wolf King. The Wolf King was giving up his original life body. It looked more like putting the cart before the horse.

    The Wolf King hesitated over and over again, then under Li Muyang's threats and inducements--mainly threats, had to agree with Li Muyang extremely unreasonable request.

    It was swallowed by Snowball, and then fused into one with its own Wolf pearl in the stomach of Snowball.

    Snowball swallowed the raging fire, and once again sucked up a river of autumn to quench its thirst.

    Then, Snowball also swallowed up Li Muyang, and then entered into the eye of a formation carrying a man and a wolf--

    With the blessing of deities, they appeared in Flower language plains, and Li Muyang almost burst into tears of joy.

    Of course, at that time, Li Muyang had no idea that they were in Flower language plains.

    It was just that the living environment was not as bad as it was before.

    They madly bolted all the way and it wasn't until they saw the stone tablet of Flower language plains that they were sure of it.

    The depressing thing was that Starry Sky academy was situated at the center of Flower language plains, and they appeared on the northernmost side of Flower language plains. To head back to school, he needed to travel halfway across Flower Language plains.

    It was precisely because of this, that he encountered Lu Qingming who was being attacked in the bamboo sea and saved the life of the eldest son of the Lu family.

    Of course, the Li Muyang at that time did not know what the rescue would mean to him.

    "I went over there to handle some business. Uncle Lu came back from Yun province? Are you going back to Tiandu to visit family?"

    "That's right." Lu Qingming fondly looked at Li Muyang. "I was anxious to go back to Tiandu, so left the main army and took a shortcut with a few bodyguards. But I did not expect that we were watched from the start. They were lying in ambush in this bamboo sea. If Gongzi Xiangma had not save me, I would have become a pile of mud."

    "Uncle Lu, no need to be so polite. To stand up against injustice, is our duty." Li Muyang stated in a deep heroic voice. When he looked at Lu Qingming there was a feeling of closeness, probably because he was Lu Qiji's father--but, when he sees Lu Qiji he did not feel close to her at all?

    Lu Qiji was very good to him, but she did not inherit her father's gentle and refined nature.

    Of course, she was a Phoenix. A phoenix belonged to the fire attribute. It wass understandable that her temper is so violent.

    "Heroes always come out of early youth. Gongzi Xiangma are you heading back to Tiandu?" Lu Qingming asked.

    Li Muyang pointed ahead, asking, "That is the road to Tiandu?"

    "Yes." Lu Qingming nodded.

    "Let's go together." Li Muyang said, his voice trembling.

    Father, mother, and little sister. I am coming back.
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