Chapter 338 - Take precautions before it is too late!

    Chapter 338: Take precautions before it is too late!

    Li Muyang felt that the people of the Lu family were all so strange.

    Everyone strangely looked at him with those strange eyes, as though he was a strange freak of unknown origin.

    Please, I'm just a child of a servant of the Lu household; do you need to be so nice to me?

    Even if they wanted to thank him, there was no need for the lady of the Lu family to take him to bath and change--What was going on? Luckily Uncle Lu was considered a broad-minded man with good temper or he would have beaten him to a pulp.

    What status does the Lady of Lu family has? She needs to serve other men like a servant?

    If this matter was spread out, wouldn't people think that they he was the son of the Lu family?

    In any case, Li Muyang was too afraid to overstep his limit.

    Gongsun Yu's hand was empty, and even her heart suddenly felt empty.

    This youngster before her was her own son, her own flesh and blood, but she could not tell him the truth that she is her mother. She could not take him to bath and change, or even come closer to him--

    This was the cruelest torture in the world!

    Fortunately, her son had finally come back, Li Muyang had finally came back safely.

    When the news from Starry Sky Academy came, Luo Qi and Li Yan both felt they had fall into hell, and so did she.

    She was grieving the death of Li Muyang, and also had to worry about Lu Qiji's sudden departure. Most importantly, she could not show a shred of panic and weakness, because she was the mother of the Lu family, the lady of the household.

    She knew there were countless eyes staring at her every moment.

    She must be calm, confident and needed to take control of everything.

    In any case, he had returned at last.

    A huge weight had been lifted off her heart.

    No matter what the result was, as long as he was alive, she would be satisfied.

    Gongsun Yu suppressed the pain and forced a smile: "You are Qiji's classmate, which means my junior. Besides, you saved Uncle Lu and saved the entire Lu household--I am like sisters with your mother, so you are like my son. Is it not right for me to do something for you?"

    Li Muyang was bowing thankfully. "I appreciate Aunt Lu's kindness but Uncle Lu had just come back, he must want to talk to Aunt Lu--"

    Li Muyang pointed to a servant standing at the side. "Jing'er can take me."

    Gongsun Yu knew that she could not demand too much, not only would this not bring them closer, but would make their relationship awkward.

    So, she nodded and said to Jing'er, "Jing'er, properly serve young master."

    "Yes. Lady." Jing'er bowed as she answered. She was confused why she called him Gongzi just moments before, and now he became a young master? [TN Note; Young master here is more of an intimate referral, as if he was actually the young lord of the household]

    However, she could not guess the Lady's mind; she also dared not disobey the Lady.

    Making an inviting gesture she said politely to Li Muyang, " Young master Muyang, please follow me."

    "Thank you." Li Muyang made a bow with his hands in front, and said goodbye to the people in the drawing room, then followed the servant.

    Seeing that Li Muyang was gone, Lu Tianyu also wanted to leave stealthily. "Father must be exhausted from the long journey, I will not disturb--"

    "Lu Tianyu." Gongsun Yu shouted.

    "Mother, is there something else?" Lu Tianyu paused abruptly and asked with a smiling face.

    "Do you want to go to the back courtyard and notify someone?" Gongsun Yu asked, fixing a stern look at her son.

    "Mother, who would I notify?" Lu Tianyu wanted to talk his way out but as soon as he saw his mother's eyes he could only helplessly reply, "I just want to go tell Big sister Shinian. They would be very happy if they know that Li Muyang is back.

    "Who let you call him by his name?" Gongsun Yu said sternly. "From now on call him--Big brother Muyang."

    "Mother, he's not my big brother--"

    "Who says he's not?"

    "He has the surname Li and I have the surname Lu. How would he be my brother?"

    "He is Li Shinian's big brother. You call her Big sister Shinian, why not call him Big brother Muyang?"

    "Mother, that's different--"

    "It's decided. If I hear you call him Li Muyang next time, I'll hit you with a bamboo stick."

    "--" Little fatty Lu Tianyu looked aggrieved.

    Does he have any status in this house? Why is a nobody more precious than him?

    His parents favoured his older sister Lu Qiji over him. It couldn't be helped, his parents regard women as superior to men, and his sister was indeed too outstanding?

    Li Shinian was spoiled, his mother gave special treatment to her because of her relationship with Aunt Luo Qi. Besides, Li Shinian was so beautiful and so cute, who wouldn't like her?

    That Li Muyang--who is he? Why was he more important than himself?

    Lu Tianyu wanted to run away from home.

    Lu Qingming stretched out his hand and motioned Lu Tianyu to come over.

    And then ordered the servants all to leave the room, leaving the three of them in the huge drawing room.

    "Tianyu, there's something you must keep in mind." Gongsun Yu grabbed his son's chubby hand and said with a serious expresssion. "No matter what, don't tell the outside world that Muyang has come here. Do you understand?"

    Lu Tianyu's huge eyes moved up and down. "Mother, I understand. Are you afraid of the Cui family retaliating?"

    "It's not just the Cui family" Lu Qingming had a very solemn expression on his face, turned to look at Gongsun Yu and said, "If I knew it was him, no matter what, I would not let him come back. It's too dangerous."

    "Yes." Gongsun Yu nodded in agreement. "Now that he has come back, we must think about what we should do next. Fortunately he was mixed in with the group of black-clad soldiers as he came back with you, the outside world would not know his identity. If our family members keep this a secret, the outside world will never know."

    "It seems so--" Lu Qingming's forehead knotted in a frown. But what if someone recognises him?"

    "Then he should wear a mask," said Lu Tianyu grinning, "I heard that there is a master in the palace who wears a mask all day long, for more than 10 years. No one knows who he is."

    Lu Qingming knew who his son was talking about, one of the eighteen masters of the West wind monarch Chu Xianda. He wears a black-iron dog-faced mask all day, and Chu Xianda calls him 'Mister Dog'.

    No one knows who he is, and no one knows his origins.

    He was one of the ten mysteries of Tiandu.

    Lu Qingming nodded. "This approach is not a bad suggestion. However, there must be a demon behind strangeness. If Muyang suddenly wears a mask when he goes out, would that not attract the attention of observant people?"

    "Try to reduce the number of times he goes out. Or just don't go out at all." Gongsun Yu said, resolutely. If his son's life was involved then she must be careful and cautious. "If he goes out, he wears a human-skin mask. Isn't there an expert in this field in the household? Then put on makeup to make it look like a different person and it won't be noticeable."

    Lu Qingming took his wife's hand and said, "Xiao Yu is so clever."

    Gongsun Yu smiled bitterly.

    Lu Qingming looked at Lu Tianyu, asking: "Tianyu, do you remember Mother's order?"

    "Tianyu remembers." Lu Tianyu bowed as he answered.

    "Well. That's good. You go and have a rest first. Don't go to the back garden for now, let your Big brother Muyang surprise them, wouldn't that be better? At that time I will allow you to go watch--" Gongsun Yu said, looking at his son.

    Lu Tianyu thought his Mother's suggestion was much more interesting.

    If he ran to tell Li Shinian that her brother was not dead, she would certainly rush over to see Li Muyang.

    If Li Muyang suddenly appeared at their side, that scene must be very interesting and fun to watch, right?

    Lu Tianyu repeatedly nodded, "I won't go now, I definitely won't go. I will wait for Li Muyang--Big brother and go over there with him after he finish bathing."

    "Good." Gongsun Yu stroked her son's head, looking very satisfied with his cooperation.

    Lu Qingming waved his hand, indicating Lu Tianyu to go out.

    He waited until his son's figure had gone far, looked at his wife Gongsun Yu's face, and whispered: "Xiao Yu, about this--I want to go let Father know?"

    Gongsun Yu's face took on an abrupt change of expression, answering irritably, "Let him know what? Let him know his grandson is back and let him throw him out again?"

    "Xiao Yu--" Lu Qingming said uncomfortably. "This is an important matter to the Lu family, I must tell father, so that he is prepared mentally. Besides, I have just came back from Yun Province, I should go see father."

    Gongsun Yu also knew it was not easy for her husband to be in the middle. She deeply sighed, "Go after taking a bath and changing? You would look more energetic."

    "No need." Lu Qingming refused. "I'll see Father first and then come back to bath. If Father sees me wearing bloody garment and face covered with dirt and dust, he will look at me differently, and know that I was suffering at the frontier." "

    "Who doesn't know you suffer at the frontier?" Gongsun Yu's eyes were red, and her voice was low.

    "Okay, okay." Lu Qingming held his wife in his arms. "I know if it unfair to you. Our Lu family did something that hurt you. But look--Qiji is one of the bright moon of the Kingdom, and Tianyu is clever and sensible, and look at Muyang, he is a young hero. Even the Divine continent's famous Strange Taoist is no match for him. He is simply an outstanding talent of his generation, he is not inferior in any respect to those genius youngsters of Tiandu--"

    "Of course." When the topic shifted to Li Muyang, Gongsun Yu's full face of anger instantly extinguished, as she said lovingly, "Our son naturally is extremely outstanding. Quickly go see father, and then come back and tell me about how Muyang saved you, your journey, and what you two talked about--?
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