Chapter 346 - Miss Hong Xiul!

    Chapter 346: Miss Hong Xiul!

    It was an enormous event if someone like Lu Qingming came over to eat. It would only be right it they prepare at least 10 days to half a month in advance, in order to ensure a sumptuous meal.

    Because Lu Qingming had all of a sudden came over without notice Lu Qi had no time to prepare, and could only heat up the noodle soup that they had this morning and pour a ladleful of chicken meat into the bowl. Thinking that frontier soldiers' taste was heavier, she added a handful of chilli into his bowl, which she learnt from Li Muyang.

    Lu Qingming received the bowl of noodle soup, slurped up some noodles and drank a big mouthful of soup, and then with a pleasantly surprised expression across his face looked over at Li Muyang, "Not bad. This noodle soup is delicious. No wonder Muyang likes it so much."

    Li Muyang smiled back: "When I was in Starry Sky Academy, I missed Mother's noodles soup the most. The thousands of delicious food in the world can not be compared to Mother's cooking."

    Luo Qi upon hearing Li Muyang's words, was filled with unceasing joy, knowing that when she was missing her son, her son was also thinking of her.

    However, seeing that Lu Qingming was gazing fondly at Li Muyang, Luo Qi couldn't  stand it at all.

    "This is my son, my son, my son--"

    Lu Qingming indeed seemed to really like this bowl of noodle soup. He had eaten breakfast yet was able to finish off the big bowl of noodle soup. He turned and said to Luo Qi, "Really delicious, I should tell Xiao Yu to try it some time."

    Luo Qi with the smiling face replied: "Yes. I'll bring some over for Miss to try later."

    Lu Qingming waved his hand and declined, "Don't. Let Xiao Yu come here to eat. This is the best way to enjoy the bowl of steaming noodle soup. You also don't need to address her as Miss, you two are sisters, our two families should frequently visit one another--I heard that Tianyu and Shinian are very close, this is great. That kid is very simple, he likes playing with people he likes. Shinian, isn't that right?"

    "Uncle Lu, I am no longer a child." Li Shinian grumbled. She didn't want to be linked to Lu Tianyu, the little brat who didn't know anything.

    "Right, right. Shinain has grown up, and is not a child anymore." Lu Qingming laughed.

    Lu Qingming and Li Shinian burst out laughing together, then he glanced over at Li Muyang and said, "Muyang, follow me. I'll take you to see something."

    Li Muyang was just about to refuse, when Lu Qingming interrupted him, saying with a smile: "You do not need to be in such a hurry to decline. Why don't you take a look first."

    Li Muyang after a brief thought nodded. "Then I'll trouble Uncle Lu."

    "Don't be so polite. You're the one who saved my life." Lu Qingming said with a smile.

    Li Yan and Luo Qi exchanged a puzzled glance. Just when had Li Muyang save Lu Qingming's life?

    "Uncle Lu, I am also very curious. Can I have a look, too?" Li Shinian grasped Li Muyang's sleeve, eagerly looking at Lu Qingming as she asked.

    "Of course you can." Lu Qingming readily agreed.

    "Thank you Uncle Lu." Li Shinian exclaimed.

    Li Yan and Luo Qi sent Lu Qingming and their children off. Li Yan closed the door and whispered, "What happened? When did Li Muyang come back? Just now Master said that Muyang had saved his life--when did that happen? How come I don't know anything?"

    "I don't know either." Luo Qi peeped out the door through the gap, responding in a distressed tone. "Muyang returned last night, he just told me he ran into Young Master on the road, so he came back with me. He didn't tell me about how he saved people."

    "Who was it that can hurt Young master? Muyang didn't tell us, he must not want us to worry. But the Lu family--what is their attitude? Young master knocked at the door early in the morning, and that Grandfather that sent Muyang away--what is his attitude?"

    "How would I know?" Luo Qi burst out in a gust of uncontrollable anger. "Can you keep a close watch,you  must not let anyone take my son away. Whoever takes my son away from me, I will fight back with my life."

    "Even if we fight back with our lives, we may not win--" Seeing his wife's pale complexion, Li Yan did not continued, and said comfortingly, "Don't worry. Do you not understand Muyang's temper? He is a very sentimental man. He know we have treated him well. I think we have nothing to worry about, but if the Lu family wants to tell him the truth, tell him what happened back then, then it would be incredibly difficult for Muyang to accept it--They are the ones that should worry."

    Luo Qi heavily sighed. "I just feel bad for Miss. We are both mothers, I can understand her feelings."

    "Yes, Miss is a good person. Unfortunately--"

    Li Yan and his family were living at the rear court of the Lu mansion, which is what called the 'back door'. Here there were many senior servants and old housekeeper, and was separated from the front courtyard by a wall. The other servants and the guards had other places to live, and were different from where they were living.

    Lu Qingming led Li Muyang and Li Shinian toward the front courtyard, and on their way servants and guards were bowing to them one after another.

    They did not know Li Muyang, but they recognised Li Shinian. They were thinking that the Li family was indeed really lucky, even though they had the same servant background, they were greatly valued by their Masters and even their little daughter was treated like Miss Lu of the Lu family, reaching the sky in one single step, flying up to a branch and became a Phoenix. It really made one envious.

    On the left side of the front courtyard, there was a Moon reaching park, which was said to be where various strange people from different places that the Lu family had recruited reside. Outsiders were not allowed to enter usually, to allow them enjoy a free world inside.

    When Li Shinian raised her head to see the two words 'moon reaching' above the arch, she tugged at Li Muyang's sleeve, motioning for him to look up.

    Li Muyang looked up and read out loud, "Moon reaching--what?"

    "It's okay." Li Shinian grumpily stared at Li Muyang, thinking that this guy was still an idiot. He used to be an ugly idiot, and now he's a good-looking idiot.

    The corner of Lu Qingming's mouth was curved upwards in a smiling expression. "Doesn't matter. We're a family, there's nowhere that you can't be at."

    There was no one guarding the Moon reaching park, they only needed to step through to enter.

    In the distance, there was a farmer planting vegetables in bare feet.

    There was a middle-aged man sweeping leaves with a broom, and just as the leaves were gathered together into a pile, a gust of wind scattered the leaves. He hurriedly waved the broom, about to catch those leaves.

    Some one was chopping trees, and some one was tending to a group of deer--

    They were all busy with their own work and did not disturb each other.

    Even when Lu Qingming came in, they also ignored him, not one person stepped forward to greet Lu Qingming.

    The atmosphere was harmonious, and the scene was very beautiful.

    However, Li Muyang felt a heavy pressure.

    He did not know where that kind of pressure came from, but there was a suffocating feeling.

    Li Muyang was just trying to strike back, when he saw a number of eyes suddenly aimed towards him.

    Lu Qingming felt something, and patted him on the shoulder, saying, "Don't be nervous, it's okay."

    It was only then that Li Muyang relaxed a little, smiled and said: "They are all skilled masters."

    Lu Qingming smiled, "Muyang is also a master. Otherwise, you would not have felt the anomaly at all."

    Li Shinian with a face of confusion, strangely asked: "Brother, what are you talking about?"

    Li Muyang shook his head, "Nothing."

    "Petty." Li Shinina pouted.


    As they entered a courtyard, an old woman in grey clothes came over with a walking stick, trembling down the steps and seemed as though would fall at any moment.

    Li Shinian hurriedly stepped forward, supporting her arm, "Granny, slowly. Watch out you might fall."

    "Good girl." The old woman reached out her hand to stroke Li Shinian's head. "Such a good girl. Granny likes you very much."

    "Thank you, granny." Li Shinian smiled widely.

    Lu Qingming with a smiling expression said to the old woman, "Miss Hong Xiu, have you adapted to living here?"

    "Hong Xiu? Miss?" Li Shinian stared at the old woman in front with a puzzled look. So old? Still called Miss? What does this name mean?

    "Pretty good. I wonder why Governor came to find me?" The old granny said in a hoarse voice.

    Lu Qingming pointed to Li Muyang. "I want to ask Miss Hong Xiu to prepare a gift for him."

    The old woman's sight shifted over to Li Muyang's face. "A handsome little man. Isn't it a pity to cover up the soft and smooth skin?"

    "Because his identity is sensitive, it is not convenient to show his face. So I have to ask Miss Hong Xiu to please help." Lu Qingming stooped down and asked politely with a cupped fist salute.

    "One is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted. I've been eating and drinking as much as I like in the Lu mansion, I should do something." The old woman said slowly, as though would pass away before her sentence was finished. "What is the name of the little boy?"

    "My name is Li Muyang." Li Muyang deeply bowed to the old woman. "Thank you Miss Hong Xiu."

    The old woman looked at Li Muyang in puzzlement, "He called me Miss, why do you call me Miss? Granny is so old, how can I be addressed as Miss?"

    "Granny is a Miss, I naturally have to address Granny as Miss?" Li Muyang explained aloud.

    There was a faint smiling expression within the old woman's eyes as she said, "Then tell me, where do I look like a Miss? If you're right, I'll give you the gift for free. If you can't tell me then even if Governor Lu intercede for you, I must refuse, and you also owe me a favor."
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