Chapter 348 - The way of being a servant!

    Chapter 348: The way of being a servant!

    It is said that the closer you are to home the more timid you are.

    The closer to home Li Muyang was, the more he wanted to see his parents and sister as soon as possible. He did not feel that this was 'timid' at all.

    What's so timid about that? They were the closest people to him in the world.

    However, when he had to face Cui Xiaoxin, he deeply realised the power of these words.

    The closer you are to home the more timid you are, it has nothing to do with the distance, it was only love.

    Cui Xiaoxin !

    She was one that made him look forward to seeing her, but also made him afraid of seeing her. The girl who makes him happy and makes him sad.

    Because of that love that resulted in failure, because of that inexplicable vendetta, Li Muyang and Cui Xiaoxin had been pushed to an awkward relationship.

    Li Muyang needed an answer; Cui Xiaoxing needed an apology.

    Which were something that neither of them should give.

    Li Muyang had countless times dreamed of meeting Cui Xiaoxin again, but never had he thought that, it would be in this way and with this face.

    Li Shinian's strength was not strong enough, if Li Muyang was unwilling, it would be impossible for her to drag him no matter what.

    However, Li Muyang's feet obediently followed her outside.

    That was not the power of Li Shinian; it was the power of Cui Xiaoxin.

    Cui Xiaoxin was waiting for her at the door.

    After the courtyard, Li Shinian had already let go of Li Muyang's arm, and threw a cloth wrapped baggage into his arms.

    She gave Li Muyang a wink, and then dashed toward Cui Xiaoxin, who was waiting at the door.

    Cui Xiaoxin was dressed in a white long robe, flawless, clean and flowing, as always.

    "Xiaoxin." Li Shinian stepped forward to pull Cui Xiaoxin's arm, greeting her with a smiling face smile. "You're so early?"

    "It is far, we should leave early. We still have time to stroll around the Thousand Buddha Temple today if we get there early." Cui Xiaoxin held Li Shinian's hand and urged her to get on the carriage that had been prepared. "Thousand Buddha Temple is widely known for irs Thousand Buddhas, it is said that behind each statue of Buddha there is a portrait of the 'Eight sections of the sky dragon', we can admire them together."

    "That's great. I don't know how to draw, but I like to look at other people's paintings." Li Shinian smiled then turned to Li Muyang, "Bring the carriage here."

    Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Shinian, saying: "Xiaoxing, you're also taking a carriage? How about we travel in the same carriage, we can talk to each other on the way."

    Li Shinian nodded. "That sounds good."

    Then she turned to Li Muyang, "No need to drive a carriage. You can carry my baggage behind."

    "Yes." Li Muyang lowered his head and answered in a low voice, standing in the same place and did not budge.

    Hid eyes were fixed on Cui Xiaoxin, who was as thin as before, but with a rosy complexion. It was possibly due to the fact that the winter in Tiandu was too cold.

    Her voice was soft, and her every movement was still so familiar.

    She was close within reach, but he did not know what to say.

    "Very beautiful, right?" Li Shinian looked at the dazed expression of Li Muyang, deliberately asking loudly.

    "Yes." Li Muyang nodded.

    "Do you like it?" Li Shinian carried on asking.

    "Shinian--" Cui Xiaoxin's brows scrunched up.

    "Ah." Li Shinian laughed, "Seeing him looking so foolish, so I deliberately teased him--Why are you still standing there? Go carry my baggage."

    "Yes." Li Muyang snapped out of his daze, turned around and headed to the convoy behind.

    Cui Xiaoxin, finding it slightly strange that Li Muyang was staring at her with a blank entranced expression, asked: "Who is he?"

    "A carriage driver that the Lu family gave me." Li Shinian said with a smile. "Since he does not need to a drive a carriage, he can carry baggage behind us."

    "Oh." Cui Xiaoxin did not ask any more. Just a driver, it was not worth her to say anything more.

    "Get in the carriage, it's cold outside." Cui Xiaoxin said.

    "Yes." Li Shinian quietly cast a glance at the rear figure of Li Muyang, then quickly followed Cui Xiaoxin and lowered the curtains. "It's really cold. To pray at Thousand Buddha Temple in this kind of weather really shows sincerity."

    Cui Xiaoxin sighed softly, "What we do is nothing compared to what Muyang had suffered. As long as he will return safely."

    Li Shinian nodded seriously, looking into Cui Xiaoxin's eyes, "Yes. I wish my brother could hear what you said, he would be so happy."

    Cui Xiaoxin smiled, and did not answer.

    She knew that this friend had been trying hard to make her and her brother together, but some things were not that easy.

    The eldest daughter of the Cui family planned to go to Thousand Buddha Temple, which meant that safety was a top priority.

    Besides the luxurious carriage that Cui Xiaoxin always used herself, there was a carriage sat with two of her personal servant girls, and a carriage carrying some of her clothing and necessities. Behind there were a dozen of bodyguards on horses protecting both sides. These were obviously skilful bodyguards.

    Li Muyang explained his identify, and a servant girl called Xiaohong ordered him to get on the carriage that was carrying goods. He had no horses and no carriage, so could only ride in their carriage.

    This was only because of the close relationship between Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin, otherwise Li Muyang would had only be allowed to walk.

    The carriage driver snapped his whip, and the carriage began rolling along, in the western direction of Tiandu.

    Li Muyang was deep in thought, when the driver of the carriage suddenly shouted aloud: "Boy, what is your name?"

    "My name is--Li Mu." Li Muyang stated aloud. Before he was only occupied with covering up his face, and forgot to give himself a name.

    "Li Mu? So you must be a distant relative of Miss Li?"

    Li Muyang looked at him in surprise, "How do you know?"

    "Hey, what's so hard about this? You look like a foolish sickly boy, if you're not related to the Li family, who would hire you as a servant? Moreover, even if you're related, you must be a distant relative, if you were close to the Li family, then you wouldn't be a carriage driver. Given the close relationship between Miss Li and the Lu family, you could find a much better job? It is said that Miss Li's father was put into a higher position after a short while, and become a butler. The butler of the Lu household is different from other families--"

    "I see." Li Muyang pretending to be astonished. Then gave a cupped fist salute to the dark faced man who was driving the carriage. "Can I ask for Big brother's name?" "

    "Cui Meng." The dark-faced fellow stated in a very proud voice. "My surname is Cui."

    "Pleasure to meet you." Li Muyang said aloud.

    "First time out? I can tell you, when you follow your master to a trip, you must be sharp-sighted and fast. I'm not worried about Miss, she has two first class servants. But Miss Li, she only took you along with her--There are a few things that a carriage driver should pay attention to. Every hour, you have go check on her. For example, asking whether she wants to drink water, eat, take a rest or does she have anything to order--You can't sit here doing nothing. If you have to wait until the owner to shout you over, then you would lose face. And you shall not have good fruits to eat."

    Li Muyang once again gave a cupped fist salute upon hearing the advice from Cui Meng: "Thank you older brother Cui meng. Listening to the words of Older brother Cui, is better than reading books for ten years."

    In his mind he was repeatedly apologising to his teachers, thinking that they must be furious from what he had said.

    "No worries. I am kind-hearted, seeing your foolish and clueless face, you remind me of when I just arrived at Cui mansion--but no one was there to give me guidance, I had made many mistakes and suffered a lot back then. Do not underestimate the work of servants, it is not something that an average person could do. Especially serving the little master in a big family, it is a gift from the Heavens, we are very fortunate to serve them."

    Li Muyang nodded repeatedly: "You're right, you're right."

    However, after all, Li Muyang did not go over to Li Shinian to ask whether she was hungry or not every hour like what he had said. But the two little servant girls in the front carriage was constantly busy, preparing tea and water, and heated up blankets to bring to the front.

    Li Muyang did not look for trouble, but trouble found Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang was leaning against the carriage, listening Cui Meng, the older brother that liked to lecture people, teaching him 'The way of being a servant', when a girl in green ran over, pointed to Li Muyang and said: "You, come with me."

    Li Muyang did not understand what was the matter, but he still abided by a carriage driver's duty and followed her towards the front.

    The little servant in green took Li Muyang to the first carriage and said aloud, "Your Miss has asked you to come over--As a servant, you need to be more quick-witted."

    Li Muyang chuckled, standing beside the carriage and whispered: "Shinian--Miss you're looking for me?"

    "Yes." Li Shinian pulled open the curtain to look at Li Muyang who was walking alongside the carriage, "We are bored, tell a joke."

    "--I can't tell jokes." Li Muyang stated aloud. He understood that Li Shinian was creating opportunities for him to speak with Cui Xiaoxin, but, telling jokes was not something that he was good at.

    "Then tell a story."  Li Shinian said.

    "--I can't tell story either."

    "Then meow like a cat."


    "Look at other servants, they served drink and asked how we were, I took you out, tell me what can you do?" Li Shinian huffed.

    Li Muyang, looking at his little sister who was 'angry' while furtively winking at him, he had to force himself to say, "Then I will tell Miss a story."
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