Chapter 351 - The cart driver takes action!

    Chapter 351: The cart driver takes action!

    The dark blue mountain was desolate, sea of clouds were sinking and floating.

    The vegetation up on the winter White cloud mountain had withered, giving a barren and dilapidated feeling.

    The stone path was steep and long, and it was extremely arduous to climb.

    Li Shinian's footsteps were like she was flying, quick and agile. Having practiced years of 'The art of breaking body', travelling over land and water was similar to walking on level ground.

    Cui Xioaxin was just beginning to keep up, then as she continued walking she started to pant. It was only by leaning against Taohong's and Liu Lu's arm that she could just about move forward.

    Li Shinian noticed that Cui Xiaoxing was lacking physical strength, and no longer tried to race ahead. She instead returned to accompany by Cui Xiaoxin's side.

    Song Tao followed behind Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian. The graceful figures of the two girls taking small, quick steps up the huge mountains in the midst of clouds was something that warms the heart and delights the eye.

    However, seeing that each step was more and more strenuous for Cui Xiaoxin, he stretched out his hand, saying: "Xiaoxin, the two servant girls are lacking strength, they have trouble even supporting themselves, let me lead you."

    "No need. We will support each other, that way we can carry on walking together. Otherwise if I can't make my way, Xiaohong and Xiaolu would also not have the strength to continue." Cui Xiaoxin tactfully refused.

    Song Tao understood that Cui Xiaoxin was not willing to accept his offer because it was inappropriate for men and women to have physical contact. "How about I call over my Fire cloud horse, and let it carry you up the mountain?"

    Fire cloud horse is a special breed of horse, a hybrid of the firebird and Heavenly horse. Fire cloud horse is able to travel long and difficult distance on land as well as soaring to the sky like firebirds.

    Of course, Fire cloud horse was bred in the Heavenly borders, and is extremely rare in the world. Only people like Song Tao, rich beyond words, could own such a horse. It was an extremely dazzling matter to possess such a horse, much more awe-inspiring than the rich children who roam around with hummingbirds.

    "No need." Cui Xiaoxin declined: "Walking on foot shows sincerity. Since there is something to ask, how can we have deception in our heart?"

    She raised her head and looked afar, gazing at the path of steps that pierce straight into the clouds, and said. "Perhaps, these steps are the test that Bodhisattva has given us. If I don't even have the strength to walk to see her, what reason does she have to fulfill my wish?"

    Song Tao sighed softly, "Well, then. I'll walk with you. If there's anything I can do to help. Don't be polite with me."

    "It's all right. There is Shinian accompanying me." Cui Xiaoxin smiled at Li Shinian, and then looked at Song Tao. "Thank you Third elder brother."

    Song Tao nodded without speaking. Excessive politeness indicated that the relationship between you and the other is very distant. This is not something to be happy about.

    The troops divided into two, one group remained at the foot of the mountain to watch of carriage, horses and baggages, while a small number of people followed the several masters up the mountain.

    Li Shinian's side only had Li Muyang the cart driver. Li Muyang was honored to become a member of the mountain crowd, carrying Li Shinian's baggage he walked at the very back of the crowd.

    Li Shinian had told Li Muyang before that the reason Cui Xiaoxin and her was going to pray at Thousand Buddhia Temple, was to pray for his safe return.

    Seeing that Cui Xioaxin, in order to show her sincerity, refused to be carried by Song Tao's flying horse, and was creeping up the mountain with back bent, Li Muyang could feel hundreds of feelings crowding his heart.

    Sour, sweet, and of course the feeling of joy. He didn't expect Cui Xiaoxing to care this much about himself. In her heart, there was actually a place for him. But where is that place, is it just a mark in her heart?

    Bitter, spicy, and of course grief and indignation. The beautiful woman was in sight, but for various reasons he could not acknowledge her. Even saying one word was a wild wish, was this not torture?

    "Li Mu." Li Shinian suddenly shouted aloud.

    Li Muyang was drowning in his own sadness, showing no response to the name of Li Mu.

    "Li Mu, are you deaf?" Li Shinian darted to where Li Muyang was in less than 3 steps, winked at him and said: "Go faster, follow closely behind me. The mountain road is steep, protect me at all time. You can't put me in any danger, okay?" "

    Li Muyang blankly nodded. "I understand.""

    He was thinking that, with Li Shinian's cultivation, climbing such a mountainous road should not be a problem for her. The reason she insisted him to follow closely behind her was because he saw Song Tao fawning on Cui Xiaoxin and was worried that he would be upset, so she wanted to make him closer to Cui Xioaxin.

    But what was the point of that?

    What is Song Tao's identity? And what is his identity?

    Song Tao's pursuit of Cui Xiaoxin was open and honourable. If the two of them were together, the world will praise them as a perfect match. While he himself could not even reveal his true identity, could he use the identity of a cart driver to chase after Cui Xiaoxin?

    However, little sister had good intention, and to be able to have a closer contact with Cui Xiaoxin, was also something that Li Muyang hoped for.

    So, Li Muyang followed behind Li Shinian, almost walking side by side Song Tao.

    Seeing that Cui Xiaoxin was almost within his reach, if he stretched out his hand he could touch her skirt, her waist, Li Muyang felt his breathing becoming rapid.

    The feelings that had been repressed deep in his heart had been awakened, like a seed bursting out the soil, shooting out stems.

    Li Muyang's fist clenched and loosened, in order to vent his throbbing heart.

    The guards were all scattered around, crowding around their respective masters. Seeing that Li Muayng this cart driver had sneaked into the core circle, although discontent, they also all heard that it was Li Shinian herself that called him over. If their master did not object, they naturally did not dare to throw Li Muyang out on behalf of their master.

    Song Tao cast a glance at Li Muyang, seeing that his appearance was ordinary, clothes were rough, and his identity was just a cart driver, he quickly shifted away his line of sight.

    With his status and position, he naturally would not do anything that would expel himself away. That would be abandoning his status.

    Why should he be mad about a cart driver?

    The mountains were getting higher, the clouds were getting thicker and the wind was getting worse.

    The dew was growing, and there were water stains forming on the steps.

    At this moment, Cui Xiaoxin lost her footing, falling backwards.

    "Ahhh--" Cui Xiaoxin cried out.

    "Ah--" Both Taohong and Liulu were scared stiff, standing there and did not budge.

    Song Tao was looking down deep in thought, when he heard Cui Xiaoxin's cry he immediately speeded over to where Cui Xiaoxin was falling.


    A figure leapt up and held Cui Xiaoxin by the waist, rushing toward the inside of the stone path.

    Cui Xiaoxin was safe.

    Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    But, very soon, all brows were knotted tightly.

    Because Cui Xiaoxin was lying in the arms of a man, lying in the arms of a cart driver.
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