Chapter 364 - Flaw exposed!

    Chapter 364: Flaw exposed!

    He was not afraid of a God-like assassin, but a pig-like roommate.

    If possible, Li Muyang really wanted to tie up Cui Meng this idiot and throw him down the 999 steps of the White cloud stairs--

    What you should say you said, what you should not say you still said irresponsibly, do you know what is friendship and righteousness?

    Li Muyang secretly decided to cancel his invitation to Cui Meng to drink wine together.

    After hearing from Cui Meng, all eyes shifted to Li Muyang's face.

    It was as though there were countless Buddha lights, forming a circle around and shining at him.

    There was envy, jealousy, and vigilance.

    Also some were furtively twitching their blades, if Li Muyang really was suspicious, they felt they must capture and interrogate him first--Whether you are her saviour or not, you still have to explain your reason of hiding under the hot spring where Miss was bathing.

    Did you already know that an assassin was going to attack beforehand?

    If you did, how do you know?

    If you didn't know, what is your motive of hiding under there?

    Cui Xiaoxin scrunched her eyebrows together, her eyes sweeping up and down Li Muyang's face, and then firmly stared at Cui Meng and said aloud: "You said he went out to find a place to bathe?"

    "Yes." Cui Meng nodded repeatedly. As long as it had nothing to do with him, it did not matter much to him whether or not other people were involved. He is only a little insignificant person, and the most important thing for a little insignificant person was to survive. Moreover, he did not lie, he had only truthfully told the Young miss the situation. "I persuaded him again and again. I said it's freezing, where will you find the place to bathe? We only wash once every month in winter, there is no need to wash everyday."

    "When did he come back, do you know?" Cui Xiaoxin asked, looking at Cui Meng.

    "I don't know." Cui Meng shook his head. "It was too cold outside, and I was exhausted from today, so I feel asleep as soon as I lied on the bed."

    Cui Xiaoxin's gaze shifted to Li Muyang once again. "You went out to bathe?"

    "I did want to go take a bath." Li Muyang said with a wry smile. "I circled round and found you a spring in the eastern corner of veranda. I touched it and was almost frozen by the coldness of the water. Not only was it cold, but it was surrounded by ice--It was too cold, I fear I will catch a cold so I came back. When I came back, Brother Cui Meng was asleep. I heard him snoring, so I didn't wake him up and I slept in the bed beside him."

    Cui Xiaxoin had seen the spring that Li Muyang mentioned, she knew what he said was not a lie, the spring water flowing down from the mountains was most likely going to freeze at this time of the year.

    Taohong walked over to Li Muyang, sniffing around him, and almost fainted: "Miss, he smells very bad."

    "Is there any smell of sulfur?"

    "I can't smell it."

    Li Muyang was still wearing the blue robe that he wore during the day and it looked that he has not changed his clothes.

    Of course, when they left the hot spring, the set of clothes that Liulu found under the rock had disappeared. The saviour had taken away his clothes when he left and lost them a good piece of evidence.

    Liulu was examining the colour of Li Muyang's clothes, stretched out her hand and stroked the clothes lightly stroked, then she looked over at Cui Xiaoxin and reported back: "Miss, the fabrics are somewhat similar, but the colour--sort of looks like it, but also doesn't really looks like it. It was so dark outside that I could not see what colour the fabric was."

    Li Muyang adopted a puzzled look. "If I were the saviour, I would have stated clearly to you--why would I hide such a fact.".

    Cui Xiaoxin's eyes like a blade scraped back and forth Li Muyang's face. She had always felt that this man was a little strange, and there was something about him that makes her feel familiar. Most importantly, he suddenly appeared at Li Shinian's side and Li Shinian also treated him pretty well--

    However, Cui Xiaoxin knew that this is not Li Muyang. Whether it is the height, looks, temperament, voice of speech and the movements and gestures, it was not that of the Li Muyang that she was familiar with.

    Perhaps, Li Muyang was no longer the Li Muyang she was familiar with?

    After a long while, Cui Xiaoxin finally gave up, waving dismissively she said to the several bodyguards. "Search. Go search."

    "Yes." The bodyguards went off to search the other rooms.

    Cui Xiaoxin stood by a Tiandu cherry tree in the courtyard, the night was dark and cold, and the cherry blossoms were quietly blooming, exuding a delicate, faint fragrance.

    A gust of wind blew, the branches of the Tiandu cherry tree drifted up with the breeze.

    Taohong looked up and exclaimed with surprise, "Miss, it's snowing."

    "Where? Where?" Liulu ran to the middle of the courtyard and looked up at the sky. When she saw a piece of snow falling in the sky, she also shouted out, "Miss, it really is snowing."

    Cui Xiaoxin stretched out her hand, the fluff-like snowflake melted right away, leaving her hand icy cold and wet.

    However, Cui Xiaoxin's heart felt heavy, there was a suffocating feeling lingering in the bottom of the heart that she could not get rid of.

    "Miss Xiaoxin, withered flowers will bloom again, people that are gone will return again. There will be a day when the whole matter comes to light." Li Muyang walked over to where Cui Xiaoxin was, saying in a soft and comforting voice. "Since he is willing to sacrifice his life to save you, how would he be willing to leave you?"

    Cui Xiaoxin's eyebrows were slightly raised, as she turned around to look at Li Muyang. "Li Mu, what kind of person are you exactly?"

    "Cart driver." Li Muyang stated. "Miss Shinian's cart driver."

    A piece of snowflake landed on Cui Xiaoxin's slender and long eyelashes. Her eyelashes fluttered and shook the snowflake off, as she softly said, "He really is an interesting cart driver."

    Cui Meng, wearing an unlined garment, was trembling uncontrollably as he stood to one side waiting to serve, as long as the young Miss does not leave, he also does not dare to return to his room to sleep.

    Hearing the Young Miss praise someone else's cart driver as 'interesting', Cui Meng felt very jealous. He thought he was also an interesting cart diver but the Young Miss had not got to know him deeply yet.

    Cui Meng secretly decided that, later he also wants to be like this Li Mu, show off more in front of the Young Miss. He must make the several Young Miss remember his name, then the rewards of gold and jade will be enough for him to enjoy for a lifetime.

    "Thank you for the praise, Miss Xiaoxin." Li Muyang bowed deeply to express his thanks

    Cui Xiaoxin sighed softly, "You are like a person."

    "Who?" Li Muyang sounded a little emotional as he asked.

    Cui Xiaoxin looked up at him and said, "Li Muyang."

    "Oh--" said Li Muyang, with a chuckle, "I've heard that Cousin Muyang and Miss Xiaoxin are good friends."

    "Yes," Cui Xiaoxin swept her gaze down at Li Muyang's hand again, "A very good friend."

    In order to save her, Li Muyang's hand was stabbed by Assassin Crow.

    Today, in order to save her, her saviour's hand was stabbed by the assassin.

    A familiar scene, the same picture.

    However, the latter's identity was a mystery.

    Very quickly, Cui Yu had returned with numerous bodyguards to report back: "Miss, we did not find any hand injured suspect. There is a cart driver who injured his hand while fixing the saddle but the wound--it doesn't look like it was pierced by a sharp object."

    Cui Xiaoxin waved dismissively, "Go back to rest. Since he does not want to show himself, most likely he has left already."

    "We will take turns to guard the front door." After the assassination incident, would Cui Yu dare be careless again? With just that matter alone, he most likely would receive heavy punishment once he returns. He did not know whether the assassin will strike again, in any case, the protection of the young lady was the most important.

    Li Shinian walked over to Cui Xiaoxin side, softly saying: "Sister Xiaoxin, Li Mu is right. The man who is willing to lay down his life to save you must be your admirer. What admirer will run away after saving your life? You may rest assured that he will come back."

    Cui Xiaoxin nodded. "I hope so."

    Li Shinian pulled Cui Xiaoxin by the arm, saying: "Sister Xiaoxin, the snow is getting heavier. Let's hurry back to bed. Your hands are cold, I'm afraid you'll catch a cold."

    "Don't worry." Cui Xiaoxin softly said: "I have just ate a one thousand year old ginseng pill, the body is still warm. If you are cold, come to my place to take a pill to warm your body"

    "Sister Xiaoxin, you eat a thousand year old ginseng pill as a cold prevention medicine?" Li Shinian said teasingly.

    Seeing Li Shinian's smiling expression, the worried look on Cui Xiaoxin's face finally eased a little. "You should have one. You can't blame me for catching a cold."

    "Of course I'm going have one." Li Shinian said with a grinning smile. "I don't know what a thousand-year old ginseng tastes like, I don't know if it is as fragrant as dog meat."

    "Hush, in the pure lands of Buddhism, the words meat and wine must not be mentioned." Cui Xiaoxin reminded.

    "Afraid of what? Their Bodhisattvas have also drank wine and eaten meat, Buddha sits in the heart--in order to drink and eat meat, they will find excuses for themselves. Yes, Sister Xiaxoin, I tell you something, eating dog meat in winder is a great joy in life. Back then my brother and I often ate dog meat hotpot in the snow. Place the dog meat in the pot and stew it then put it in chili and cooking wine. Just how fragrant that was--"

    Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Shinian with a helpless look on her face: "If you continue to say such words, Bodhisattva will not help you find your brother."

    "Fine, I won't say it. I won't say it." Li Shinian hastily closed her mouth. "Go, sister Xiaoxin, let's go to bed. I'm going to sleep with you tonight."

    "Let's go." Cui Xiaoxin took Li Shinian's hand and the two walked past the back courtyard.

    "Amitabha Buddha--" Monk Fa Zheng appeared at doorway of the back courtyard, looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said: "Miss Xiaoxin, Master asks to see you."

    Li Shinian was afraid of those monks forcing her to become a Buddhist. "Sister Xiaoxin, I will not go with you--I will wait for you in the room. I will not go to bed until you come back."

    Cui Xiaoxin understood Li Shinian's worry. She smiled and said, "Go to bed early, I will go see Priest Miaoxin. There may be a lot of things to talk about."

    Waiting until Cui Xiaoxin left with a group of people, Li Shinian strutted over to where Li Muyang was. "Li Mu, where's my Snowball?"

    "Snowball is in the room, he should be asleep now." Li Muyang answered respectfully.

    "That's good. Did you feed him today?"

    "I've fed him." Li Muyang said.

    Li Shinian noticed that Cui Meng was eavesdropping, shot a glance at him and coldly shouted: "What are you looking at? Do you want me to feed your eyeballs to my Snowball?"

    "I don't dare to, I don't dare to--" Cui Meg hurriedly covered his eyes and slammed the door of the room shut.

    "Brother, you exposed a flaw." Li Shinian leaned closer to Li Muyang and whispered to his ears.
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