Chapter 365 - Marry Miss!

    Chapter 365: Marry Miss!

    Li Muyang was shocked. He thought that he had acted so casually, how would he still have revealed flaws?

    He had not changed his clothes, there was no wounds on his palm, and even the sulfur smell on his body was covered up using the juice of the 'cattle do not gnaw' grass, which gave a natural sweaty odour.

    Even he felt nauseated at the smell, how could Taohong and Liulu those two girls still smell sulfur?

    Besides Cui Meng, the pig-like roommate, who said he was out looking for a water source to bathe, made him seem suspicious, Li Muyang was very satisfied with his own performance.

    The most important thing for being a talented actor is to play like life as a drama. He believed he had achieved that.

    "What flaw?" Li Muyang asked. "

    "The expression in your eyes," said Li Shinian, "When you look at Sister Xiaoxin, there were no worries, only joy and affection--I know you have feelings for her, but think about it, she had just been attacked by an assassin and almost lost her life. However, you were not worried at all, proving that you knew the matter has been resolved perfectly."

    "Also, in your eyes there was joy, where did that joy come from? It's because you were the one that saved her from danger. That's why you have this heartfelt joy. You don't want her to guess that you're her saviour, but you're looking forward to her seeing through your identity. You want to use your real identity to meet her, but had no choice but to conceal your identity in the face of reality. It's a torment. Big brother, Sister Xioaxin is so clever, after a careful thought, she certainly will realise such crucial points."

    Li Muyang shook his head. "She won't realise. Because she doesn't know who I am. You know my real identity, and that's why you notice my expression, noticing the slightest bit of emotional change in my eyes. She will not notice this, she can only look for evidence, use all kinds of evidence to confirm my identity."

    "Brother, you really did it?" Li Shinian's eyes widened. "Did you really save Sister Xiaoxin?"

    "Didn't you already know?" Li Muyang's eyes also widened. "Didn't you just tell me that I had exposed a flaw? Just now weren't you analysing the joy and affection within my eyes? And now you're asking me if I did it? What are you playing at?"

    "I just know." Li Shinian studied Li Muayng carefully as she continued. "How could I possibly know you would be so powerful? Brother, you have been hiding very deeply." "


    "If I had just directly asked if you did it or not, you wouldn't admit it, I guessed that it might be you, so I wanted to bluff you into admitting--Brother, how did you survive the outside? It is said that Jianghu is sinister, little white rabbits like you that is completely unguarded will be slaughtered and cooked in a hotpot."

    "--" Li Muyang had to admit that his good little sister, Li Shinian, had once again taught him a lesson.

    "What did you see?" Li Shinian curiously asked.


    "Were you deliberately hiding under Sister Xiaoxin's hot spring, for the convenience of peeping? What did you see?" Li Shinian stared into Li Muyang's eyes and asked with an excited face. "Sister Xiaxoin's figure must be nice. Did you see something you shouldn't see? Tell me now, am I going to call Sister Xiaoxin sister-in-law?"

    This time, Li Muyang refused to take the bait easily, shaking his head he said: "The hot spring was turbid and misty, I didn't see anything--and I wasn't intentionally hiding under the hot spring--"

    "Then why were you under the hot spring that Sister Xiaxoin was bathing in?" Li Shinian asked in response. "When Sister Xiaxoin returned to change she told me that she encountered an assassin in the host spring, but what was more frightening was that a person was hiding in the hot spring and saved her life at the critical moment--An now you admitted that the man who saved her life is you, so, was this intentional?"

    "You have just heard from Cui Meng, my body was sweaty and smelled, so it was very uncomfortable to sleep, then I remembered I saw a hot spring earlier today when we were out looking for Buddha status, so I thought I could take a bath to sleep more comfortably-"

    "So you got into the hot spring that Sister Xiaxoin was bathing in?"

    "No, it was Xiaoxin who came into the hot spring I was bathing in." Li Muyang tired to explain.

    Li Shinian with a face of contempt said: "Sister Xiaoxin is defenseless, Taohong and Liulu is clumsy and slow, I don't believe that you did not hear them coming over. You heard them but you did not immediately leave, instead hid away your clothes and hid yourself into the hot spring and refused to get up--Brother, you said you had no other thoughts, do you think I will believe this?"


    "You also wouldn't believe it yourself, would you?"

    "That is the truth."

    "Well, since that is the case--" Li Shinian examined Li Muyang from top to bottom before she said: "You've been away for a while and had improved this much? You could even block the attack of an assassin? Also, Sister Xiaoxin said that your palm have been pierced, and also shed a lot of blood--"

    Li Shinian reached out and grabbed Li Muyang's hand, "Where's the wound? Where's the blood? Not even the skin is injured--Brother, did you really save Sister Xiaxoin? If you really did, why is there not a wound on your hand?"

    Li Muyang was about to cry. "Do you want me to admit it or want me to deny it?"

    "I want to hear you tell me the truth."

    "I am telling the truth." "

    "Brother, you have changed." Li Shinian's voice sounded upset. "You never lied to me before."

    "But you often trick me. You just tricked me now."

    "Yes." Li Shinian giggled. "This proves that I've not changed. I will always be your good little sister."


    Cui Meng pushed open to see Li Shinian pulling Li Muyang's hand with a bright smile on her face, his eyes widened like he had just saw a ghost.

    Li Shinian shot a glare at Cui Meng, "What are you looking at? Do you want me to scoop out your eyeballs to feed the dogs?"

    "I didn't see anything." Cui Meng hurriedly covered his eyes. "I came out to see the snow." "

    "Why is a burly brute like you admiring the snow? Is the snow for people like you to see? Get back to bed."

    "Yes yes yes--" Cui Meng immediately closed the door and ran back.

    Li Shinian loosened Li Muyang's hand and deliberately raised the volume of her voice. "Take good care of my Snowball or else."

    "Yes, Miss." Li Muyang also cooperated with the act.

    Li Shinian then lowered her voice. "Today's business is not over. Tomorrow, I'll find another chance to interrogate you. You haven't told me how your hand healed so quickly."

    "Fine." Li Muyang held back his smile.

    "Don't laugh." Li Shinian said.


    "You have become like this--you're too ugly to laugh," said Li Shinian, "it's a torment to me."


    Li Shinian waved to Li Muyang. "Go back to sleep. I'm going to see if Sister Xiaoxin is back yet. Those monks won't convert her to Buddhism, right? I do not know what those monks are thinking, pretty girls like us, who wants to be a nun? What's the good of being a monk? You cannot eat delicious food, cannot sleep well, why does people want to be a monk, I do not want to--"


    Watching Li Shinian skip away, Li Muyang's mouth curved in a sweet smile.

    When they were young, whenever he was bullied or was insulted, as long as he saw Li Shinian, his mood was lifted right away, but there was also a sweet feeling like had had eaten honey.

    She was the dried orange after drinking bitter medicine, the drumstick after being punished.

    She was a little fairy that had descended at his side, the compensation that the heavens had given him.

    Li Muyang really found it hard to imagine that, during those years when he was riddled with severe illness, if there was no Li Shinian, could he have been able to survive those times?

    If there is not a speck of light in his life, what was the meaning of life?

    On his way to his new school Li Muyang missed Li Shinian. When he was training in Starry Sky he missed Li Shinian. Before entering the illusion he missed Li Shinian, and when the illusion collapsed and he may never come out of the illusion he missed Li Shinian several times more.

    "It feels so good to be home." Li Muyang muttered.

    Looking at the snow that filled the sky, and sniffing the fragrance distributed from the Tiandu cherry trees, Li Muyang couldn't help but feel somewhat captivated.

    If it was possible, he hoped that he could freeze this moment.

    When Li Muyang pushed open the door, Cui Meng was lying in bed staring overhead at a pillar.

    Li Muyang drew a basin of cold water and then added a little hot water to wash his face. He felt much more refreshed and comfortable.

    The face changing skill of Hong Xiu really is unrivalled, the shape and colour of his face did not fade in water. It was much better than those Jianghu quack doctors.

    "Why don't you sleep?" When Li Muyang finished, seeing that Cui Meng was still staring wide-eyed and lying there on the bed, he couldn't help asking aloud.

    In his mind, he just wanted to throw the big guy down the mountain. But thinking that he had to get along with him for a few days, and may unavoidably reveal some flaws, at this time he still needed to be lenient with him.

    "I was sleeping soundly, but now that I have been awakened I cannot fall back asleep." Cui Meng said with a dull expression in his eyes. "Li Mu, are you going to marry the Miss of your family?"
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