Chapter 367 - The snow destroys the city!

    Chapter 367: The snow destroys the city!

    Li Muyang, holding Snowball in his arms, felt as though he was holding his own fate.

    Of course, at this moment Snowball really would determine the future fate of Li Muyang.

    If Heart Buddha really did find out that Snowball was the divine weapon, the heart of weak water, or if anyone else discovered the true identity of Snowball--Then, it would be a disaster for Li Muyang. Or, it could even be said to be a catastrophe of the entire divine continent.

    At that time everyone will be fighting over Snowball, each trying to cheat or outwit each other. For this little Snowballl, the entire divine continent will be turn to bloodshed.

    Li Muyang felt that his life was very pitiful. Lt alone he needed to conceal his identity, even his own pet dog--pet rabbit was the same? They also had to hide their identity.

    Heart Buddha still had his hands out in front of Li Muyang, as though would not give up until his goal was reached.

    In his eyes, the sallow-faced young man in front of him was nothing but a cart driver and a lowly servant. There was a tremendous difference between their status, and even if he was killed, the Lu family most likely will treat it as nothing has happened whatsoever.

    What's the big deal if he killed an inferior servant? In the backyard of the noble families of Tiandu, which family hasn't buried a few disobedient servants?

    Li Muyang was not prepared to yield.

    In any case, Snowball must not be handed over to Heart Buddha.

    The strength of Heart Buddha was incredibly powerful. Given Li Muyang's knowledge of him, his cultivation level should be at least in the Free clouds realm. And even possibly the upper stages of the Free clouds.

    The gap between them was huge, if he was not in the state of the draconic transformation, he would be no match for him.

    A free cloud master naturally could very easily notice that the anomalies of Snowball. If Snowball throws a bubble at his face again, and if the bubbles rapidly spread into mist--At that time, it will be incredibly difficult for Li Muyang to recapture Snowball from his hands.

    Li Muyang, regardless Snowball's struggle, simply squeezed his chubby body into his arms.

    Then he looked up at Ning Xinhai and said: "I can't give him to you."

    "Do you want to die?" Ning Xinhai snapped. A green light flashed in his hand. As long as he pressed down his palm, the sickly man in front will be made into mince meat. No, he will be reduced into air. Not even his bones will remain.

    "I don't want to die." Li Muyang said in a low voice. "This flying rabbit was personally caught by the governor in Flower language plains, he went as fast as possible and brought it thousands of miles back to Tiandu, and presented it as a gift for Miss Shinian--He also ordered me to personally look after him. If the rabbit is alive, then I'm alive. If the rabbit is dead, then I'll be dead. If you take away the Flying rabbit, Li Mu will not only have not lived up to Governor Lu's expectation, but also Miss Shinian's trust."

    Ning Xinhai laughed coldly. "For this rabbit, you're not afraid of death?"

    "To important people like you, there is a vast sky for you to soar, fertile land for your horse. To a nobody like me, my existence is to take care of the rabbit. If the rabbit is not alive, Li Mu will die, how would I have the face to continue living in this world?"

    "Very well. If that's the case, I'll send you to death and let you and your rabbit go to the afterlife together."

    As Ning Xinhai was speaking, the green light in his hand was already pressing down at Li Muyang's head.

    Li Muyang stood straight, motionless, letting the palm of Ning Xinhai slam down at the top of his head.

    "Amitabha Buddha--" A voice reciting Buddha name sounded. Master Miaoxin was looking over, as he said in a cheerful tone. "Benefactor Ning, why commit violence in the Pure Land of Buddhism?"

    Master Miaoxin was a person of virtue and prestige and an authority of Buddhism; he had no choice but to give face to him.

    Ning Xinhai coldly swept his eyes over Li Muyang, the green light in his hands instantly disappearing.

    Ning Xinhai turned around to give a respectful bow to Master Miaoxin, smiled and said: "A servant is disobedient, so I was impatient to teach him a lesson, to make him diligent and respectful.  Master Miaoxin forgive me."

    Master Miaoxin took a glimpse at Li Muyang, before saying, "The affairs of the Cui family, Miaoin is not qualified to say anything more. Just that the White Cloud Mountain is where the Thousand Buddha reside, there must not be bloodshed."

    "Master is right, Xinhai was reckless." "Ning Xinhai bowed to apologise.

    Li Shinian was accompanying Cui Xiaoxin in saying farewell to Master Miaoxin, and when she heard Master Miaoxin recite a Buddha name, she knew that Ning Xinhai was bullying her brother.

    Li Shinian furiously stomped over, and said in a cold voice, "Li Mu, what happened?"

    Li Muyang was holding Snowball tight. "He wants to borrow my flying rabbit, I refused, and he wanted to hit me."

    Li Shinian stared at Ning Xinhai, saying: "Why do you want to take my rabbit? It is our business whether we want to let you borrow him or not, why do you have to hit people? Also, he is a servant of my family, a servant of the Lu family, what does it have to do with your Cui family? Why would you punish a servant for us?"

    Ning Xinhai didn't expect Li Shinian to protect this young man like that. Out of respect for Miss Xiaoxin, even if he was discontent, he must hold back

    Sweeping a glance over Li Muyang, Ning Xinhai said to Li Shinian: "Miss Shinian, this servant is arrogant and unruly, he did not listen to order so I thought to punish him for miss. Miss is kind-hearted, you can not bear to be too harsh to a servant. But a country has its laws and a family has its rules."

    "But there are different rules in each family. If I ordered your people would they listen? If they do not listen to me, then I should stab them with a sword, is that helping you teach them a lesson?"

    "Miss Shinian--"

    Cui Xiaoxin also walked over, looked at Li Muyang, then at the furious Li Shinian, and said aloud: "Uncle Ning, Li Mu is my saviour. You must not be careless."

    "Saviour?" Ning Xinhai with a face of confusion, turned to look at the leader Cui Yu responsible for the safety of Cui Xiaoxin on this trip.

    Cui Yu bowed deeply to Ning Xinhai, explaining cautiously: "Yesterday when we were heading up the mountain, the path was slippery, Miss Xiaoxin missed her footing and almost tumbled down the Heavenly steps."

    "That happened?" Ning Xinhai's complexion turned dark.


    Cui Yu and the other bodyguards dropped to their knees.

    "Cui Yu is aware of the offence, please punish me severely."

    "We all are aware of the offence, please punish us severely."

    Ning Xinhai sneered repeatedly: "Punish severely? If Miss is injured, it will be  useless to take away your life. Miss is kind-hearted, of course will not severely punish you. But there are rules in the family, you must learn a lesson to be more careful in the future."

    As he spoke, Ning Xinhai kicked out.


    A gust of strong wind propelled Cui Yu and the other bodyguards, knocking them into a distant cliff wall.


    The bodies of the guards were struck into the rocks or the bushes, but they did not dare scream out in pain despite being badly beaten.

    They got up from the ground with great difficulty, and dashed back to kneel before Ning Xinhai again.

    "You understand?"


    "If this happens again, your heads will be taken." Ning Xinhai bellowed.

    "Yes." Everyone answered.

    "Get up." Ning Xinhai motioned with his hand, and the bodyguards rose one after another. Every one of them looking battered, but still did not dare to let the doctor of the troop help treat and bandage them.

    The Cui family had a strict hierarchy, each of the people that occupied a high status possess great power.

    Cui Yu was considered a more important descendant, but despite being hit and reprimanded by Ning Xinhai, Cui Yu still dared not show the slightest dissatisfaction or resistance.

    Ning Xinhai having lectured the subordinates that failed to fulfil their duty, turned to give a cupped fist salute to Li Muyang and said in a serious tone of voice: "Thank you little friend Li Mu for saving the Miss of your family. This kindness, I will certainly report back to Master, later there will definitely be generous gifts for you."

    "No, no, no." Li Muyang waved his hand repeatedly. "Just a little effort, you do not need to care about it. Besides, Miss Xiaoxin has already rewarded me."

    "I still have to report to master, our Cui family will remember this kindness." Ning Xinhai said stubbornly. "

    "It's not that big of a deal. As long as you don't snatch away my flying rabbit I am happy." Li Muyang said aloud.

    Ning Xinhai studied Li Muyang with a complex gaze, smiled and said: "Since it is a beloved thing of Miss Shinian, how would I snatch it? I just saw it is so cute and had never seen before, so I wanted borrow to see--since little friend refused to let me borrow, then let's forget about the matter, there is no need to mention it again."

    "I'm glad." Li Muyang looked as if a weight was lifted off his mind.

    Master Miaoxin laughed heartily, "Miss is innocent and has a pure heart. The cart driver is loyal and honest, unwilling to let go of the rabbit. A perfect pair of master and servant."

    Li Shinian was also in a cheerful mood: "Master, even if you praise me, I will not become a nun."

    Master Miaoxin also looked happier as he said, "This matter is not urgent. Leave it to fate."

    Cui Xiaoxin saw that the problem was solved, and once again bid farewell to Master Miaoxin.

    Master Miaoxin looked interestedly at Li Shinian, saying: "No need to feel emotional, the day we see each other again will arrive very soon."

    Li Shinian got goose bumps from the old monk. She hurriedly pulled Cui Xiaoxin by the hand and said, "Sister Xiaxoin, we should set off early. The road is snowy and slippery, we may not arrive at Tiandu today."

    Cui Xiaoxin nodded. "Let's go. Return."

    Ning Xinhai gestured with his hand, and numerous bodyguards went into formation, heading down White cloud mountain.

    The line of troops was long, flooding the mountainous snow-covered path, looking even more imposing and spectacular than when they came.

    "Just let her go like that?" A white-haired monk asked loudly.

    Gazing at the pure and sparkling snowy world, Master Miaxoin gently sighed: "Bodhisattva bled, the country loses its pillar. The snow destroys the city; catastrophe is about to strike. The war of West wind is difficult to solve, difficult to solve. I only hope that little friend Shinian cherishes herself, she will be of great use in the future."

    Before his voice died away, goose feather-like snow once again fell.
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