Chapter 373 - An invitation to a gathering for distinguished scholars!

    Chapter 373: An invitation to a gathering for distinguished scholars!

    Li Shinian who was exceptionally intelligent, walked over to pull Li Muyang's hand, smiling, "Brother, I am joking with Mother. Our parents have me to take care of them, you don't have to worry and work hard in your studying and cultivation. When you're away, it was me who got up early in the morning everyday to cook porridge. Isn't that right mother?"

    Luo Qi affectionately stroked Li Shinian's head, "Your sister is extremely thoughtful. My health wasn't good and she has been taking care of me. Washing, laundry, cooking, making congee and soup, all these things were done by her--Shinian has grown up, she has been sharing my worries and burdens. You don't need to worry about us."

    "Mother--" Li Muyang wanted to persuade her. He really did not want to see his parents suffer hardship because of him.

    "Muyang, it's decided." Luo Qi supported Zhaihua and Chuyao up from the ground and said with a smile: "Girls, I understand your kind intention. But we've been used to it for years, we can take care of ourselves. How about this, when Muyang is here, you will take care of him for me. When Muyang has gone to Starry Sky to study, I will be equally grateful to you for making him sets of clothes for the four seasons--"

    "Yes." Zhaihua and Chuyao bowed in reply.

    Seeing that his Mother had made up her mind, Li Muyang knew it would be no use no matter what he says. Without any better option he turn to say to Zhaihua and Chuyao, "Go back to rest. I will be living here for the time being."

    "Yes, Young master." The two girls responded at the same time. "We have washed Young master's clothes, if there is anything you need you can order us at any time."

    "There isn't anything else now."

    After sending off the two servants, Li Shinian studied Li Muyang's face with a grin on hers, as she said "Brother, do you feel very proud?"

    "Proud of what?" Li Muyang pretended to be puzzled.

    "Hehe, the little black charcoal back then now has four pretty servants to serve him, and they keep sweetly and softly address you as Young master, do you feel your body light like you're walking on clouds?"

    "You're wrong." Li Muyang said sternly.

    "What am I wrong with?"

    "I actually have five pretty servant girls." Li Muyang said with a serious face. "In addition to Zhaihua, Chuyao, Tingxue and Xiyu, there is another senior servant Jing'er, who is said to be Aunt Gongsun's personal servant, but she specially sent her over to help me manage the work around--"

    "Li Muyang--" Li Shinian dashed over to catch and beat up the Li Muyang who was deliberately showing off.

    Luo Qi and Li Yan exchanged a glance with each other; the husband and wife were both happy and worried.

    Happy because the close sibling relationship between Li Muyang and Li Shinian had not changed in the slightest bit after a long time.

    Worried because given the Lu family's current treatment towards Li Muyang, giving him beautiful clothes and pretty servants, and also Grandfather Lu had personally invited him over for a chat--they were not sure whether or not they could keep their son forever?

    The next day early in the morning, Luo Qi got up to make noodles for her children, when she heard a knock from the outside.

    A look of puzzlement crossed Luo Qi's face, thinking who would come so early in the morning?

    She opened the door to see Gongsun Yu standing in the snow wearing a white mink outerwear and woolen hat.

    Luo Qi was startled. "Miss, its so cold, why did you get up at this time? Is there something urgent?"

    "Nothing." Gongsun Yu somewhat did not dare look at Luo Qi in the eye, explaining in a low voice. "Last night there was heavy snow, and Tiandu is getting colder, I am worried the two children would be freezing cold, so I came over to give them two outerwear--"

    Luo Qi cast a glance behind Gongsun Yu, where, as expected, stood two servants carrying a tray each.

    Her heart felt slightly sour, but she still forced a smile, grasped Gongsun Yu's hand, and said: "Thank you Miss for the gifts, you are spoiling these two children too much. Come inside to warm yourself up, your hands are freezing cold."

    Gongsun Yu very much wanted to go in. Ever since her son had returned, she almost hasn't been sleeping well. When she opened her eyes she wanted to see her son, and when she saw his son she thought of what she wanted to give to her son.

    However, she must not let outsiders notice the relationship between their family and Li Muyang--this sort of life really was torture for her.

    However, she still rationally declined.

    Grasping Luo Qi's hand, she looked at her and said, "I just came to see, nothing--I won't go in. It's--I have to trouble you."

    After that, she loosened her grip on Luo Qi's hand and turned around to the front courtyard.

    Luo Qi received the cloaks that the two servants brought up to her, gazed at Gongsun Yu's rear distant figure and stood for a long while in silence.

    When Li Muyang and Li Shinian woke up, Luo Qi had already prepared a family meal.

    Luo Qi handed a black cloak to Li Muyang and the other red cloak to Li Shinian.

    "Mother, why buy us such expensive clothes?" Li Shinian at once draped the cloak over her, the furry hat accentuating her delicate and beautiful little face. Li Shinian's cloak was red, but Li Shinian's cheeks were more beautiful than this red colour.

    "They are from your Aunt Yu." Luo Qi said softy, looking very busy.

    "They really are too polite." Li Muyang let out a sigh.

    "I have saved Uncle Lu, but there is still no need to repeatedly give us gifts.

    Li Muyang wrapped the black outerwear around his body, immediately feeling a cosy warmth.

    "This is the fur of a Fire fox?" Li Muyang exclaimed.

    "Fire fox? What is a Fire fox?" Li Shinian asked.

    "I heard that there is a species of fox that lives in the Lava Valley, there are white ones, black and also red--There are many red ones and the black is the rarest. It is said that fire qi builds up inside their fur from being polished by the flames and lava over the years. Their fur makes excellent clothing for the cold winter."

    "So magical" Li Shinian's eyes widened. "Then these two pieces of clothes must be worth a lot of money?"

    "It's a lot of money. Only the Lu family would be so generous, if you counted on your parents--then most likely you will never be wearing such good clothes." Luo Qi said with a rather jealous tone of voice. The Lu family had been treating her children really well, but why did she--feel so upset about it?

    Li Shinian hurriedly took off the cloak, draping it over Luo Qi's body, smiled and said, "I think this cloak looks the best on Mother. Brother, don't you think so?"

    "Indeed." Li Muyang aslo took off the black cloak. "Father often works night shifts, it is bitterly cold at night, he might not be able to withstand. I will give him this cloak to keep warm at night."

    "Silly children--" Luo Qi wrapped her arms around Li Shinian, then tightly held Li Muyang's hand, her eyes glistening.

    Li Shinian and Li Muyang exchanged a glance at one another, a suspicious look on their faces.

    After dinner, Li Muyang planned to accompany his Mother in the courtyard to enjoy the snow and the plum blossom to be a dutiful son for a day, but there were servants knocking at the door again to deliver an invitation card, asking Li Shinian to attend the Still Water Dew gathering in the evening today.

    "Still water dew?" Li Shinian held the invitation with both hands, a flash of surprise crossing her face.
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