Chapter 375 - The daughter of a servant!

    Chapter 375: The daughter of a servant!

    This was going too far.

    Ning Xinhai was a cart driver, and when he drove the carriage over servants immediately came to take his reins. Li Muyang was also a cart driver, but when he called them 'brothers' and asked them to help, they began to mock him. What is this about?

    Thinking of the outside world calling his sister Li Shinian 'a daughter of a servant', and linking this matter together, Li Muyang was even more furious.

    He was not afraid of being bullied, since he was accustomed to being bullied. What he was afraid of is his sister Li Shinian being despised and insulted by others.

    Ning Xinhai looked over at this side, and Li Muyang also did not want to provoke a disturbance.

    Holding back his anger, he tried to reason with them, "we are also invited to participate in the Still Water dew gathering, why could other people can but I can't?"

    A group of blue-clad workers came over, headed by a horse-faced man, who coldly glanced over Li Muyang, saying: "Do you not know your identity? Butler Ning is the butler of the Cui family, and is acting as the cart driver for the Cui family's Cui Xiaoxin. Miss Cui Xiaoxin is a regular customer here, and Butler Ning is our acquaintance. What about you? Who the hell are you? Who's your Miss? How come I've never heard of you before? Is this your first time here?"

    "Our family's Miss is the Li family's Li Shinian. Miss Shinian is personally invited by the Song family's third young master to participate in the gathering, is she someone you people can despise and neglect?"

    "The Li family?" The horse-faced man and the companions around him looked at one another for a moment, before bursting into laughter. "What a joke. Li family? Which Li family? Is there a Li family in Tiandu? How come I've never heard of it?"

    "Brother Ma, there really is a Li family in Tiandu. Assistant Minister Li is from the Li family? But the young master of their family didn't get a chance to join our Still water dew gathering, right?" A fat man chuckled.

    "Of course. I have never seen the Li family come. Those that come to join our Still water dew gathering are all talented people--" The horse faced man grinned. "We know Miss Shinian, since Master has personally sent her an invitation, we naturally do not dare neglect her. But you--"

    The horse-faced man swept his eyes up and down Li Muyang, saying with a smiling, "what are you? You're just a cart driver, yet you dare tell us brothers to look after your horse? What? You think you are superior to us?"

    "That's not what I meant--"

    "What do you mean by that then? Your master is going to the distinguished gathering, but you the carriage driver also want to go? Take a look at who you are first. Watch your carriage yourself, if you lose your horse and carriage, us brothers cannot be responsible."


    "What? Can't take it?" The horse faced man raised his head, shouting, "Hit me then."


    Li Muyang hit him right in the face.

    The horse faced man's face was left with a purple red palm print.

    The horse-faced man covered his cheek, not knowing how to respond for a moment.

    He really hit him?

    The rest of them were all stunned at the fact that a cart driver dared to beat their brother?

    It must be said that they were workers of the Song family. As they say, those in front of the minister's door all are officials; which one of the cart drivers that attended was not polite to them?

    As the severe pain struck, the horse-faced finally regained a touch of consciousness.

    He glared at Li Muyang, yelling back fiercely, "you dare hit people here? Hey, guys, beat him up."

    As he was speaking, a group of workers had already surrounded Li Muyang.

    "Stop." A gentle voice cried.

    Originally gotten off at the doorway of a small building, Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin scurried over this side, and the one who yelled them to stop was Li Shinian who was dragging Cui Xiaoxin over.

    "What happened?" Li Shinian asked with a frown.

    "He hit me." The workers recognised Cui Xiaoxin but did not know Li Shinian. "However, since she was with Cui Xiaoxin, it was obvious that she was the young Miss of the Li family. They have nothing to fear about this young Miss. Who would be afraid of the daughter of a servant?

    "He told me to hit him." Li Muyang explained, pointing at the horse-faced man.

    "How could that be?" The horse faced man fumed. "What idiot will tell others to hit them?"

    "You're the idiot," said Li Muyang. He saw the contempt on these people's gaze at Li Shinian, which made him feel worse than being slapped in public. He secretly vowed that he must make good efforts to become a Starry sky cultivator and never let his sister be looked down on and insulted again.

    Cui Xiaoxin looked to Ning Xinhai, asking, "Uncle Ning, what Li Mu said is true?"

    "It is so." Ning Xinhai nodded. "They insulted Li Mu and said that if Li Mu can't take it then he should fight back--it seems Li Mu really can't take it."

    At the key moment, the bystander Heart Buddha chose to help Li Muyang. Or, in his mind, his Miss was hoping him to give such an answer.


    Cui Xiaoxin slapped the horse-faced man's face.

    "He is my saviour, how can you insult him? If you insult him, that is tantamount to insulting me, I have to ask Third elder brother whether this is your way of treating guests--" Cui Xiaoxin said coldly.

    "Miss Xiaoxin--" The horse-faced man was startled for a moment, before he plopped down on his knees, "Miss Xiaoxin, we did not insult him, this kid--he was extremely rude, he was ordering and yelling at us, he is just a cart driver but he told us to come to take care of his horse--so we quarreled with him."

    When the other worker saw Cui Xiaoxin was furious, they also dropped to their eyes.  They do not understand why would the two young Miss stand up for a cart driver?

    "This is naturally not my way of treating guests." A clear and bright voice echoed.

    Wearing a light silver long robe, Song Tao came over with a smile on his face, saying: "I was talking with Meng Jiang and the others just now. I should have come sooner, that would have prevented the servants making the two beautiful young ladies this angry--"

    Song Tao did not even glance at the workers who fell to his knees, when he issued a command, "Drag them out and beat them with the rod twenty times."

    Immediately rushed over were several black clad bodyguards who dragged the workers to the distance.

    The workers were extremely frightened, but did not dare utter a word, or even beg for forgiveness.

    Thinking to themselves that this was how master treat his servants--the two young ladies were also too kind?

    Song Tao bowed to Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian in apology. "Don't get mad over those servants. They look down on people because they have been flattered too much and have an exaggerated opinion of their own ability."

    And then he gave an acknowledging nod at Ning Xinhai, smiled and said, "I had to trouble Butler Ning to personally escort Xiaoxing over."

    "It is my responsibility." Hearing this, Buddha Ning replied with a cupped fist salute.

    It was only then that Song Tao's sight shifted to Li Muyang, asking, "Did you suffer?"

    "No." Li Muyang said.

    "That's good." Song Tao said with a smile. "I think you are not one willing to suffer."

    Li Muyang puzzledly looked back at Song Tao, who had already shifted his attention to Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian, inviting the two ladies into the building. "Today, there is an assemblage of talented individuals, we will definitely be able to discuss some beneficial insights to both the country and the people."

    Cui Xiaoxin knew Li Shinian did not understand the arrangements of Still water dew gathering, and asked aloud: "Third elder brother, what is the theme for today's gathering?"

    "Enjoy freely, no theme." Song Tao said with a smile. He knew Cui Xiaoxin was asking for Li Shinian, so he turned to explain to Li Shinian. "It is Miss Shinian's first time attending the Still water dew scholar gathering, you may not understand the format. In fact, this is just a small party between friends, we can recite poetry, paint, play chess, as well as discuss the affairs of the Kingdom--do as one pleases, there is no restrictions."

    "Thank you Third young master." Li Shinian expressed her thanks.

    "Xiaoxin calls me Third elder brother, you are a good friend of Xiaoxin, you can also call me third elder brother, right?" Song Tao asked with a smile.

    Li Shinian had no other choice but to say, "Third elder brother."

    "Hahaha, I have another little sister. The Kingdom's fourth Bright Moon, now the three of us are as close as siblings, it is a wonderful matter in life." Song Tao laughed heartily.

    Someone stretched their head out from the balcony, asking with a smile, "what's Third young master so happy about?"

    "I have one more little sister." Song Tao frankly replied.

    "It is indeed a major event, you should have a drink."


    Song Tao led Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin into the wooden building, and when Li Muyang wanted to follow in, Ning Xinhai held out his hand to stop him.

    "Are you going in to write a poem or to paint?"

    He was right. Li Muyang was only a cart driver, if his poem and painting were better than those young ladies and young masters, wouldn't that be a direct slap to their face?

    It's not good to be too high-profile.

    So, Li Muyang followed Ning Xinhai into a hall where the bodyguards and butlers that had been brought in by the young masters and ladies were resting.

    When the people in the room saw Ning Xinhai come in, they immediately one after another greeted him. But no one paid any attention to Li Muyang, an unfamiliar looking man in a workers costume.

    Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin had just entered the small building, when a young man carrying a pot of wine came over, yelling: "Third young master, drink--"

    When he saw the face of Li Shinian, he could not help staring blankly at her for a moment, before raising his voice to ask, "How come the daughter of a servant is here?"

    "Cui Yu, this is Miss Shinian, my honoured guest." Song Tao stated.

    "But Third young master, she is a sword enemy of our Cui family, her brother Li Muyang had killed my eldest brother Cui Zhaoren--" The young man shot a murderous look at Li Shinian.
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