Chapter 378 - Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow!

    Chapter 378: Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow!

    In the hall, Li Muyang's head and upper body was leaning forward, like he was about to get up, . But his lower body was unable to move an inch, like someone had disabled his physical movements.

    Ning Xinhai was holding a cup in one hand, and the other firmly grasping Li Muyang's wrist.

    The hall and the main hall were not far apart, if the masters and ladies in the small building raised their voice, it can be clearly heard by people over at this side.

    For the same reason, if the bodyguards quarreled loudly with each other, the masters in the small building can also hear them. So, most of the time, the several people in this small hall were quietly drinking tea and did not speak.

    Li Muyang intended to keep a low profile. Even if no one greeted him when he came in, he did not care too much. He sat in the corner next to Ning Xinhai, finding peace and quiet by himself.

    Then a pretty girl came in to serve them tea, it was enjoyable and comfortable.

    Unexpectedly just as he sat down, and before he had a sip of the fragrant tea, he heard that in the courtyard outside someone was making things difficult for his Little sister Li Shinian.

    At the beginning he wanted to endure, he knew he must not expose his identity. But hearing those people getting more and more out of line, and that sister Li Shinian had even pulled out her dagger, Li Muyang could not sit still anymore. The desire to do violence was soaring within him. He summoned up the courage to rush out to fight against them with his life.

    He felt a strong impulse to kill all the human beings that humiliated and attacked his sister Li Shinian with flames.

    Yes, he knew well that, at this time, the black dragon's rage had begun to prevail and begun to take over his body.

    But he had no objection at all, it was what he wanted to do in his heart.

    "The masters are talking, what right does a cart driver has to speak?" Ning Xinhai calmly took a sip of tea, before he continued with a smile, "Most likely that before going inside, you'll be dragged out and struck with a wooden stick thirty times?"

    "Let's go." Li Muyang hissed. He felt there was no way of controlling the destructive power of his body. He knew all the reasons to not go out, he knew all the dangers, but, if someone dared to bully his little sister, then he must not let them live.

    "Young man, you're a little too foolish." Ning Xinhai showed no intention of releasing his grip on Li Muyang's wrist. On the contrary, he was  applying force, in order to resist the struggle of Li Muyang. "It's better if you don't go, if you go out, Miss Shinian would become the target of criticism even more--If even a cart driver dares to be so undisciplined and disrespectful, how would those people stand you? At that time you'll be killed."

    "Besides, there is Miss at Miss Shinian's side, will she let Miss Shinian get hurt? Do you not believe in our Miss or do you not believe in Miss Shinian--sit down and drink tea, it will be fine."

    "Let go of me." Li Muyang was in no mood to hear what other people have to say, he only wanted to rush out there and protect his sister from being harmed.

    He heard his little sister telling the other person to take the dagger to stab her, if the that Cui Yu of the Cui family really did--he could not even imagine the consequences.

    "Don't struggle, it's no use fighting back." Ning Xinhai wore a calm expression like a Buddha. "Do you think you can break through my Bodhidharma soul-locking


    "--" Li Muyang was calculating in his mind, whether or not to exercise his supreme skills to get rid of him. But, then his identity may possibly be exposed---

    As the two people were refusing to budge, Cui Yu had left, and Song Tao invited Li Shinian into the building.

    When the dust settled and the commotion ended, Ning Xinhai loosened up his grip on Li Muyang's wrist. He thoughtfully looked at him, before he gently sighed, "How loyal. Miss Shinian is not wrong about you--Drink tea."


    In the hearts of everyone, there was currently ten thousand 'grass mud' horses galloping across their hearts. [TN note: Grass mud horse sounds like the word ** your mother].

    Please, this was a scholar gathering in Still water dew. Although it was not said what kind of status was required to be able to attend this gathering, but of those that were present in this gathering, which one was not from an influential background?

    Everyone knew that the few people from ordinary background were deliberately invited by Third young master Song to block the other people's mouth. Their Song family had the reputation 'Imperial Library', and received the love from the people of the world and scholars.

    If the common people felt that he was biased towards the elites and royal family, blocking ordinary young people's road to fame, then they naturally would be attacked and cursed. The Song family, which has a deep harmonic understanding of the world's principles, obviously would not do such a thing that went against public will.

    Moreover, the few ordinary people all possessed outstanding talent, and had a little fame in Tiandu, and were valued and accepted as an advisor for the second Prince Chu Jiang--In order words, they were hidden among the elite class, so had the opportunity to enter the small building of the Still water dew, joining the most talented and most powerful group of youngsters in the entire West Wind Kingdom

    But what is this about admiring the 'masterpiece' of a cart driver?

    The fact that Third young master Song invited servant's daughter Li Shinian over to participate in the scholar gathering had already made many people unhappy. Due to the Song family's reputation, but also to give the Song family some face, everyone stifled their dissatisfaction and did not say anything more.

    But now the servant's daughter was telling everyone that her cart driver draws very well, and invited everyone over to admire his painting--

    "Is this woman's head a piece of crap?"

    The young ladies cannot easily explode, or they would have hurled all kinds of abuse at her already.

    The cart driver of the daughter of a servant, what status does he have?

    The status of a servant's daughter was low enough, the cart driver of a servant's daughter--What words can describe this person's status?

    The woman in yellow was called Chen Wenting, a daughter of an important general.

    Chen Wenting was an expert in poetry, skilled in calligraphy and painting, and had read an abundant of books, and was given the title 'Literature lady'.

    But because her appearance was inferior to Cui Xiaoxin and the other three women, she had been unable to receive the beautiful title of 'Bright moon of the Imperial capital'.

    She was inferior to Lu Qiji, Cui Xiaoxin and the Song family's Song Chenxi, because these women really look like as stunning as the moon in the sky, and were all talented and from extraordinary background. Even if she was bitter about losing to such opponents, she wouldn't say any malicious words in public. After all, that would only offend the families of the three women and their crazy admirers, who would scold her as a crazy woman who says grapes are sour when she can't eat them.

    However, when the daughter of a servant also surpassed her, and was praised as 'the fourth bright moon' of Tiandu, it was a direct slap in the face for Chen Wenting.

    She had repeatedly said in a joking tone at the gatherings: 'Aren't there too many moon over the sky of Tiandu?  Now even cats and dogs are becoming moons to shine on the earth?"

    It was not only Chen Wenting who had this thought, the young ladies who were ignored and neglected were also displeased with Li Shinian. Chen Wenting was only one of the representative figures.

    "Miss Shinian, are you joking with us?" The smile on Chen Wenting's face gradually faded, asking aloud.

    If Li Shinian was serious, this was an insult to them--she was deliberately using a cart driver to insult them?

    "Miss Shinian is thinking that you do not need to do anything and a cart driver in your family can be compared to us?"

    "Really confident. Most likely that if Miss Li waves her hand, there won't be any moon in the sky, only Miss Li, this blazing sun, illuminating the earth?"

    "Shinian--" Cui Xiaoxin interrupted, she understood the meaning of Chen Wenting's words, and knew that in such a hierarchical place, the actions of Li Shinian would be regarded as humiliation by these girls.

    Li Shinian looked at Chen Wenting, then at the unfriendly expression on the other girls' face, before she said hesitantly, "I am just stating a fact, our family's cart driver's painting is really good. The 'Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow' painting he drew this morning is very good, and I purposely put it away to give to Sister Xiaoxin--"

    Cui Xiaoxin nodded, smiled and asked: "Is it Li Mu's painting? Li Mu can paint?"

    "It is Li Mu." Li Shinian answered.

    "Oh, Li Mu has this ability?" Song Tao smiled. "Then we should show some appreciation to his talent." "

    Worried that Chen Wenting and other people would be dissatisfied, Song Tao actively tried to explain, "Li Mu indeed is the cart driver of Miss Shinian, but also Xiaoxin's saviour--Xiaoxin, isn't he?"

    "It is so." Cui Xiaoxin nodded. She looked around, her mouth curving with a faint smile as she continued, "I respect Mister Li Mu."

    When Cui Xiaoxin stood up for cart driver Li Mu like that, the others did not have much more to say.

    They had to give face to Cui Xiaoxin--First they had to give face to the Song family's Third young master, and now they had to give face to Cui Xiaoxin. In life, there are always all sorts of rules to be followed.

    While enjoying their privileges, they also had to be aware of the mood of the group of people that are more powerful and privileged than they were.

    Cui Xiaoxin turned to Li Shinian, saying in a complaining tone, "since it is a gift from Li Mu, why don't you let me see it earlier?"

    Li Shinian knew that Cui Xiaoxin was deliberately easing the relationship between the two sides, so she would not offend the pampered young ladies of Tiandu. "Sister Xiaoxin, this is not a gift from Li Mu, but because I saw his painting was very good, so I took it to give to you--We just walked into the small building. I didn't have time to say a word with you."

    While speaking, Li Shinian passed the painting scroll over. "Sister Xiaoxin, you are an expert in painting, see if its good enough for everyone?"

    Cui Xiaoxin smiled and nodded: "if Shinian thinks it's good, then it is certainly very good--"

    But worried that Li Shinian spoke too confidently about the painting and Li Mu's painting was not good enough, which would lead to Li Shinian become the target of ridicule, she then added: "However, Mister Li Mu is responsible for the safety of Shinian, he must not have much time to draw and rest. It is understandable if his skills are a little flawed."

    Chen Wenting snorted, the meaning in Cui Xiaoxin's words was clear-it was to shut their mouth in advance.

    Cui Xiaoxin received the painting scroll that Li Shinian handed over, also did not invite others to look at it together. She went straight over to the windows of the small building and spread out the scroll on a table.

    Strange things soon followed, as the scroll was slowly unfoldeded, a faint plum blossom aroma wafted out from the scroll, filling the room, penetrating into everyone's heart and refreshes the mind.
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