Chapter 002 - Ten thousand Kois following the dragon!

    002 - Ten thousand Kois following the dragon!

    The scene that happened was too quick and too sudden. No one was able to react at all.

    At the same time of Zhang Chen's attack, his two underlings also took action.

    They planned to attack from three directions, forming an oval shape to siege Li Muyang. Although they both thought that Zhang Chen himself can easily deal with a person like Li Muyang, letting Zhang Chen attack by himself would seem to barbaric and would affect his image in the school as the male god.

    If the three of them went up together, it would make them seem much more powerful and glorious. It would also make people think they are loyal to their friends.

    They only ran half the distance and Zhang Chen was already sent flying; the sudden change in the situation made them unsure what to do.

    Their plan to charge straight on took a sudden curve; they ran past Li Muyang at a distance and stared at him from the back at a daze.

    "What just happened?" They were busy running and didn't manage to see what had happened.

    Li Muyang stared suspiciously at his fist.

    What just happened? Why did he felt this sudden burst of violent anger?

    Previously Li Muyang's principle would be to tolerate as much as possible, as long as the bullying was not too extreme he would always play along. This was the only way for him to keep any harm to a minimum. -What else could he do if he can't beat them?

    Also, how did the usually weak Li Muyang send Zhang Chen flying with just his fist?

    Moreover, he didn't even use any force--he wanted Zhang Chen to stand up and take another punch to see what would happen.

    Zhang Chen moaned and struggled to stand back up.

    He looked at Li Muyang with the expression of three parts surprise and seven parts panic.

    He was shocked by the sudden overbearing strength of Li Muyang. How can Li Muyang have that kind of power?

    He hated people who acted as a pig in order to eat a tiger!




    Li Muyang's white trainers treaded on the grass. Step by step walked towards Zhang Chen.

    "Were you trying to attract the attention of Cui Xiaoxin?" Li Muyang asked.

    It was Li Muyang turn to look down on Zhang Chen, he felt great. His black face appeared more handsome, resembling kingdom's idol Gu Tianyue[1] .

    Zhang Chen's mouth opened but no words came out. He was like a fish that accidently jumped out of the water and about to die of thirst.

    The fact that he liked Cui Xiaoxin was no secret. Being the captain of the basketball club, he was well known in the school, and this matter quickly spread throughout the school.

    Although he did not look backed, he knew Cui Xiaoxin was standing behind the crowd; she always likes to stand at the very back of the crowd, looking as if keeping a distance from everyone.

    Could he refute the question? He can't.

    "You've used the wrong method." Li Muyang looked at Zhang Chen regretfully, shook his head and sighed: "Cui Xiaoxin is a smart, reserved and confident girl. She likes someone who is gentle, intelligent, and keeps to himself but also has the ability to take control of a situation. From time to time, you would come to ridicule me, bully me; you think by doing so you are showing your strengths?"

    The maiden that was as quiet as a lily opened her mouth but ultimately did not say anything.

    The look in her eyes was like a sharp blade, slicing through Li Muyang's skin to see what he was thinking inside his heart.

    "This guy is not only ugly, he is also hateful." She thought to herself.

    "The truth is that in the eyes of classmate Cui Xiaoxin, your acts are just tricks on the table. When people see these ugly acts, they look at you with contempt and disdain. You made me out to be a clown that anyone can bully, but in the eyes of Cui Xiaoxin, the way you pick on me is the same as a clown's antics--"

    Li Muyang pointed at his own face and said: "Look at me-you're more handsome than I am. At the very least, you're whiter than me."

    "You're taller than me, smarter than me and your grades are better than me-oh, that's right, you also play basketball. Whenever your play basketball, countless girls madly call your name, many times I wish I could be you."

    "A philosopher once said: To see a person's world is to look at who his enemies are. You made someone like me your enemy or perhaps a target for you to bully. You have already dragged yourself to the same level as me. Do you think someone like you would be liked by Cui Xiaoxin classmate? Naive."

    Li Muyang, you-"

    "I'm very ordinary." Li Muyang smiled. His eyes that was as dark as his complexion demonstrated an indescribable charm. This is the most dazzling and prominent feature of his face-actually his whole body. He continued: "You're very pitiful."

    Zhang Chen was completely exasperated; He grabbed Li Muyang by the neck and screamed: "You say I'm pitiful? You say I'm pitiful?"

    "They're going to fight! They're going to fight--"

    " Someone help, separate them-"

    "Teacher, there's a fight-"


    " Use more force." Li Muyang's eyes reddened and looked at Zhang Chen again: "Use more force, like you've always done when you step on me."

    "Poof--" Zhang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood, either because of internal injuries or because of suffocation from resentment.

    Zhang Chen, who had gone mad with anger, was pulled away by someone. Zhang Chen kicked Li Muyang's fishing rod away and said with a cold smile: "Li Muyang, how can a trash like you pity me? You can't study, you have no talent in any arts, you're ugly, every test you've taken you were last place in the entire school--you haven't even caught one fish before. Do you think you will have any future accomplishments? Your whole life, you're just like a pig waiting to die."

    Li Muyang rubbed the red marks on his neck, smiled and said: " You were just sent flying by me with one punch."

    "----" "---"

    Zhang Chen pointed at Li Muyang's head, turned and walked away with big strides.

    His underlings behind him were stunned for a while; they looked at Li Muyang like they haven't met him before and hurriedly left.

    The commotion was over and the crowd began to disperse. Li Muyang sat alone by the lake in a daze.

    He was alone.

    Just like how he had always been.

    "Li Muyang-" a clear maiden's voice could be heard, like the arc of vibration from the gliding of a kingfisher.

    Li Muyang turned around to look; Cui Xiaoxin was standing where she was before.

    This time it seemed to be different from the other times.

    "You can criticise what I said was wrong, but that doesn't matter-actually, do you know? If you stay behind and talk to me, people will look at me with an abnormal expression-with shock, jealousy and also envy. A pile of mud that has suddenly sprouted a beautiful flower, is indeed something very fresh. To me, this is taking advantage of you. If I were you, I would pretend that nothing had happened whatsoever."

    Without looking around, Li Muyang knew that the other students were shocked that the class flower[2] remained behind to talk to him.

    Cui Xiaoxin did not think Li Muyang would say something like that; a layer of haze emerged in her beautiful eyes but then they suddenly became clear again. She pondered for a moment and said: " You got two things wrong and two things right."

    "It seems you are willing to continue to talk to me. This is our first proper conversation right?" said Li Muyang smilingly.

    "Firstly, I don't like Zhang Chen; in my eyes, his actions are indeed like a clown being vulgar to please the audience."

    "Secondly, I agree with what you said- Men who are gentle and intelligent but keeps to himself; who have the ability to take control, but will not show off his skills; That is the type of men I like."

    Li Muyang nodded his head and said: "Then what are the things that I said wrong?"

    "Firstly, I don't think you're a clown, you're just a. ordinary person, the same as everyone else. You've done nothing wrong, just that-"

    "Just that fate is unfair to me." Li Muyang said smiled self-deprecatingly and said: "My family is poor and I am ugly. My brain is like a paste, I can't study nor am I good at any arts. I can only accept fate and become a trash that's waiting to die. Am I right?"

    Cui Xiaoxin's eyes once again glowed, the coal that was always bullied, whose name spread far and wide but still kept quiet and looked as if he had no extraordinary traits, actually had such keen and sharp thoughts.

    " I just said it casually." Li Muyang put a piece of peeled sugar cane grass into his mouth to chew, the bittersweet taste of the grass juice slightly eased his mood." You can continue".

    "It is inevitable that a pile of mud can sprout a flower. On the outside it is not pleasing to the eyes but in reality it provides a rich source of energy for the flower to grow and bloom-It will make every effort and use that fresh flower to prove the value of it's existence.

    "Do you think I am the same as mud, in that I can be saved?" Li Muyang smiled out loud and said: "Then you are willing-"

    "I'm not willing." Cui Xiaoxin bluntly declined. "I'm going to West Wind University, where will you go? We're people of different world, our paths in the future will not intersect."

    West Wind University was the greatest university in the kingdom, while Li Muyang, with his current grades, can't enter West Wind University - he could only attend lower class University if he had the money.

    "What you said is right." Li Muyang smiled bitterly and said "This is also the reason why I have never confessed to you even though I liked you."


    "This is very normal isn't it? I'm the same as any adolescent teens, always attracted towards the beautiful girls in the school. We like Xu Jiarui, Zhang Xinqi and also you. We want to be as dazzling as you are, we hoped to be able to walk alongside you, and we all dreamed that you would sit in the back seat of our bicycles smiling like a blooming flower."

    "However, beautiful girls all direct their attention to outstanding boys-we can only look from afar, if any one of the beautiful girls suddenly do come close and say a few words without warmth or with indifference, then it is already a gift bestowed by the heavens." Li Muyang looked up at the clouds and said: "What else is there?"

    Cui Xiaoxin stayed silent for a long moment and finally said with a voice full of complex emotions: "Good luck."

    After she finished, she turned and walked towards the area where the crowd was gathered.

    The lake trip has ended and what awaited them is a brutal fight.

    "Cui Xiaoxin-" Li Muyang suddenly shouted.

    Cui Xiaoxing turned around to look, she could not understand what else the boy, whom she had no previous communications with in the past, had to say to her.

    In fact, no matter what he said would not help. It was impossible for her to accept a love that arose out of sympathy.

    "I refuse." Li Muyang shouted.


    "You asked me to go to the cinema with you, I decline." Li Muyang said in a bright voice.

    Under the sun, Cui Xiaoxin's face was as translucent as jade, she coldly stared at Li Muyang and said: "Idiot."

    The sun was setting; the sunset lake was wrapped around by the crimson light of the sunset, creating a surreal scene.

    Li Muyang carries his fishing rod, getting ready to follow the rest of the crowd home.

    Whoosh -

    On the surface of the tranquil lake, a colorful koi fish suddenly leapt out.

    Just like getting some sort of hint, countless koi fish jumped out from the sunset lake.

    There were tens of thousands of them, countless. They covered the sky, and their colourful scales concealed half of the sunset lake.

    In places that can't be seen by the eyes, there were even more koi rushing towards the lake as if on a pilgrimage.

    They surged towards the direction of where Li Muyang just left, just like following after their most devoted faith.

    If a wise old man were to witness this scene, he would definitely exclaim: ten thousands of Koi following the dragon, this is a once in a millennium- Koi following the dragon!

    [1] Louis Koo - he's an actual guy lol xD


    [2] Prettiest girl in the class
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