Chapter 006 - Be careful of lightning!

    006 - Be careful of lightning!

    "You're wrong." A gentle but firm voice spoke out, like a fish bone.

    You can swallow it but it will make your whole body feel uncomfortable and your throat to bleed.

    Zhao Mingzhu suddenly turned around and shouted in anger: "Who says I'm wrong-"

    Seeing who it was, Zhao Mingzhu's attitude became much more kind, she said with a smile: "Cui Xiaoxin, what did you just say? This doesn't concern you, quickly sit down."

    Cui Xiaoxin was a good student; she was the best in the whole class and the whole school. If there aren't any setbacks, she definitely would be admitted into the West Wind University.

    Zhao Mingzhu doted on her, she liked a hardworking and talented young girl.

    Most importantly she is beautiful and reminded Zhao Mingzhu of herself when she was younger.

    "Miss Zhao, I'm saying you're wrong." Wearing Renaissance High school uniform's Cui Xiaoxin stood up, as straight as a pencil, and said once more.

    Zhao Mingzhu showed an awkward expression and said with a cold and serious tone: "Cui Xiaoxin sit down."

    "Teacher, you should apologise to Li Muyang." Cui Xiaoxin had no intention to back down and said aloud: "This conflict has nothing to do with Li Muyang, he is also a victim."

    Zhao Mingzhu looked at Cui Xiaoxin suspiciously, then looked at Li Muyang, and said with a pained expression: "Cui Xiaoxin how could you defend someone like Li Muyang?"

    "Teacher, I'm not defending anyone, I'm just saying what needs to be said-" Cui Xiaoxin was calm and was not overwhelmed by Zhu Mingzhu pressure. " I just said what I saw, what I witnessed with my own eyes."

    Cui Xiaoxin scanned the audience, everyone who met with her gaze all lowered their head in shame.

    "They don't dare to say it, but someone has to stand up. Otherwise, whether it's black or white, we will never find answers. What happened was Zhang Chen came over and slammed Li Muyang's table, disturbing everyone's break time. Li Muyang did not do anything to Zhang Chen-as for why Zhang Chen was crying, you have to ask him yourself."

    Zhao Mingzhu stared at Cui Xiaoxin and asked: "Cui Xiaoxin, what is your relationship with Li Muyang?"

    "We are classmates."

    "Student Cui Xiaoxin, you should be aware of the consequences." Zhao Mingzhu gaze pondered around and said: "After the lake trip someone told me that you and Li Muyang have a close relationship. I didn't believe it at the time-Xiaoxin, Li Muyang had already given up, with his present attitude and grades, there is no chance of him getting into any university. You are different from him, you're aiming to go to West Wind University, the best university in the kingdom- This is an important period, you can not afford to have the slightest slackness. This is the same for other students."

    Zhao Mingzhu waved her hand and said: "Xiaoxin, you sit down. Zhang Chen, return to your seat. Li Muyang, you stand at the door."

    " Miss Zhao-" Cui Xiaoxin tried to explain yet again.

    "Cui Xiaoxin Classmate." Li Muyang interrupted. He smiled, pretending that he did not mind at all and said: "Doesn't matter, I can still sleep outside-start class. I don't want to waste the precious time of other students, I wish that you all achieve good results."

    As he spoke, he headed towards the exit of the classroom.

    This is the kind of person Li Muyang is, he doesn't want his parents to be heartbroken and Shinian to get involved, so he had never told them that he was bullied.

    He doesn't want Cui Xiaoxin to get into a conflict with Zhao Mingzhu, and so he pretended he doesn't care at all.

    He feels he's just a pile of mud, how could he hinder other peoples' future?

    Seeing Li Muyang smiling brightly at her and then watching him exit the classroom under the gaze of everyone, Cui Xiaoxin suddenly felt an unusual discomfort in her heart.

    The matter did not concern her from start to finish but she feels she had been severely wronged.

    Biting her lips, Cui Xiaoxin pushed away her chair and rushed outside the classroom.

    "Cui Xiaoxin, what are you doing?" Zhao Mingzhu shouted behind.

    "I'm going to help Li Muyang with his school work."Cui Xiaoxin's voice floated from a distance.



    At the café: Cui Xiaoxin ordered a latte, Li Muyang did not look at the menu and said to the waiter: "I'd also like a latte."

    He then crossed his hands on the desk and stared brightly at Cui Xiaoxin who was sitting opposite him.

    Until now, Li Muyang still couldn't believe his eyes.

    The charcoal-black and stupid 'pig' student of Renaissance High School is sitting with the school's goddess Cui Xiaoxin and drinking coffee together. This was something that was taboo to even dream about.

    Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin and asked: "Do you really want to help me with my lessons? "

    Cui Xiaoxin's eyebrows twitched, looked at Li Muyang and said: "If you don't love yourself, then how can you expect others to love you? If one doesn't respect themselves, then how can anyone respect you? I know you're not stupid, since the day we talked, I know you're smart--if you try harder and don't sleep during class, then your grades would be better. The teacher wouldn't adopt a prejudiced attitude towards you and classmates won't feel you're holding them back-"

    Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin and asked, "Do you not blame me for holding the class back? "

    "I did." Cui Xiaoxin said without any hesitation. "A couple of times our class should be top of the year but you dragged down our class average score--otherwise, Miss Zhao wouldn't have been so angry."

    "--" "----"

    "Don't you think, as a boy, with perfectly fine hands and legs, and also being very young--- it's very irresponsible to muddle through the days?"

    Although Cui Xiaoxin is blaming Li Muyang and criticising him for not seeking to improve, Li Muyang was still very happy at this moment. Within Cui Xiaoxin eyes he could see care, concern and a burning expectation.

    Such expression he had only seen countless times in his parents' eyes, and also his sister Li Shinian's eyes.

    At this moment, he also saw such expression in a girl that originally had nothing to do with him.

    "I've been struck by lightning." said Li Muyang.

    He decided to disclose his experience to Cui Xiaoxin, even though it's incredibly embarrassing and humiliating. It may even attract her laughter at him.

    Cui Xiaoxin looked shocked, her little snow-white face turned red, then purple. Her eyes were full of disappointment, and she said angrily: "Li Muyang, you're hopeless."

    After she finished, she turned around getting ready to leave.

    She was extremely angry, but was even more disappointed. She hesitated when she chased after him, and now that slight hesitation had turned into a sense of deep regret.

    He was treated unjustly but what did that had to do with herself? Why get she involved with this matter?

    "Cui Xiaoxin, Cui Xiaoxin, you have to be more cautious from now on-"

    Li Muyang panicked; he didn't know whether he had said something wrong or did something wrong.

    He just wanted to let Cui Xiaoxin know that he did strive to be better, he is not complacent, and he doesn't want to be lethargic. In contrast, he wanted to learn more than anyone else. He wanted to put in more effort than anyone else.

    However--however, he was struck by lightning--

    Except for his sister Li Shinian, Li Muyang had no experience of communicating with girls of his age. Let alone the goddess that he had secretly admired.

    Li Muyang followed and got up, he clumsily explained: "Cui Xiaoxin classmate, don't misunderstand-I did not say that you're lightning--"


    "No, what I mean to say is that your words are not like lightning at all-"


    The more desperate Li Muyang tried to explain, the more angry Cui Xiaoxin was.

    The angrier Cui Xiaoxin was, the more desperate Li Muyang became.

    Cui Xiaoxin had already arrived at the exit; she reached out and grabbed the glass door handle.

    As long as she pushed through the transparent door, Li Muyang would not have any connections with her again.

    Just like what she had said before.

    Li Muyang did not want to give up, because this is the first, and the only girl who cared about him.

    This concern was different from his sister Li Shinian's.

    His sister's concern was family affection, and Cui Xiaoxin is-friendship.

    Li Muyang was eager to have this friendship, because since he was small he had never had a friend.

    "Cui Xiaoxin-" Li Muyang shouted.

    Cui Xiaoxin hesitated, but turned around after all.

    Li Muyang was out of breath. Even if it's just to say a few words, because his emotions were too intense, it left him feeling fatigue.

    As he looked at Cui Xiaoxin's eyes, his voice was husky with a trace of shyness, he stammered: "I just forgot to say---your ponytail, looks very nice."
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