Chapter 008 - Assassin Crow!

    008 - Assassin Crow!

    "You were stuck by lightning when you were born?" Cui Xiaoxin's eyes widened and cried out in surprise.

    Because this matter was too unbelievable, even Cui Xiaoxin, who is calm and knowledgeable, also cried out with shock and doubt.

    The gaze of everyone within the cafe all shifted over, and soon their expression turned bizarre.

    "That guy is doing almost anything to please the girl--"

    "Struck by lightning and he is still alive? Does he think we're idiots?"

    "It's not impossible, how else can you explain his pitch-blackness--"


    Cui Xiaoxin also noticed that her voice was too loud, and will bring unnecessary trouble to Li Muyang. She said apologetically: "Li Muyang, I didn't mean to, I just feel--this is hard for people to accept."

    "I understand that. "Li Muyang nodded, with a face full of bitterness he said: "It's not easy for you to accept it, it's been tens of years since I was struck and I still can't accept the reality? "

    "Is this the truth?"

    "It is true." Li Muyang nodded affirmatively.

    Cui Xiaoxin believed him, she is able to read from the eyes of Li Muyang-there is pain and sincerity.

    That's understandable, anyone who was struck by lightning would not think it is something pleasant.

    "Is that why your health was always not that good? "

    "Well, I was told that when I was born, I was covered in blood, I nearly didn't survive-later, my parents invited a Jianghu herbalist, the taoist monk who teaches my sister 'art of breaking air'. The old monk forced me to drink every variety of herbs, I have been drinking them for more than ten years to maintain my body in this condition -But there are many complications, I can't drink stimulating beverages, because my heart is very weak. I can't eat pungent food, can't do vigorous exercise, can't learn martial arts or learn the kingdom's most popular 'Five Fowls'.

    Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin with a look of helplessness and said: "When the old monk was leaving he said my brain has suffered a strong impact, which is why I'm always tired and sleepy. This problem can't be treated by humans, you can only leave your fate to the heaven--It's not that I don't want to study, but when I open a book, I would suddenly feel extremely sleepy. I've tried various approaches, tying my hair onto a beam, performing acupuncture treatment on my lap, smearing refreshing oil and hot chili on my temple--but all of them were no use. I was defeated by sleepiness, the rest of my story you already know. I gave up."

    Cui Xiaoxin was full of sympathy for Li Muyang as she said: "But there is only one month left until the university entrance examinations. If you don't prepare--what about your future? You can't sleep for the rest of your life?"

    "I've thought about it. I think about it everyday. But, what can I do? "

    "From now on, I'll help you with your lessons. "Cui Xiaoxin bit the bullet and said: "Right here."

    Li Muyang waved his hand and refused: "Cui Xiaoxin, I really appreciate your kindness. But I can't drag you down during this time --Li Shinian also frequently helps me with my lessons before, she wanted to help me improve my grades. But she also failed."

    "I do not believe that. "Said Cui Xiaoxin with a face full of determination. She is a stubborn girl, if she commits to something she will not give up easily. "I don't believe there's anything in this world that can't be overcome. I don't believe there's any field in this world that humans can't conquer. Starting from today, I will help you study here. We will start from the basics--I will teach you whatever you wish to learn, If there's anything you don't understand, you can also ask me. Although time is short, it's always better doing something and not give up straight away."

    "But I'm afraid that--"

    "No buts."Cui Xiaoxin interrupted Li Muyang and said: "Don't worry about it affecting my studies. I've prepared enough already, I certainly will be admitted into West Wind University."

    "---" The girl confidence was extremely dazzling.

    "Li Muyang, what's your answer?"

    "I'm counting on you." Li Muyang said with a deep voice.

    The young man and the maiden looked at each other and smiled. Li Muyang feels a strong flow of warmth in his heart.

    This sort of warmth felt good.

    "Miss, the fruit platter that you order." A staff wearing uniform carried over their plate of fruits.

    Li Muyang took a glance at his eyes and noticed it was a handsome young guy. He was a different person from the waiter that brought them coffee. He said with a smile: "Thank you."

    He observed Cui Xiaoxin using the kingdom's noble etiquette and imitated her skillfully. This made Cui Xiaoxin feel like there is a dazzling light in front of her. Just like a noble imperial knight is sitting in front of her.

    "Did you order some fruits? "Cui Xiaoxin asked.

    "No." Li Muyang shook his head. "I thought you ordered it?"

    "I didn't."

    Cui Xiaoxin's little face suddenly turned pale, she opened her mouth wanting to say something--

    Her reaction was already very fast, but still it was a step too late.

    A cruel smile surfaced on the face of the fruit tray-wielding young waiter. A sharp fruit knife that he's holding in his hands plunged towards Cui Xiaoxin's neck.

    This was one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, as long as it pierced her aorta, then this beautiful girl, who exuded a cherry fragrance, would pass away.

    She was the purpose of their trip to Jiangnan.


    Li Muyang felt a dangerous atmosphere.

    Just like walking into the desolate hills, and a scary beast is staring at you from afar.

    His heart began to beat even faster, every strand of hair on his body stood up.

    Li Muyang was sitting across from Cui Xiaoxin, so when he saw the knife in the waiter's hand, his initial reaction was to dive over.

    There wasn't any better option, nor did he have any other choice.

    Escape? That would have been a good suggestion. However, that idea did not appear in his mind.

    He opened his mouth to yell, but no sound came out.

    His heart beat even harder; he even feared it would jump out of his chest.

    Li Muyang was also afraid; afraid he's going to die.

    However, he still stretched out his arm and plunged towards the killer.

    He wanted to separate him, and use his body to shield Cui Xiaoxin.

    Before the assassin made his move he had already calculated this situation.

    Except for the kingdom's daughter, there is only one young man with pitch-black skin sitting across from her.

    As an assassin in the top twenty of the Kingdom, Crow has superb skills and sharp eyes.

    He believed in his judgment, that ugly juvenile is just an ordinary man; he is more fragile than the average person. He only said a few words and sweat already formed on his forehead, even while standing his legs kept shaking.


    He had witnessed Li Muyang persuading Cui Xiaoxin to stay. He analyses situations more carefully than anyone else.

    "Acting recklessly." Crow thought with disdain.

    He had no intention to hurt Li Muyang. After all, he had only received payment for one person's head. Being a professional assassin, there is no buy one get one free business.

    In his prediction, he thought this idiot guy would have been paralysed in fear when seeing him making his move. He did not imagine that he would have been able to play the role of a hero saving the beauty at that moment.

    Would the hero have a good ending? How is a beauty so easily saved?

    Li Muyang had not even rushed over, Crow had already used the fruit tray in his left hand to slam Li Muyang's face.


    The fruit tray banged into Li Muayng's head and his full body charge was halted.

    At the same time of Li Muyang being slammed in the face by the tray, Crow's right hand did not stop moving.

    The fruit knife in his hand let out a beautiful flower blade, and aimed towards Cui Xiaoxin's throat.

    He wanted to curve out a blossom flower on the snow-white and pink neck of Cui Xiaoxin, when crimson red blood flows out, then the cherry blossom flower will bloom.


    The fruit knife cleanly inserted into the flesh.
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