Chapter 010 - Dreaming of dragons!

    010 - Dreaming of dragons!

    Noises of screaming and running, as well as the sounds of objects falling and breaking echoed throughout.

    Li Muyang stood in the center of the storm and remained unaffected by the outside world.

    His blood red eyes stared at Crow, staring at the culprit who pierced through his hand again and again, triggering his rampage.

    Kuang dang-

    He pushed away the table that was leaning on him because of a broken leg and step-by-step walked towards Crow who was lying on the floor.

    Kacha -

    Kacha --

    Kacha --

    Each of his footsteps was very forceful, the ground coffee beans or fruits that tumbled to the ground made kacha kacha noises.

    Li Muyang is no longer controlled by his heart, a beast was hidden inside his body; the enraged beast drove him to do violent things.

    "Li Muyang--" Cui Xiaoxin crawled up from the ground, and urgently cried Li Muyang's name.

    She was pushed down by the machine's explosion, cuts were prominent on her face and hands. Those cuts did not affect her beauty, but instead she gave off a feeling of pity and beauty at the same time.

    She just saw Li Muyang plunge towards the assassin who pretended to be a coffee shop waiter, then the assassin flew away, and her body was vigorously pushed against the wall by a force, then the walls fell down.

    She felt as if her body was falling apart, but she continued to clench her teeth and stood up, then rushed over to Li Muyang.

    She did not know what had happened, but she knew Li Muyang was doing something dangerous.

    "Damn guy." Crow's body floated up from the ground.

    He was not crawling, not was he standing. Without borrowing any external force, his body floated up in the air like a ghost.

    At the beginning, he drifted horizontally, but once he reached mid-air, he stood up again.

    He stood in mid-air, glaring at Li Muyang who was heading towards him in big steps, his voice was cold like hell as he said: "Acting recklessly--"

    His right hand falsely moved around a few times in the air, a frame flashing with silver light appeared.

    His mouth made some strange sounds, and then a murder of crows, emitting a dark atmosphere of death rushed towards Li Muyang.

    The numbers of crows were vast, almost filling up the entire café space.

    They were silent, but they showed the same fierce and greedy eyes as their owner.

    Pu pa pa--

    They flapped their wings and charged towards Li Muyang, like a dark cloud about to surround Li Muyang, and then gnaw at him until no bones remainned.

    "Evil animal." A loud voice shouted.

    Round red balls of light appeared above Li Muyang's head, the entire café was illuminated with golden light. As the black crows came into contact with the golden light they turned into a cloud of black smoke and drifted away with the wind.

    The golden light remained for a long time, until all the black crows in the room vanished into black smoke.

    Red balls of light disappeared, the nether gate that had summoned the black crows also vanished.

    All the crows were gone, the smoke also disappeared.

    Assassin Crow disappeared, even Cui Xiaoxin who followed Li Muyang into the cafe also disappeared.

    Li Muyang glanced around, he looked at the waitress hiding under the table in horror, waved a blood-stained hand and shouted: "--Take me to the hospital--"

    Before he had finished talking, he felt the sky spinning and ground twisting.

    Everything turned into darkness as fell towards the ground in front of everyone.



    "You little human, you betrayer---"

    "Blood for blood, and a tooth for a tooth. Your plots and attempts, I, the king, will befall heavenly punishment on all--"

    "Kill -- kill--"

    ---- ---

    The dragon roared and the wild fires burned.

    The whole world is a soaring tremendous figure, you won't see the whole thing, and can only see one part of the body. Gloomy and dark, solid and can't be broken, the scales revealed floating clouds and electric lines within, which blinked in the light like a mirror illuminating human screams and suffering. As well as the almost negligible struggle and the resistance.

    It displays a stifling sense of dignity, mounting the clouds and riding the mist, destroying city, and breaking the country.

    Every time it waved it's tail, a city will be destroyed.

    Every time it extended it's claw, a wall will collapse.

    When it opened it's mouth, the dragon's breath that can destroy the sky and ground will be unleashed, melting all scenery in front of the eyes.

    Humans composing of flesh and blood, tall towering thorn trees that reached the clouds, towering walls made out of bricks, tiles and stone, all will be instantly turned into ashes--

    Li Muyang is a spectator in this foreign world, a witness to the war.

    He was high up, just like --like the dragon here to slaughter and kill.

    The dragon also noticed his presence, reversed his flying and head towards Li Muyang.

    Dense dark clouds were tearing apart, wind as cold as ice was blowing.

    You could almost feel the heat wave breathed out of his mouth. You can even hear the pulsation of the heart.

    Li Muyang tried hard to open his eyes, hoping to see what the dragon looked like.

    He saw. He saw the dragon's eye.

    The dragon's eyes were similar to his eyes.

    At the moment of his confusion, the dragon attacked straight on and then slammed his long tail onto his body.

    He personally witnessed his body being cut open, and then his mind went blank.


    The whole world quietened down.

    Apart from the burning spark in a far distance, the world was plunged into perpetual darkness.

    As Li Muyang opened his eyes, the sun was shining brightly at the window, colourful unknown birds were chirping and acacia were dancing on the top of a tree, happily jumping as if celebrating the awakening of Li Muyang.

    Jiangnan city in June is scorching-hot and elegant, like a beautiful woman wearing a thick robe. Unventilated and airtight, but won't let you feel a sense of boredom.

    Women in Jiangnan are pretty and natural. Without any decoration, still a pleasing scene.

    Li Shinian was the representative of this attribute.

    Li Shinian's hair was messy, her little face was dirty and her eyes had nearly turned into panda eyes. Her bloodshot eyes stared at Li Muyang without blinking.

    So at the moment Li Muyang opened his eyes, it directly met with her large watery eyes.

    "Brother--" Li Shinian exclaimed. "You're awake? Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Wait a second, I'll call the doctor---"

    Li Muyang did not get a chance to speak, and she turned around and ran outside.

    Li Muyang wanted to reach out and stop her, only to find that his right arm was tied solid and he couldn't move.

    Fortunately his mouth was not injured, he hurriedly shouted: "Li Shinian-"

    Li Shinian turned around and asked: "Brother, do you need anything? "

    "Wait. " said Li Muyang. He smiled, only to find that his face is wrapped in gauze. Li Muyang was frightened and asked: "My face--is it okay? "

    "Brother---" LiShinian's face was gloomy, hesitating to speak.

    Li Muyang paused, then said with a smile: "it's alright. Anyway, I'm ugly, maybe disfigurement is another form of cosmetic surgery- "

    "Brother--" Li Shinian looked at Li Muyang, shook her head and said: "There's nothing wrong with your face. Your forehead was swollen; doctors wrapped your whole head. It looks more beautiful this way. "

    "Then why did you look so sad? "Li Muyang asked with a puzzled expression.

    "Because I suggested the hospital to find the best doctor in the kingdom for you to undergo cosmetic surgery. You always disliked your charcoal-black skin, so I thought you could undergo a full body whitening, anyway we also do not need to pay--If it's like that, it'll be a big surprise for you then when you woke up--" Li Shinian said hatefully: "But they all refused. "

    "----" "---"

    "Brother, don't worry. "Li Shinian came over and gently stroked Li Muyang's injured right hand, looked him into his eyes and said in a serious tone:"Wait until I work and earn money, I'll invite the most famous doctor in the kingdom for your cosmetic surgery--"

    "My face--do I really look that bad? "Li Muyang felt that even his breathing is becoming difficult.

    "It's pretty good? "Li Shinian opened her mouth smiled, put her arm around Li Muyang's shoulder and said:"Anyway, I've gotten used to it. Even if the whole world thinks you're ugly, I would think the whole world is blind. "

    "No wonder you're my good sister. "Li Muyang's face was full of happiness. He looked at Li Shinian with slight embarrassment and said: "I wanted to ask you a question, but you are not allowed to laugh. "

    "Brother, don't worry. We've been together for many years, when have I ever laughed at you? "Li Shinian patted her chest loudly.

    "You really won't laugh? "

    "I really won't laugh. "

    "Alright---" Li Muyang turned slightly red, he avoided eye contact and asked in a weak voice "Have you ever felt that--I am like a dragon? "

    "HA HA HA HA---"
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