Chapter 011 - Classmate in danger!

    011 - Classmate in danger!

    "HA HA HA HA-"

    Li Shinian laughed and laughed until she was out of breath.

    She lied down on the bed, lifted her head, looked at Li Muyang and asked while out of breath: "Brother, what-- what caused you to have such a deep misunderstanding about yourself?"

    Li Muyang's pitch-black face was wrapped in white gauze, people could not see what colour his complexion was turning into. However, he avoided eye contact, his hand grabbed hold of Li Shinian's hair as revenge, and he said without much confidence: "I just said, how could I be a dragon? I don't look like one right?"

    "Brother-" Li Shinian said coquettishly, and let Li Muyang pulled her hair. Blinking her eyes as she looked at Li Muyang with her innocent and clear eyes, she attentively asked: "What is going on? Why would you ask such a strange question?"

    "Nothing." Li Muyang smiled while shaking his head. "I had a dream, in the dream I saw a dragon. I wanted to see clearly what the dragon looked like, and then I realised it had the same eyes as me-So I just asked casually if I look like a dragon."

    Li Shinian was slightly worried. She heard that every dream had a real hidden meaning. For example dreaming of turning into a strong man or animal reflects your deep sense of inferiority and self-doubt.

    So, Li Shinian held Li Muyang's hand tightly, and comforted him: "Brother, in my heart you're a dragon. Right now you're swimming in shallow water, because as a child you were always sick, so you weren't able to their exert your ability and intelligence--wait until you've recovered, you can also, like a dragon, ride the wind and control rain, overturn the river and upturn the sea, and fly beyond the ninth heaven.

    Li Muyang reached out and scratched Li Shinian's nose, spoiling her, he said to her: "Silly girl, are you trying to be a spiritual teacher? I do not even know my own situation? Your brother is now trash-like, and definitely will be good-for-nothing in the future, so will definitely rely on his younger sister to take care of him. "

    "Brother, don't worry. Your little sister will take care of your meals and your living and help you find a wife. "Li Shinian wrapped her arm around Li Muyang's neck and smiled.

    "I want two wives."

    "No way."


    " I will be annoyed seeing one, let alone two. Every minute I would want to poison them.

    "-How about I won't have any wives?"

    "No." Li Shinian refused. " If you don't get married, father and mother will be upset, if they're upset, then I will also be sad. So, I can only tolerate one. You can only marry one wife, but you also must marry only one wife.


    Li Muyang glanced at the weather outside and asked: "How long have I been sleeping for?"

    Li Shinian expression turned sad and said: "Two days and two nights. "

    "What?" Li Muyang exclaimed. "Why did I sleep so much? Where's Cui Xiaoxin? Did she come?"

    Li Shinian eyes glimmered, gossip-fire burning. She whispered: "Who's Cui Xiaoxin? And what is your relationship with her? "

    "Cui Xiaoxin is my classmate." Li Muyang recalled the conflict at the café, and did not notice Li Shinian's change of expression. At the cafe he sent the assassin flying with just one punch, he looked at his bandaged fist, how did send the assassin flying with just one hit?"

    Although Li Muyang is unfamiliar with martial arts, he knew that the man in black is a master.

    He was able to use a light sword and also a nether gate to summon a murder of crows. The entire scene was amazing and would frighten anyone.

    Li Muyang noticed that recently his body doesn't feel right. He always felt that there is a beast trying to break out.

    He easily became violent and angry, and exhibited an inexplicable strength--At the lake trip when he punched Zhang Chen flying, this is an obvious example of this change.

    Later, he heard someone yell 'evil animal' and then balls of light as bright as the sun rose above his head.

    When the crows vanished, the balls of light also disappeared. Cui Xiaoxin also disappeared.

    "Who is Cui Xiaoxin exactly? Was she saved or kidnapped? Who was the person shouting 'evil animal'?"

    Li Muyang was extremely worried, he desperately wanted to know the answer to these questions.

    "Of course I know she's your classmates. I know she is a well-known beauty in our school, the best student in year 3, every test she takes first place-I, Li Shinian have been studying for years, this is the first person that could compete with me. Brother, I heard that you were brought over here from the cafe outside the school, and at that time it was during class. At that time, were you two-on a date?"

    Li Muyang denied that and said: "How could I be dating? Look at my face, Am I worthy of her?"

    Li Shinian shook her head then nodded and said: But I hear people say that good man won't marry a good wife, lazy man will have a caring wife--, you don't have to worry about being ugly, I'm just worried that Cui Xiaoxin is not blind. Do you want me to poke her in the eye?"


    Li Shinian shook her head and said: ""Forget it. Maybe she will become my sister-in-law, I should treat her with more respect."

    Seeing the anxious look on Li Muyang's face, Li Shinian stopped deliberately teasing them again and said: I've not seen Cui Xiaoxin, But the private hospital and the luxury ward you're staying in right now was arranged by someone else, if my guess is correct, then, that person is Cui Xiaoxin--after all, our family doesn't know any famous people in Jiangnan."

    "Can you do me a favour and go to the school to find out--did she go to class? "Li Muyang held his sister's hand and asked in a soft voice.

    Li Shinian felt some bitter feelings in her heart, just like her own baby was being taken away, she pursed her lips and said viciously: "Oi, are you loath to part with her?"

    Li Muyang shooked his head and said: "The situation was dangerous back then, I fear for her safety."

    "I understand." Li Shinian looked at Li Muyang's eyes and said: "I'll go to school today and help you find out."

    "Thank you." Li Muyang smiled.

    "Don't smile. " said Li Shinian. "You laugh like a mummy in Africa, apart from your teeth you can't even see other parts of your face--"


    Li Muyang knew, he knew he had angered Miss Li Shinian somehow.




    A luxury car with Poseidon's Trident in front pulled up in front of the hospital. As a maiden wearing a white shirt and blue jeans was abut to open the door, a man sitting in front wearing a green-robe stopped her: "Miss, do you really want to put yourself at risk?"

    "Risk?" The maiden frowned her eyebrows. "This is Cui's family private hospital, what risks? I just want to visit a classmate-also my saviour."

    "Miss, we have already helped him to arrange the best hospital, the best room, and the best doctors in Jiangnan city-Also under your request, we also arranged for the most famous brain surgeon to examine his brain, to see the injury caused by being struck by lightning. He did save your life, this kindness Cui family will gradually repay him for--but, Miss, I think you should not get involved."

    "Are you worried about another assassination? "The maiden's eyebrow slightly frowned and whispered: "I have you guys around me. "

    "Miss, the real danger that we're worried about-- is you coming here to visit a patient. "The green-robed man hesitated but finally revealed the worries in his heart."

    "Li Muyang? "The maiden frowned, she did not like others talking about her friends.

    "Yes." Green-robed man nodded. "That time at the cafe, the person who attacked Miss was the Kingdom's top twenty killer Crow, this person's accomplishments are unfathomable, he's most adept at summoning different kinds of birds attack, he is known as the' King of birds' among the underground circle. However, your friend consecutively blocked his 'cherry blossom' cut twice, and on his third hit he sent Crow flying with one punch--Miss, your classmate is similarly dangerous."

    Cui Xiaoxin burst out laughing and said: "If he heard these comments, he would definitely be extremely happy?"


    "Uncle Ning, I've thought about it. I also know. "The maiden interrupted the green-robed man's discouragement and said:"But I can't forget, at the moment when the assassin was wielding a sharp knife trying to attack, he courageously plunged over and used his palm to grabbed hold of the long knife again and again--"

    Ka Pa--

    Cui Xiaoxin pushed the car door and got off, looked up at the classical building hiding behind the cherry blossom trees.

    The cold and dark-red cherry blossom trees grouped together made her think of that day when blood flowed out of Li Muyang's palm.
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