Chapter 012 - Genius idiot!

    012 - Genius idiot!

    Cui Xiaoxing stood by the door, hesitating. As she prepared to pull the handle, the door was opened from the inside of the room.

    A beautiful girl with ear-length hair kept her head straight, she saw someone stood there with eyes widened and stared at her without blinking with her beautiful eyes.

    Cui Xiaoxin also looked at Li Shinian, she knew Li Muyang had a little sister, but she never thought Li Muyang would have such a beautiful little sister--

    "Are they related?" Cui Xiaoxin thought to herself.

    Then, she suddenly discarded the idea out of her brain. Li Muyang saved her life, how can she insult him?

    "Cui Xiaoxin? "Li Shinian broke the silence between them.

    "Li Shinian? "She doesn't know the reason but hearing Li Shinian shouting her name, Cui Xiaoxin felt a slight happiness inside. She feels this is a sort of recognition, although she had never used to care if someone recognised her or not.

    "That's me." Li Shinian nodded, smiled and said, "I knew it was you."

    "I came to see Li Muyang." Cui Xiaoxin felt that Li Shinian's expression in her eyes was a little weird, but she had already envisaged this scene on her way here. She had even expected to face more complex scenes than it is now. She expected to see Li Muyang's mother and father, as well as some important relatives and they would look at her with judging eyes or expressions of admiration

    A beautiful girl coming to visit a classmate alone, that itself would easily lead to a misunderstanding. There is no doubt that if their classmates knew, then most likely a scandal between the two of them will spread quickly throughout Renaissance High School.

    Li Shinian was the only one in the room. Without a doubt, she avoided a lot of trouble.

    "Oh, Li Muyang--is my older brother," Li Shinian said with a smile. She affectionately held Cui Xiaoxin's arm and said: "Xiaoxin sister, please come in."

    Cui Xiaoxin was not accustomed to this kind of intimacy, she never affectionately held another girl's hand before.

    However, Li Shinian is really a cute girl. Her pure smile, and her enthusiasm, it seem blasphemous to reject her--

    Cui Xiaoxin without hesitation, allowed Li Shinian to drag her to the side of Li Muyang's bed.

    "Brother, the Xiaoxin sister who you keep mentioning is here." Li Shinian said while looking at Li Muyang and blinking her eyes. With a face of being wronged she said: "As soon as you opened your eyes you asked about Xiaoxin sister, and you forced me to ask around at school-look, look, Xiaoxin sister is fine is she not? Is she injured anywhere? Is she missing a strand of hair?"

    "I just-"

    "It's fine, you don't have to explain. Your explanation will be just something used to cover up." Li Shinian did not even give Li Muyang a chance to speak and said: "You two go talk for a bit. I'll go get something to eat. I'm hungry."

    Li Shinian tightly held Cui Xiaoxings hand, smiled and said: "Xiaoxin sister, I'll hand over my brother to you?"

    Cui Xiaoxin showed an expression of suspicion, but still nodded and said: "Okay."

    She can tell, there was ambiguity within the words Li Shinian said. But if she did not answer, others may say she's overthinking it?

    Li Shinian secretly made a cheering gesture at her brother, and then said goodbye to Cui Xiaoxin before she left.

    Li Muyang smiled embarrassingly and said to Cui Xiaoxin: "Her personality is like that, don't worry about it."

    "She's very cute." Cui Xiaoxin said seriously.

    Li Muyang nodded, looked into Cui Xiaoxin's eyes and asked, "Are you alright? "Cui Xiaoxin's skin was pale and delicate, and her facial features were perfect without any flaws. She wore light-blue jeans with a pure white shirt tucked into the jeans. She did not use a belt, but her waist was still soft and slender, like a young willow tree brushing away by the wind. She gave off a feeling of simplicity and purity.

    In Li Muyang's memory, Cui Xiaoxin was injured during the attack at the cafe--but right now there wasn't any visible injuries; it feels like what happened the other day was just a clear and painful nightmare.

    "I'm sorry." Cui Xiaoxin lowered her eyelids, her long eyelashes concealed the bottom of her eyes, like an attractive fan. "To save me, you risked your life, while I escaped---"

    "You were rescued, right?" Li Muyang said with a smile. "The man who shouted 'evil animal' was one of your people, and also the red balls of light that incinerated the crows were summoned by your people. You only left when you confirmed the assassin was gone, right?"

    Cui Xiaoxin blinked and asked: "How do you know all this?"

    "I think--" Li Muyang opened his mouth and smiled, showing two rows of dazzling white teeth. As if he's endorsed by the toothpaste companies. "All these matters should be your doing."

    "Thank you." Cui Xiaoxin was deeply touched and said:"Thank you for trusting me so much."

    "We're friends, right?" Li Muyang said with a smile. "Just like how you believe I can improve with my studies, I believe in your character, I trust you didn't intend to leave me alone in that dangerous battlefield--"

    "My family carried me out." Cui Xiaoxin carefully explained. She felt that she owes Li Muyang an explanation, which is one of the reasons she insisted on coming. "When I left I was already unconscious, so I couldn't oppose them."

    "I understand." Li Muyang casually waved his hand and said: "I can imagine the situation."

    "Then--" Cui Xiaoxin thought to herself that it was time to say goodbye.

    No matter how heroic and valiant Li Muyang was that day at the cafe, he's still only an ordinary person after all.

    Now that he was aware of her whereabouts, and since the attack at the cafe failed, Cui Xiaoxin was afraid they would use other methods, and there would be more hostile environment to deal with.

    Once again, she did not want Li Muyang to get involved, because there is no guarantee that Li Muyang would be as lucky next time.

    "Our agreement, is it still valid?" Li Muyang suddenly spoke.


    "You said that, starting today, you would tutor me-- at the Cafe that day. "Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin's eyes and said with a smile.

    "Oh." Cui Xiaoxin brushed the hair in front of her forehead and said, "I just mentioned it casually, if you still want to-"

    "Of course." Li Muyang said with a smile: "I'd like to attend West Wind University. I heard there's a famous lake at West Wind University, where you could see the most beautiful sunset in the world"

    "Then please work hard with me." Cui Xiaoxing pursed her lips and smiled.


    From this day, Cui Xiaoxin came to the hospital every day to visit Li Muyang and tutored him for four hours.

    She is the top student in the school; there are no subjects that she found difficult.

    She slowly explained each lesson of each subject, and then she let Li Muyang see the model answers for each question. If there was anything that Li Muyang doesn't understand, she tried to use an easier to understand explanation until Li Muyang thoroughly grasped the topic.

    Maybe it's because of the combination of a woman and man working together or because a beautiful girl has a refreshing effect, Li Muyang was sleeping much less these days, and his reaction is also much faster. A lot of very difficult issues he was able to quickly understand when Cui Xiaoxin had only explained once.

    Cui Xiaoxin was astonished, she deliberately found several difficult questions to test him, but Li Muyang was still able to answer quickly. Sometimes the method he used to solve the questions was not the one she taught him.

    This made Cui Xiaoxin puzzled. Li Muyang had never heard about these methods before which is also the reason for him getting zero or the last place in tests.

    But now only she had told him of the solutions, how did he find other ways to answer it?

    Deducing other solutions from one method?

    Could it be that he's a hidden genius?

    Cui Xiaoxin stared at the charcoal-black face of Li Muyang, and realised he's becoming more and more pleasing to the eyes. Although Li Muyang' skin is pitch-black, but he had pretty and defined facial features. His most special features were his eyes ,which looked intelligent and seem to devour the souls of others.

    "Li Muyang--" Cui Xiaoxin called."

    "What?" "Li Muyang looked up.

    "Did you really knew nothing before?"

    "Yes, I think so." Li Muyang said while nodding. "But recently I don't know what is going on, there are always some strange things emitting from the outside, as if I had already experienced all these incidents--same with the questions, this was obviously the first time I listened to your explanations, but somehow I found many ways to solve the problem."

    Cui Xiaoxin widened her eyes, looked at Li Muyang and said: "You mean--for every question you can find many methods to solve it?"

    "Yes." Li Muyang nodded. And then scratched his head, and embarrassingly said: "Some of them, there is only one way of solving. Others are false solutions, because if you continue to solve it this way, you will find completely different answers. This is a pitfall, it's easy to waste too much time on this."

    Cui Xiaoxin did not believe him, she immediately wrote a question regarding theoretical four-dimensional space on a piece of scrap paper and pushed the paper in front of Li Muyang and said: "You solve this question. Use all the solutions you know."

    Li Muyang nodded and immediately started to answer them at the desk.

    Five minutes later, Li Muyang was still answering.

    Ten minutes later, Li Muyang was still answering.

    -Half an hour has gone by, one hour has gone by---

    During the process of answering, Li Muyang has changed his pencil and asked for twelve pieces of papers.

    After more than an hour, he handed over ten manuscripts to Cui Xiaoxin and apologetically said: "I only know these--"

    Cui Xiaoxin quickly received the manuscript, her expression became more and more serious. Finally, she gathered all the papers, looked at Li Muyang and said: "You used eleven different solutions?"

    "Yes." "Li Muyang nodded. "There is another one. But this solution will only solve the beginning; you will get stuck in the calculations afterwards, and won't perfectly express string theory---"

    "But--" Cui Xiaoxin bit her lips, looked at Li Muyang with a complex expression and said with much difficulty: "I only know two solutions."

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